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Body slave/secretary


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Suggested Face claim:  Jeremy Sisto (Julius Caesar)/Nikolai Kinski (Barbarians)/Zaqi Ismail (Britannia)

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Age & Birth Position. Thirties
Position: Body slave/secretary
Parents: Up to you
Other family: Up to you
Personality: Up to you
Other information:  Cassander is the body slave and occasional secretary to Gaius Vipsanius Roscius, a younger member of the Senate. They have been together for a little while now, but how he came to the role is up to you (he could have been with the family for many years or have been purchased specifically. He is of Italian or Greek descent, though. He will also have interactions with Lucius, Gaius' brother, and what he thinks of Lucius' dabbling in plebeian trades is entirely up to you, although Gaius disapproves
Who to contact:  Sharpie

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