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  1. Teutus had spent the night awake like the rest of the household, and comforting Antonia, who was scared by all the sudden hustle and bustle, though he did not think that she fully understood what was going on and the potential danger to Charis. He had spent the morning trying to concentrate on his reading, except that his mind kept turning to the precariousness of his own position here. Especially as he had been informed that the baby was a healthy boy. Born to a slave mother, the child might be, but Teutus could not imagine that Tertius would not acknowledge it and raise it as fre
  2. Trust Longinus to drag out a joke until it had long ceased to be funny, especially to anyone else involved. "I thought this was to be a holiday from all that, domine?" he said - he'd understood most of the Greek, enough to know that Longinus was making a joke at his expense, and from hearing the word hippos, he presumed said joke was to do with his involuntary acrobatics of earlier - even Attis recognised the word for 'horse'. "I bet I can do better than Vitus, there's bound to be some overly ostentatious villa in the surrounding countryside whose owner will be overjoyed to rent to
  3. Rufus was getting used to being left to kick his heels while waiting for his master to finish whatever business he was conducting. He was not used to being accosted by large irate-looking men who seemed to be of a similar social status to his master, and who addressed him by name. Well, that was marginally worse than the 'Hey, you!' that he would generally expect from people who weren't his master. "Sir?" he said, trying to think whether this man had ever called at his master's house, and what he might want. He had not expected the name 'Aglaea' to enter the conversation. Nor c
  4. "I'd faint like a man, domine," Attis replied, hitching his bag up a bit to settle it more comfortably on his shoulder. That was the second time that Longinus had quipped about Attis doing something like a woman and he couldn't help hoping that Longinus didn't get it into his head to make Attis dress in a woman's tunica before fucking him the next time. He followed his master down the side-street, Longinus practically oozing confidence even if he didn't feel it - something patrician men did all the damn time, in Attis' experience. There was indeed a popina down here, if the sign was
  5. Rufus wasn't entirely sure where he'd hide his valuables - in a space understood to be his, probably. So for a family, that meant probably "The lararium? Only, I'd rather not disturb the household Lares. The master would take his genius with him, of course. Where would you hide your most precious things, though?" It was very dusty and had obviously sat undisturbed by any human for a very long time. If there was some sort of right of claim or something, he would like Didia to have a shot at it - though of course she'd have to have someone represent her in the courts to make her case. He kn
  6. "I'm not entirely sure I can manage that, domine," Attis answered, pausing fractionally before adding with a straight face, "After all, I don't think the Greeks have palaces to hire out for perfect strangers to spend their holidays in." He wasn't sure his Greek would be up to the task either but he'd make do, of course - he'd have to. "Could we find a popina first, though?" He was feeling parched from the road, and a little stiff, and didn't feel like hiking the length and breadth of Athens without a drink (though if Longinus said no, he'd just find one anyway while on his errand, a
  7. "I don't know. It would be nice if there were, though, I think it would suit you to be the materfamilias in a posh house like this," Rufus said. He could imagine it - and Didia Nonia would be a far more benevolent mistress than a great many patrician ladies. He could not imagine himself in the equivalent role, though. Perhaps a freedman living in a room in some run-down insula somewhere in the Subura, toiling away at... something or other during the day. And the dream of freedom was not as farfetched as it might once have been; he knew that Octavius Flavius Alexander was known to f
  8. It was so very easy to fall back into the old pattern of banter with his master now that the dam had broken. It felt familiar and comfortable, in a way that conversation between the two of them (their respective stations in life notwithstanding) had not been for the past few months. "Have you been here before, domine?" he enquired, the question quickly followed by, "Ah, where are we going to stay while we're here?" @Sara
  9. "Come on, then - you don't need to hide behind me, that'll just look more obvious than if you didn't." The fountain wasn't too far away, thankfully, though it was in full view of the master's study. "You just need to splash your face a bit, it'll come off easily," Attis said, and splashed his own face - it was too hot in the kitchen. Vulcan knew how Betua could stand it! @Beauty (when you're back!)
  10. "I hope that you will never find the need to consider me a target, Augustus," Aulus replied. He debated for a moment - having Caesar deal with the matter would be final, of course but... "You are a very busy man, I should not like to burden you with this." He did not need Augustus to do him the favour - Quintus Augustus knew he could call on Aulus at any time even without being able to call in a favour. Though the Emperor, being the Emperor, would hardly be likely to get his own hands dirty when he could call on the services of all sorts of people to do his dirty work for him - and in a w
  11. Despite the pain in his rear end, Attis couldn't help grinning a goofy grin back at his master. He could kiss the man, really he could! "I can ride - you wouldn't want to carry this bag too, I don't suppose, domine?" he said. He also didn't suppose that Longinus would want to swap horses and gamely caught the reins of his own, which had wandered to the side of the road to start cropping the grass there. "Two apples," he said to it in an undertone. "Only, don't do it again, hear me?" He scrambled back into the saddle, and glanced at the sky, whispering a prayer of gratitude that his m
  12. Attis was left in the dust, literally, trying to salvage the shreds of his dignity (not that slaves had any dignity, of course, being slaves, but all the same it was a humiliating tumble). And meanwhile, somewhere above him, Longinus began laughing. Proper laughter, too - the sort that he hadn't heard from his master since before the whole mess with his absconded fiancee. That was worth any amount of undignified falling from a horse. He accepted his master's help up, unable to keep from laughing himself, despite the pain - he was certain to be black and blue when he woke up in the mo
  13. Attis' face grew dark and he muttered something uncomplimentary about Sulpicius Rufus as his master mentioned the other man. Almost immediately afterwards, he clapped his hands to his ears and swore as the horse skittered under him at the unexpected bellow. He had to grip the horse's neck as he slid round, eventually sliding right round and onto the gravel of the road on his arse (no nice paved stone roads out here, apparently!) "Bloody Minerva!" @Sara
  14. Attis sighed again. "I don't have the answers to all of that, domine. But... we're here in Greece, so you're not going to run a political campaign here. I suppose you might find a woman you'd like to marry, but let's not pretend that's likely. So... you're here, for now. Just... enjoy the scenery and the culture - they've got more temples than you can shake a stick at, if you want to visit them. You could take a trip down to Delphi or somewhere if you wanted to bother the Pythia for some prophecy or other, although I've never heard that they've got anything good to say, and it's all twisted up
  15. "I don't know how to make myself feel better. I've not felt so...morose before." Ah, shit. Attis sighed. At least Longinus was able to admit it now, he supposed. He caught his horse up to his master's - they were the only people on horseback on this road, his master seemed open to having a personal conversation and it wouldn't be the first time that Attis had walked (well, ridden in this case) beside his master rather than behind him. "I don't have any answers, domine. Just... You can't live in the past and so there's no point being... upset over it. I mean, well. It's natural
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