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beloved wife and mother (deceased) for Back in Time


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LIVIA CALAVIA (deceased)

Suggested Face claim: young Judi Dench because LOOK

An Age of Kings (1960)

Though feel free to choose someone else :)
Age & Birth Position. Patrician, a bit younger than Marcus? up to you
Position: Senator's wife
Parents: unspecified
Other family: Husband - Marcus Horatius Justinus; Sons - Publius and Lucius Horatius Justinus; Daughters - Livia and Horatia Justina
Personality: dutiful wife, intelligent and literate, reserved but witty, very much in love with Marcus, a doting mother. Rest up to you (talk to Sara and Liv too to make sure she's in line with what they want)
History:  Met Marcus as a child while both their fathers were serving in Germania in the 10s CE. She became betrothed to Decimus Tullius, Marcus' best friend. Was married to DT before 30CE. Met Marcus again when he served as tribunus laticlavius under DT's father. Here Marcus began to fall for her and was distressed that she was already taken. Decimus was killed in action around 33CE. She and Marcus stayed apart out of respect for the late Decimus, but by 35 CE they were together, marrying that year after Marcus returned to Rome. Son Publius born 40CE, Horatia born 42CE, Livia and Lucius born 48CE. Livia Calavia fell very ill after the birth of the twins but managed to survive, albeit weakened. In December 61, Livia was tragically killed by happening to be caught up in a violent riot.
Who to contact: locutus-sum#9606 (Marcus Horatius Justinus), but also please talk to Liv (it's her family originally) and Sara (she plays Horatia)

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