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Aeterna Roma RPG

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Face Claims

After you have been accepted please reply here to make your face claim request.




Aaron Jakubenko plays Lucius Junius Silanus
Aidan Gallagher plays Azarion
Alex Høgh Andersen plays Caeso
Alfred Enoch plays Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander
Alex Pettyfer plays Hector
Alex Wyndham plays Teutus
Allen Leech plays Decimus Rutilius Atellus
Anthony Higgins plays Attis
Burak Çelik plays Florus
Brad Pitt plays Helios
Carlos Bernard plays Secundus Quinctilius Varus
Channing Tatum plays Felix
Chris Pine plays Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander
Conleth Hill plays Aulus Avilus Galerius
Craig Parker plays Tertius Quintilius Varus
Dan Feuerriegel plays Lucius Antonius Alexius
Daniel Craig plays Publius Horatius Justinus
Daniel Gillies plays Appius Cornelius Scipio
David Tennant plays Quintus Flavius Theodorus
Eddie Redmayne plays Rufus
François Arnaud plays Manius Rutilius Gallus
Guy Henry plays Marcus Eppius Parthenicus
Henry Cavill plays Eppitacos
Jack Donnelly plays Gaius Licinius Habitus
James Purefoy plays Gaius Fabius Maximus.
Jeffery Dean Morgan plays Marcus Falco
Joe Armstrong plays Wulfric of the Chatti
Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Marcus Barbatius
Joseph Fiennes plays Jullus Flavius Alexander
John Hannah plays Quintus Sulpicius Rufus
Ken Duken plays Octavius Flavius Alexander
Kevin Mckidd plays Alaric Aetius Stilicho
Landon Liborion plays Lexus Naevius Gineverius
Luke Evans plays Titus Flavius Alexander
Matthew Goode plays Lucius Sempronius Atratinus
Max Minghella plays Davus
Michiel Huisman plays Lucius Cassius Longinus
Milo Ventimiglia plays Spurius Gaius Lupus
Morgan Freeman plays Gaius Petronius Aquilius
Rami Malek plays Artemon
Riccardo Scamarcio plays Titus Aspanius Lupus
Rudy Pankow plays Marcus Junius Silanus
Rufus Sewell plays Tranquillus
Russell Crowe plays Caius Lupus
Sam Hazeldine plays Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus
Timothy Dalton plays Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus
Toby Kebbell plays Titus Sulpicius Rufus
Tom Ellis plays Lucius Caecilius Metellus
William Moseley plays Spurius Domitius S.L. Marcellus




Adelaide Kane plays Deianira
Alexa Davalos plays Rufia Flavia
Alexandra Dowling plays Charis
Alicia Agneson plays Vibia
Amanda Seyfried plays Nymphias
Ana de Armas plays Didia Nonia
Angelina Jolie plays Antonia Vitellia
Anna Hutchison plays Valeria Maxima
Anna Valle plays Claudia Corinthia
Annabel Scholey plays Aurelia Phillipa
Aurora Ruffino plays Zia
Bella Dayne plays Gaia Lupa
Beren Saat plays Julia Drusilla Augusta
Bridget Satterlee plays Caecina Tusca
Chiara Mastalli plays Volusa
Chloe Pirrie plays Valeria Flacca
Eleanor Tomlinson plays Barbara Stilicha
Elizabeth Olsen plays Aculia
Emilia Clarke plays Tacita
Eva Green plays Thessala
Filiz Ahmet plays Turia
Freida Pinto plays Clio
Flora Spencer-Longhurst plays Pinaria Lucilla
Florence Pugh plays Maecilia Aelia
Gaia Weiss plays Annis
Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Sosia Sabellia
Hailee Steinfeld plays Flavia Caesaris
Hannah Megan Lawrence plays Claudia Caesaris
Julianna Margulies plays Julia Valeria
Katie McGrath plays Safinia Laelia
Katheryn Winnick plays Cynane
Kylie Bunbury plays Callista
Lindsay Duncan plays Pontia Comina
Lotte Verbeek plays Horatia Justina
Merve Boluğur plays Titinia Novella
Michelle Ryan plays Marcella Laelia
Natalie Dormer plays Cornelia Scipionis
Nazanin Boniadi plays Aglaea
Nina Dobrev plays Horatia Pulvilla
Noémie Schmidt plays Livia Justina
Rebecca Ferguson plays Pinaria Gaia
Rose Leslie plays Aius (Aia)
Sarah Bolger plays  Pinaria Lucretia
Shannon Purser plays Metella
Stephanie Leonidas plays Claudia Gaia
Vittoria Puccini plays Flavia Juliana




Devon Terrell Reserved For Kali
Rege-Jean Page Reserved For Kali
Daniel Sharman Reserved for Charming



Face Claim name plays your character name.


Copy and paste the above code, highlight and click the link icon to add in your bio link and fill out the name.


After you have been accepted please reply here to make your face claim request.
If you post prior to having your character accepted. Your post will be deleted and no face claim will be made. 

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