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Mania's Brothers


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Mania Victoria and her two brothers have a complicated relationship, to say the least. The dynamics between them are narrated mostly by the ongoing squabbles between Mania and her older brother Primus, while the youngest of the three, Cassius, is used mostly as a pawn and scapegoat by them. Primus and Mania are ambitious go-getters who will halt at nothing to achieve their goals, while Cassius usually keeps to himself and actually prefers to stand in their shadow, as that way, they at the very least don't try to undermine him in his own pursuits. The older siblings mostly compete for attention and praise by their father (which, by default, usually goes to Primus, as he is the firstborn and thus heir) while Cassius is closer with his mother, preferring to be passively involved with the family business, if at all.


Primus Manius Victorius


suggested faceclaim: Thor Bulow

Primus is, as the heir to the family business, the favourite of his father, Gaius. He is essentially given complete freedom as long as he follows his father's orders and doesn't neglect his duties. Involved in the family business since a young age, he is his father's right-hand man and helps him make important decisions. As such, Primus also exerts a certain level of influence over his two siblings and his mother. In the social world, he is known as somewhat of a womanizer, an "eternal bachelor," willing to spend a night with any halfway decent-looking lady who'll throw herself at him, but reluctant to marry. This reluctace to marry stems mainly from his fears of the family business being taken away from him at the hand of his wife's family once he takes over, these fears, in turn, stemming from Mania's ambitions to usurp him. While he is very much aware of Mania's jealousy and her wishes to replace him as heiress, he sees her as no serious threat - merely as a somewhat choleric woman who prefers to daydream rather than accept her place in society, and he knows just what buttons to push to get Mania to lose her temper - what's more, he delights in it. In regars to his younger brother, Primus really doesn't have much to say; the differences in age and status within the family have prevented them from establishing any sort of meaningful connection ever since their childhood days.


Cassius Manius Victorius



suggested faceclaim: Charlie Di Stefano

Cassius is perhaps the least well-known of all members of the household. Having spent his entire life thus far in the shadows of his heir-to-be brother and socialite sister, he has had no chance to prove and make a name for himself. However, he is rather content with the situation, too. Having seen what the limelight can do to people by experiencing the transformation of his siblings from loving, understanding people to snakes lusting for power and influence, he would rather not hold any power or influence himself, as he would rather not become like them. Nonetheless, his siblings still exert a considerable amount of influence over him - at times even more so than his parents, as Cassius fears his siblings more. Cassius has no ambitions in commerce, politics of anything of the sort, and has instead found his calling in the arts. He is particularly fond of gem-engraving and is thus at least somewhat active as part of the family business, as the gems he engraves are sometimes used in the jewellery produced. He is very close with his mother, who is just as much a sentimental and caring individual as he is, which has earned him the nickname "our little Orpheus" by both his siblings. He has accompanied his mother to many a theatre performance and has thus become an avid lover of the theatre and wishes to try his hand at acting. His Patrician status has, however, barred him from following such pursuits. Another aspect of himself Cassius hasn't been able to explore due to his social standing is his bisexuality; he has been inclined towards both men and women lately, but hasn't acted on his feelings towards men for fear of embarrassment and bringing shame upon his family.


If you have any questions or would like to take on one of them, please, don't hesitate to contact me through Discord! 😁

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