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  1. Gothic

    Gaius' family

    Excellent. When I am free from the week of tears I will hit you both up to discuss details.
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    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  3. Updated. Still accepting sign ups!
  4. Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  5. "Peaches, sex and music." Are you scared to die?
  6. Claudia smiled and nodded her head. Perfectly happy to refer to him by Manius. There was the slightest raise of her eyebrow at his bitterness but soon it relaxed in place once more. Her life at the Imperial court had given her a level of patience. Horsemanship was not considered to be a feminine trait, and one she hoped that would not later cause her reputation harm. Still..... it was a passion she would not be pushed from. In truth, there were several reasons for her visit, and each of them had several concerns. There were many questions that she wanted to ask him concerning his background and how he managed to rise to such favour. Still, there were other questions that required answers first. For a moment she hesitated to tell him the next statement then boldly continued. "I have recently been learning to ride," She began confidently, her pale blue eyes focused on him to see any signs of shock or disapproval in his reaction. "My stable is small at the moment. Many of the stud horses my late mother had were plundered during the civil war or had been mismanaged in later years. I have a Lusitanian stallion at the moment, he is," Claudia's fingertips fiddled at her side, a possible sign of nervousness and embarrassment. "Willful and at times unwilling to listen. I believe I am not yet skilled enough for him." Still, she continued. "I have Aurea, she comes from Scythian stock and we have been getting along quite well." She added, a slight blush on her soft pale skin and a hint of a smile of pride at her achievements already. Still, she wanted more. "I was wondering if you had any advice for Soluto, the Lusitinan stallion or if you had any possible stock for sale that would be good matches for either?" She asked, and waited to sere what his reactions and thoughts would be. @Polarity
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    This is to let you know that the staff have been your application and it will be reviewed shortly!
  8. I have said this on the Discord but I will say it here. It is the lead up to the end of the semester so I will be pretty busy. I can't guarantee that I will have time to post or not. I will be back full swing on the 13th of November.
  9. "My wedding night and it continued with the many long years with my wife. I long to return to her someday." What is your favourite place?
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    Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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  13. Juliana did not recognise the name although it was not normally her business. This was frustrating, and fortunately for Helenus the day was getting longer than it had been before. She looked in the direction where they had entered the room. No doubt Arria would be there by now. She did not wish to leave her friend waiting any longer than she had already done so. Yet... Helenus was not off the hook yet. Later she would need to speak with Marcus Gavius or another supervisor but she had an idea for how he could make it up to her. "Later, I am going to speak to him. Depending on how you behave I will either give him a glowing report of your conduct or I will tell him what had taken place," She said. Turned on her heel and clicked her fingers for him to follow her back the way they had come. As she had predicted, a rather confused looking Arria looked from Juliana to the slave who followed her in confusion. Both women embraced and kissed each other on the cheeks in a greeting. "Juliana! It is good to see you! But... who is this?" Juliana turned her head towards Helenus and smiled at him. "This is Helenus, a rather over eager capsarii who happened to be in the women's section earlier." "Oh, my goodness." Arria exclaimed, then winked at Juliana. "He is handsome though......" @Atrice
  14. Titus Caecilius Faustinus (NPC) He tapped the wooden stick to ensure he kept everyone's attention focused on the matter at hand. The Princeps Senatus got some of the rather bored Senators dirty looks from where he was seated. There had been a range of ideas and possibilities that had been discussed. Most people had been willing to contribute in some shape or form to the discussion. He stood back up again. It was time to redirect attention necessary. Already the day had been long. They would likely require another couple of meetings before everything would be sorted. "Senators, many ideas have been put forth and are highly valuable. For now, this meeting will decide the final issues concerning the funding and solidifying the plans for the Alimenta. If the Gods are kind, we will work out the scope and funding. Thus far we have; the orphans from Clemens' rampages, the orphans of said rampage in Italy first, and even outside Rome at a later date," He paused, in order to give everyone present a chance to listen, "Furthermore, should only the orphaned children of merit be chosen for assistance? Academic or shall we send them off to the army when they are done? All children? What of the girls and the expense of a dowry or trade to provide for them?" He was quite breathless and rested a hand on his chest. "Shall we have buildings to house them and deal with the expense? Or permit people to take them into their homes as a ward system? Or perhaps as an apprentice?" He continued, it would potentially lower the cost to the treasury. "Funding and the final decision concerning the scope needs to be decided, honoured Senators." Titus said, sat down and tried to breathe. @Sharpie
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