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    Caius was absolutely delighted. There was so much business in progress. "Sure, we have ale... some wine," He said, and didn't add that it was certainly not the best quality. Caius was certainly happy. They were going to make a lot of money today, and there was a chance of encountering someone lower class who could recommend them to those in the Imperial box. "So, what will it be?" Caius asked, the mugs that would be given out were cheap and etched with the games. Nothing wrong with a little keepsake. Gallus, the silent and hairy Gaul walked towards the former gladiator with the mugs in his hand. Caius turned to hear a woman, and generally, Caius tended to be kinder towards women in comparison to men. "Pork, chicken, vegetable, ox, or.... a mixture," He added, the mixture varied in quality -- sometimes it was delicious and other times it tasted absolutely awful. Both of his daughters, Caia with her marked face and Sergia who already caught the eye of a boy. Caius glared at his daughter and then at the youth that caught her eye. "Now, what can I get you, love?" @Atrice @Liv
  2. Gaius raised his sword. He knew he did not stand a chance against him. He let out a cry.... his last and it turned to a shrill squeal as the spear entered his shoulder. His hand reached up to grasp it to instinctively protect himself and looked at the handsome gladiator who would end his life. It didn't hurt as much as Gaius thought that it would. He dropped to his knees... and the sword dropped to the arena sand in defeat. Gaius wanted to say some deep and witty words.. but nothing but a whimpered gurgle came out. It was as though there was nothing but he and Ascanius. He did not expect Ascanius' words, blinked and soon the sword was thrust down to his heart. He groaned, blood gurgled from his mouth and he fell forward onto his face as the blood drained out. Hostilius is dead. Tag: @Sara
  3. Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
  4. It would be awesome if someone took on Prince Titus. It would be great to have him on the site and in play! I'd love to have a thread with the character and also see one between him and Tiberius.
  5. I'd love to try out both of them sometime. I could have the two Claudias when the muse is high for both of them, lol.
  6. He could not help but remember the food in military life. Quintus gave his little brother a slight look of disgust at how much pleasure Titus was from eating a small honey cake. Titus liked his sweets. Quintus remembered using them to bribe his younger and smaller brother to do what he wanted. Quintus had the brains and Titus had the brawn. Quintus took another mouthful when their wicked sister was referred to as a snake. He pretended to choke and look around the room. Just in case she would suddenly appear and punish them for daring speaking out against her. "Snake? A snake, brother! Even for our dear Sulpicia, that is is quite harsh," He answered. An amused gleam in his eyes and could not quite hide his amusement at the comment. Quintus reached down to grab a napkin and tossed it towards his brother in a not so subtle hint. It was followed by a good-natured wink. "Oh, I'm not sure, I think she spreads it out amongst all of us," Quintus grinned. He paused to think about their family, and in turn, their extended family. "The children are good, Quintus (his eldest) is becoming a man, and eventually the rest of them will grow older and become adults." He answered, there were several times when he worried about the future with the darkness of the civil war that loomed. The children were growing into adults, and they would soon become the grey elders of the family that the children would judge. "Nelia is also well, radiant as ever," He beamed proudly, his wife was still beautiful and he respected her mind. "Venusiana is also well," He added about the not-so secret partner he and his wife shared. However, many believed she was a close friend of the family. "Come! Tell me, what of your family?" OOC: Let me know if you're okay with what I have said. @Liv
  7. Gothic

    Daddy Issues

    Marcus still could not believe that this was happening. He could not think of a reason. "To stop me from killing you?" He suggested. Already he felt conflicted enough as it was. Even before, he was angry and yet... a protective side of him remained. If she was his daughter than it explained a lot about her behaviour. D-did he actually feel sorry for her in this moment? It was true. Marcus could destroy her reputation and future prospects. What he wanted to do was balanced on the scales. A part of him believed that this could still be a ploy. Despite it all. He could not do that to her. If she was his daughter. How could he live with himself? It was tempting. Oh so tempting to use it with wicked intent. "Oriana," Marcus said, with a fatherly sigh and caught himself on. He cleared his throat and rested his hand on his chest to ease up with it. "I will not do anything with this information. This is not your world. It is mine. You need to stay away from this place, and..... people like me." @Sydney
  8. Gothic

    Drusus' Plotter

    Archived topic. Thank you.
  9. Gothic

    Indy's Plotter

    Archived topic. Thank you.
  10. Gothic

    A promised visit

    Corinthia had been loosely kept aware by news of what was happening in Rome. She was not happy about Lucius' change in fortunes, and nor did she wish to be just anybody's wife. However his financial losses, he had that important name and his standing was gradually increasing. Two things she needed in a husband. As for him? Corinthia admired his boldness, and willingness to destroy something he built in order to maintain control over it. She felt .... a considerable amount of attraction towards him. A rare occurrence for her to feel anything other than irritation by anyone. Her fingertips tapped in agitation at being made to wait for the visitor... not that she would ever admit that to anybody. "Where is he?!" She snapped harshly at one of the servants. "He has arrived, Domina!" The servant answered. Hurried and hoped the Domina would not strike out at him. Corinthia gave one of her rare and genuine smiles of happiness. She leapt up from the couch and gave the terrified slave a hug of happiness. It was not proper (in her eyes) to wait for a guest like she had done so. Therefore, she believed it to be wise. She released the trembling man, pushed him away and paced in a small area to think of what the next move should be. What next... what next... what next... Corinthia pondered to make a display of weaving to show her virtue. Yet doubted anyone would believe it. She grumbled to herself, louder and tapped a fingernail against one of her front teeth as she thought more on it. "Bring him here. Tell him I have been busy receiving letters and will speak to him soon," She demanded, raised her chin and hotly left the room. Not thinking that there was a chance that the pair of them could possibly meet in the corridors of the home. @Chris
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