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  1. Hey everyone, I have been slow (at best) with posting. So this coming couple of weeks I will be getting things organised in the real world/organising a posting schedule. A nd coming back fresh so I can RP with you all. I will be in the Discord and available to answer PMs/etc.
  2. Gothic

    Guarding You

    Claudia felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and worry. She was safe and Juliana had been pacified yet the thought of any of them suffering because of her actions was difficult. Still, it was quite an exciting thing to experience. She walked silently towards the room she had been assigned with Cynane's footsteps behind her. Claudia did not wish to speak freely with Juliana's household slaves. She trusted her cousin yet... old habits died hard. Behind her she heard the twin doors close behind her. She exhaled and slumped, her arms wrapped around her and looked over towards Cynane. She reached out with her hand to gesture for Cynane to come closer. "Well, at least that part is over," She murmured with a half-smile. Next she would have to face the other members of her family and explain what had taken place yet again. Not to mention Volusa when she returned to the Domus Augustana. "Is it strange? I worry about how this will harm you three? Yet......" Claudia paused, reflected deeply and burst into a giggle. "Is it terrible to feel exhilarated and fired up?" Claudia asked with a grin. It was dangerous, certainly. This must have been what the gladiators felt when they had a victory in the arena or a Legatus being victorious. @Atrice
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    This or That

    Orange. Pepsi or Coke?
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    Kit's Plotter

    Archived topic. Thank you.
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    Ada's Plotter

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    Lou's Plotter

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  7. Archived topic. Thank you.
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    Gil's plotter

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    Kali's Plotter

    You know I am up for this. I play Clauds although other possible plots include Octs, Corinthia and Pontia. Claudia - They would definitely see each other sometime. A big thread with them and their friends in the future sounds like fun. Corinthia - She would hate him but probably want him at the same time. Pontia - Head Vestal. She met with Tiberius already and it could be good to see what
  10. Gothic


    Juliana did not believe a word of it. She had primarily addressed Claudia and instead it was the wayward Aia who answered her instead. Juliana raised an eyebrow yet there was still plenty of time for an interrogation later on. The medicus looked at her for further instruction, she flicked her hand for them to leave and exhaled softly. She would be having a stern word with the pair of them later. However, for now, Decimus' safety was important. Not that she would admit it but she was fond of the wayward pair. "Treat him, and once the arrow is removed and he is stable. Bring them to me." She told the medicus and the other household slaves who came to assist. The medicus offered him something to drink with a sedative to ease the pain and began their task. Naturally, little Quintus watched eagerly and was oddly silent throughout. She walked with her arm around her cousin. The blood from the bandits now coated her, and she listened to her cousin closely. Caesar would need to be told, and she hoped that the service provided by Decimus, Aia and Cynane would not be forgotten in the process. "Do not worry about it. Get yourself cleaned up, you are safe, and come speak to me in the triclinium." Juliana said, turned and left Claudia and Cynane at the baths. Food and drink would be provided as they would go into detail about what had happened. @Atrice @Chevi @Jenn @Sains
  11. Wut r werdssss

    1. Anna


      Typey typey things we make stories out of. 

  12. Your application has been accepted. Please make sure to update your necessary claims and feel free to make your plotter.
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    Lauren’s Plot Pad

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    Lauren's Tracker

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