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  1. Teutus didn’t mind that there wasn’t a cup. Well he was a freedman like Alexius, he wasn’t raised as the son of a Senator. Even though he was. Teutus began talking about how he and Charis were startled seeing each other here, and he would not tell his father. Alexius nodded, “Good. Good. Then I won’t have to beat you up for it.” He added with a little smile, while Teutus took the jar and explained that he and Charis talked and Alexius shouldn’t feel guilty. And he claimed they were not worth getting drunk over. “I should have guessed, though. That you knew each other. Thing is, I’m best with my body and not so much with the thinking.” Alexius said with a small sigh, sometimes he did feel stupid. He had been a slave and gladiator, born to an uncivilized people (according to the Romans). What he learned growing up in Rome was, that he wasn't as smart as them. And maybe they were right. “And if you don’t want me to tell you about why I got drunk, I won’t. But you are worth more than you think, Teutus. You both are. And you’re silly if you think it isn’t so. Is that your superior father, getting under your skin? You make excuses constantly, you apologize. You think you’re worth nothing. But you are worth it. And I won’t hear you say you’re not.” Alexius snatched the jar back and downed a gulp and went over to sit on a stool by the table, because it felt less nice to stand right now. Maybe it was the wine. Or all the thinking. He didn’t know. @Sharpie
  2. Marcus chuckled when Lucius was amused by his plan, well it wasn't all bad, was it? It did make sense, somehow. But the trouble was making it happen, of course. How to find a wife and all that, that was hard enough. He thought Lucius was a few years older than him though, so he probably had the right age. Then of course Lucius looked at Marcus, wondered if he had any plans about marrying. Marcus shook his head vividly. "No... no way, not yet." He held up a finger to wag it to make it clear, "I'm just 18! I am not planning on marrying yet. Besides, I have nothing to offer a wife right now. I barely even have money. I need to accomplish something first." He said with a grin, "Besides, there's so much to do before settling down. Parties to attend, drinks to have, girls to bed... all that sort of stuff." Marcus held up the jar of wine and then downed a good gulp, "But, I could try and help you find someone? I'm sure you could. You're from a proper family, you're not old and ugly. All you need is someone and something to back you." @Chevi
  3. As far as Marcus knew, the whole world was willing to bend to him, or it would be sometime, it was just a matter of when. Maybe not today, but then tomorrow, or in a few years. He just knew he'd get there. His dreams were not humble or dull at all. But it would take some work, he knew that. He hated that it would take some work, but that's just how it was. For now, there was no work, just a nice chat with Ovinia, who was apparently hard to lead astray. Why were girls like that? It was usually never a problem with his own gender. But girls like Ovinia all seemed so keen on appearing nice and proper. "I will, I'm 18 this year, so it's finally about time." Marcus told her, he'd be joining the vigintiviri soon enough, hoping to get a spot among those who judged lawsuits or those who were in charge of minting coins. That's what sounded most interesting to him. He didn't want to have to deal with executions and road maintenance sounded dull too. He looked at Ovinia when she let out another of her laughs, amused by Marcus calling himself humble and then she said her dreams were dull. She wanted to marry well, have sons and not be dragged to some other province. He arched a brow though, when she wrinkled her nose at Britannia. "I have a friend who's very fond of Britannia. And I was born there." He said, "Not that I remember much, we left when I was very young, after my father died. I'd like to visit it sometime. Just to see what it is people talk about. Hispania sounds nice too though." Marcus added, he didn't want to argue too much against her, as he wanted her to like him, so she'd be friendly to him some other time... but they were talking about the future and their dreams and he didn't quite get that all you wanted was what she said. Her dreams were normal for a girl, he guessed, but there had to be more... "I suppose your dreams are normal for a girl? Don't you want anything else? Adventure? Learn something new?" @Sara
  4. It was surprising for Marcus to meet someone, who didn't know what they wanted. Especially one equally ranked with himself in society. Lucius belonged among the social class of the Senators too, just as Lucius. And he was good looking, looked strong, didn't sound unintelligent. But he didn't know what he wanted with life, only that apparently he didn't want what he should want. When you were a young man born with a father, who was a Senator, you kind of had some things you had to do. Marcus did kind of like the structure of it, partly anyway. It was just all the annoying work you had to do to get where you wanted to be. That was the irritating part. But besides that, he knew what he wanted. Kind of? Power, that's what he wanted. Influence. People looking up to him. Maybe he'd one day be a Consul, like Aulus! But Lucius was clearly not going that way at all. "Yeah you better not bring down your familia, or you'll end up an outcast without belonging anywhere." Marcus said and took a swig of his wine while he thought about, "How about... you find something good to do. Maybe you would be a good lawyer? And then, if you got married before your brother and had a son before him... you'd hold all the cards. Until he has a son. If he has a son. Then you get to decide." That was some kind of idea, of course. Marcus liked this game, thinking about what someone else should do with their lives. He smiled at the thought. Maybe he really would make a good Senator too, once he got that far. @Chevi
  5. For once, Alexius was not looking for sex and while some young women might attract him, this boy didn't do it for him. Besides, that wasn't why he was here at all. He was wondering if he'd ever find the sick attacker, the one who liked to cut people, and wondered if the murder he heard about had anything to do with it. Because apparently there was a lot of blood. And why would anyone murder a simple slavegirl like that? What did she do to deserve such treatment from a stranger? Anyway, he wasn't sure what to do anyway, but he did see this suspicious looking youth and wondered what he was up to. The other looked at him too, seeming to realize Alexius was bigger than him in all ways. But the boy didn't answer. Instead he just made a face and Alexius noticed he relaxed his hand. It was odd that he didn't talk, but at least he relaxed. "Good." Alexius said, "You should be careful with what you do around here, or so I heard." He added. He didn't think the boy was an attacker, a sick killer, but who knew in Rome, right? The kindest people could also be the most cruel, it just depended on the situation. Maybe though, the boy knew something... "Do you live around here?" @Chevi
  6. Teutus had a point, there'd be less wine for Alexius, if he drank any. But maybe that was good. Maybe Alexius should try not to drink more wine, although he wasn't so sure if he could. He felt like he'd ruined someone's life. By sharing pleasure with Charis, he had ruined something. Maybe even for two people, both her and Teutus. Nobody felt good after they left yesterday. Not even Alexius. Think that something that should have been so good had ended in such a miserable way! But he allowed Teutus inside and the other asked if he'd been drinking all on his own. "Well there's no one here, so I guess I have been on my own." He said and closed the door behind Teutus. Then he went to pick up the jar of wine that was resting against his bed, but when he came into the main room again, he realized that no one had washed the cups. Lexus was too young to consider such things and especially when his father was a fool. And Alexius hadn't considered it at all. Teutus began talking again. He apologized, again (when would he stop?) and claimed he should have warned Alexius. "I often have guests and usually, more guests aren't an issue." Alexius pointed out, "Yesterday was just..." He trailed off, unable to describe it properly. To distract himself from that, he looked at the table again and sighed, "I'm sorry, I don't have any clean cups. You'll have to drink from the jar, if you want any." He said, still holding the jar in his hand. @Sharpie
  7. Alexius was drunk. He'd been since yesterday morning, when Charis and then Teutus left his flat and Lexus had made some comment Alexius didn't feel like hearing. They hadn't really talked a lot since. Alexius had felt awful for not connecting Charis and Teutus before it was too late, and the damage was already done. Teutus did promise he'd not tell his father about Charis being with Alexius, but it didn't make him feel much better. She gave birth to Tertius' new son, who was now his heir and he knew how miserable Teutus had felt at the time about that. Alexius had tried his best to distract Teutus and give him something else to think about. Then Charis showed up two nights ago. Ready for a thing or two with Alexius, suddenly. And now that experience was ruined for her too, because Teutus showed up and Alexius would be friends with both, but how could he, after this? He would not be surprised if he'd never hear from any of them again. So, he'd purchased more of the cheap wine he usually had. He didn't even know what time of the day it was. Alexius was in his bed, the jar of wine leaning against it on the floor next to the bed. Lexus was... somewhere. Not at home, that's all he knew. Which was probably for the best, because why would he want to hang out with the father he met barely years ago, and who'd done nothing but apparently embarrass him ever since. Yet it was his son. Alexius was his dad! But they had so little in common. Just another failure. He'd never fit in with anyone, would he? He was half-asleep when there was a sudden knock on the door. Alexius sat up and looked down himself. Well at least he was dressed. In the same tunica he threw over his head yesterday. Who was here to visit him now? At this hour? What hour was it? He sighed, ran both hands through his hair and wandered to the door to open it. And there stood Teutus... "Oh..." Alexius had not expected that! Sure Teutus promised he'd be back. But Alexius wasn't sure why... "Uhm... come in? There's no visitors now. Just me." He stepped aside, "Wine?" @Sharpie
  8. Alexius decided he might come back another time. You didn't just go up to people and ask about a murder on a slavegirl last year, without sounding suspicious. People might think he did it! Besides, if he then began talking about the other assaults, it would sound even worse. No, he had to be more careful if he was going to find Didia and Deia's attacker. So, another time. Maybe someone would help him out, if anyone would trust him further than to the edge of his bed. He turned around to leave and at first, he barely noticed the boy standing by the side of the street. That's until he noticed the boy had a hand on his belt and a strange expression on his face. Was he up to no good? He definitely looked the part and this city needed no more of that. Alexius could not stop them all, but he could stop one, at least. He walked up to the youth, looking him up and down. He was clean enough, nice clothes too... "Hey... got anything interesting there you'd like to show me?" Alexius asked, ready to tackle the kid or sprint if the boy tried to escape. Maybe he was the attacker! Sometimes they said that criminals returned to their crimescenes, after all. @Chevi
  9. It was quite a long time since Didia was attacked in the streets one night, by one crazy and sick person, who cut her and scared her so badly... that training her and teaching her just a little bit of self-defense was something you had to do slowly, and carefully. But she was still his friend, no matter what he was up to, she was still there and someone had hurt her so badly. He knew she tried to not think about it, but he also knew that it was on her mind and sometimes she'd react strangely to something you did, probably because of it. Sadly, he'd not gotten much further with the investigation last year. He'd promised her that he'd look into it, and he had kept his promise. But it was a dead-end he came to, kind of. He found a pretty prostitute at the Elysium, one he wished a better fate for too, but it wasn't any better for her. She was a slave and couldn't escape it even if she wanted to. And one man who'd visited her more than once, was a man who liked to hurt her. And not just in the usual abusive way, that some men had... no, the guy didn't beat her up or knock her out before taking advantage of her. Alexius would never do such a thing, of course, but men who came to the Elysium, some of them did. But not this man. No, he had a knife. And he'd hurt her with that. And for some reason, he got a kick out of that and it turned him on. Alexius was disgusted! It was worse than those who were turned on by the gladiators. That, he could understand, kind of! But this... sick! Sadly, he'd not gotten much further than that. She was so afraid she didn't give Alexius a name, because she feared someone found out and would hurt her for it. Or worse. Alexius still thought about it, from time to time, because of Didia. And not very long ago, when he went out for a night on the town, he heard people talking about the races and Alexius only had half an ear on them. Until they began talking about some slave, who worked at the stables, and she was murdered brutally last year. Almost a year ago. Not long after Didia's incident and not long after he met the prostitute. Alexius decided to find out what that was all about. So off he went, towards the stables near the Circus Maximus. He didn't really go to the races, but he knew the way. He wasn't sure about who to ask about it or what to say, because it was 'just' a slave and it was almost a year ago. He stopped near the entrance, wishing he'd decided on what to do before he went here. Apparently this might just be another case of Alexius going into something without having any clue about what he was doing. This wouldn't be a first. @Chevi
  10. The only other woman who knew, just how much Cynane appreciated and admired her own gender, was probably Claudia. And she didn’t tell, because Cynane was her slave and to anyone else, her opinions didn’t matter. Besides, what they had was best kept a secret. Sosia made her feel things too, but since she wasn’t so experienced with women – and didn’t have the best experiences with men – she was unsure of how to act. Think that she could be so alert and so tough with most others, but Sosia made her feel strangely nervous, but in a nice way. It was hard to explain. She almost felt like a young girl again. Sosia and she spoke of friends and Cynane spoke of having things in common with people. Sosia seemed uncertain now, when Cynane asked what they might have in common. The way she looked at Cynane, it wasn’t how men looked at her, but it was still… oddly alluring. She pointed out they looked similar and Cynane chuckled, no they did not, but clearly Sosia was joking. Then she went on about being strangers in Rome and that Cynane was kind. “You have been very kind to me. More than what I expected.” Cynane said and dared something, she slid her arm that rested on the edge of the bath up and around Sosia, “But I think our only similarity in looks is that we’re both women. Not that that’s a bad thing. You’re very… pretty…” She was rambling again and stopped herself, looking up at Sosia’s pretty face, “Would you mind if… I mean… I hope you don’t. Can I… kiss you?” @Sara
  11. Lexus wondered quietly how it would go with him working here, so close to Septima. He would be seeing a lot more of her. He would get to know her better. Oh his father could not know that the girl he liked lived where he worked! Lexus didn't want to take advantage of her. Honestly though, he wasn't sure if he could. She was so sweet, her smile was as bright as the sun and so contagious too. He suggested he helped her pick flowers and then asked for her opinion on the garden. She agreed to the help and he followed her, he had a knife by his belt, so he could cut the flowers for her. The cat came closer and rubbed against her leg while she was just talking. While the cat rubbed against her leg in a very pretty way. As if someone should paint this on a wall or something. He crouched down to the cat too, reached out a hand to let it sniff him, "Echo? Isn't that... a nymph? I think I recall the name from some story." Lexus said, "She fell in love, but the love was not returned." He sighed and stood up again, looking at her. Sometimes he talked without thinking and now he felt shy. "So... which flowers do you like?" He asked, trying to talk about something else. If Septima was to fall in love with him, he'd return it. But it would be stupid, especially for her, to fall for someone like him. Her family would never approve. And he wasn't his father. He actually cared about such things. @Chevi
  12. Tertius inhaled another breath, when Teutus tried arguing his case for how he should have been told about Wulfric, “I didn’t even know if you’d show up.” Tertius pointed out and considered to also tell Teutus that he too didn’t seem to trust his father. If he did, he’d let Tertius know where he went and what plans he had for the day or for the year. But he didn’t. He kept things to himself. Like father like son? His son went on, saying Tertius should not promise Peregrinus things he wouldn’t be able to keep and then claimed he had no secrets. Tertius saw how he spread out his hands, as if he truly had nothing, but that wasn’t the case. Tertius knew that. So maybe he should tell Teutus what he thought about just a moment ago. “Then what is it you do all day? Where do you go? I don’t know anything. Maybe I don’t trust a lot of people, but people certainly don’t put a lot of trust in me either. You included. I am trying, Teutus. I am. Trying to be what I should always have been to you. But I can’t do much when you don’t trust me. Maybe if you did, you would have sent someone to inform me you were joining us tonight. And then I could have informed you about Wulfric. But none of that happened.” Tertius said and picked up his wine again, sipped it. His mouth and throat felt dry. Only after did he look at Teutus again, “So… what shall we do about all this? Since you seem so keen on telling me things suddenly, why don’t you tell me what you want me to do for you?” @Sharpie ( @Sara )
  13. Ovinia wasn't sure if she'd let him hear her sing. So she was a bit shy about it. She said it was only for family and friends, but who knew if they would be fiends. He enjoyed the way she chuckled and smiled, Ovinia wasn't boring, that was for sure. And she was a challenge too, which he didn't mind. Not that he didn't care for Caecina, he cared a lot for her, more than he ought to, but she was out of reach for him. Despite their social class and everything. Ovinia, well that was different. Not that he thought he was falling in love or anything. But she was entertaining and that was a positive trait too! "I hope we shall be friends." Marcus said, actually in all honesty, because he wouldn't mind. The conversation turned back to her assumptions about young men, but she was placing them all in a box without knowing them at all. And of course now she'd know about what dreams he had, since he brought it up. "I don't know if you ever heard about my father... Decimus Junius Silanus. I never really knew him, because he died when I was very young. But he was highly appreciated in Rome. I wish to become the same, somehow. I hope to rise high too, as he. Honor his memory, as they say." He explained, and then he looked at her with a grin then, "So there you have it, my very humble dream. What's yours? You must have dreams too." @Sara
  14. She drew blood, it hurt, but it was fine and it wasn’t anything he hadn’t tried before. It would just be a new scar to add to the collection. They were fighting now and there was no time to consider wounds, that would be something they’d do later. Now it was all about entertainment and who lost and who won. She shrieked and he chuckled, he knew her, but he could tell it might be terrifying to someone who didn’t know her so well. She teased him and he made a bold move, coming at her and managing to lift his shield up above his head to slash at her. He managed to make quite the tear at her leather belt and she grinned and joked. Alexius put the shield back down again, grinning back at her. “Maybe I should.” He winked and looked up at the crowd, “What say you? Undress her?” He yelled up at them and they all cheered and whistled and Alexius nodded, looking at her again, “So that’s what we’ll do…” He said to her and danced a bit around her. She knew it was all for show, right? Not that he didn’t find her appealing, Alexius had always admired strong women like her… but this was for entertainment only and it was the Domus Venus who paid them tonight. So why not? How to do it though… if he could get towards her from behind, he might have an easier attempt slashing at the right piece of cloth or leather and something would fall… Alexius decided to let her have the next attack and he was ready for her coming at him. @Sara@Chevi @Liv @Sharpie
  15. Cynane


    The wound was healing nicely on the way back to Britannia. Finally they had reached the sea and managed to get on a ship going to the other side. To Britannia. Finally it was there, the beautiful, green country that she'd missed so much. Of course it looked grey and somewhat misty, as it appeared from the horizon. The sun would shine too, but this looked normal to her. They set foot on land and Cynane looked around, unsure if she was pleased with what she saw. The buildings didn't look very British to her. They looked Roman. She heard Latin more than once. But she stuck close with Charis and they moved through the streets, away from the busy harbour and somehow they'd find a way to the countryside. And the countryside was stunning! Just look at all the green and the forests and the rocks. They passed by more than one of the ancient stone circles or temples, the ones even more ancient than their own peoples, and she felt at home. And the further they got away from any cities, the better she felt. As they had found yet another Roman city on the way North, they managed to find a room for the night to rest and recover. They were coming closer and closer to their own lands and had to find out if they were to part ways, or stay together. Cynane knew what she preferred. Charis was the first to say it out loud though. "I guess we do. Do you think it will be less Roman further to the North?" Cynane mused, "I hope it will be. Do you think there's anything left of our tribes?" @Sara
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