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  1. Her mood seemed to have changed and so, Wulfric’s smile faded a little bit too. Aglaea had already explained a bit about his siblings, but Charis would know them better, so she could tell him more. It worried him though, that she offered such a slight smile to him, before she explained more. She told him about his sister, Antonia… young, sweet and confident. Well that wasn’t always bad for a woman, he thought. Wulfric disliked that women had to be so submissive in Rome, when he knew they could be much more than that. But he listened as she went on, telling about his brother, the freedma
  2. Sosia was very kind. And Cynane sat in a litter with her and she was slightly drunk. Was Sosia the same? It didn’t matter. Here they were, as the other woman had insisted that Cynane sat in the litter instead of walking. When Cynane accidentally brushed her foot against Sosia, the other woman smiled shyly, saying she didn’t like sitting in litters really. She tried to inch away, but there really wasn’t much space. It would actually be easier if they didn’t face each other, Cynane thought. Sosia could lean against her instead. But they didn’t know each other that well. She tried to focus
  3. It was interesting how the Romans claimed to be more civilized than anyone North of the Rhine or just North in general. But at the same time, they were further apart from each other. Everyone were afraid of each other, no one would trust each other and mothers didn’t even sleep with their babies next to them. Not here anyway. Maybe some of the plebians and the poorer people did, but Charis was raising the child of a Senator and he knew they were very important in Rome. So even if she was not his father’s wife, she was still raising an important, free child. “Maybe try… see if he sleep be
  4. They had talked once or twice since their meeting last year, regarding the business they talked about starting together. Alexius was definitely still interested – while it wasn’t always too bad to change employer so often, it got a little tiresome in the long run and something steady would be better, for both him and for Lexus. But he hadn’t known he’d be discussing it now with Teutus. The other seemed excited about a new warehouse and wanted to go and see it with Alexius. Then wondered if now was a bad time. Alexius glanced over his shoulder, scratching his neck, thinking. He didn’t want to j
  5. He noticed how she held a hand on Peregrinus’ back, as if she would support him, as if she was unsure if Wulfric could handle it. But his one sister had two little ones already and he simply adored them both. A boy and a girl. So why should he not know how to handle his brother? He knew, she would be able to tell very soon anyway. Wulfric couldn’t help but play with the boy and he knew little kids loved exploring and feeling people, so he just let Peregrinus do as he pleased, even grabbing his nose, which both his brother and Charis enjoyed. She commented that he liked mischief and Wulfric chu
  6. Standing here, leaning against a wall, just talking to Owyn… it felt nice. Cynane had almost forgotten why they stood here – because they would remove his chainmail because his collarbone hurt, after the fight at the palace. The chainmail rested by their feet on the ground, one of them would have to carry it the rest of the way, but it didn’t matter who did it. Cynane had to stay in shape too, to protect the princess. She wasn’t weak. She was never weak. Apparently except in moments like these, with Owyn, when he suddenly gifted her a carving of an almost forgotten part of her past. It touched
  7. She was sweet when she laughed, Wulfric thought. When people were genuinely amused and happy about something, that’s when they were most sweet and even beautiful. He could see the charm his father must also have seen in this slave, when he took her to bed and fathered Wulfric’s baby brother. There was definitely something about her. When she finished laughing, she said she would not mention the bit of information he just shared, because her dominus would not like it. Wulfric nodded, “That is best, then.” Then he’d shared some thoughts about what he thought the world should be like, and
  8. Back in Britannia, when she was young, it had almost been a big deal that she was related to Ysulda. And if she had not been captured, they probably would have married her off to some nobleman either from their own people or another tribe. She would have been part of an alliance and once she had kids, life as a warrior would have ended. If she had kids. Cynane had a vague idea that she might not be able to, but she rarely thought about it. It wasn’t on the table anyway. And right now, talking with Owyn was much more interesting. She told him how she got captured and how she knew Eppitacos and
  9. Cynane


    She was sweet when she did that, just wanting to sleep in, but there was no such thing as sleeping in, when you were a slave on the run from your master. The sooner they got further away, the better... because the further away they got, the better! Cynane smiled at her friend though, who eventually cracked open one eye and bid her a good morning. She reached out for her son and then joked about their walk, "Yes, it's as good a day for walking. I think we should take a stroll." She replied with a little laugh, while Charis caressed her son and didn't get up yet. Instead she wondered where they
  10. It wasn’t often she got the chance to talk about these things – her actual opinions on Romans. She just hoped Owyn wouldn’t tell on her. Gods, why was she talking about this to him? What if he did betray her? She’d see the arena again. Probably for the last time. But it felt good, talking! She always tried to not talk about these things, because she feared what would happen if she did. Still she had her opinions though and she was still proud, so she would never forget what Rome had done to her and how unfair it was. And it wasn’t much better to men like Owyn, especially judging by his scars!
  11. He knew of course that Charis couldn’t just travel as she pleased and he hoped that didn’t make her feel bad… that she was a slave and she was here and Wulfric came from far away and spoke of travelling more. He didn’t mean to make her feel bad or offend her, but on the other hand, you didn’t always choose your position in life or whom you met. It wasn’t his fault that he was a free man and she was not, after all. It just happened to be like that. Charis’ smile was tight, when she said that one day he might see Britannia. It did sound like an interesting place. Plus it was also interesting to
  12. Cynane often spoke her own language… or, well, not often, but when she could. When she was alone with Charis, away from Charis’ owner, they usually spoke their own tongue. And also with some of her other Briton friends. She had certainly never forgotten it and never would, because she might be a Roman slave, but she’d never forget where she was born and raised. To this day, she was still a proud warrior of the Brigantes. Owyn seemed surprised though, when she spoke to him, and then he replied. He hadn’t forgotten and that made her smile. The more he spoke, the more it sounded right, as
  13. Cynane reached the archway first and waited for Owyn, this was nothing more but one slave helping another, one former gladiatrix helping a gladiator. That’s all it was. He was in pain and she’d help him out, because that’s what you did. Plus he was Brigantes, like her. All the more reason to try and befriend him and help him out. Now he stood there, seeming oddly uncertain, as he bent a bit over to shrug off the chainmail while she pulled at it. His tunic came with it, it was a worn and old blue tunic, worn compared to the light blue tunic that Claudia let Cynane wear underneath the leather ar
  14. Rana chuckled when Thessala finished her sentence, then she shook her head, "That was not what I would say. I just wish I knew this, before." She said and felt good, with Thessala's arms wrapped around her oddly both firm and soft body. It felt nice, being this close to her. And it had felt good, kissing her earlier. Just like that day in the arena, the day Thessala tried to show it all to her, because it was Rana's first real fight with a huge audience. And Rana didn't get it, but at least she kissed Thessala then. If only she knew what Thessala really felt about her then... but it was too la
  15. It was kind of nice to meet another from her own tribe, even though she’d almost lived half her life in Rome now. She hadn’t been back and hadn’t been with her people since she was captured and brought here. Not really. In Rome, she was just one of the slaves from Britannia. And she was even one from Longinus’ lot, she’d heard there were quite a few of those. Bastard. And he didn’t even feel bad about any of what he’d done. He just tore people from their homelands and sold them here in Rome, for his own profit and other people’s pleasure. Owyn luckily interrupted her thoughts, repeating
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