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  • Newbie Guide


    Newbie Guide.

    Firstly! Welcome and glad to have you with us!


    The site can be pretty daunting. This guide is to help you get accustomed to the board and what we have to offer.



    Before you begin....

    Firstly, check out the rules.  Check out the F.A.Q and the Mission Statement & Site Culture. This will help you get an idea about us as a community, and help you get involved. 

    Check out the features guide that is available for you to learn the software.

    Basically, editing your profile, adding a status, creating a blog, and updating your avatar, etc . 


    Any questions?

    Post them on the OOC help board or on the IC help board.

    Or alternatively, feel free to DM or PM a staff member


    The next bits.....

    Register an OOC account. This will be the account that you connect your IC accounts. Feel free to set it up and decorate it anyway you like.


    Make an intro to the community....

    Your intro thread will help us know that you are not a bot and want to be part of the community. Don't be shy!


    The information....

    Check out the Main plot to let you know what is happening around the site.

    Check out the Site Timeline, too. AeRo is AU and has gone off-course what happened in real life history. 

    Here is also a link to the Site Information to help you get a feel for the world. However, the Site Timeline is the most important to read and will save you edits requested by the staff. 


    The Wanteds, Canons or an Original.......

    Check out the Wanteds, they are made by members for their plots.

    Check out the Canons, they are made by the site and usually in powerful positions.

    Or think about making an original character.


    To create a character....

    Now you can create your character.

    Fill in the application and remember WIP are welcome although they get cleared out every so often.

    Make sure to mark it as being complete when you are done and then wait for acceptance.

    If a staff member requests you to make an edit, please comply so we can get you rolling asap!

    Reviews are made through PM on the site.

    Once you have been accepted a reply will be posted and your application will be moved to the correct place in the Character Directory


    A plot or two?

    Fill in a plotter to connect with other people. Feel free to add any more characters to this as you like and reply to other people's plotters. 





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