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  1. Gothic

    Eyes on me

    His eyebrows raised in amused surprise when Helios blocked his path. Well, well, well..... someone was getting pretty bold. Marcus did not step back and instead stepped forward so they were both chest to chest. Perfectly happy to barge Helios out of the way when he wanted to leave. It meant Oriana had decided to take things to the next level, and that would be her final action. Already there were too many people who knew his business. Or wanted to know his business for whatever reason. His eyes narrowed briefly with suspicions concerning Helios' motives. "Goldylocks, you are as transparent as your hair is fabulous." He answered set of prying questions. However, Helios also always flirted with him. So perhaps, he could have seen more than he would have realised. The next question caught him a little off guard. Marcus was not above violence in order to protect someone that he loved nor cared for. Yet it never came out of the blue. "Harm her?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, now that was interesting and that encouraged him to ask one of his own. "And what could you possibly mean by that?" @Atrice
  2. "None, unless you include all Romans as my children." Is there anyone you would like to meet?
  3. Gothic

    Midnight Games

    There was no way anyone could consider Vibia could be ugly. She was still as beautiful as the day he met her, and knew that there were many women who were insecure about their looks. Marcus was a bastard at times, and was not above using people's insecurities against them. Again he squeezed her hand in order to reassure her concerns, "Losing your looks? Never, you are utterly beautiful," He praised her, smiled and noticed the change in her when he mentioned his wife and family. Marcus thought she knew better than to mention or pry into his family life. But soon the thought was forgotten as she rolled her eyes at him. "Uh huh, you missed me," He teased her, grinned and around his eyes creased as he did so. Smug was an understatement. Marcus loved watching her reaction, and only occasion did he feel a pang of guilt over leading her on. Still.... he could not help but enjoy it. Marcus could not prevent himself from grumbling at the mention of a 'better offer'. He was glaringly aware that he could not afford to gift her what any of the patrons managed to do so. Vibia was here to work. However, those fingertips of hers soon distracted him from the sensations they gave him. Marcus raised his eyebrow at her question. Surely she had seen him deal with customers who did not wish to pay? Or ones who got too violent with the workers? Or the varying escorting duties? Essentially, a majority of his duties were associated with the Domus Venus and the Domina, Titinia. Rather than his official boss, Marcellus Severus Minor. Still... he did not suspect her motives at this time and could not resist an opportunity to gloat. "Oh, surely you have seen me. Keeping you nice and safe from any rough customers, escorting them out," He continued, code for roughly showing them the door and encouraging them to return when they remembered their manners. "Keeping an eye on things. Nothing you need to worry your pretty head over." Marcus said. Ideally he should be willing to ask her what she did but he knew already. @Sara
  4. Alaric often side-eyed the more hard core of the racing teams fans. Some of them were so devout, so determined for their team to win and he had seen similar behaviour from religious people in the past. It disturbed him greatly. He listened and thought for a moment before he begrudgingly nodded his head in agreement. Sabotage, violence, and an overall lack of respect for life was clear. Alaric had seen horses and charioteers fall. "It can be violent," He answered, then shrugged, "It can be incredibly violent and there are rumours of sabotage," Alaric added, it was no surprise. Considering the amount of coin used? It made sense. After Theodorus paid his for his food, he exchanged coin with the vendor and got an earthenware jug with some bread, with cheese and meat in it. He double checked his coin purse to ensure that none of the children had managed to steal anything from him. Everything seemed to be in order. "Right, let's go in, keep an eye on your coin purse," Alaric fussed again and walked with Theo into the stands. Already they were beginning to fill up with people eager to watch the races. It was one of the few events where men and women were officially permitted to sit together. He covered the glare of the sun with his hand and soon found what he deemed to be a suitable spot. @Chevi
  5. Yay! I'm freeeeeee! Time to post. 😄 

  6. He watched with aged eyes as the last men finally trickled in. Titus Caecilius Faustinus' bones creaked as he stood up from his seat, tapped the wooden stick to inform the Senators that the session was now officially open. The blessings had been favourable, and the Gods would no doubt guide the men on making the best decisions for the Empire. At least, that was what Titus hoped. The doors remained open with only Senators being permitted to speak yet people with good hearing could no doubt hear what was being said. Around the entrance, lictors stood as the traditional guardians of the officials and the members of the Praetorian guard who had accompanied Caesar. They waited outside and kept an eye on the gathered crowd. No others would be admitted at this time. "August Senators!" He said, his voice surprisingly strong for a man his age. "I declare this meeting to be open!" Titus continued with his words. "Today we are gathered today to discuss the social policies in regards to supporting the orphans and the poor of Rome. Along with discussing any possible expansions to existing programs and how it will progress!" He called out loudly to ensure that all of the Senators had heard his words, and were aware of what was going on. The Augusta was known to be in favour of these social programs. OOC: Whoo hoo! Okies, now, remember to follow the post order and to remember to keep posts on the shorter side to minimise post splicing. If there are any issues, I will check in to keep things moving. Let's do this! If you don't have something for your character to say. Essentially, saying they were quiet and had nothing to add is perfectly fine to post. Post Order. Caesar will be posting first. Then as follows. Sharpie - Aulus. Brian - Lucius. Me - Quintus. Brian - Appius. Me - Octs. Atrice - Tertius. Sarah - Tiberius. Liv - Titus. Manius - Chris Quintus Caesar - Chris Tori - Marcus Me - Titus Caesar (NPC) Brian - Gaius Me - Marcus Valerius Maximus (NPC)
  7. After the roulette there is another one in the works.
  8. Claudia listened and could not resist a friendly giggle when he invited her to tell him what she believed he should know. She had heard that Quintus' personality had changed considerably over the years, he had begun to embrace his family more and in turn, they had begun to warm up to him. It was likely that she saw things that he would not, especially when it came to Tiberius, and his next question gave her a moment to pause. She reflected on the question before she gave her answer. Claudia had watched both of them grow from boys into men, she had witnessed the change and yet believed herself to be the most mature of the family's children. Except of course, cousin Juliana who was one of the eldest surviving children from her Uncles family. "Titus is certainly bold, daring," She said, turned her hand as she revealed each point about him, "courageous, boastful, entitled, kind, and expects the world at his feet." Claudia explained, she liked Titus and his company. He was still a young man in a privileged position, it was not uncommon for the youths of Rome to believe they would have a great destiny. Rome was built on ambition. Then came her twin brother, Tiberius. "Tiberius is watchful, considerate, loyal and believes that he needs to earn everything he receives," Claudia mentioned, considered more and continued. "He does not have the same confidence in his abilities that Titus has, and both could do with more lessons. To encourage Tiberius and to somewhat," Could a Roman prince ever be truly humble? "humble Titus' daring with the wisdom that he needs." She answered, not that her Uncle had asked for her recommendation and gave a little shrug. "Together they would make the ideal man." @Chris
  9. What book are you reading at the moment? It can be for uni or for fun. Whichever!
  10. Gothic


    Again, Gaius was patient while she answered him. He did not try to pressure her to speak faster nor to explain herself. He smiled kindly and shook his head in disagreement when she said that her story was not interesting. He absolutely disagreed! Everyone had something valuable to say. Even a fool could tell you something you did not know already. Gaius doubted that Charis was a fool, though. Still he smiled. "I would love to know your tale because everyone has a story that needs to be heard," He explained, but he also did not wish to pry into details that she was not comfortable with. While he wanted to hear her tale in her fascinatingly foreign accent and learn more about how she came to Rome. What happened? What was she like before? What were her memories? Still, he had tact. "Anything you wish to tell me, and please, tell me if you are feeling uncomfortable," He assured her, despite the excitement he felt and grinned. All good storytellers needed to have a good prompt to get them rolling, and he wanted something interesting. The past was often painful for people and the future could be troubling. Quintus hoped he would not offend her. "What do you dream about? Or um, what is your favourite food?" Gaius asked, hoped that either of them would give her a possible answer that would make sense. @Sara
  11. Gothic

    Eyes on me

    Marcus sighed and rolled his eyes before resting the palm of his face in his hand for a moment. He had seen Helios perform many, many times in the past and had watched a little too long. He was going to reply with what he thought was a witty retort. Fortunately he was interrupted. He raised an eyebrow at the mention of a gorgeous young lady. Women were clients, rarer than the male clientele that frequently met with the workers at the Domus Venus. Marcus looked at him curiously when he said she mentioned his name. Most of his lovers tended to be closer to his own age rather than being considered to be 'young'. Perhaps it was a secret admirer? Then Helios said her name and instantly he recognised it. Oriana. That fucking bitch. "Oh really?" He said, it was one thing for her to play her game outside but now? Coming to his place of work and no doubt, the stain on her reputation could have negative effect on her. If he did not get to her first. That or the bossman. It was a dangerous game she was playing. "And what did she wish to know about little ole me?" Marcus asked, he had done his own research on her and it did not take him long to work out where she lived, too. One could say they had similar ways of thinking. Again Marcus leaned against the side of the doorway and suddenly Helios became more interesting. And not simply because of that long and flowing blond hair. @Atrice
  12. Atticus listened and waited to see what the answer would be. He paused and thought more about the different requirements, it got a bit tricky now and he was unsure. Romans were touchy about anything that could leave them vulnerable or challenge their masculinity. He lifted his hand and scratched the back of his neck in idle thought. "Nah, I wouldn't if I were you. He'll be okay, just give him space and be around if he wants anything." Atticus answered with a shrug, still unsure but thought any answer was better than none and hopefully it was the correct one. The next question caused him to pause and think for a moment. In the past, he had seen people punished but never without any serious reason for it to occur. "It depends on what it is," Atticus answered honestly. "If it comes to the safety of his the family then the consequences are more severe. It depends on the individual, though." He said, shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. "Honest mistakes are one thing. Treachery is another. The family have no remorse about dealing with a disobedient slave." Atticus continued, this was fairly normal for many elite families and it would only resort to more treachery. @Sharpie
  13. The AeRonian Issue seven 2019 Half way through the year! Whoo! Things have been busier than usual so I have been a bit behind with things. I'm also back at uni again and naturally that hits me like a bus to the face. There will still be issues of the AeRonian coming out. New faces! We have plenty of new faces here with us. Welcome, welcome! Hope you enjoy being here with us and the community. What is coming! Influential people. The section on Influential people of the past will be completed. We hope that this will help people to see the prominent characters of the past and help to give background about these characters. If you would like for your character to be connected to these characters, please let me know. Site Canons. They are going to be polished and perfected. If you see any inconsistencies that are associated with them, please let us know so these can finished as soon as possible. Family trees. AeRo's families are all pretty big! Family trees will be coming to help with this. Chariot team leaders. These will be up shortly to take along with some general wanted positions. At the moment there is no time frame when these things will be completed. Rest assured, they will be completed and there will be more things to sink your teeth into. Some other pieces of information will gradually be reworked and sorted out. Thread Roulette! Sign ups are finished and soon you will be assigned your RP partner! Let the fun begin! If you have any ideas about what you would like to see here. Post below!
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