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  1. "I would like to meet my sister again... and any children of mine." What do you desire to do, that you should not long for?
  2. She was quite pleased that she managed to avoid Thessla’s attack at her and wanted to be attacked again. And well, she’d heard the name Pluto mentioned before and she knew it was a Roman god, but that’s about all she knew. It wasn’t like any new slave was trained in Roman mythology and worship. Slaves were just slaves. Thessala seemed surprised with the question, wondering where Rana came from. “Germania.” She said simply, “Two winters ago.” She added, while the other paused and considered how to attack. And then it came, faster than the first time and for some reason, she made the same move! Rana managed to jump back again, but Thessala came closer and swung the sword at Rana’s sides. She fought to defend herself, but Thessala’s plan worked and Rana ended up with her back against the wall. “Enough!” She said, didn’t want Thessala to beat her up now she had the chance. She was certainly quite fierce! And Rana would have to not just leap backwards to escape and cheat, she would have to be more creative next time. “How am I doing?” She asked, hoping the other would step away and give her some space, so that they could start over. @Chevi
  3. He was almost finished now. He couldn’t do much more than what he’d done… it was nice then, that the patron enjoyed the conversation too. He said how he was lucky to have a job that paid him well and allowed him to meet interesting people. Helenus couldn’t help but smile, when the man looked up at him. Then the patron went on about how amazing the baths were, but then added that he didn’t know what it was like working here… Helenus ran his hands up over the patrons shoulders, giving them a small squeeze, “I’m done with your massage now.” He said, while still considering if and how he should respond. He was not supposed to speak ill of the baths, but most Romans only saw the beauty of the places. They didn’t see the slave quarters, they didn’t live and work in a building with constant moist air and slippery floors… and they didn’t consider that the water wasn’t changed as often as they thought. The slaves would sometimes get sick. Helenus was lucky he hadn’t fallen that sick yet, although he felt what the moist air did to his breathing sometimes. “You’re quite fortunate, that you get to come here as a patron, Dominus.” Helenus finally said, attempting to sound cheerful, while he had a hand ready if he should help the man up to sit again, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” @Chevi
  4. Atrice

    Carpe Diem

    Cynane hated how the Romans turned the British and so many other people into slaves. Sure they had slaves in Britannia too and sometimes they were captives from battles, but more often it was people unable to pay a debt or they had been traded between tribes as a token. Or they were just the lowest in the society… it wasn’t like here, where the Romans decided they had the right to be superior to everyone they conquered, and they decided who’d live and die and who would be free and who would be a slave. She felt so sorry for Charis. The other woman apologized for making Cynane feel what she felt, and then she said how she should not dwell on the past… “Sometimes it’s hard to not dwell on the past. I still haven’t forgotten. If you forget what you had before… they have truly won.” She said to the younger woman, because that’s what she believed. They could own her body and give her orders, but her dreams and memories were hers and hers alone. She changed the subject though, as they were going to the market for honey-cakes and she felt the mood wasn’t all too good now. Charis agreed how the honey cake sounded good, and then went on about how she hoped to go the gardens in Rome at some time. Cynane gave her a smile, “Maybe we have time today. If we hurry. Honey cakes and wine sounds so good…” She could not remember that she had a good time outside of a household like this, in Rome, at any given time. But now she had a chance… “Should we do it?” @Sara
  5. Atrice

    Carpe Diem

    Cynane gave Charis a look, wondering if the younger woman knew just how docile the Romans wanted the women in their household to be… whores and slaves that weren’t their own, now those they liked to have spirit, but besides that, Romans seemed to like quiet women. She could only hope Charis was as quiet in the house, as she was outspoken here with Cynane. The other mentioned then how she’d work in the garden and smile at her owner, and she squeezed Cynane’s arm sand said she should not worry about her, “I’ll try not to worry. But I like you… which makes it hard to not be concerned for you.” She said with a smile to Charis. What a pity she was only a bodyguard to her mistress and couldn’t be there for Charis. But then she felt like that for many people she met. Charis laughed when Cynane commented that Charis’ dominus was difficult to figure out – but the other said he didn’t do it on purpose, it was apparently just his nature. She continued about her master’s son, Teutus and how it would be like not being able to call your father by his title. She went on about what must be her husband from before slavery, for she mentioned a baby suddenly. Cynane looked at her and then she stopped, blinked with those pretty blue eyes of hers and then there was a forced smile as she said it didn’t last. What, the marriage or the baby? She was with child and she clearly had none now… “I’m sorry to hear about all of that. It must be rough, having your life turned around so suddenly and…” She trailed off, it sounded so… terrible, loosing everything. It was a long while since Cynane experienced it and it wasn’t quite the same. She’d been in a battle, she knew the risk, although she would have preferred to die on the battlefield rather than becoming a slave. But she knew it could end like that. Still she held a grudge to the Romans for doing this to her; enslaving her and putting her through all they’d put her through. But Charis, she had a husband, she had a family, she could have had a child… her life was even more settled than Cynane’s, when she was ripped away from it. She sighed, “I’m sorry, all this talk is making me all kinds of mad and sad at the same time. I wish you hadn’t gone through all that you’ve gone through lately.” Cynane said and lifted her chin a bit; her way of trying to ‘man up’ and pulling herself together, “The market is not far away now. Was it a honey-cake you wanted?” @Sara
  6. I'm so bad at picking up and reading a book lately, but I so want to read... so now I'm trying to listen instead and that works So I'm currently listening to "Lady of the Rivers" by Philippa Gregory
  7. Atrice

    Carpe Diem

    When they spoke of their past, free lives and whether Cynane had any husband or anything, she had to disappoint Charis. She had no one. Only crushes that never evolved, because well… Rome. Instead of dwelling on that fact though, the younger woman would know if Cynane had any crushes now. Sometimes she wish she had. But they weren’t there. Few men caught her interest. There was that man Lucius, whom she met at that tavern a while ago, she couldn’t him out of her head. No matter how irritating and arrogant he’d been. But luckily, she hadn’t seen him. Else it was mostly women that caught her gaze lately. Aia was very interesting. They had talked about seeing each other too, like Cynane and Charis did now. Maybe she should look more into that again. “Nothing more than crushes. And they don’t seem to lead anywhere.” Cynane said, hoping she didn’t sound too pessimistic, but this was how life was for her now. She doubted anyone would mind if she had a relationship with someone, but she didn’t. When talking about Charis’ owner, now that was a strange man. Peculiar, maybe even… creepy? But she didn’t word it like that. Charis only agreed he was strange, and again didn’t think her owner was interested in her ‘like that’. She did however promise she’d be careful, “Please do. I’d hate to find you bruised or docile next time I see you.” She’d seen it happen before, to other slaves, while she was a gladiatrix. Slaves could come in and they were all high and mighty to begin with, thinking they knew how to live this life. But one wrong step and their master had made sure they knew their place and wouldn’t forget it anytime soon. Charis said there was just the one master in the house, but male slaves and even one who was the son of her master. Cynane nodded, “That sounds peculiar. But not… extraordinary. Just like we had bastards running around, so do the Romans. One can wonder though, why your master has a grown son being a slave.” Again, Charis’ master was just strange, “I can see why you have a hard time figuring him out.” @Sara
  8. Atrice

    Eyes on me

    Helios stood in front of Marcus, between the bouncer and the doorway – oh the irony, the bouncer’s exit was blocked! – and he kept his eyes on Marcus’ face, to see what he was thinking about this sudden question. First the other had given him a curious look, as if unsure what Helios was up to now. And then Helios mentioned the name. Marcus’ eyes gave him away; he knew her and he knew her well, didn’t he? Marcus seemed surprised though, but then he wondered what Oriana wished to know about him. “Oh she didn’t say; is there anything she should know about you?” Helios asked playfully, “Anyway… I won’t tell.” He said with a wink and moved around the bouncer again, gestured to his chamber and the bed while keeping both eyes on Marcus, “I’m just curious, that’s all. Why don’t you stay a while… not that I don’t understand why such a beautiful woman would want you, but you must be very memorable. You didn’t harm her, did you?” @Gothic
  9. Rana thought about it, when the other woman said that she should pretend to be fighting for her life. Rana had never fought very much in the past, but if there was one thing she could do, it was cheating… making people believe something else, than what was actually happening. How else could she have hidden the affair she had with her brother’s wife for years, and she snuck out of the house with stolen goods without anyone seeing that. And those were just a few examples. So she didn’t know how to fight yet. But she knew other things. She didn’t reply to Thessala, but weighed the wooden sword in her hand and then she had decided to let the other woman attack her first. She had an idea. Dishonesty of course worked best if you knew someone, and she didn’t know Thessala that well yet, but she could see that she thought she was high and mighty and the best. And maybe she was. So she had confidence in her own moves and obviously lacked confidence in Rana. See, that could be useful. Thessala sighed and lunged forwards towards Rana, who stood ready in what she assumed was a good position. But when the other came at her, Rana leapt backwards. Thessala’s sword only tapped the tip of Rana’s sword instead of her wrist. That would have hurt, had the other hit her, but she didn’t. Rana smiled slightly; her move worked. “Again.” She said and tilted her head, “Who is Pluto?” Rana asked and stood ready for Thessala to come at her again. @Chevi
  10. I should know better by now and not watch movies that might inspire me to create a new char... I should know better... 

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      First I watched Gladiator... then Sweeney Todd... now try and combine those and see what you get... 😛

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    Eyes on me

    Helios gave him a look, when Marcus called him Goldylocks, but he supposed it wasn’t all wrong. Some did call his hair golden and his hair was the reason for his name… and his popularity. There were even some of the ladies that envied his hair and how long and smooth and thick it was. It was part of his pride. Then Marcus was suddenly on his way out, but Helios managed to stop him, giving him that certain look and wondering if he could serve him otherwise… the other turned to him and said he should focus on work and earn some coin. And Helios should keep an eye on the newcomers here and Marcus said he should teach them how to be pleasing. He looked downwards for a moment there and Helios smirked, when Marcus looked up again. “Oh I know.” Helios said, stepping even closer to the handsome bouncer, “I know all about how to be pleasing and how to teach it to others… perhaps you should watch me at work some night, if you’re unsure I know how?” He suggested with a wink and pushed some of the golden hair over his shoulder and then he recalled what he should be curious about here… While he spoke casually, as if it was nothing out the ordinary, he moved around Marcus, so that he stood between the bouncer and the doorway, blocking his way – just in case Marcus decided to try and make a detour... “You know, I had a visit from a gorgeous young lady a while ago, and she mentioned your name. And I just can’t figure out how she would know a man like you… is the name Oriana familiar to you?” @Gothic
  12. Tertius had swum to the middle of the basin, and there he waited to see what his son would do. Teutus, slender and young as he still were, slipped into the water and… if the young man wasn’t his son, he might have laughed a little bit. Teutus could most certainly not swim properly yet. Maybe Tertius would have to try and teach him a bit. Just a bit. “It seems you’re not very familiar with it at all.” Tertius said when the other was near enough. It was a bit embarrassing that Teutus couldn’t swim and Tertius glanced around them. There weren’t a lot of people here today; not that many had ventured out into the cold rain to go to the thermae on a day like today… “Maybe I should try and teach you. If you’d like that.” Tertius then suggested. Not that he figured Teutus would turn down the offer - he seemed very eager to please Tertius and any request he made was rarely denied by the youth. Swimming however, was a bit more of a personal matter and this was no order, it was a suggestion... so he decided to add; "It is your choice." @Sharpie
  13. Lucius seemed quite pleased that Tertius agreed going to the Domus Venus with him sometime. And then the other described what he thought it was like in the famed brothel, how may pleasures there were to be found and how varied they could be. Tertius shifted a bit where he lay, all this talk made him want to go and fetch Hector and hurry home to their bed. But not yet, Lucius here was actually not the worst companion, it seemed. Or maybe the wine made him more interesting. It didn’t matter. They were here, now. The other man said it was a date and that after visiting the Venus, they’d go to the Elysium. Tertius knew about that place too – cheaper than the Domus Venus and he’d heard that the whores there matched the price too… just like with the Domus Venus, where you’d find beautiful and skilled women and men. At Elysium, they would be good looking too and maybe even more willing, because they wanted and needed the coin and whatever extra they could get out of you. “If we’re not too exhausted.” Tertius said with a wink to the other man and downed some more wine. The jar they had brought was nearly empty, it seemed, which was a pity, “Hmm I think we need more wine.” @Brian
  14. Lucius here was quite theatrical and Cynane learned by now to ignore his odd little reactions at her words and her actions. But she sat down on her own stool, leaned her arms on the table and decided to question him about his life. He must have a wife, she thought to herself. But Lucius was apparently not married. At least not to anyone alive. It surprised her to hear that his wife was seemingly dead, she did not see that one coming! It made her feel a bit embarrassed, to be honest… but on the other hand, how could she know? In return, Lucius naturally asked if she always asked strangers presumptuous questions. “I apologize. I am sorry to hear your wife is no longer among the living.” Just in case he had actually liked his wife. She knew most marriages for nobles in Rome had little to do with love and care and everything to do with alliances and friendships between men. The women had little say in the matter of whom they married. That Lucius didn’t have a wife at home made this all feel a little different though. Maybe that’s why he tried so hard to get Cynane to stay… although a man with his looks could get any woman here. So why her? “And I guess I don’t ask such questions to everyone… but you are special, are you not, Lucius?” At least he seemed to like to think so. @Brian
  15. Helios was of course glad that he was not on the streets or working in the mines. When you looked at it like that, the Domus Venus was not the worst place to be. And what else could he do anyway? Even if he was freed, he was still bound to his current owner, unless they decided to set him completely free… so he was here, as he’d been for so long. Maybe he really should consider buying his freedom, although he wasn’t sure what difference it would make at the moment. He focused on Justinia instead, wondering of course what she did before she came here. She explained how she’d been in the same household with the same domina for very long, and when her domina died, the husband used Justinia as his own. And then she was sold on and ended up here. It sounded like a story he’d heard before, he thought to himself. So many slaves ending up here because their former owner grew tired of them. As if they were a pet you could just get rid of, if the pet had grown and wasn’t cute anymore. Justinia then of course wondered about Helios’ life, “I was a house slave too, working in the same household for many years. I more or less grew up with the children of the house. One of my best friends was the daughter of the house. It was fine while we were kids, but when we grew up… we weren’t allowed to be close anymore. My dominus said he’d seen his daughter look at me, so he decided to sell me. Then I ended up here.” Helios explained and entered the storage room where the wine was kept. He looked over the jars, there were still a lot, luckily. He picked up a jar and held it for Justinia, “Here you go, wine for you… and your clients…” He said, “May they drink too much and pass out early.” He added with a small smile. @Sydney
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