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  1. He said something about mines, but she didn’t know what he was talking about. She didn’t get down on her knees before him either, she stood and she didn’t look away and tried to not focus on him spinning the blade in his hand. Maybe he would kill her. Maybe not. He said hard work came with anybody’s life. But harder with Roman slaves. They would beat or flog their slaves. She didn’t like the sound of that. Then the commander ran his hand through his hair again. If he hadn’t been so… superior to her and so irritating and so Roman, she might have found him good looking. But now he spoke again of Rome… but only after tossing the knife back to the table with quite the noise! He said something about a ludus and gladiators and she had never heard those foreign words before. She narrowed her eyes and then he went on to speak of people fighting each other for entertainment and sometimes to the death. That was what she had heard about! All he did was really prove to her, that everything she heard about the Romans was true! Romans would make slaves fight and kill other slaves for fun. And apparently, they were called gladiators, such slaves. He also spoke of gold and prestige and honor, but what honor was there in murdering someone for entertainment? Then he walked away from her again and she followed him with her eyes. He seemed tired. Cinnia was tired too, but she was now a slave and had no chance to get any rest. She had not had anything to eat or drink since before the battle… but she stayed focused, when he said he’d give her the choice of dying now or as a gladiatrix. Maybe she would have a chance to escape on the way to Rome. It was far away. “You know my name. Why should you not tell me yours?” Cinnia asked, when he pointed out she didn’t know his name… “And if I can go to Rome and fight and be free again… that is what I will do.” She said, “If it pleases you.” Words spoken that a slave should speak, but not as mockingly as she said it. @Sara
  2. He answered her question about why he would sell her, and he just said he didn’t think she would be serving or mopping floors in his house. Damn right he was. Not if she could help it. And then she decided to give it a go and see how far she could push him… and if this really was the day she was supposed to die after all. She would be proud and strong, like she’d been brought up to be. She would make her family and her ancestors proud by standing up to him. And maybe she would see them all in the afterlife… Although, could he hear her heart pounding? She felt like he should, but he probably couldn’t. And then he walked over to his desk and picked something up. A double-edged blade. Her eyes widened for a moment, but she stood still, suddenly unsure about her plan. Maybe she could fight him. No, she couldn’t, but she could make an attempt… maybe? He came closer, he was taller and broader than she and began asking how sure she was and said he’d give her a chance to fight and earn gold and become free… and come home. Then wondered again if she would die. She gazed up at him. She could be free again? She didn’t know that. “I didn’t know your slaves were set free. I only know Romans make their slaves work until they die. And they die young.” Cinnia said, interested now. She hated to go back on her words, but… now that he mentioned it, she would know more, “I thought it would be better to die now than to die from hard work. That does not sound like a good way to die.” @Sara
  3. It didn’t matter what she said. Her master still sounded like a brute of a Roman bastard to Alexius. He didn’t treat her right and she deserved that. Still she claimed her master was not that bad and he hadn’t hit her or hurt her. But he still took her against her will and she even felt she shouldn’t be seen with Alexius… she made that clear last time. To him, her master sounded a tad bit possessive, but of course, that was normal for a Roman and his slave. Despite everything, he wanted her. Despite her master, despite how she kept saying they shouldn’t and couldn’t. Why should two people, who desired each other, not have each other? Sure, it wasn’t love, but pleasure and good company also counted for something! And the more she turned him down, the more he might want her. She finally pulled her hand from his and said it would all come out and wondered what Alexius’ mistress would think of it. Right, Oriana… he wanted to say that she wouldn’t have to find out, but what if she did? She did go and talk to Helios that night, a while ago. What if he found out and said something to her… Alexius looked at Charis with his puppy eyes and a sigh, he didn’t have a good answer to her question about his mistress. He really didn’t. It was all just a fucked up mess, wasn’t it? Then she wondered if he had ever been friends with a woman he found tempting… he smiled playfully, “I’ve been friends with women I have sex with.” He said with a grin then, “Really, I am even still friends with some of them. So I guess that’s a yes to your question?” Although he supposed she asked if he could be friends with someone he found tempting, but didn’t have sex with… “You want to be friends? Just good friends?” @Sara
  4. When she wondered why he would know where she learned to fight and how good she was, Cinnia of course had her assumptions as to why he wanted to know. She wondered why he didn’t just go ahead, wouldn’t it be better to just get it over and done with instead of all this talking? Then she could move on. No matter how unpleasant it would be before she could move on. At last she was done and wondered why he would know… and he rolled his eyes and complained about her asking questions. Cinnia arched a brow too. But then he did answer her question. She smiled inwardly, he complained about her asking questions, but he answered anyway. His accented Latin did make sense to her, he said he wanted to know what she was good for and that she had been given to him along with someone else. She didn’t quite understand what he meant, other than someone else but her. Then he went on to tell her that everyone here were under his command, so he had been given slaves and land. Land? In Britannia? But it was not his land to be given! Gods, these Romans, they just thought they could come here and kill her people and take their land… vicious bastards they were! It was exactly what she had heard, then! Everything she had been told about them was true. He was just confirming it. The commander – she didn’t know his name – said then she was his slave and he would know how she would be useful if he was going to sell her. Sell her? She inhaled a breath, she was no fucking slave to be just taken and sold and bought for fun! She might be young, but she had always been tough within and instead of feeling beaten by his words, she felt stronger. This was how she was brought up. He then made some stupid joke about her armor being worth more than her. “It works. I am caught, but I am not dead.” She replied with a certain tone. It was annoying that she had her hands free, but she couldn’t do anything to him. It was annoying that she was free and captured at the same time, “Why would you sell me? Do you think I would make a good slave? I don’t.” She almost wished she’d been killed in the battle instead of this and she met his eyes again. Would it not be better to be dead than to be a slave to the Romans? What would he do if she suggested that? She would make her family proud of her. And her gods. If it was the last thing she did. There was a daring look to her own eyes as she held her head high, “I will not submit. Then whoever buys me, would kill me. Is that not what you Romans do to your slaves, when they are not useful? You might as well just kill me now.” After that, she almost held her breath. @Sara
  5. Days later, she had not gained any health. She had gotten quite the blow to her head and complained a lot about her stomach hurting – she’d been kicked there and had internal bleedings. Ginevera, his mother, actually only got worse and worse. She cried and whined and didn’t want to eat or drink much. Lexus didn’t know how many days went by, but he knew the medicus came back every day and that his mother’s friend had gone to several temples to sacrifice to the gods and ask for their aid. Nothing happened though, nothing good. It didn’t help. And one day, it was just over. She opened her eyes, gave Lexus one smile… and then she closed her eyes to never open them again. She’d died. Lexus was left without his mother. Just like that, his life had been turned over. He might have met his actual father now, but his mother was gone. And he didn’t know his father or if the man would even come to care genuinely for him. Lexus had to fend for himself now. The proper burial rites took days, but Lexus couldn’t afford a proper burial with a procession or anything. His mother would be cremated outside of Rome in the evening, as it was normal with such events and then the ashes were kept in a small clay urn that was placed on a shelf in a common tomb together with many others. And that was that. It was only when he came home that day, to the empty insula and sat down on his bed, that he realized he had not even sent word to Oriana about why he had not come back. No one knew. Auletia had to return to her own home and her family and Lexus just sat there, now… all alone. He supposed he should go to some official and find out if he had inherited anything, but he didn’t think his mother had more than what was in their home. And what else? He should tell Alexius, his father, about it. But what could he do? Then Lexus considered finding Lucius again, maybe he would know what to do in such a situation. All Lexus knew was that his life had been turned over and he didn’t know what to do with it now. FINISHED
  6. Early October, 74 AD takes place after Out of the Blue A slave turned up at the party Lexus was serving at, and asked to see him. Lexus had not been at home all day – earlier in the day, he had gone to see Oriana Laecania about that job in her garden and apparently also met his father. That was… strange, which was an understatement. So unexpected and yet it seemed as if Oriana knew. Had she guessed it already the night they met? He didn’t know and he had not yet had enough time to think about what it meant. For after the day, he had this job in the evening and he had to go and do his job, as he had promised. And now a slave came to him, so he had to go and see what it was about. Lexus had to leave the tray he was carrying to another servant and came to the door. The slave outside seemed to be catching his breath, as if he’d been running fast. He recognized the slave as one belonging to his mother’s friend, Auletia. What was wrong? “It’s your mother… she’s… not well. You have to come.” The slave said and Lexus forgot about the coin he’d earn for once and hurried to put on his cloak and follow the slave to their home. They came into the simple insula they lived in, where his mother was placed on the bed. Lights had been lit and her friend sat on the bed beside her. His mother, Ginevera, didn’t look so well, to be honest. She was pale and there were bruises on her cheek and her throat. And more was hiding underneath the blanket she had been covered with. “What happened?” Lexus said, shocked and very worried to see his mother in what seemed to be a rather weak state. “She was on her way home just before the sun set. She’d been washing clothes by the Tiber. She was attacked, Lexus. Someone tried to rob her and she said she fought back, which explains the bruises and what happened after. They didn’t like that. She had passed out when someone found her and brought her home…” Auletia said and Lexus sat down beside his mother and took her hand. His mother’s friend continued, “It happened only a few hours ago. Your mother said where you were working tonight, so we sent my slave to find you.” Lexus squeezed his mother’s hand. She wasn’t even that old, “Mother… I’m here now. I’m not leaving your side again.” He said. His mother coughed, held her stomach and her body tensed for a moment. Then she squeezed his hand back. He wanted to tell her he found his father, but how could he, right now? It wasn’t the right time for that. “I know. You’re a good boy, Lexus. I am not well. I don’t know if I’ll live.” His mother said. She didn’t lie to him, at least. Lexus felt the tears pressing against his eyes, but forced himself to be strong, for her. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. But now you need to rest. Some say a good nights sleep cure most things.” Lexus just said and when her eyes closed as she fell asleep, he went outside to catch his breath. Of course she’d survive, wouldn’t she? It wasn’t that bad, was it? He couldn’t imagine a life without his mother. While there was more to his life now, she had so far been the only constant in his life. Sure he had met his father now, but only today and he didn’t yet know what to think or feel about that. Or if his father really wanted Lexus in his life, now. He could not lose his mother now. He loved her. The medicus came outside, while he stood there and he wiped the tears from his cheeks. His mother’s friend stayed too, along with her slave, to tend to Lexus and to his mother. He kept his word; he didn’t leave her again.
  7. When Helios wondered why Charis would try and drown him, he said something about flowers, but didn´t seem to want to elaborate on that. It was a strange answer though, flowers? But Helios didn´t comment on it, instead lead Hector into a tavern and found a table. He glanced at the other slave when they entered, he looked a bit uncertain and Helios wondered about the glance the other gave him. Hector was clearly not used to such places… it must be good, Helios thought, to be such a fancy house and body slave and belong to a master so high and mighty, that you never frequented ordinary taverns. Helios had also explained how Charis had upset him, threatening with the mines and Hector said she didn´t know what the mines were. She didn´t? She probably just knew it was a place no one wanted to go to, so she thought it fine to threaten with it. Not knowing how deep it cut! Hector went on, saying how she still thought she was in Britannia and he thought she wouldn´t last long in Rome. “She didn´t say which. She just said she could make up stories about me. And she didn´t even understand why I did what I did. I need coin and plenty of it, to buy my freedom. But that didn´t seem to matter to her.” Helios said and rolled his eyes. A slave working in the tavern came over to them, “Hey, you can not sit here if you don´t buy anything.” The slave said and Hector nodded, fished up a coin from the purse that hung from his belt, “Your cheapest wine, thanks. Now go.” He sent the bar-slave on his way and looked at Hector again, “I don´t know much about your master though, besides what Charis told me. And then I met him, of course… what is he like, when you´re not a new and rude slave from Britannia?” @Joaquin
  8. Tertius did not fail to notice how Hector’s hand movements faltered for a moment, while he spoke. And he watched Hector’s face to see how his favorite slave would react to this. Just because Tertius was going to make it a regular thing to sometimes sleep with Charis, didn´t mean that he wasn´t still most fond of Hector. But there were indeed things Hector could not give him… a feminine touch, the feminine curves of the body, the soft voice and the desire he did feel for all of that. Ever since Teutus was born, Tertius had preferred male slaves in his bed. Not because he didn´t like sleeping with women, but because it was more convenient, and a man would not get pregnant with his child. He still liked women. And now he had taken a certain liking to Charis, hoping she wouldn´t make the mistake of becoming pregnant. There was a little silence, before Hector finally nodded and said that ‘of course’ he understood. Tertius saw the smile and he knew Hector was unhappy – he had tried to smile, but this slave had been with him four years now and he knew Hector. Still it was commendable, that he tried his utmost to please Tertius and hide his own emotions, despite what they were. The slave went on, saying he was here to serve and then wondered where he would be sleeping and what if Tertius needed anything else in the night. “I´m sure she can take care of anything in the night. And I still need you to show up when I wake, to help me with anything else. You´re still my body slave, Hector. She isn´t. She will only be there for pleasure.” He explained and leaned down to touch Hector´s cheek gently, “How did you sleep that night in the dormitory? Did you sleep well or… did the other slaves keep you awake?” From his time serving in the military, he knew what it was like to sleep together with many other people and if you were not used to it, it could sometimes be difficult. He had an idea, because he wanted Hector to be well rested. But was he? @Joaquin
  9. Rana was sure she could pull herself together and survive in the arena. Thessala for some reason did not seem entirely convinced, but Rana was, at least, and that´s what was most important. It seemed as if they were ready to leave the arena for now though and Rana commented on how she might focus on Thessala´s lips if they fought again. Rana's eyes widened for a moment, but then it was over and she said Rana would not be paired up with her 'before she was good enough'. And she turned to walk back to the ludus. "I will." Rana promised and followed the other gladiatrix, "We walk back now then? I need more focus on the way underground." Rana said as they left and walked down the stairs again. She didn't want to get lost down here, and never found again. It was quite something actually, almost cave-like down here and she realized something... "I never been under ground before." Not even in a cave and certainly not something man-made like this. The Romans really did have a few things figured out. @Chevi
  10. He almost felt bad about what he was going to do to her. They had indeed just met, but she put such trust in him and it would be stupid of him to just let her go easily. It was rare he got to feel superior to anyone and he would do anything to gain information and secrets, so that he could gain more coin and buy his own freedom. Anything. He would even prey on a young and inexperienced slave and newcomer to Rome. She knew nothing. She would trust him. It was almost mean, wasn’t it? But the world was cruel and Helios had felt it often enough with his own body. If he didn’t do this, someone else would. She had listened quietly to his story and then he dared to ask her if she’d ever been kissed. He looked at her, she was very pretty. With her blonde hair and her beautiful, doe-like eyes. And of course she’d never been kissed. He could see that she seemed tense, but then she also closed her eyes – putting her trust into his hands once more. Helios inhaled a breath and did it – he leaned closer to her and pressed a kiss to her soft and warm lips. He let it linger for a moment, before he pulled away with a small smile, “Now you have.” He said and slid an arm around her back and waist to pull her closer. That wasn’t the worst kiss he ever had, he thought to himself, “Do you want another? You can kiss me, if you’d like… Ardra. I won’t hurt you. And I won’t tell anyone.” Technically, he could go and tell her master about this, about his new slave kissing strangers in the streets, but he wanted to use for her his own goals. She would be his oblivious informant. All she knew was that Helios was a kind and nice man who saved her from a beast. That’s all she needed to know too. @Beauty
  11. She had noticed how he kept stretching his neck and tipping his head to the sides, and she heard him groan as he sat there in his fancy chair, looking at some papers. She knew paper. They didn’t really use it, her people, but she knew what it was. Now though, she tried to clean herself until she was done and apparently she startled him when she stood up and spoke. He looked her way with a grin and said it was better. She just bet it was! But even though she was angry at being captured, angry at him calling her a slave, she was also afraid for what would happen next. She didn’t want to be forced. But she certainly also wasn’t going to do anything willingly with a fucking Roman! He stood then, after taking a look at her and she took half a step back when he did. He said they should talk and then asked her about her fighting an wondered if it was a mistake? A mistake?! She kind of wanted to laugh. “It was no mistake.” Cinnia replied firmly. But it was also her first battle and she had clearly failed… failed harder than she had hoped. She hadn’t even been killed. This was worse. “I learned to fight at home. Since… I became a woman.” With her fingers she counted on her hand, “Four summers.” Although she’d taken interest in weapons and fighting even earlier than that. She had always known she’d be a warrior. “I don’t know if I’m good compared to the rest of my people. They aren’t here.” And she was. She met his eyes, “Why do you ask?” Did he want to know how easy it would be to get her to lie down? Why did he have to draw it out like this? @Sara
  12. He laughed when she coughed and wine spluttered out and arched a brow when she kicked him under the table. She told him to watch his tongue, “Sure about that?” He couldn’t help it, now he got into this kind of talk. But Charis went on, said her master might appreciate that Alexius carried her home, only so her master could cut off his balls. Well that he wouldn’t prefer, but really? She still laughed though, but a few moments later, she seemed more serious and sighed… Alexius sipped a bit of his third cup of wine, while Charis said he shouldn’t want to cross her owner, because he was important and protective. He did remember she said her master had made her his bed slave and now she explained further about that whole thing. So her master had two slaves he took to bed and he would just decide which one. Alexius both got how convenient that would be, but he could also see it from Charis’ point of view, since she clearly didn’t enjoy it. She thought her master would do something bad to both of them. He set down his cup and reached over to grasp her hand, “I think I do. It just makes me sad… that there could be pleasure to be had, but we can’t, because of your brute of a master.” Alexius said with a sigh. He wanted to suggest that her master wouldn’t have to know, but she was clearly afraid. Fucking Romans! “Are you sure he’d find out? Would you tell it?” Wasn’t this supposed to be her day off? Of course though, there was also the subject of Oriana and how he’d hurt her if she found out. He wouldn’t tell her, he thought. But the house slaves knew about his guest and how he left the house with her. And they weren’t far from home. Why did everything have to be so difficult? @Sara
  13. He said she asked a lot of questions for a slave and she wanted to spit in his face. Slave! She wanted to tell him she was no slave. He’d captured a cousin to Ysulda, who was engaged to marry Eppitacos! She didn’t spit in his face though, but the word ‘slave’ didn’t sit well with her. Little did she know it never would. She wanted to tell him to let her go, but he was a Roman and she doubted he would. They were the barbarians as far as she knew. She watched him cautiously as he fetched a knife then and moved around her. Cinnia felt her heart beat faster, fearing what he was up to and then he gripped her forearm. It took all of her self-control to not kick backwards into his crotch and knock him with her head too. This was what she’d been taught to do! But she didn’t and he of course also reminded her to not be stupid. “I won’t be if you’re not.” She just said to him. Gods she hoped he wouldn’t be. He was older than her and obviously stronger. He probably had a lot of skill too. She couldn’t fight him even though she might try. And then he would knock her unconscious and have his way with her. She’d rather be awake if it was going to happen. Then he cut the rope and let it drop to the floor, he didn’t even bother to pick it up. She rubbed her wrists where the rope had been, it had been pretty tight and her wrists were sore. Then he said he wanted her to wash because he couldn’t see her face. And then he went to sit down. Cinnia stared at the pitcher and the bowl. It would be nice to wash. She moved over there, but was careful to not turn her back to him, she wanted to know where he was. Quietly she poured water from the strange-looking pitcher into the bowl. There was no cloth she could use, so she’d have to use her hands. The water was ice-cold, but better than nothing. Before she washed herself, she cupped her hands to drink from it, she had forgotten how thirsty she was! Then she splashed water into her face, glancing up at him between each splash and the water turned into a grim red and brown color. She saw how he sent stolen glances her way and if eyes could kill, he’d be dead now. Sadly she didn’t have that skill. Her face was more or less clean after a little while though and she stood to her full height and looked at him, “You can see my face now. Now what do you want do?” Her voice was firm and certain, but within her heart was racing with fear. Why wasn’t she stronger than this? @Sara
  14. He noticed her grin at his comment about how it was fun after dark and then he’d tried hard to think of what he liked to do for fun… when it didn’t involve sex. Fighting was the next option then and Charis thought she’d get on with her husband and her brother. So she had been married to a man who liked fighting too? She wasn’t unfamiliar with it then. Maybe that’s another reason why she felt so at ease with Alexius? He then went on to tell how he had met Thessala and now Charis suddenly grinned and said she knew her. Really? Alexius was curious! She said that Thessala had saved her, because she’d been attacked and Thessala intervened. Alexius couldn’t help but smile when she spoke of how lucky it was that she found a gladiator, “Very lucky… is it a habit of yours?” He asked, but with a playful grin, of course she didn’t mean to get into trouble to be saved by a gladiator, but it had apparently happened more than once. So Thessala saved her once. He’d have to ask Thessala about this next time he saw her. He could barely imagine Thessala and Charis next to each other, they were more different than Charis and Oriana, he thought. And yet he enjoyed spending time with all of these very different women. Then he’d wondered if she could fight and Charis didn’t think she looked like it. When she asked if he thought she’d look good with a sword or an axe, there was a comment about a sword on the tip of his tongue, but luckily she continued and said she could defend herself, but not fight properly. “I think you could learn to fight.” Alexius replied with a smile, “You just need a bit of practice. And it’s not hard to imagine you with a sword in your hand. It really isn’t. I bet you'd be a fast learner.” He said, there it was, he couldn’t help it. And they both knew what he was talking about, didn’t they? Alexius downed his second cup of wine (the cups were pretty small anyway, he thought) and Charis poured herself one, before he did the same too. She called him bad company because of his drinking. “You don’t have to match me, unless you want me to carry you home. And even on a day off, I doubt your master will appreciate that.” He said, “Besides, I’ve not forgotten the last time I offered to carry you. You’d have none of that.” He added with a grin, “… or have you changed your mind?” @Sara
  15. She stood just inside the door to the tent, wondering why she’d been brought into such a light and warm one compared to the one she came from. Cinnia had an idea though, she could really only imagine one reason why a high ranked Roman officer would want to see a captive Briton. He wanted to bed her. That had to be it. Why else would he want to see her, the only woman among the captives in the tent? And while she wasn’t a virgin, she didn’t have a lot of experience and she certainly didn’t want this. Yet she knew it was a possibility – she was young, but she was not deaf and she’d listened to plenty of stories about the Romans and really anyone the Brigantes would fight. Inwardly she cursed Eppitacos for not coming to her rescue. After a moment or two of her standing there, a man stood from a chair and approached her. She noticed how he winced and hoped that was from the battle. At least he earned himself a memory of the Britons, the wretched Roman. He looked at her and said something. She understood the word ‘name’, but didn’t know if he asked for hers or wanted to tell his own. So she just looked up at him, trying to appear more fierce than beaten. She was a proud Brigantes and she wouldn’t let her family down, not even now. Then he suddenly switched to her language, although with a heavy dialect. He would have her name and told her to wash herself. She looked at the small basin and the pitcher and arched a brow. “My name is Cinnia.” She replied in her own language, although she was kind of surprised he knew it. But he wanted her to wash herself, really? Was he going to untie her then? It didn't seem so. Cinnia wasn't impressed... “You want me to wash myself? How?” She then asked and turned around, showing him her hands still tied on her back. Then she turned to face him again, “And why?” @Sara
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