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  1. Cynane was certain she'd act differently, if she was suddenly freed and elevated in ranks. But that was unlikely to happen, unless she married someone of a higher rank and right now, she could not imagine marrying anyone at all. Not that it was in the cards anyway. On the other hand, if she was freed, would she then just submit to the laws of Rome, the unspoken rules about what you did and how you were supposed to act as a woman? It wasn't something she did right now, after all. Anyway, she was a slave. It didn't matter at all. But she knew the rules, at least. Sosia seemed surprised to hear s
  2. Poor Teutus, life sure had dealt him the wrong hand. Maybe he needed to do like Alexius and put his life in the hands of Fortuna. You were there anyway, so you better just submit to the powerful and lovely lady anyway. And let her guide you instead of pull you down. Alexius had done that and it worked for him. He felt sorry for Teutus though, who thought life had been very unfair to him. Life wasn't always what you expected. And still, you had to do something with the path you'd been dealt. Alexius tried his best to enjoy it, no matter what. He tried to explain to Teutus that he, as a fr
  3. Alexius would not force sad Teutus here to share his story, if he didn’t want to, but he kind of had the feeling that Teutus did want to talk about it. He just had no one to talk to… well until now. And Alexius could be many things. He liked to make others feel comfortable in his presence. So if it was someone listening to your story you wanted, that’s what he would be. Teutus chose to share his story then, after a good gulp of wine. Alexius had no idea Teutus was talking about a slave girl he knew, but he knew it sounded a bit depressing to Teutus. If not a lot. “Life isn’t always fair,
  4. Didia was sweet for laughing at his jokes and comments, but she also seemed to agree with the excuse he’d have ready, if anyone were to ask what they were doing. He chuckled at her words though, “I don’t know if the other times counts as only excuses… but yeah…” He replied and then he had told her about men also needing to be saved sometimes. Not all men could fight. She seemed surprised to hear it and believed that if she was larger she could have fought him off. “It would depend on your skills, no matter your size. It’s not always strength either, actually. It’s skill.” Alexius lecture
  5. Maybe he was becoming a bit sentimental or soft, but he didn't know. When you'd lived a life like he had and it often took you by surprise, taking you somewhere new... and you eventually just learned to live with whatever you had, was it so strange to want to dwell by memories sometimes? That's what he came here to do. He did like watching the gladiators of course, some were good and most were handsome men (and women), but that wasn't the entire reason why he came. Now he'd show Felix the seats where you could watch the gladiators train for free and he showed Felix the doorway to the staircase
  6. Was she maybe not dead after all? She could feel Thessala’s warmth, the softness of her lips, she could even taste her. And not just her, to be honest. The blood from the battle had also come on Thessala’s lips, making her even more attractive to Rana. So she was definitely still dead. Or not. She was in between, wasn’t she? A spirit, like Thessala said… When the kiss broke, they looked at each other and then Rana had to know what that kiss meant… what it was for. She had a feeling, but she wasn’t sure and she had to hear it said. For some reason, she had to hear it said. And Thess
  7. Wulfric gave a surprised look, when Iophon more or less chocked on his drink. Why though? In Germania, Wulfric was considered a kind of prince, sure, and he protected the king, sure... but he was still also a man of the people and in Germania, they were not quite as elevated above the rest as here in Rome. He bet the Roman Emperor would never go out on his own and just talk to common people. It was different where Wulfric came from. In Germania, you were in control, but you couldn't be too elevated and reserved. Then you wouldn't be liked. And that was very important too. People had to believe
  8. Wulfric could only hope that he had found the right fountain – and that Aglaea would show up. He hoped that her unkind master, his own uncle, wouldn’t keep her locked up, although with what she told so far about him, Wulfric kind of feared what the man would do. But hopefully she would show up. He wanted to befriend her, she was sweet and kind and pretty and she clearly needed someone like Wulfric in her life. He was far too compassionate to just forget about her and her story. Maybe it was the wrong fountain? The sun had moved a bit while he sat here and he felt he ought to find shade,
  9. It was shortlived, the smile, but Alexius saw it. And that pleased him, that he'd managed to make this otherwise moody and gloomy young man smile. So there was still hope. And Alexius definitely did not mind meeting new people and making new friends, no matter who they were or what they came from. Your background didn't matter that much to Alexius - it was more how you acted and how you behaved, that mattered. And often also how you looked, of course. Teutus, as the younger man said his name was, definitely didn't look too bad at all. A bit on the slim side, but that didn't make him unattracti
  10. Thessala did what she could do and there was not any way Rana could have asked for more. It was not Thessala's fault their door was locked and it was not Thessala's fault that Rana was not yet among the top gladiatrixes, so she didn't have to be in that cell with those you could afford to loose in an earthr quake. None of that was Thessala's fault. And there was no point in dwelling anyway. You couldn't go back. Rana didn't even know what happened to her body afterwards. She stayed at the ludus, never too far away from this woman right here. She was now touching both of Thessala's arms an
  11. Almost there hadn't done anything for Rana. She had needed the door to be broken down and it wasn't. It was too late anyway, when it happened, because the walls had crumbled and she'd been buried in rubble. Buried and bloody. It had been so strange, in the beginning. She'd seen herself. But she hadn't known what was going on and it was all so confusing. Time had passed since then and Rana was more relaxed. Until now anyway; until today, when Thessala heard and saw her. Why today of all days? It wasn't like Rana had been gone. Something must have shifted in the odd spirit-world. Thessala's
  12. The stranger said he would not object to it, if Alexius would keep him company - but then said Alexius had better places to be than here. Alexius just smiled, "Actually I don't, not today anyway. Come, let's find a table." Alexius said and looked around. The place wasn't packed yet and he took a seat near the doorway. Honestly one of his preferred seats, because if there was trouble inside or outside, he could easily reach the door. And he placed himself so he could see who came and went. Alexius liked that. He waited for his new companion to follow, hoping he would. "I'm Alexius by the w
  13. The dark-haired and skinny looking stranger said he didn't plan on drinking all of the wine in one go. Alexius doubted he'd take breaks though, but of course, he didn't know the stranger yet. By the sound of it though, he planned on getting very drunk. He said there was not enough wine in Rome and Alexius wondered what the poor guy had gone through, to want to drink more wine than all of Rome contained. "There is a lot of wine in Rome though. A lot of good places to get it." Alexius replied with a little smile, while the barkeep showed up, first with a bowl of today's stew for Alexius and
  14. For Alexius, this was a day like most others. And some days he worked, some he did not - he had yet to find himself a steady job after the job as Oriana's bodyguard. Hopefully there would soon be some Senator or his beautiful wife who'd need protection from someone experienced and skilled like Alexius. Until then, he took the work he could get. And today was a day without any work. So after he'd sent Lexus off to his job, Alexius slept a little longer and then made his way out to find something to do. Maybe meet someone who had work for him on the way... but although he met people he knew, he
  15. Early November, 75 AD Today was just yet another ordinary day in the life of Marcus Barbatius, one of countless professional barbers in Rome. Some just had their shops in the street, but Marcus had his very own shop and insula just above it. Quite a nice insula too. One bedroom for himself, another for all the slaves, a small cooking area, a tablinum and a triclinium. And a few spare rooms for storage and other things. Then there was the shop. Large enough to hold a chair for clients in the middle of the room and shelves and tables and many little pots and flasks with salves and oils and
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