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    (( Appius, the leader of the Servian Collegium is listed on his family page.))


    Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus


    Suggested Face claim: Eric Bana.
    Age & Birth Position. 38, second son.
    Position: Runs the Lupii of Roma gang; is the Imperial client of the Ludus Dacicus.
    Tiberius Justinus Canicus Phiscerus & Cambria Phisceria (both deceased)
    Other family:
    Spouse: Anna Comna
    Children: Canica Phiscera (10)
    Sibings: Efremus Canicus Phiscerus (deceased), Canica Phiscera (deceased).
    Mistress: Numeria Varro
    Personality: Borderline alcoholic, determined, unwilling to compromise, favours his Mistress sexually over his wife, opportunistic, respects Annia's opinion concerning business.
    History: Born in . Had a happy childhood. When he was younger there was a
    Ultimate Goal: To maintain favour with Caesar.
    Other information: Has a rivalry with , who runs the Ludus Magnus.
    Who to contact: Gothic.


    Annia Comna



    Suggested Face claim: Lucy Lawless.
    Year of Birth & Birth Position. 43CE, youngest child.
    Position: Wife of Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus.
    Parents: Spurius Annius Comnus & Lydia Kronossos
    Other family: Spouse: Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus Children: Canica Phiscera (10)
    Personality: Social climber, always wants more, desperate to give her husband a son.
    History: Married Titus at fifteen. At 20 she began to advise him in the family businesses in order to bring the most profit.
    Ultimate Goal: To give her husband a son.
    Other information: Likely has PCOS or another kind of fertility issue.
    Who to contact: Gothic.


    Numeria Varro


    Suggested Face claim: Emilia Fox..
    Year of Birth & Birth Position. 56CE,
    Position: Mistress of Titus. Plebeian.
    Parents: Player's choice.
    Other family: Player's choice.
    Personality: Naive, trusting, complete romantic. Has a strained relationship with her parents because of Titus.
    History: Player's choice.
    Ultimate Goal: Wants Titus to divorce his wife for her.
    Other information: May be infertile.
    Who to contact: Gothic.


    Marcellus Severus Minor


    Suggested Face claim: Engin Öztürk, pic spam and genetic reasons, read other information
    Year of Birth  & Birth Position: 39AD - Eldest
    Position: Equite. Gang Leader of the Syndicate. Owner of the Domus Venus
    Parents: Marcellus Severus & Antiope (both deceased)
    Other family Titinia Novella - Wife, 32 years old
    Marcellus Severus, son, 13 years old
    Titinius Severus, son, 11 years old
    Decimus Severus, son, 7 years old, twin
    Publius Severus, son, 7 years old, twin
    Marcella Severa - Daughter, 5 years old
    Too many half-siblings to mention


    Oppia Nitra


    Suggested Face claim: Lesley-Ann Brandt.
    Year of Birth & Birth Position. 48CE, eldest child
    Position: Gang leader of the Mandatum.
    Parents: Unknown father & Mneme Vera
    Other family: Brother: Oppius Nitrus
    Sister: Oppia Mnema
    Husband: Player's choice.
    Other family up to the player.
    Personality: Quiet, unassuming, watchful, can blend into the background if need be. Motherly, kind, and slowly achieves her ends.
    History: Her childhood was not particularly eventful. As a young adult, people underestimated her because she was polite and appeared to be timid. She overthrew the gang leader with blood, and revealed her parentage.
    Ultimate Goal: To become a more legitimate business woman.
    Other information: Rumoured to be the long lost daughter of the woman who founded the gang, Mneme Vera. POC playby necessary.
    Who to contact: Gothic
    Currently reserved by Joaquin





    Suggested Face claim: Lupita Nyong'o.
    Year of Birth & Birth Position. 48AD, unknown
    Position: Lovers second in command. Spy rather than a courtesan.
    Parents: Unknown
    Other family: Her father was a Roman Master and her mother was a slave.
    Personality: Quiet, virginal and not a courtesan but knows how they operate. Misses nothing. Unassuming. Many people tend to underestimate her.
    History: The daughter of a Master and a slave. She was exposed and picked up by the previous Vulpina to be raised by her. Later she developed a strong bond with Antonia Vitellia, who became the next Vulpina.
    Ultimate Goal: Wants to find her birth parents.
    Other information: Groomed to be the next Vulpina.
    Who to contact: Gothic.

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