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  1. He waited as patiently as possible for Teutus to show up. This was an important conversation to have, he thought. And it should be before the ceremony with the newborn son. Gods he wanted to see the boy, but tradition was tradition and he’d just have to wait. Meanwhile he could focus on the son he’d known most of his life, but only recently did something good for. Something that should have been done years ago. And what now? What if tradition was unable to change and he wouldn’t ever be able to claim Teutus as his rightful son and heir? He had an idea for what to do, if that was the case,
  2. It was interesting getting to know Artemon, who seemed to long for someone to hold onto, although Alexius still had to figure out how to tell the young man, that Lucilla was not the girl he ought to pursue. It would never end well. Someone would end up getting hurt and it most likely would not be Lucilla’s heart that was broken. He smiled when Artemon spoke of presents and wondered why you should not sell things to women, “They do like presents, sometimes. But don’t offer them things. Give them things. And it must be something they want, although not necessarily something they need. Some
  3. He was quite certain it was obvious he was a foreigner. He did not wear the same clothes at the Romans and his broken, accented Latin was also a giveaway. This man here, he definitely looked Roman to Wulfric, but then everyone who were not from the North as himself, looked Roman. The welcoming stranger grinned and said he knew a taverna and actually several. All of the taverns in the city? They had many? Of course, such a huge city catered to so many people. There had to be taverns. Places where you'd buy your drinks. It wasn't like back at home at all, you might trade, but not so much with li
  4. Of course he was sweet, but he was also honest. She mentioned again what an idiot she’d been, to follow that man. That part was true though and now she learned her lesson the hard way. Alexius still couldn’t quite wrap his mind around the idea of someone just wanting to cut and do nothing else to a woman… if you were such a beast anyway, why not go all the way? It just made it even more sick, to him. That man was an idiot too! Alexius caressed her hand gently with his fingers and tried to focus on what they did know about the man, should he make an attempt to find him. What made her think
  5. 23rd of August, 75 AD He barely had any sleep last night, after Jocasta came to tell him that he had a new son. Tertius had gone to sleep in the chamber that had been set up for him, the day after Charis suddenly went into labor. He had to sleep somewhere, although it definitely was not the same as his own bed. Hector had done everything he could to make Tertius feel comfortable and he also tried during this particular night, but for some reason, Tertius was just not really in the mood for sex. Finally Hector fell asleep and Tertius turned many times, thinking about freedom, adoption, cer
  6. It was like the world stopped for a moment, everything was silent... before there was the sound of a wail, clearly from a newborn baby. He’d heard that before. So the child was born. Tertius tried to continue working, but it was getting late and dark and with a newborn child in the house, there was no way he could focus now. So he closed the tablet and put away the pen and rolled up the pieces of parchment he’d been sitting with. Just as he stood from the table, there was a knock on the doorframe and one of the female slaves, Jocasta, appeared. “The child is born, Domine.” Jocasta said an
  7. That smile on Charis’ face, however exhausted and tired she was now… that was all that mattered, when she saw it. Charis was proud of her beautiful little boy, loving him already, even though his fate was still unknown to her. Cynane kind of wished she could just sweep them both away and back to Britannia, far away from Rome and their owners. But she could not. Instead she’d just help Charis the best she could. When she suggested rest and Charis going to the bed, Charis was not sure she could stand. Poor girl. She was so tired. Cynane sighed, although she stood up now and the midwife seemed to
  8. Of course he knew her, he’d been living here for months now and as he came and left at odd hours, he met people at odd hours. Including lovely Lucilla, who sometimes needed someone who’d just hold her. And who was he to deny a woman who wanted a strong man to just hold her and comfort her, when other men sometimes weren’t half as nice as considerate? He wondered naturally what Artemon was looking for… a friend, it seemed, and then Lucilla to be more than that. Alexius weighed the options, it was sweet that Artemon liked her, but it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with a girl like her.
  9. Manius might right now just be a freedman and a simple bodyguard to her - she didn't know his past or what he'd done. That he used to work for none other than the infamous Manius Rutilius Cyprianus, who was dictator while Caecina was nothing but a toddler. Manius was much more than just a simple bodyguard, he had been behind the most powerful man in Rome once... but she didn't know that. He was also an awful human being of course, for having the flaws he had. But that also meant he worked hard to satisfy his employers and he would not fail this time. And his job was to protect Caecina and with
  10. It really wasn't fair that someone as kind and friendly and openminded as Didia was attacked by such a freak. It was true, that's what he was. A freak or a beast, Alexius thought to himself. She said the man had even seemed to enjoy cutting her and since that's all he had wanted to do with her, Alexius believed it. Because if you were a man and up to no good, and you cornered a beautiful woman and then all you'd do was cut her? Then you definitely had to get some kind of kick out of it. It was sick, really. He shook his head and downed some more wine, watching her seem so protective of herself
  11. Atrice

    Atrice's Plotter

    Added Wulfric to my list of chars, please come and play with him - and the rest of my crew :D
  12. Every step of the way, Cynane would be here. She never experienced childbirth herself, but she remembered it from Britannia and also a few women in the ludus, who got unlucky and had to give birth to children conceived unwillingly. Much like Charis. Poor Charis. And she swore and cried out and barely let go of Cynane’s hand for a single moment. And she allowed Charis to do it, because honestly, Charis needed it! She didn’t have her sister here, or her mother or any other family members. But Cynane recalled their moments together, when they confessed they loved each other as if they were sister
  13. It was late in the day and Alexius thought he better go down and get something to eat for him and Lexus, once the boy returned from his job. It still annoyed him a bit that his son kept working in the house where Alexius lost his job from, but they were both smart enough to not really talk about it. Lexus could tell his father wasn’t happy with it and Alexius just let Lexus live his life then. The boy seemed very fond of the gardening, an odd to enjoy for a boy he thought, but if that’s what Lexus wanted… as long as he’d also pay attention when Alexius tried to teach him a thing or two about d
  14. This was turning into something different than what he imagined, when Aglaea first looked at him and gave him back his purse. Eating cakes by a calming fountain and talking... about her god, mostly. Manius didn't know him well, but it was strange and interesting at the same time. Think to have a god who would punish you, if you did anything against what he taught people. But on the other hand, the same god would forgive you, if you just asked for it. So the same god might punish and he might be good and forgive. Was he some kind of trickster god, like Prometheus? He wondered though just how mu
  15. The most clever thing would of course be to simply find his father and demand a bed there. But eh doubted he’d find his father on his first day in Rome. There were thousands of people here, which he understood was a very big number and more than he could count, to be honest. Not that Wulfric was unable to count, but how did you count to thousands? And from what he’d seen so far, by the way, thousands of people in one city was not necessarily a good thing. Not all of them lived well and he’d seen many who must be very poor people. Not here though, not at the Forum. Most people here were well-dr
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