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  • Imperial Clients


    Imperial Clients

    Imperial Clients are the ones who have the contracts to manage the Ludii where the gladiators are trained. 


    Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus


    Suggested Face claim: Eric Bana.
    Age & Birth Position. 38, second son.
    Position: Runs the Lupii of Roma gang; is the Imperial client of the Ludus Dacicus.
    Tiberius Justinus Canicus Phiscerus & Cambria Phisceria (both deceased)
    Other family:
    Spouse: Anna Comna
    Children: Canica Phiscera (10)
    Sibings: Efremus Canicus Phiscerus (deceased), Canica Phiscera (deceased).
    Mistress: Numeria Varro
    Personality: Borderline alcoholic, determined, unwilling to compromise, favours his Mistress sexually over his wife, opportunistic, respects Annia's opinion concerning business.
    History: Born in . Had a happy childhood. When he was younger there was a
    Ultimate Goal: To maintain favour with Caesar.
    Other information: Has a rivalry with , who runs the Ludus Magnus.
    Who to contact: Gothic.




    Annia Comna



    Suggested Face claim: Lucy Lawless.
    Age & Birth Position. 32, 43CE, youngest child.
    Position: Wife of Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus.
    Parents: Spurius Annius Comnus & Lydia Kronossos
    Other family: Spouse: Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus Children: Canica Phiscera (10)
    Personality: Social climber, always wants more, desperate to give her husband a son.
    History: Married Titus at fifteen. At 20 she began to advise him in the family businesses in order to bring the most profit.
    Ultimate Goal: To give her husband a son.
    Other information: Likely has PCOS or another kind of fertility issue.
    Who to contact: Gothic.





    Appius Albinus Posca


    Suggested Face claim: Michael Imperioli.
    Age & Birth Position.
    Position: Imperial Client of the Ludus Magnus. Equite.
    Parents: Gaius Albinus Posca & Iulia Vexta
    Other family:
    Daughter: Albina Posca
    Personality: A shrewd businessman.
    History: Player's choice.
    Ultimate Goal: Maintain connections with Caesar. Keep hold of the "prime" Ludus. Have a son to carry on his family name.
    Other information: Has many gladiators currently in training.
    Who to contact: Gothic.


    Aulus Collinus Minor

    Suggested Face claim: Player's choice.
    Age & Birth Position. 39, 36CE, second
    Position: Imperial Client of the LUDUS MATUTINUS. Equite.
    Parents: Aulus Collinus Major (deceased) & Mandana Musa
    Other family:
    Spouse: Player's choice.
    Daughter: Aula Collina
    Other children: Player's choice
    Personality: Player's choice.
    History: Born 36CE
    Ultimate Goal: To visit Parthian territory someday. To have the finest gladiators in Rome.
    Other information: Half-Parthian and Half-Roman. His mother was a Parthian who settled in Rome. Playby must be PoC.
    Who to contact: Gothic.


    Tertius Muritanius Albus


    Suggested Face claim: Idris Elba
    Age & Birth Position. 48 years, 28CE, eldest
    Position: Imperial Client of the LUDUS GALLICUS. Equite.
    Parents: Gaius Muritanius Albus & Assana Calpa (both deceased)
    Other family:
    Spouse: Player's choice
    Daughter: Muritania Alba
    Personality: Hard working, strong willed, ambitious, wants to have the ludus that creates the champion of Rome.
    History: Born seven years after his father elevated the family to Equite status. Married his wife in 65CE. His daughter born in 66CE. Became the Imperial Client of the Ludus Gallicus in 68CE.
    Ultimate Goal: For his Ludus to become the most famous and well known.
    Other information: His grandfather was a freedman. While his father and he elevated the family to Equite status.
    Who to contact: Gothic.


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