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The AeRonian.

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The AeRonian Issue 1



The AeRonian

Issue One. (March)

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Well, we're here and we made it to the new site! 


We're still getting things pieced in together, so if you see any mistakes? Please let us know. 

Essentially there are going to be a few kinks and bugs, so hopefully, we will push through it and get rolling with our new site! 


New features! 


If you need a hand with the software? Check out this article!



If you have any questions or anything, feel free to message a staff member on PM or Discord. We have a brand spanking new staff contacts page here. Then there is the Help Desk, also, we have a message board where you can privately talk to the staff members if you need some questions answered.

There is also the lovely Timeline system! Hopefully it is made easier to follow and crafted by one of our new members, @Kit


Brand spanking new canons! 

There have been more canons added and (we hope!) it is more organised and easier to find the perfect canon. 


Member blogs!

Members are welcome to create their own blogs. Please keep them history or RP related. Naturally, these blogs aren't be used to be dicks to each other. 




This one is going to be a little short, so we hope to see you with  the next issue! 


Feel free to comment on what you would like to see in the AeRonian! 


-- AeRo Staff Team


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