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  1. Charis explained she’d not told the Vigiles about Tertius, since she wanted to get away and didn’t want to disturb him. He could understand her point, but on the other hand, she should have mentioned his name and where she belonged. It was too late now though and he’d have to try and explain to her how important it was for him to keep her safe. If she wasn’t safe, was he safe? She was his slave, after all. But they went on and Charis suddenly wondered what exactly he did for a living and he explained it. She said she understood he was important. Well, he was… maybe not the most important senator in the empire, far from it, but important enough. He was a praetor and had been one for a very long time, so by now, he knew what he was doing. And he actually liked it, which was why he hadn’t moved on much. You could say he was a senior praetor now. He would instruct younger men on what to do. He wondered though why she asked what he did and right away then saying the Vigiles hadn’t been nice to her. It didn’t matter about the gladiatrix, but Charis mattered, somehow. He slept with her, as the first woman in months, so for some reason, he couldn’t pretend she meant nothing. She was his property and his lover, now. Not that he’d tell her she mattered that much, he wouldn’t want it to get to her head. Didn’t want her to think she was in control. After he’d asked if she wanted the Vigiles reprimanded, she’d looked up at him with a small smile, as if she was at least considering it. Interesting. Sweet and pretty Charis wanted revenge… but she quickly lowered her eyes again and claimed they had the right to be unpleasant. He arched a brow now, “I don’t know if they have the right to. It’s just that no one will tell them not to.” And understandably not a humbled slave like Charis. However, she went on, musing about how they treated people, she didn’t want them punished, although she knew Tertius could probably do something. She wondered if it was right and said certainly that she didn’t think it was. This was very interesting. She did want revenge. And he honestly considered dealing it out, perhaps without her knowledge, but just to make sure such a thing would not happen again… “The way I see it… you’re my slave, Charis. It’s not up to them to do anything to you or to order you to do anything. That’s in my power, not theirs. If they harm you, they indirectly harm me, do you understand?” He said and paused as he thought about it, then continued… “It depends though, on what exactly they said to you or did to you. Please understand that you must be honest with me. If you’re not, how can I be a good master to you… I’m unable to take good care of you, if I don’t know the whole truth. So, how exactly did they mistreat you?” @Sara
  2. She told him about the gladiatrix, whose name was Thessala. That name did ring a bell. He really should see her, thank her for saving his slave and making sure she got home safely. She was quite fierce looking, as far she recalled from the arena. Not quite his type. But he knew of her, “I think I do know her name.” He simply replied, and then Charis explained further about which other men had been interested in her. Said men at the markets made comments, but he shouldn’t be jealous. Her words made him smile, it was good to know she would stay clear of sleeping around, when this was where she was supposed to be. “That’s the right way to think, Charis.” He complimented her, or at least he thought he did. Then Charis dared to asked a question and he gave a nod of approval, she could do that… she wondered what he did for a living and said the Vigiles hadn’t been kind to her or Thessala and had been cruel. If she'd mentioned whom her owner was, it might have been different, but of course that wasn't for certain... “I suppose you didn’t tell them about me, then.” Tertius said, a little irritated that they hadn’t treated her nicely. On the other hand, he wasn’t surprised, they weren’t senatorial of rank and could be quite rough… “I’m a praetor, a quite important office to hold. A praetor is a kind of judge, I judge legal matters between citizens of Rome, mostly… and then I partake in the Senate, of course.” If she even understood that, did they have judges in Britannia? Did she know what the Senate was, even? It sounded like a very civilized thing and he still couldn’t picture Britannia as a very civilized place… it was of no matter though. She’d wondered what he did and then mentioned how the Vigiles had been cruel to her. “Do you want them reprimanded for their behavior? Is that why you’re asking?” He tilted his head, watching her, this was a kind of new side of her. He didn’t know she had it in her, but he supposed after what happened to her, who could blame her for wanting some kind of revenge? @Sara
  3. Atrice

    Road to danger

    The horse did what she hoped it would do, but then two men came at her from each their own side. Alright, think, Cynane! In the arena, you have to think fast. The one who came from the front, she ducked away from his attack and rolled on the ground, so that she had both of them to her front – except now she was further away from Claudia and she didn’t like that. It sounded though as if Claudia put up a good fight, she heard a scream from the man who got to the princess and that had to be good. If she’d had time to be pleased with her student, she would have been. But she was too busy with the men she had to fight, although a bit annoyed that she couldn’t help her princess. It was honestly hard to think, when she had to think about someone else to protect but herself and her own life. But she managed to slice one of the men’s arms and he had to hold it and use the same arm to fight with. Good. Then, not good. Claudia was on the ground with a blade to her throat and he threatened to cut her throat. Gods, really? Cut the throat of a princess?! “That would be unwise; you’ll have to deal with Caesar’s wrath if you do!” Cynane spat angrily. Surely no one were that stupid, although in Rome, she was often surprised… she stood still, not willing to risk Claudia’s life, but not happy to drop her weapon either. She knew she was not supposed to make demands here, but on the other hand, what would the attackers get from this, if they killed the most valuable person present? Although of course, she could fight without a weapon if she had to. She could do that. She dared it, hoping the man was not as stupid as he seemed… that he wouldn’t go through with his threat. She had to get Claudia home in one piece, safe, alive. She'd have to do that or die in the attempt, “If you remove your weapon from her, I’ll drop mine.” And she would do it, if he did remove his weapon. Then hers would be on the ground the next instant. @Gothic @Chevi @Sains
  4. When he mentioned he’d been a soldier, Charis said he’d been in Germania and he gave her a look – how did she know this? Someone must have told her. Maybe Teutus? What else had he said? “Near Germania, rather… in Northern Gaul. Not far from the wall and the border.” Tertius said and wondered if that would interest her at all and why. It wasn’t often he spoke of that time; not that it had been bad, well except for the weather and those bloody barbarian German tribes, but more because of the whole ordeal with his brother. Whom he’d rather not think about. She promised to tell him if she experienced any of the symptoms he described and then said she thought it wouldn’t scar, like her back. He had noticed her back, when he bedded her, but hadn’t asked about it. It wasn’t the right time or place and what happened before she came here, shouldn’t matter. The whip must have been because she misbehaved at some point, but now, she seemed much more obedient. That was good. Did she want to talk about though? Was that why she mentioned it? Gods, women could be so hard to read! “I doubt you’ll be scarred. It just needs time to heal.” Tertius simply replied, unsure of what else to reply to that. And then Charis suddenly went on explaining more about what happened the night of the attack. Apparently she met a gladiatrix, who saved and helped her and she joked about being taught how to fight. But she wasn’t a gladiatrix! She was meant to be here, working in the house and looking pretty for Tertius, she was not meant to fight. “You simply need to stay in when it’s dark outside. But maybe I should meet this gladiatrix, thank her for saving you.” Tertius said then and she’d looked up at him and said men seemed more interested in her here. He could see why, but since she mentioned it, that would actually worry him a little bit. She was his, after all… “Really? Other than me and your attackers?” @Sara
  5. She dropped her eyes and nodded when he said that he was most upset with her not telling him about her injuries right away. He could have helped her or protected her somehow. He could have tracked down the idiots who attacked her and made sure they knew what happened, if you crossed Tertius Quinctilius Varus! His ancestor might have been beaten by barbarians, but Tertius was not going to have his slaves harmed by brutes! Right now though, he went on about how she should make sure to eat and drink and stay healthy and that he’d even allow her to sleep in. He wondered shortly if she had something soft to rest her head upon. Meanwhile Charis thanked him for his kindness and then suddenly worried about whether she’d be okay or not. She went on explaining that she’d never been hit before and wondered how he knew about the headache. “I’ve not experienced such a headache myself… but I was a soldier, a long time ago, and I saw what happened to the others.” Tertius explained, “But if all you had so far is a headache, I think you’ll be fine. Just let me know if you ever feel dizzy or queasy or if the headache becomes worse. Then I’ll make sure a medic comes to see you.” He said and gave her a little smile, hoping it wasn’t too much for her, but he was being honest, “I don’t like to see you harmed, Charis. That’s what I meant to say before. You’re a very attractive woman and I’d hate for that to change. Do you understand that?” @Sara
  6. Charis explained that she’d gone to the Vigiles with a woman who’d helped her out, but she didn’t tell him because she thought he’d be angry and she didn’t want him to worry. Gods, really? She didn’t want him to worry, when she was literally his property? What kind of master would he be if he just didn’t care whether his slaves were maimed or murdered in the streets at night? “It’s good you went to the Vigiles, I hope those bastards will get what they deserve. And don’t be afraid to tell me such things. You live here. You belong to me. You’re my responsibility.” He said but was still not sure it came out right, what he meant to say. It was just difficult to explain. Also that he didn’t like seeing her like this, that also didn’t come out right, so he decided to just forget that comment and then he went over to look more closely at her bruises. Tertius had been at the Germanian border once, he’d seen battle before and had been bruised. Many years ago, true, but he knew what it was like. She thanked him for wanting something to heal her lip with, and then said she had a headache when sleeping. He nodded, she must have gotten quite the punch to her head. It was almost a miracle all she had was a headache. Then she didn’t understand why he wasn’t angry. “If I should be, it would be because you didn’t come to me about this right away.” Tertius said, “It’s not your fault you got attacked. You’re lucky this was all they did. The streets in Rome aren't safe at night. You shouldn't be out so late.” He added, because this was the truth. An attack on her was an attack on her master. And if they’d violated her… gods! But it sounded like they hadn’t, so he went on… “Now, you need to make sure you drink plenty of water. And eat when you feel hungry. It’s important to stay healthy when you’re healing.” Tertius sat back on his desk, seeming thoughtful, “I’ll also allow that you don’t have to get up as early as the others. The blow to your head and the headache, that’s bad.” It was all bad, really, but the headache and her big bruise there was what worried him most now. People could die if concussions weren’t treated right. @Sara
  7. Well at least she behaved now, followed orders. She looked up at him when he demanded she should and she tucked the hair behind her ear. Her face looked… terrible, and that was an understatement. The bruise was bad and then there was her cracked lip. She kept her eyes lowered despite looking up, while he examined her from where he sat on the edge of his table. Honestly this shocked him! Who would do this to her? But then she explained that she’d been attacked by thieves in the night, the day she’d gone to the baths and since she had no money, they tried something else. Of course they did. They saw a woman and easy game and would take her for their own. He was at least pleased to hear that didn’t happen, because she was saved. Then she claimed her bruises weren’t so bad. “Not so bad?” Tertius exclaimed with a huff. But of course she hadn’t seen herself, “I don’t think you’d recognize yourself, if you saw your face. You’re… badly hurt, Charis. You should have come to me right away.” He inhaled a breath, confused about what to be more upset about. Some strangers hurting her and almost violating her lovely body or the fact that she hadn’t come to him as soon as she could, to tell him what had happened. If she’d done it in time, they could have traced who was behind the attack and those culprits would have been meat for the lions next time they were to appear in the arena. Now instead, they got away with it and Charis… she had seen better days. “I don’t like seeing you like this. I mean…” It came out wrong. He didn’t like to see that she was hurt! But that didn’t mean he didn’t like looking at her, that didn’t mean she should hide herself, it meant that for some reason, it upset him that she’d been hurt. But how could he explain this, and still remain respected as her master? He inhaled another breath to steady himself and then he stood, moved closer to her and with gentle fingers he just barely touched her bruise and then her lip, “I’ll send Rhoda out to fetch some healing salve for that lip. Beeswax might even be good for the lip, maybe we have some. The bruise will have to go down on its own, it’s too late to do much about that. How have you been sleeping these nights after?” @Sara
  8. He gave her a look when she tried to excuse her behavior, claiming she wanted to learn how to be good in the kitchen. Charis asked to work in the garden and had from the beginning said she was not very good in the kitchen. It didn’t seem to be in her interest at all, so why this sudden change? Besides, it was no excuse. She was of course going to help out the other house slaves when needed, but when that wasn’t needed… she ought to be where he expected her to be. He didn’t respond to that comment though, but continued about the flower and wanted her to look at it. Charis raised her eyes with a sigh and although she quickly looked down again, there was something not right about the shadows on her face. Not right at all. Charis tried to pretend like nothing and went on about the flower, saying she’d watered the flowers but the warmth made them wilt. But if they were wilting, shouldn’t she remove them to let the other flowers grow better and get the water instead? He’d heard his sister talk about that sometime, back when they still lived in the same house. “It seems they are not okay.” Tertius simply pointed out and then she suddenly looked up at him again and promised to both tend to the garden and learn from Rhoda. Tertius went quiet though, when she looked up. The water fell away from her face because she’d lifted it all up and he saw the green and yellow bruise on her face as well as the split lip, which didn’t look too good at all. What had happened here? Who did this to her? To his slave? Whom he wanted in the garden because she was pretty to look at, and whom he’d been so careful to not harm even when she deserved a proper punishment, because he didn’t want to ruin her fragile beauty. Someone had done this. He inhaled a deep breath, “Charis… look up at me. And remove your hair from your face.” Tertius then said, honestly feeling a bit upset that she’d been hurt and his voice was almost tense with the emotion, “And tell me what happened to your face and why. Who hurt you?” @Sara
  9. He nodded when she tried repeating the name he mentioned and he could tell just from that, that she was definitely new here. Sure he could hear it on the way she spoke, how she sometimes missed a word or a bit of the grammar. But she’d get the hang of it, “Ordivani Laencani. You need to kind of… pronounce it faster. My mistress’ name is Oriana Laecania and her father is Aulus.” He explained and then she’d suddenly asked why he didn’t go back to Germania, since he was freed. Well… that was a longer story, because he did go back and while it wasn’t a cheerful story, she asked and now she got to hear what he experienced. He fell silent afterwards and Charis did too for a little, before she said she was sorry to hear it and how it must have been hard. “It was hard. Especially since here, in Rome, I’m a freedman. A former slave… not considered a true Roman. Yet in Germania, where I was born, I’m considered a Roman.” He shrugged, “But I fought and lived in the arena, so that I could be freed. And I have a good job at the moment. I’m respected where I am right now, at least.” It wasn’t long after that, that Charis stopped by a street and smiled at him. She said she lived close by and he didn’t have to walk her all the way home now. He nodded, he understood, it wouldn’t look too good somehow, if he walked her all the way. But she also kept smiling and apologized for making him sad, because it wasn’t a good way to thank him for his help with Helios. She called him a good man and wondered if he might save her again. Alexius couldn’t help but smile at her sweet compliment, “There’s no need to repay me unless you really want to. And then I could come up with a few ideas…” He said with a wink and a charming grin, wondering if she understood what he meant by that. It was maybe kind of an invitation… because he couldn’t help himself near such a good looking woman as her. But she seemed a little bit wary, and he couldn’t blame her. So he tried to not be too playful with her, “I hope I won’t have to save you again though, for your sake. But I wouldn’t mind randomly meeting you again. As you said… who knows, right?” @Sara
  10. It took long enough for her to arrive. Had she been busy, perhaps? Elsewhere. When she should be busy in the gardens, with the flowers drooping now… and he hadn’t seen her really, the last few days, which was odd in itself. She knew he wanted her in the gardens because he liked looking at her. And well, because she did keep the garden quite nice, but that was just another bonus. But she was a good-looking young woman and how could he not enjoy seeing her there? Finally she stepped into the tablinum, with her head bent quite low and her hair in a weird fashion, hanging down in front of her face, which honestly wasn’t all that appealing. There were some odd shadows, judging from what he could see of her face, but honestly she did very well in trying to hide her face and her eyes. If that was the case. And why would she do that? She had such a pretty and sweet face. Had she stopped taking care of herself to look good, or something? But she just went to the baths a few days ago? Maybe she’d been seeing that Briton slave friend of hers again and she’d given Charis ideas or something. Something was definitely off here. He inhaled a breath and she spoke up first. “Yes, I did.” Tertius said, “You know I don’t want to keep you hidden. But it appears you have been in hiding, the last few days. Other slaves tell me you think you’re not needed in the garden. Which I don’t quite understand, since you yourself asked to work there. And since you think you’re not needed there, I just have to ask something…” He trailed off and held the wilted flower in his hand up, so that it would be clearly visible to her. She’d have to lift her eyes a bit though, in order to see it, “Do you see what I’m holding in my hand? And can you guess where I got it from?” @Sara
  11. Thessala seemed surprised to hear Rana’s tale about her brothers wife, but besides that, she didn’t comment on it much. It wasn’t very easy to impress Thessala, was it? It wasn’t very easy to do anything with her, it seemed. This might be rough. Then the other asked if she ever saw a gladiator fight, but she hadn’t. She’d only seen fighting pits and she guessed that wasn’t the same at all. The other woman said she’d have to go see it next time there was a real fight, so she could see how it was both about bloodshed and entertainment. Rana nodded. “Sounds like I must see. But how? I slave, not allowed if not fight? Or am I?” She wondered, because how else would she see a fight? Either she’d accompany the others to go and see a fight or she’d go on her own, but she was a new slave here and would she be let out if she was that new? She doubted it. @Chevi
  12. It had been a few weeks since that day when Helios came to see him… and he learned that his newest and definitely prettiest slave had been talking badly about him, when she left the house to apparently go and get herself drunk with a friend. Tertius had naturally been upset and one thing led to another and her punishment was to sleep with Tertius, as his way of proving his control over her and her body and her life. She had nothing to say. She was his. And if she was going to behave like that while she was his, she had to learn that he was still in charge, no matter what. He bought her, fair and square, on the market in Rome. He wasn’t responsible for what happened to her before that, but she was his now. Sleeping with her actually hadn’t been all that bad. She was very pretty, almost delicate, and her skin had been so warm and soft and smooth because she was so much younger than he. And her lips, her kiss… and just the feeling of her. It was definitely something to remember. She had left the bed before he woke and after that day, things went back to normal. Not once had Hector complained about sleeping elsewhere but in Tertius’ bed, instead it was almost as if he seemed to work harder to please his master – maybe to try and prove that he did belong in Tertius’ bed, instead of Charis. Although it had been nice with her there. It had been so long since he slept with a woman and even longer since he spent the entire night next to one. Since that day, he’d watched her work in the garden. They barely spoke - it felt kind of weird after their intimacy - but she seemed to have learned her place. She didn’t speak out of turn, she acted respectfully and did what she to do. He’d of course allowed her to go the baths and after a few weeks, she’d even been allowed to the market again. She behaved, now, he believed. Charis was now the slave he wanted her to be, sweet to look at and behaving properly. The last few days he’d noticed a difference though. She wasn’t working as much in the gardens as she ought to. As she usually did. And he hadn’t been having guests or throwing parties, so there was no reason for her to spend so much time in the kitchens. He’d heard that she’d said there wasn’t a need for her in the garden right now, but once he also heard the kitchen slave Rhoda mutter under her breath about how she didn’t need the extra help in the kitchen. That it didn’t feel like help at all. Then Tertius was walking through the garden and noticed a few wilting flowers and arched a brow. Charis was needed here. He’d have to talk to her about this odd behavior, because it was almost misbehaving, again. He couldn’t have that. “Hector, fetch Charis for me.” Tertius told his always attentive slave. Then he plucked one of the drooping flowers and brought it with him to the tablinum. And there he sat on the front edge of the desk, waiting for her with the wilted flower in his hand. @Sara
  13. He’d heard his father was freed, so he might have a different name now. Although now he thought of it, he didn’t even know if his father was alive anymore. His mother hadn’t seen him since before Lexus was born and she only said she heard of him. She hadn’t seen him. Well he hoped the man still lived, because it would be odd to consider him dead. If it wasn’t for him, Lexus wouldn’t be here, after all. And he did his best to enjoy whatever life gave to him. Not unlike from the way his father lived his life, but Lexus didn’t know that. It was certainly easy to enjoy life with such a beautiful woman as this one… even if she was a few years older than he, she seemed very nice, even though they met by accident, almost literally, because Lexus couldn’t get over his own clumsiness. When he complimented her by saying he’d dip peaches in honey for her, she liked the idea and he chuckled, “I’ll see if it can be done then, Domina.” He said, looking at her with a smile. Then she introduced herself to him, with a quite interesting name he’d not soon forget. She explained it to him, so that he could tell his mother, so she wouldn’t need to worry. “She worries way too much.” He said and rolled his eyes, but didn’t seem too upset. Lexus liked his mother, she was all he had… then he continued talking, because Oriana seemed nice and he probably trusted people a little too easily, “You know, she worries I’ll become like my father. Apparently he had a bit of a temper and liked fighting. It’s probably true, because she met him when he was a gladiator. But mother does not want me to fight at all. She wants me to be safe, always. So working in a garden might be good. That’s definitely not dangerous, right?” @Sydney
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