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  1. Wulfric remained silent for now, waiting as patiently as possible on his father’s reply. Would Tertius even believe it? But he had to. Just look at them! And he only met Aglaea because she thought he was Tertius! They looked alike. Wulfric was Tertius’ son. It was certain. “I understand that much. Even if I didn’t admit it, I think anyone would guess.” Tertius then finally said, “I didn’t know Frieda was pregnant when we parted ways.” Tertius began, as if he were unimpressed, and then Hector showed up with a jar of wine and two cups. He poured for them both in silence, while Tertius consi
  2. Wulfric watched Secundus stand too and glance towards the exit, seeming in thought. What was going on inside his uncle’s head? Wulfric wished he could know somehow, because that might aid him in helping Aglaea with her situation. It was lucky that he hadn’t run into her here, or it might have gone very wrong. On the other hand, Secundus was his uncle. Surely, if he knew this fact, he wouldn’t be so hard on Wulfric… but he didn’t know, of course, so this was for the best. That Aglaea hadn’t been here and that Secundus now thanked him for the visit as politely as possible. “I will tell hi
  3. January, 76 AD Alexius just needed a break – and a drink! He’d been working for some senator the last few days, apparently the man had fallen out with a gang and wanted extra protection, so Alexius was luckily at the right place at the right time to protect the man. It would seem that the problems had settled now and Alexius would be out tomorrow, looking for something new to do. Tonight though, he got his payment for the job and he had plenty both to pay his landlord, food for him and Lexus… and for a night on the town. Working shady jobs for senators usually paid well! And who knew
  4. Tertius wasn’t sure if he trusted this Wulfric – or his intentions here, although he didn’t know them. The letter he received, which he doubted was from Wulfric’s own hand (Germans rarely knew how to read or write Latin), stated that the Chatti prince had come with an important message for him. And what could that possibly be? Tertius had not been near Germania since 20 years ago and he had no bonds with anyone there. Was it something concerning Secundus, perhaps? But why seek out Tertius then, and not Secundus? Did it have something to do with Wulfric’s oddly familiar appearance? Tertius had
  5. It took a few moments, but then Thessala was looking straight at her, as if she could see her. So she could see her, still. Rana wasn't sure for how long though. She didn't know how or why she knew this, but she knew she wasn't as firm as earlier. At least Thessala could see her though and now she said it out loud too. Rana came closer to her, smiling, seeing the hand that was reaching out for her. She touched it. Could Thessala feel it? She could feel Thessala's warmth. "Maybe?" Rana said, "It is confusing. I am here, but... I sense I may not stay?" She didn't know how she knew this, she
  6. He smiled when Teutus agreed that he liked Alexius – that was a good start, then, on many different levels. And maybe he could make Teutus see the interesting part about gladiators. They were much more than slaves who fought for entertainment. They were men (and women) fought for survival. Alexius thought that if he had not back then hoped to someday meet his sister again and return to Germania, he might not have lived. But he had the hope and that kept him going. Teutus pointed out that his father was more interested in the gladiators’ looks than anything else. “Of course he is. And I
  7. Marcus didn’t know the man’s story or what he might like, but he sure did take his time to consider which scent he’d like to the water. Of course he did not have to have scent added, but it would up the cost of the treatment and even though money were not his main agenda in life, they were nice to have and he did have a shop and a home to run, after all. Little as he wanted to, fed slaves worked better and harder. Finally the client wondered if he had any scents from the North and then he narrowed it down to Gaul. Marcus smiled. “Depends which part of Gaul.” Marcus said, “I was born in G
  8. Wulfric would of course love to tell Aglaea about his people, but he wasn’t sure where to start – there were so many things to tell and what would interest her? She then wondered about government and their homes and what they ate. Wulfric chuckled, thinking her questions kind of sweet. First starting off with a big one about government and then coming down to what they liked to eat, “Rome government I think… is a bit… much? We have king and he has friends and advisors. And guards. And then other men important too. But not like Rome. At all.” He explained, “Our houses not like Rome either. You
  9. How did one woman, short as she was, make him feel so amazing? Alexius might never understand why. To some it might seem like he was the one out there, wanting sex and pleasure, but really it was them, giving it to him, taking it from him – but they still had no idea which power they held over him. Think if they knew! But he couldn’t think about that right now, only about how it felt like he went deeper, when she wrapped her legs around him and she even arched up against him, moaning against his neck while he moved, giving her all that he could and then some. His one hand held him up on
  10. Atratinus was very curious, was he not? Marcus gave him a look while the other looked at the board to figure out which piece to move. Then he decided to be honest, because… why not? He had nothing to lose here, as far as he was concerned, “It’s not celebrated in my house. I doubt they’d find any reason to celebrate anyway.” Maybe they did something while he was away from the house, but the doors were locked and they had instructions to not leave the house anyway. They might run away. Especially Aculia, he didn’t really trust her. Maybe he should get rid of her and find someone new. If he didn’
  11. Tertius watched Longinus smile warmly at him, before musing about whether he’d met Secundus’ wife and then said he knew about her, at least. Longinus’ good friend Aulus? Tertius felt he didn’t get out enough, he didn’t have anyone to call his close friend. Longinus seemed to have several, since he brought another with him the day he came to talk to Tertius about Sergia. Secundus then said his wife was charming and might have a bit to say about Longinus. Tertius arched a brow, what would Livia have to say to Longinus? And did Secundus really find his wife charming? Not enough so he’d join her w
  12. Cynane


    Cynane had her doubts too, even as she stood there, looking at Claudia one last time. Volusa slept peacefully on the floor by Claudia’s bed and Claudia just as peacefully in the bed. She was beautiful, in her sleep. Her dark and wavy hair fell over the cushions and over her face and she was smiling with closed eyes. Cynane sighed, but there was nothing to do. She had waited long enough for a freedom that might never come. Claudia would never part with her and she knew that if she freed Cynane, the desire to return home would just grow stronger. So she had to take the matter into her own hands;
  13. Sosia seemed just as bewildered as Cynane felt in this situation. She wondered if the red wine would even come off, but they would have to try. Claudia didn’t know Cynane had gone out like this. Even if it was stupid that Cynane, whose age was far above Claudia’s, should answer to a young woman like her mistress. But that was the lot of a slave and she cared too much about Claudia to want to hear her scolding. So… she’d have to find a way to solve this. She suggested borrowing clothes from Sosia and Sosia nodded, talking about what Cynane could borrow and even spoke of breeches she co
  14. Tertius looked them over. Why had the guest, this Wulfric of the Chatti, a prince, apparently… bene standing so close with Charis and his son? Also, the Chatti? He’d come all the way from Germania to meet Tertius and deliver some important message. There were so many unanswered questions here. Another was the appearance of the guest. He seemed oddly familiar. Slightly taller than Tertius, but almost the same build – perhaps more athletic though – and there was something more he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Then the German spoke, supporting Charis’ words in a friendly tone. Friendly with C
  15. If Charis had been married to his father, she could technically be his mother. And she was quite possibly younger than he was. Not that it mattered, he felt she had as much right as his father to know who he was. And that’s why he decided to tell her, but before he had the chance to, of course the man he’d come to Rome to find, had to show up. There was no mistake. Wulfric had never met him before but he instantly just knew. And judging by the way his father looked at him, maybe he knew too, already? There was a pause, an odd silence, after Tertius had spoken. He felt that Charis had moved awa
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