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  1. "Well you certainly helped that," she winked. "I am truly grateful you allowed me to join you," her voice was filled with both gratitude and the flirtatiousness she had come in with. She was starting to relax, the night she had planned already starting splendidly. "Ten years! Well, I know to come back here with such a glowing recommendation." She shook her head slightly at his questions. " I actually don't get out very much so it's nice to know there is a safe place to go to just have a bit of fun." The wine was opening her up a bit, but as always, she was still cautious. Who wouldn't be charmed by Alexius though, his words sweeter than honey. "I'm sure my parents would appreciate the name they chose getting such high praise." She gave his hand a light tap, her fingers lingering just a bit longer than normal. "That's sweet of you. I certainly haven't heard that one before," she jested, a smirk settling on her lips. "So Alexius, you look as if you are a hard worker." She couldn't help but admire his stature along with his handsome face. She may be a damaged woman because of her past but that didn't mean she couldn't appreciate a fine man when he was right in front of her. He wasn't trying to hurt her nor were his flirtations bordering on anything truly inappropriate. She didn't feel threatened by him and that was what mattered. @Atrice
  2. Amalia shook her head as she sat, though in the back of her mind, she was ever cautious. It was kind of him to offer his drink, but she wasn't so naïve as to think her looks didn't have something to do with it. Still, she smiled and sat, her hand gently patting his. "We can share, I do not mind." What a nice way to start her evening! She did not have many friends other than those she worked around, and having a night out with an incredibly handsome mad was just what she needed. All the years of running seemed to have sucked the fun out of her life and it was time she tried to get some back. She couldn't help but laugh at his wink and words, her own eyes twinkling with delight. "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Alexius. You may call me Vesta." Of course it was not her real name but she certainly wasn't in the position to give it to a stranger. She barely knew the man! "So, Alexius, do you come here often? I confess this is my first time." She looked around, everything seeming to be having a good time. She imagined this was the type of place one would go after a hard days work to just relax and relive some moments of joy. She wondered what type of joy she would find that night. @Atrice
  3. Amalia stepped through the doors of Bacchus' Cup, one she hadn't before. She took a small breath, the same one she always took upon entering a new place. Her thoughts raced in both anticipation and excitement, she looking around for anyone that might recognize her. It was silly, truly, but she had been doing it for years, the tiniest threat of being caught always living in her mind. She shook her head and smiled to herself, the feeling being squashed and she made her way into the establishment, fully. She had worked hard for most of the day and just wanted to experience a new place, relax, and enjoy herself. She couldn't be more grateful to the couple that had taken her in. Not only did they provide her with a home, they paid her a tiny bit of coin as well. Other jobs around the village afforded her coin to buy new tunics, like the pretty dark green one she currently had one, and a drink now and then. Considering what she was, what she kept so hidden, she was living a good life. As she tightened the shawl she wore around her, her eyes wandered to the good natured souls before her. People were having a good time and that always bode well for places she had never been. A lively and entertaining place usually meant a safe place. Usually. She couldn't help her gaze fall upon a man sitting back against the wall, her eyes flicking away before being drawn back to him. He was smiling and it seemed to bring out one in her. He was a handsome man, more than handsome, and it was that smile that really seemed to beckon and call to her. Was she feeling so daring tonight that she would approach a complete stranger? Her body seemed to move on its own, her cascading locks swishing as she walked. She had let it grow long and a few tendrils framed her face as if she were a picture. "Excuse me, but I have never been here before. Who should I see for a drink?" Her eyes twinkled with slight mischievousness, she hoping she hadn't made a mistake coming over. @Atrice
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    Amalia. 35 | 40 June AD | Fugitivus/Slave | "Servant" | Bisexual | Wanted | Astrid Berges-Frisbey Personality. Despite Amalia's harsh background, she is extremely warm and friendly to those around her. She finds not reason to have a harsh tongue when it's not necessary and knows that it was kindness that allowed her to continue when she was on the run so kindness she shall return. However, she does have a bit of a temper when she feels there is an injustice around her and she has to be cautious to not bring to much attention to herself when it comes to these things. She can be passionate about things she really believes in, hence the temper at times. She is openminded and adapted much easier to the Roman lifestyle since she was quite young when captured. She was mistrustful of the Romans at first, but learned to live with and like them. Despite her sexual trauma, Amalia is quite the flirt to those who deserve it. She finds the beauty in both men and women, as long as they are deserving. She enjoys pleasure as it was denied to her for so long and enjoys making others feel special and wanted. Still, some nights she can't help but feel a deep sadness for what she went through, wishing people did not have such cruel ways about them. She's protective over the children around her for this reason. Appearance Amalia's skin is a creamy color and kept mostly blemish free because of her house slave and bed slave status. She does has a well hidden scar on her back, one she keeps hidden at all times. This mark was her original slave brand, one given to her as a child and the mark that would give her away if ever found complete. When Amalia escaped, she took it upon herself to burn the brand so no one would recognize it and send her back. It was ugly business and a risk, but it was worth it if it meant a certain freedom. Amalia's hair is a dark brown and long, a bit past her shoulders. She has honey brown eyes and a pretty shaped mouth. She grew into her beauty as a teenager and thus became her master's body slave because of it. Even now, she can't quite hide the beauty she was blessed with. Family Father: Eberhard-Deceased Mother: Ishild-Deceased Siblings: Lexus-Brother-She currently does not know his location or that he has a new name-Lucius Antonius Alexius Spouse: None Children: None Extended family: She does not know about her nephew-Lexus Naevius Gineverus Other: None (for now) History Amalia was born the second child to a family of the Chatti tribe in Germania, in 40 AD. She wasn't born Amalia but she certainly does not know her original name. It would seem the girl would go through many names within her life. She lived through peaceful times but heard the stories of how brutal the Romans were, though she did not pay as much attention to them as her older brother. He loved and took them quite seriously, where she cared more about the things little girls cared for. She was to be a great mother and wife one day, as expected. She was always chasing after some bird or furry creature, pretending to mend their sickness or pretending to heal the other little children. She could have helped the healer of the tribe, growing to learn such things when she was older, if it weren't for the fateful day her brother and she would have to live through. When she was just 4 and her brother 7, their lives were brutally interrupted. The Roman Empire kept slaves and it seemed they just did not have enough. Her tribe was raided by her own kind, other Germans, just to get more bodies to sell to the enemy. Their village did not fair well and many were killed, her and Lexus' parents, included. She was too small to truly know what was going on but she would always remember the pure fear she felt as she clutched her brother during the attack. They were enslaved and taken, she staying by her brother's side the entire time. He was her comfort and protector and she couldn't lose him too. They were finally sold to a house in Rome, thankfully together, and Amalia was sent to the kitchens to work. They had officially become slaves. It was a hard adjustment at first, as she was used to being free and seeing her brother whenever she liked, but her young age made her much more adaptable. She was a hard worker and got along with the other slaves. Still, she missed being by her brother's side at all times and would often sneak off to the horses to visit him. In the year 51 AD, the master of the home lost his fortune and it meant another sale for the siblings. This one, however, would ruin Amalia's life in more ways than one. She lost her brother that day, he sold to become a gladiator and she to another home to be a house slave not even in Rome. She was just 11 when this happened and her carefree spirit was dimmed those first years. She missed her brother more than anything but she adapted yet again, though always hoping she would somehow be set free and find him. Amalia did well for those years, she learning quickly to her household chores and tasks and was the ideal slave. When Amalia turned 15, she would once again lose something precious to her. She blossomed into a beauty, one too beautiful to just be a house slave. Her master took interest in her and made her a bed slave against her will. The first time was traumatic and it would serve as some of the most trying years of her life, she forced to serve a cruel and hurtful man. She often would fight back but that only seemed to excite her master more. The years went by, she seemingly his favorite and it did not seem it would stop. When Amalia was around 22, she had enough of the mistreatment and abuse. While it was rare for slaves to escape, Amalia was able to do just that. With the help of some kind and pitying people, she ran away from her owner. This was when she scarred herself, trying to get rid of her slave mark so she could not be identified. She had come across a blacksmith area and in the dead of night, did the deed. For ten years Amalia ran for her life. She made it back to Rome, all the while stealing and taking advantage of the kindness of strangers. She never enjoyed having to take from others, but she knew if she did not, she might not survive. Her brother never left her mind but she had no idea how or even if she could ever find him. Finally, around the year 73AD, she found an older couple that asked no questions of her past, but gave her a home and a job. She is a servant, paid poorly but paid, regardless. She does what most women would and keeps up with the home, sews, cooks, and even takes care of the surrounding children. She currently goes by the name Vesta, as she knows its a Roman name, one of one of their goddesses, and one she could identify with. When asked, she makes up a last name so no one will think she is a slave. She currently is happy with her little family of saviors, though ever cautious. MsMeowMaam | US-Eastern | PM
  6. Hello! I'm Flapjack or MsMeowMaam, either one is fine. I found this site because of the wonderful Atrice! I'm already loving everything about it and the layout rocks. Let's see.. I'm 33, English teacher, taken by the best, have an 11 year old daughter, one cat and one bearded dragon. I love cats, adore reading, and love to diamond paint. I also love rping but took about a 2 year break for life reasons. I had rped for about 20 years before. I rp fantasy a lot, historical, and some realistic. So glad to be here!
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