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  1. Sosia smiled when Davus said Rome was the biggest city he'd ever seen. It surely was for her too, but then, she'd not seen a lot of cities. She'd been in Capua a few times, but she honestly preferred the villa and the countryside. Yet now she was forced to get used to being in a city. At least she'd found someone kind and friendly to explore with. She spoke about going inside, assuming Davus would come with her, and he would... but not for too long. She gave him a small, soft sigh, "I'm sorry if I'm keeping you from your duties. I shouldn't. But I am very grateful that you have come with me so far." She said to him, putting her hand on his arm briefly as she said it, but then realized what she was doing and she pulled it back. Oh but he was so sweet! And cute looking too! Right, the gardens! He pointed out the gardens for her, "I think I prefer seeing the gardens. I don't need to spend money." She said and went inside to take a look. The large courtyard was absolutely stunning and with a temple in the middle and everything. She stood for a moment, just taking it all in, not seeing that Davus looked towards her slave. Helia, the slave, sent Davus a small smile and a nod. But this time she stayed behind. She decided she better go and fetch Sosia's litter. This had gone far enough and she feared what Sosia's father would say, once he found out. Sosia, however, walked inside, "It is stunning. Isn't it incredible? Now what to see first..." @Sharpie
  2. Late September, 76 AD It was late September and fall was definitely coming upon Rome now. The weather wasn’t too cold yet, but it was not summer either. Pinaria pulled her palla closer around her and looked over her shoulder after her servant, Gaia Lucia. The woman was actually a freedwoman, but she and Pinaria had not yet parted ways and she wasn’t sure she wanted to. At the same time, she was not sure if it was actually love between her and Lucia, but they cared for each other. Deeply. And Gaia Lucia came with her everywhere. Soon it would be dark and they needed to head home from the temple. Lucia suggested a shortcut through an alley between a few streets, said she knew it. Lucia said it wasn’t entirely safe though, so they should hurry. Pinaria nodded and followed the former slave. But Lucia hurried a little too much and suddenly she was too far away. It had become darker as they walked and suddenly, Pinaria did not feel safe at all. She tried to call for Lucia, who had disappeared around a corner. Pinaria stopped for a moment to call for her servant again. That’s when she heard it, in the silence behind her. Footsteps coming in her direction. She looked over her shoulder to see a hooded figure some way behind her, “Hello? I don’t mean to bother you… I’ll be on my way…” She said and moved on, but the person kept following her. Suddenly he was right behind her and held a blade to her throat. Pinaria froze and squeezed her eyes shut. She thought about her son. “Please, don’t hurt me… I have a son…” She said, and yet she felt the man pull her closer, “What do you want? I don’t have any money. I gave them all to the temple. You can have my necklace…” She suggested to the stranger behind her, “I don’t care about such things…” He whispered back to her and she felt the blade cut into her throat and stinging pain of it. He’d cut her. She felt his other hand move up. He touched the wound and got her blood on his fingers. “Wha… what do… you want?” She stuttered, afraid, but she heard nothing but his breathing as he touched the wound again and smeared the blood between his thumb and his other fingers. Suddenly she heard her name and she dared to look up. It was Gaia Lucia! Lucia came back for her! The man behind her saw it too. He let go of her, but not before he also cut her arm through her palla as he pulled back. Then he quickly ran away in the other direction. Pinaria ran towards her servant and fell into her embrace. She felt her heart pounding in her chest. Together the two women made the rest of the way out into the more open street again. Now, however, it was entirely dark. And there was still a bit of a way to get home. "I'll run for help!" Gaia Lucia promised Pinaria and tired as she was from the sudden incident, she didn't argue before it was too late. Suddenly she was alone again! What if that maniac came back? What in the name of Hades did he want? With a sigh she dared to take her eyes off the street for a moment, as she leaned against a nearby wall and moved the palla away from her arm to inspect the bleeding wound.
  3. September, 76 AD She could barely believe it when it happened – but suddenly she saw Eucleia’s tail disappear out the front door to the domus and the dog was gone. Her father and her brother were not at home. It was just Sosia and the slaves. What should she do? She had to find her dog! She could not imagine not having Eucleia, she’d had the dog for four years already and she loved her. And how on Earth did she get out? Who left the door slightly open? With a heavy sigh, Sosia opened the front door on her own and looked out into the bright sunlight, “Eucleia?!” She yelled, but the dog did not come. She looked over her shoulder and then she wrapped her palla around her and went out. And closed the door behind her. She still stood just on the front door step to the street. She hadn’t said anything to anyone. It was kind of embarrassing, that her dog had run away and no one but her cared so much about Eucleia. They would not go looking for her. Where could she have gone to? She stopped an old lady walking by, asking if she’d seen the dog and she thought she’d seen a blonde dog running around a nearby corner in a certain direction. Sosia thanked the lady and began walking, occasionally calling out for the dog that did not show up. She kept asking people if they’d seen Eucleia and a lot of people had noticed the beautiful and well-groomed dog running around. Finally she spotted the fur walking down a narrow alley behind some houses. Sosia followed Eucleia. This time the dog turned its head when she called. It was indeed her dog! She finally managed to put a leash around the dog’s neck and then turned around. But where did she come from? She didn't recognize any buildings. Now she could really use Davus to help her figure it out. Or even Tiberius. But none of them were here. She was lost. In Rome.
  4. There was a pause, while he looked up at her, while she stood there with her hand stretched out to help him. No one else did, after all, and he clearly wasn't well. She did still fully believe it was his own fault, because he didn't look where he was going and then he caused her to trip over his staff, and now he was in pain too. But she was the only one who paid attention to him, so that's just how it would be. After an awkward moment, where she almost pulled her hand back, he sighed and agreed to be helped. With a strong hand and arm she pulled him up and was quick to step closer to help him adjust the staff. "Maybe you should sit down." She glanced around to try and spot a bench or perhaps some steps he could sit upon. He didn't look old or sickly besides the staff, but who knew, right? She had to do something... "Or are you on your way somewhere, Domine? I can lead the way. Clear it for you." Gods knew she could only be better at it than him, because he surely did not know how to weave through a crowd. And Cynane could look fierce when she wanted to, enough to make people step out of her way. And all she needed now was for this man to be gone, so she could go back and find something to eat. She could feel that her stomach might rumble soon. @Sarah
  5. She was surprised when he shared that he did know of her people. First he seemed to just know they were strong warriors, and they had been, at least against their own kind of people, the other tribes of Britannia. But then came Rome. Then she learned why Tiberius knew of her people. Eppitacus, of course. Eppi-fucking-tacus. Wouldn't she ever get rid of him? The name did certainly ring a bell, louder than Tiberius could know. Once she had been a young girl, almost infatuated by the infamous king, who was going to marry her cousin. And now, she was not sure that she had forgiven him, for what happened at that battle back then and that battle leading to her capture and the reason she was a slave. Still a slave. She inhaled a small breath, pushing the memories away. "He was indeed, for a brief moment of time. I knew him, back then. He led us into battle, after all." She paused, sensing her tone may have been a bit bitter there, but what did it matter? Tiberius wasn't there, he must have been nothing but a toddler when she fought her first and only proper battle. She couldn't blame him for what happened, just like she never blamed Claudia. Still, Tiberius had more influence than his sister did. "I don't know what happened to Eppitacus." She said, turning back to the present in the conversation, "I did meet him in Rome once, the night he was sold, I believe. I have not seen him since." @Sarah
  6. Pinaria wasn't born yesterday. She'd been married once already and she was a mother. She was curious about Lucius, she didn't want to question his choices, not to scold him anyway. But she was interested in knowing his motivations... or maybe, lack of just that, since he did not follow the traditional Course of Honor, but instead his his own path. Which he had not found yet? Lucius explained himself. That he was searching for his path, that he'd been offered a few choices and all he wanted was to feel useful. She noticed how he glanced around after saying that. She could definitely understand him. What a pity it was that most people of their rank had their lives laid out before them. Women were to marry and become mothers and run a household. Men were to be honorable and serve the Empire, which wasn't always useful to the common people. "If you want to be useful, I suppose lawyer does make sense, in a way. But I also sense that is not what you want, Lucius." She said and gently changed her walking direction towards a bench in a green spot of the gardens. She wanted to sit and talk with him, "You must have... interests. A way to find your path could be to look into that?" She suggested and waited for him by the bench, not asking if they should sit, simply leading him there. As she sat, she made sure to arrange her dress nicely. Meanwhile, wondering if he even liked her or if he felt like he wasting his time. She wasn't a young girl anymore, after all. Her sisters sometimes called her wise beyond her years, that she acted older than she was. Maybe she did. But all she wanted too, was to feel useful to someone. She could understand what Lucius was aiming towards. @Chevi
  7. Of course Tiberius had met Aulus too, although on a more formal occasion, Marcus assumed. Tiberius hadn’t been at that Domus Venus hosted event, after all. And he was an Imperial with far less experience than Marcus, it seemed. Well he might have to help change that a little bit, if he could. They seemed to agree on the topic of Aulus though, “Yes, I think so too. We better appreciate him for now, then. In case we need him once we’re his age.” After all, older advisers were always useful. And there were different types of them. He could not imagine Longinus as a Consul, but he knew other things, like interesting places to go out and such. Everyone had their purpose. Marcus had his too. Soon they were leaving the bath to dry themselves and get dressed. Tiberius said he knew which emporium Marcus talked about and Marcus agreed, it would be a nice place to go. Silence fell between them as they got dressed, each with their body slave to help them. Marcus was finished first, but waited politely for his friend. Tiberius would know if he had other plans for the future then and Marcus chuckled. “Not really. Not anything else but glory.” He said with a grin, but tried to turn serious again, “I’ll follow the course and hopefully honor my father and the gods by doing so. What about you? What are your plans?” He wondered as they left the thermae, followed by their house slaves. He didn’t know if Tiberius arrived by foot or if he came in a litter, but he supposed he’d find out soon how they would get to the market by the river. @Sara
  8. Teasing her by getting so close had been fun. And it might have been even more fun, had he actually kissed her, but her slave was watching them and would surely interfere if he did anything out of order. Ovinia seemed intent on being very proper and did not want adventures. Pity for her. What a boring life she'd lead, if she would always stay on the path and never stray, not even with Marcus. She grinned as he pulled away and said she'd do nothing but praise him to her friend, "I hope so!" He replied with a grin, but at the same time, he didn't really believe her. Girls gossiped, everyone knew that. No doubt she'd spread the word. Girls. They had indeed arrived at the right house now and then she mentioned some party next week. Marcus put a finger on his chin as if thinking, "A party? Oh I don't know about that..." He began, but then that grin spread on his face again, "What do you think? As if I would miss it. She's very cute." And married, but who cared? Her husband wasn't as young and good looking as Marcus, after all. "Well, have a nice day, Ovinia. I'll see you next week then." He added with a wink and unless she had more to say, he'd be on his way once she was too. He didn't know if he'd care to flirt with her again, unless she'd be more daring another time. Time would tell. @Sara
  9. It didn't take long for people around them to continue on with their day. The event was over, the scene had played out and there was nothing interesting to see anymore. The man kept watching her though and at least he'd asked if she was hurt. Which she was not and then of course she returned the favor, as she should. Besides, it was only polite to do so, even if in her opinion, she had done nothing wrong. The man said he was well enough and then he turned to go. Cynane did too, but not before he suddenly made a sound and fell, only managing to not hit the ground because of his staff. No one else bothered to look at him now. Cynane cast a glance to the sky, what on Earth were the gods up to today? Then she inhaled a breath and approached him. "Maybe you do need a hand, Domine?" She asked, holding one out for him to help him up on two feet again. He didn't seem well at all and she hoped it was not her fault that he was suddenly worse. He already had a stick, meaning he already had issues with one of his legs, but she didn't want to be the one who'd made it worse. That wouldn't look good for her at all. So she better try and help him and prove she wasn't always a bitch. @Sarah
  10. It was incredible that he didn't leave, but then again, he was of the male gender and had been brought up in a palace. He probably had everything handed to him his whole life, and he'd been taught how women and slaves were there to serve him and not the other way around. And now he'd chosen to stay put and talk to her, just because he could not reach his sister right now. Cynane was not impressed, but she knew better than to say anything about it. Instead she stood still and tried to ignore the way he looked at her. Then he asked for her name and where she was from. "You are well informed, Domine." She first commented, when he spoke of her name, "I was born and grew in Britannia. If you know about the tribes there, mine was the Brigantes." She then added, he asked, she answered. She took her orders from Claudia, but she knew that any free person in the palace ranked over her and she would not speak up to him and displease him. Think if someone took her away from Claudia... no, she wouldn't have it. So she'd be good. As she was supposed to be. @Sarah
  11. Wulfric fell silent again as he listened to Teutus telling him about cotton. He didn't think he'd seen it in Rome, but maybe he had, and simply didn't know what it was. He knew wool and linen and even fabric made from nettles. He also knew what silk was, or at least, he knew it. But cotton was new to him and he thought it very interesting. Teutus explained it was more expensive than linen, because it came from Egypt. Poor people didn't wear it although it sounded like a useful material. Wulfric could just imagine his sisters' faces if he brought some cotton fabric with him home to them. Teutus then offered some to Wulfric, "I do not think yet, I know people who sew. Maybe you know? You are kind, if you gift me. I will not forget." He would have to find something for Teutus too. At least he'd survived this summer in Rome, but it had been very hot. At least people here also wore just long tunics and nothing underneath, just like the summers back home, so it wasn't that different. You didn't have to wear breeches all year around. He returned his attention to Teutus, who now mentioned ivory. "Maybe? It like bone, but better? I will know when I see." He thought he knew it, but he had to see it to be sure. @Sharpie
  12. Alexius smiled, but also gave Teutus an apologetic look, when the other pointed out how messed up his life was too. The gods must have had a few amazing days planning out Alexius' and Teutus' lives. And they were far from the only ones with messed up lives. What was up with that? On the other hand, while Alexius did keep the Roman gods and especially enjoyed the festivals, he wasn't the most religious person of them all besides that. It wasn't like he paid much attention to the gods on an ordinary day. And he never went to sacrifice anything. Maybe he should try, see if that did something? Or maybe it was too late. He didn't answer Teutus' question though, when the other told him not to. Teutus tried to make Alexius feel better then, by pointing out that Rome held people from all parts of the Empire. "It's true I feel more at home here than anywhere else. It's a good mix, here. But I still encounter people who frown at the fact that I'm a freedman, I was once a slave and I wasn't born here. Not that I can do much about it, it's not like it was my choice, any of that." He shrugged, while watching Teutus being pampered by a male slave. It would be his own turn soon enough. He still sometimes felt weird receiving such attention from a slave, because he held such a position once too. But he had gotten more and more used to it over the years. @Sharpie
  13. The boy didn't really react to his name the second time either, but that was fine, it wasn't like he could comment on it a lot anyway. To this boy, it was just a name. Alexius was however now at a loss for what to do, since Azarion did not know more. He shook his head when Alexius asked again. The boy seemed to try and tell him he had been listening to people, but that was it. And then he seemed to try and point out how many had been hurt or killed and Alexius nodded. "Yes, I think there are more too. Hmm..." Alexius scratched the back of his head, trying to think. At least he had not been drinking yet today, so his mind was clear. This was just quite the mystery! "You say you knew this girl and you worked with her? If she worked where you do, you could introduce me to your master. Maybe he has something clever to say on the topic?" Alexius then suggested, he thought that was the best idea so far. @Chevi
  14. Marcus certainly didn't need her help finding some girl he could have fun with. At least she should be grateful he wasn't the kind of guy who'd just try and take advantage of her anyway. He didn't like anything else but fun, after all. And what fun was there in fooling around with a companion who didn't like it much? It didn't sound like fun to him. Still, he could easily find someone else than her. Maybe he would, after this. Apparently she was on her own, high horse on a pedestal and liked it there. Pity for her. Then suddenly she stopped and he did too, giving her a puzzled look. Next, she was touching his forearm and apologizing to him for her offense. She even squeezed his arm. Well this took a different turn, suddenly. She'd realized her mistake, truly? That pleased him, at least. He smirked, leaning closer to her, pulling her closer to him with his arm. He leaned down as if he would kiss her cheek, but just before he did, he whispered to her ear instead, "Accepted." And then he pulled back and out of her grasp, "I suppose we're getting closer to your friend's house? I wonder what gossip you'll tell your friend about me." He added with a grin, apparently he was over the little bump in the road and he'd moved on now. Apparently. @Sara
  15. He nodded when Teutus wondered what his people found valuable, "Iron and glass, yes... metal, of course. Like gold, silver. We also like good pottery. And wine." He added with a chuckle, "I like beer more, but many like wine. It is popular." He explained, and Teutus spoke of olive oil and pointed to some amphorae. They didn't really use such amphorae in Germania either, but he was used to them in Rome now. Teutus then showed him something called cotton, that could catch fire, but it was a kind of cloth. Wulfric touched it and Teutus was right. "We do not have cotton. I never see this before." He said, it did really feel smooth and soft to his fingers, more so than wool and even silk. This felt different under his fingers, "This is expensive?" What a feature it would be, if he came home next year with clothes made from cotton. Everyone would think him the most well-dressed man in the village. @Sharpie
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