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  1. Tertius had not thought he was going to have more children – his wife died after giving birth to Antonia and he already had Teutus, who was now free and to be made heir of Tertius’ fortune. But then Fortuna decided he should be a father again after all, and he was not going to let Charis change the ways of the gods. She was going to have a child, a child that was his… and that was it. She swallowed when he told her that she was having the child, whether she wanted to or not. And then she would know what was going to happen, after the child was born. He tried to explain to her, that it would depend on her behavior and that she could relent and maybe things would be better then. Or she could not relent and she might not see the child. This seemed to surprise her, she wondered why she could not see ‘him’. A boy? How did she know? And yet although she thought she knew this, she did not know what he meant… “I will not have my child nursed and brought up by a selfish and deceiving mother.” He said and inhaled a breath, because what came next was another crucial matter, “If you do not relent and change your behavior before the child is born, I will find another nurse for the child.” Tertius explained and backed towards the door, “Do you have more questions today… anything you’d like to say? Else I really think I need to get on with my day.” At least he gave her a chance to apologize for her behavior. Whether she wanted to take or not, well that was up to her. She knew the terms no matter what she chose. @Sara
  2. Why on Earth Alexius should have better places for his attention than with someone like Felix, was beyond him. After all, Felix was quite good looking and so far very easy to get along with and spend time with. So what’s not to like? Plus, of course, Alexius wasn’t exactly picky and he did not care much if his companion and the target for his attention was slave or free. All he cared about was whether they showed the same interest in him, as he did in them. He didn’t know though, if Felix just didn’t get it or was toying with him, when he didn’t really respond to Alexius’ quite obvious suggestions. So he wondered if Felix, being a body slave to his master and all, never pleased him. Meaning using his hands for that, of course, since they were talking about hands. But Felix didn’t answer that. Instead he firmly told Alexius to not ask such a question. Alexius arched a brow, a little surprised at the sudden change in Felix. Of course, a man born and raised and still living as a slave, in the same house, would be terribly loyal to his master. Too loyal, if you asked Alexius. The gods knew he'd never been that loyal, but he was also born free and lived spent all his slave-years yearning for freedom again. But he didn’t mean anything bad with the question. He thought they were having a good talk that could lead to more. Or he hoped. “I didn’t mean to offend you.” Alexius then said, “Apologies if I did.” He added, watching Felix carefully, hoping he had not turned the handsome man away from him now. @Chevi
  3. Charis didn’t seem to know what a praetorian was and Cynane gave her a smile, “Praetorian. They are the official guards for the imperial family. But they’re only men.” She explained then, it did not seem likely that Cynane would be freed and promoted to praetorian. If she was freed, she might stay as a bodyguard. Or they would force her to actually become a Roman woman, who would wear a dress and have a husband and children, if she could. She couldn’t imagine herself as a Roman matron wearing skirts. Cynane had mentioned how Roman men didn’t like their women with weapons and her friend laughed and said they could not be blamed. Cynane couldn’t help but smile, when Charis said she’d call on Cynane if she was ever in trouble. Cynane took those words to heart and although it had been said in jest from Charis, once more it meant something to her… “If you are ever in real trouble, I will fight for you if I can. Trust me.” She said with a smile to her friend and soon after, they came upon a great sundial in the gardens and Charis suddenly realized she had to go. Their conversation had been so relaxed for a short while, but now reality returned. “Oh…” Cynane said and turned to her friend, “Be safe, please. I hope the herbs will do you good and not bad.” She would beg Brigid to protect her friend, even though Charis did not seem to want it. She feared the herbs would do Charis bad and she’d die… she might never see her again. Having a child removed like that could be dangerous, as they already discussed. Cynane would rather keep Charis with her baby than lose her friend for good. Cynane leaned in to embrace Charis, perhaps a little tighter than usual. She didn’t have a lot of close friends, after all. @Sara
  4. He would love to allow her to do some exercise, take a walk and a proper bath in a bathhouse and so on. But with how she acted, he didn’t want to. She did not deserve such treatment. She deserved to sit here and consider everything she’d done and hopefully reach the conclusion, that maybe she had been wrong and maybe it was the best idea to just submit to her master. Which she should have done a long time ago, but it had all been pretense. That was part of why Tertius was so angry with her right now – all her lies. None of it had been for real, from her side. She had made promises, sweet words had escaped her lips, but they’d been lies. She had deceived him and he would have no more of that. And now she dared to wonder what was going to happen ‘after’. Tertius naturally asked what she meant and she would know what was going to happen after the child was born. Meanwhile she sat on the bed and suddenly laughed and spoke of the child. “You are. Whether you want to or not.” Tertius just said, he didn’t see the reason to laugh. This was hardly an amusing situation! “Concerning what happens after… well, that… depends on your behavior, dear Charis. You could have a better life. I gave you so many chances to have it… but in the end, you decided to betray my trust.” Tertius said, “There are however many months until that child is born, and much can happen. Maybe you will stop being selfish, relent and it will be better for you again and you will be a mother. Maybe you won’t and you’ll never see your child.” He stopped to watch her reaction to that statement. @Sara
  5. He was still surprised to learn that Septima had a twin sister, who looked like her, although it sounded like her personality was different. Lexus liked Septima so far though and he wanted to help her out. She wanted to go out and explore more easily and the fall just before proved, that dresses and skirts weren’t very good for exploring. Lexus then had a brilliant idea, or so he thought – why should she not just disguise herself as a boy when she went out? And her twin sister could help? He thought it was a great idea. Septima chuckled at first, but then seemed to actually consider the idea. She said it wasn’t bad, but it also wouldn’t work. She didn’t think she or her sister could pass as boys and besides, she would have to go alone, because people knew her and her sister. Then she asked if he would dress as a girl. Now it was his turn to chuckle, but it was a good question, honestly. “Uh, I don’t know… I never thought of it.” He said and grinned, “My father would definitely give me weird looks if I did! But I guess… if I had to, for some reason, why not? A long tunic and a toga, like what nobles wear, isn’t that different… or is it? I guess they don’t work so hard either, so they don’t have to wear clothes that you can move in.” He looked down his own body; he wore a simple knee-long tunic that could easily be hitched up by the belt, if he wanted to be able to move more easily – like what many working-class Roman men wore... "I guess you would have it easier, if you could wear this. It's a pity it won't work for you." @Chevi
  6. Think that Felix didn’t really consider or know what he could do besides being a house and body slave in the domus where he grew up. Maybe it was normal that people born as slaves didn’t think about such things. Felix had never known another life – he didn’t know what freedom was and he didn’t know that you could make your own decisions, instead of always following orders. Alexius kind of wanted to show him that life… give him a taste of it, somehow. And now that they were discussing what Felix could do and Alexius then mentioned how he bet Felix could do amazing things with his hands, his own mind definitely went south. It had been on the way there for a while, but now… it was something else. Felix however, he just looked at his hands and then back at Alexius with a tilted head, wondering what it was Alexius thought he could do. Alexius let out another amused laugh at the man, Felix was so serious. He really needed to learn how to let it all go, at least for a little while. “I bet you know, if you think about it.” He then said, the smile still present on his face. They had been discussing which trade Felix could be good at and what Alexius had in mind was certainly not a trade he thought Felix should have, if he was freed, but… oh it was impossible to stop this line of thought now… “Your master… never asked you to massage him? Or to please him… in bed?” After all, it was commonly known that it happened, although it wasn’t something you talked about. According to the Romans, a man should not yearn to be taken by another, but rather take another man. That’s why slaves were so convenient. But Felix didn’t seem to hate his master, so maybe, if what Alexius suggested had happened, it wasn’t so bad and then Felix wouldn’t be offended. @Chevi
  7. Alexius enjoyed her newfound attention and interest in him. At first she had seemed a little bit cautious and all that, but when he told her he’d been a gladiator, it seemed all that changed! How could he not enjoy spending time with her now – now that she seemed more keen on spending her time with him? Alexius liked women (and men) a lot and he like pleasure a lot too, but he wasn’t and had never been the type who’d force himself on them. Equal attention was the best. He continued sipping his drink while she tasted his name on her tongue, then agreeing how time went fast and adding a little bit of her own story there. Fourteen years ago she was a little girl? Was she that young? Not that she appeared old at all, but she didn’t appear as if she was 20 years old either. “You may yet catch me fighting.” Alexius said with a grin then, “I’m not known to turn the other way if I get the chance to do the opposite.” He added, he enjoyed fights a lot and if there was a brawl and he was present, well he might as well participate. And single-handedly he’d help out those in need if there was a fight or some other injustice in the streets at night and there was no time to wait for the urban cohorts. The lovely young lady wanted to know more now and she had questions… several of them. Alexius was luckily more than happy to answer her. “My ludus was here in Rome, yes. I spent many years here… but no, I’m no longer a lanista. It only lasted a few years. Imagine being a slave and gladiator and among friends and companions one day… and the next you’re their overseer, deciding who goes into the arena tomorrow to live or die. It didn’t work very well for me.” Alexius explained, “It would seem Fortuna did not mean for me to sit behind a desk. I was meant to fight...” He said, “… fight and have fun and drink with good people. Like you.” Alexius smiled at her, “What is your name, by the way?” @Liv
  8. Lexus had barely considered that it wasn’t right for her to lift her stola like that, when she suddenly dropped it and blushed. Oh… well she had pretty legs, he thought, but that wasn’t why she had been lifting her stola, right? She really did not come across as some loose woman, like those he’d seen and met back when his friend Phaedo worked at the Domus Venus, and Lexus went to visit him. He kind of missed Phaedo, but he’d been sold to someone private outside of Rome and he had not seen his friend since. He had an idea coming into his head though, when Septima mentioned a sister and he wondered if they looked alike. She confirmed they did, because they were twins. Lexus’ eyes widened for a moment, “Twins?” He knew that twin births didn’t occur that often and his mother had said that people who had twins had been blessed especially by the gods. And therefore Septima must be a blessing in herself, he then judged. That was… amazing! Meanwhile Septima spoke more of her sister and how her sister was more social and Septima herself was more like a scholar. He nodded, trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he met a girl who was a twin and also that she had a sister who looked just like her, which fit perfectly into the idea he had. Also and especially if she was a better actress than Septima. “That’s not so bad.” Lexus said, because he didn’t see how being a scholar could be bad… his mind was elsewhere though, with his idea... “Hmm… and your sister is more social and stuff? And looks like you? Maybe… but I don’t know if you like the idea at all, stop me if you don’t…” He paused, “She could pretend to be you? And you could disguise yourself as a boy and you could go out together, and then you could move about more easily? You could say you’re a distant cousin or something. If that could work…” @Chevi
  9. Felix really did not talk much, did he? But on the other hand, he seemed perfectly happy with just listening to Alexius talk - he did not interrupt and he did not try to argue about anything or discuss anything. Alexius wondered if that was just Felix' nature, or if it was something that had been knocked into him over many years, because he was a slave and had to act that way. It was impossible to tell and not something he would ask about. Instead he had just explained how he came to do what he did and why he was good at it. Then he wondered what Felix would be good at and suggested he could work with his hands. "Yes, like a craftsman, perhaps. There are smiths, weavers, wood-workers, barbers and so on." Alexius said and then he could not help himself, he looked towards Felix' hands and then gave the fine looking man a slightly playful smile, "You do seem to have good and strong hands, Felix. I bet you can do amazing things with those." Maybe it was too much, but why not? @Chevi
  10. They could agree that it was unfair, that women had to wear skirts and it would be so much easier to work and do many things, if you did not wear a dress every day. It really was unfair, but Lexus was in no position to change how society worked and Septima wasn’t either. It made him want to do something, but what could he do? He really did have to find a good mentor and learn about writing, reading, math, philosophy and politics, so that he could become a Senator someday. A boy could dream, right? And dream big, he did. But that did not change the current situation. He suggested then that Septima could disguise herself when she went out to explore and first she let out a surprised laugh, but Lexus was actually serious. Then she confirmed it would make things easier, but she was not an actress. She lifted her dress to her knees, as if considering it. “That’s a pity… it could work, I think.” Lexus said, he really did want to help, “You have a sister? Does she look a bit like you?” He then asked curiously, as he had another idea. Meanwhile he finally stepped out of the flowerbed and would lend a hand to her, if she needed one. @Chevi
  11. Alexius had almost told Felix all about how he could not really settle down, not for one lover and not for a wife and not for a job... he seemed destined to look for his place in the world, maybe until he died. But that would be stupid to tell such a good looking man the first time he met him. Alexius certainly would not mind if Felix would show any interest beyond companionship tonight. But the conversation moved on and Alexius continued to wonder what Felix could do, if he did not consider himself a fighter or a scholar. Maybe he was good at working with his hands? They looked like good, strong hands... But Felix said he wasn't sure and didn't know how to find out what he was good at. "Sometimes it's just the thing you feel most satisfied doing... I worked with horses before I became a gladiator. I guess that's why they picked me, because I was good with beasts?" He let out a little laugh, "And I did always want to fight, since I was a kid. I just never imagined I'd fight for other people's pleasure, but that's how it went..." He trailed off, trying to remind himself that he should also include Felix more here, so... "Maybe you're good at working with your hands?" @Chevi
  12. She honestly didn't know how to begin talking about... stuff. Cynane was used to being the strong one and the one to fend for herself. She was not used to talk about her emotions to anyone or at least she was only used to talking to very few people about them. Volusa was young, but sweet... but what difference did it really do, talking about something? Cynane didn't know. She was not very used to it. And while she thought quietly, Volusa told Cynane what she knew about that day and how she could not ask Claudia what had happened. Then she went on about how Cynane must know and she too had not been quite herself. And she wanted to help... "Help? I don't know... if talking will help." Cynane said, "But since you don't know..." She could at least tell Volusa about what happened, so she wouldn't come to the wrong conclusions or something. She motioned for Volusa to come, to walk at least a little bit away from the doorway, so they could talk more privately. "It is true that something awful happened, as you put it. Or something awful could have happened, it almost did." Claudia was almost hurt. Decimus injured. Aia bruised. Cynane... made sure it didn't get worse... that’s why she at least told herself it could have been worse than it was. It wasn’t as awful as it could have been. That was her opinion. Others might not agree with her, but that’s the way she saw it. "We went for a ride, as you sid, outside of Rome, and Clau... our mistress was in a good mood." She reminded herself to not talk about Claudia as she did, when the two were alone for Claudia's lessons in fighting, "But then a disabled man stood in our way and talked about a child that had fallen into the water. Of course that wasn’t the case. Before we knew it, we’d been attacked and our princess was too far away from me, because they pulled her off her horse. She put up a good fight, but then the leader of the gang had her. And wanted us to surrender. I tried telling him what would happen if he hurt her. But he wouldn’t listen and he was on top of her, with a knife to her throat…” Cynane inhaled a deep breath, “I did the only thing I felt was right – I let go of my weapon.” She smiled slightly at the thought, “But I did it by throwing it precisely into his throat.” @Sharpie
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    Cynane couldn’t help Charis much from outside the domus and Teutus said that Tertius just wanted her to stop being stupid and stop crossing him. And also that Tertius never listened to him before. “You should try again. Your place has changed, maybe he’ll listen now.” Cynane suggested, assuming he would just accept the fact that Cynane knew a lot about him while he knew nothing about her. Anyway, she thought, you shouldn’t give up so easily on your friends. And Charis had said that Teutus liked her. If he really was her friend, why didn’t he want to try and help her? Why didn’t he do his utmost to try and make things better for her, instead of what he talked about now? Cynane would, if she could! He said Charis and Tertius were both stubborn and Cynane should come by next week, then she could have more news. She almost forgot listening, but then he mentioned food being brought to her. And that what was going on was legal, even if it was unfair. “I know. Unlike her, I have paid attention in all the years I’ve been enslaved here. Not that it makes it better.” She explained to him. He was right. Now she thought about it, Charis was indeed terribly stubborn and that might have lead to why she was locked up now. Cynane had tried to tell her to behave properly to make her life better here, but something must have gone wrong. And now she couldn’t see anyone. It pained her that those were Charis’ circumstances right now. She thought it over again. There must be a way. She knew there had to be a way to get to her. Think, Cynane! She knew exactly what to do in a fighting situation, so why could she not think fast the same way now? “Next week is… a long way away. There has to be something…” She trailed off, thinking... and then it hit her, the idea, “You said one of the other slaves brings food to her? Could she deliver a message, you think?” @Sharpie
  14. Atrice

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    Cynane only knew the mess of this house through Charis – but it did indeed sound like quite a mess. At least Teutus here was a freedman now, although he was also still the bastard-born son of his father and former owner. Still though, he had to know something. And Cynane chose to try and ask him nicely, which seemed to work. First he exclaimed though and she arched a brow, before he said she must know something. She nodded at his information about Charis’ pregnancy and wanting to get rid of it. She had indeed ended up ill and now no one could see her or speak to her. “That’s… stupid.” Cynane said with a roll of her eyes, glaring at the house again. Fucking Tertius! She was ill and no one could see her? What kind of a treatment was that, to a woman who was pregnant and had fallen sick because of it. She survived but saw no one. Surely that wouldn’t do her much good at all! Gods! The fire built up inside her again and it was lucky for Teutus that he was such a nice guy. He really was! Charis had said he was, but it kind of surprised her to meet a man, born in Rome, who was like that. It was impossible to be angry with him. “Right.” Cynane said thoughtfully, when he explained Charis had recovered as far as he knew. She tried to calm herself while she tried to think of something to do. Anything. “I just… want to do something. Can’t you talk to your father about it all? Explain that she needs fresh air, or something. And ask what he hopes to gain by such a treatment. Surely it’s no good to keep a pregnant woman locked up like that.” @Sharpie
  15. Septima said she was fine and not hurt and then he got on his feet, as usual talking way too much and once more he apologized for what just happened, since it would appear that no one were coming at all. He misheard or something and caused her to fall and himself too. Lexus wasn't worried about himself though, but her. She looked like such a fine lady. What if anyone asked why her dress was dirty now? What if anyone saw them... She just thanked him though and took his hand, although she blushed. And she let go once she stood, brushing her dress and she sighed, musing about how she wished she could wear something more practical. He looked her over. "That makes sense. I've always thought it a bit unfair, that women work in all their skirts and the men don't have to." Not that he thought she did hard work, but he knew his mother had worked and many less wealthy women did. And slave women too. He thought it all over, it really was unfair, wasn't it? Then an idea came to him, because he got those sometimes and he smiled a little. He hoped she wouldn't think ill of him for suggesting such a thing, most adults would definitely think it quite outrageous. But Septima seemed different, so why not? "What if... but I don't know if it would be right... could you like... disguise yourself, as a boy? When you go out to explore, I mean." Although she would make a very pretty boy, he thought to himself. But still she'd be able to wear what she wanted to. @Chevi
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