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  1. Sorry about the wait! Added and thank you :)
  2. What Liv said! Studies first and we will be here when time allows! <3
  3. Gothic


    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  4. The illness had slowly plucked away at her life, her beauty, and eventually stole her away from the world she lived. She had made plans to protect her children but it was nothing compared to being there with them. She had needed to survive in order to protect her family from harm. Her absence, led to many dark occurrences, and she recognised the faces that came into the home that had been hers. She watched her few, precious, remaining children survive to grow to have their own children and yet, she was lost. Her wandering did not bring her peace, she could not move into the next life nor
  5. Gothic


    This is to let you know that the staff have been your application and it will be reviewed shortly!
  6. *rushes around trying to find all my playbys pics*

    1. Sharpie


      I have the one of Octavius that I can sort out for you, and I can do you one for your Vestal - can't recall her name. I don't know about any of the others but might have screencaps if you prompt me the face claim names!!

    2. Gothic


      The Vestal is Pontia. I'll DM you the names on Discord. Thanks, Sharpie! 

  7. Gothic

    Salvete Omnes!

    Hello and welcome to our community, @Barclay! I hope you enjoy your time here with us :)
  8. test test test
  9. Gothic


    Hello and welcome to the site, Peaches! <3
  10. Hello AeRos, The issue has been resolved, and the Character Mods are available to be used. Please contact a staff member if you are having any issues with it. Unfortunately, it means that the character masks will need to be remade and posts assigned again. It is a pain, and the staff hopes the members will assist us in getting it all fixed up. If you find any links that don't work, etc. Please let us know. - AeRo Staff Team
  11. Gothic


    another test
  12. Gothic

    A Break

    Take all the time you need, Sara. We will be here when you feel better.
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