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  1. "Dominus can go whistle," Attis informed her cheerfully. "He's done without me for two months, another night isn't going to kill him, is it? Anyway, if he does, I'll be the one moving, you won't need to go anywhere." He wound a loose strand of her copper-coloured hair around a finger. "Don't go anywhere," he added. "You can shift your things inhere, it's big enough for two of us, and better than your poky room. A bit better, anyway." They were both slaves, neither of them lived in exactly palatial rooms within the slave quarters, after all. "I'll try not to mess up like that again, I bloody missed you." @Chevi
  2. Sharpie

    Coming home

    Jupiter's fucking cock! Attis was a slave, had been one his entire life - and his master had never felt the need to point it out to him before or belittle him for something that was an accident of birth. And regardless of the sarcastic tone, it stung, in an unexpected way that made Attis clench his teeth. He'd fuck off now and leave the two bastards to it without him - neither one of them seemed to want him around, particularly. He took a silent breath and picked up the bottle of oil, pouring some into his hands to begin giving Longinus a massage. If the two of them wanted to pretend he was as deaf as a doorpost and worth less attention than the benches they were sitting on, fine with him. Fuck the pair of them. He could play deaf and ignore them and their conversation if they wanted, and just imagine the two of them amusing themselves together - who would end up winning a blow job from the other? Seeing either of them on his knees with his mouth full would be highly amusing right now - and it'd stop them needling him and one another, to boot. Like Attis gave a fucking shit either way; all his own friends were back in Rome and he wouldn't even be able to laugh at it with the stupid idiots Longinus kept here in his villa. @Sara @Liv
  3. Sharpie

    Ave Imperator!

    Aulus stepped back as a messenger brought a missive to the Augustus. He found himself a little annoyed at the sudden sense of trepidation and put it down to the sudden scrutiny his family had come under for no apparent reason. The Emperor must receive hundreds of written communications daily; even as a provincial governor, Aulus had been the recipient of several score of letters and notes all seemingly of the utmost importance. He was not so self-centred that he was convinced any such message must concern him, but he could not completely dismiss the notion that perhaps it did. "I hope that you will forgive the presumption, Augustus, but I find myself in the middle of a... delicate situation, concerning one of your own Praetorians," he said once Caesar had returned the note to the guard, without saying a word in reply to whatever its contents might be. "One of my slaves was picked up and taken to the Castra Praetoria where he was questioned with regard to my connections to certain men including but not limited to Lucius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Scaurus. It was suggested that my loyalty to you might be in doubt." If Quintus himself thought that Aulus was poised to betray him, then there was nothing that Aulus could do to stem the tide. If, however, it was all due to the Praetorian in question as Aulus suspected it was, then he had at least made the Emperor aware of it. And his relationship with Quintus went back a good twenty years or so - to Aulus' service as a tribune many years before Quintus had risen to the purple. Twenty years of loyal service would not easily be put aside, by either man - or at least that was Aulus' fervent hope. @Chris
  4. Sharpie Attis - HERE Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus - HERE Marcus Eppius Parthenicus - HERE Paulus Annius Faventinus - dropping Rufus - HERE Teutus Quinctilius Varus - HERE Volusa - HERE
  5. Rufus elbowed his friend. "Provincial? Is there someone nice who's just moved in next door to you all the way from Gaul?" Italia hardly counted as 'provincial' but he could recognise teasing, and tease back. He sobered a moment later and gave her a sympathetic look. "Brothers being a nuisance? That's what boys do best - and I should know, I am one. I'm a brother, too," he added, in answer to her question. "I've got a sister, somewhere, though I haven't seen her in a while." He was not going to spell out the reason why, not to sweet friendly Didia, who would never have to deal with the same reality that Rufus did. "Bretta - people say I look like her. Same hair and eyes." He had never been able to ascertain the truth of that, not properly, although he was aware of the colour of his hair, and hers - but he'd never been able to see properly what colour his eyes were. A polished bronze mirror could only show so much, and the reflection in still water rather less than a mirror. He still hadn't heard anything about her, but with friends like Didia, if his sister was in Rome, surely he'd hear something someday. "I'm sorry your brothers are idiots, though," he added, and indicated her cup. "Would you like some more wine?" @Sara
  6. "Mmm, I think it was," Attis said, covering her mouth with his again as his hands roamed... Where a man's hands were going to roam, given the permission to touch a naked woman who wanted to sleep with him. He lowered her carefully to her back on the bed, and got to kissing her all over, tiny kisses, before getting down to the reason they had come into this room. "Missed you," he told her once they'd done, trying to catch his breath. "Stay here with me, tonight?" It might make up for the night they hadn't spent together after Floralia - or it might not, Attis wasn't quite sure where they stood in their relationship now, although she had wanted him as much as he wanted her. Maybe they could even have the sort of relationship she'd refused to begin before? @Chevi
  7. "Thirteen years ago?" Rufus hazarded, though it had passed him by, too - he hadn't even witnessed the sort of rioting he had heard happened in Rome at some point during the civil war. "But that does make sense." He smiled at her. Didia was refreshing; a free person who didn't see slaves as simply objects that could be commanded. He doubted that she would stop short of describing him as a vīr, though - or maybe the distinction wouldn't occur to her. He couldn't remember if her family had slaves or not. "He does - that might be fun," he said. Surely just looking at an abandoned house could not hurt anyone, or get anyone in trouble. "It's sweet of you to want to share something of your childhood with me." He wasn't sure he would feel so comfortable sharing some of his own secret spots with her if they found themselves near his old master's farm - but after this, he thought he might. "You're very sweet," he added, smiling at her. @Sara
  8. Sharpie

    Coming home

    "Write to Vitus. Some of Sestia's things were moved into my house before the wedding, I want them gone. Not to Cassia, not to my mother, but out of my house. Understood?" Attis looked down at his master, floating on his stomach with his forearm on the edge of the small pool. The order had been as deadly serious as any life or death command he had heard his master issue as a Legate. "Yes, domine," he said. He could say nothing else, and would ask whether his master wanted to seal the letter himself. (If not, if Attis could not use the master's own seal, he'd use a coin or something.) He looked at his fellow slave, who had come to attend Sulpicius Rufus and seemed unwanted, and shook his head slightly before returning his attention to his own master. "Would you like a massage, domine?" @Sara @Liv
  9. "Not at all. It'll come off, but you'll need water. Or spit, and I'm sure you'd rather use yours than mine." Attis spoke bracingly rather than brusquely, mostly because he thought Nymphias would respond better to a matter of fact tone of voice. "It's only a tunic, it'll dry quick enough, and it's not like I'm supposed to be serving the master's guests or anything, he's put me in the kitchens." He offered it again. "I was only laughing because you were reacting as if it was the end of the world and it's really not that bad at all. Just a bit of water and a rag and you'll be as pretty as ever." @Beauty
  10. Attis grinned, unfastened his cloak and let it drop to the floor - he'd be the one picking it up again afterwards to put away, and he was far too concerned with catching up on what he'd been missing out on for the past two months. His belt followed it in short order and he stepped back to pull his tunic off before stepping in to pull at Metella's own tunica. "Ah, but you're a beautiful woman who deserves to be flattered," Attis told her. He had missed her, and wondered whether Longinus had known just what he'd sentenced them both to - perhaps he might understand a little of it himself, now that Sestia had returned to Africa. (Though he hadn't expected his master to end up in the depths of despair over it all.) He pulled Metella towards the straw pallet in the corner that served as the bed. @Chevi
  11. "I can't imagine you stealing cakes," he told her, wondering if the baker did it deliberately for them to be taken (surely not!) or just hoped that this time, they wouldn't be. Which was the definition of madness: doing the same thing time after time and expecting a different result. "Why would anyone just abandon a domus in Rome?" he wondered. "Though it must have been interesting to explore. Not like your home at all." Not that he knew where she lived - it must be an insula, but he'd never been in one of those and the world of living surrounded by people above and below was a foreign one to him. "You can chatter as much as you like," he told her. "I'm not one for talking, much. Old habit, with me." Habit, and the demands of various masters who expected their slaves to serve quietly without drawing attention to themselves. @Sara
  12. "Most of the older ones probably started out being pedagogus1 to their master when the master was a boy," Rufus pointed out. "And I don't think you're uncultured at all. Where to go depends on what you like - and you probably know all the things I know, like the races or the games or the theatre. You definitely know the baths, of course." Even slaves could afford the entrance fee to the baths, on the whole - even the very biggest and grandest charged a flat fee of one as to use the facilities for as long as a person wanted. "I like when my master goes to the Gardens of Sallust, or those of Lucullus, but there's a fee to go in." Of course there was, Rome was not exactly famed for its philanthropists. What else was there to do, that a plebian girl could enjoy? He (the slave of a senator, and a recent arrival in Rome) was rapidly drawing a blank. "I think so far I've ended up people watching in the Forum, mostly, while waiting for my master," he said. "I have a theory that if you pick one spot and stay there long enough, you'll see everyone in the Empire walk past." He shrugged. "I know, it's stupid. But it seems like it would be possible - or at least, it ought to be. Though I've come from Paestum which is... I think there are more people living just on the Aventine than there are living in the whole town, and the farms around it." 1. pedagogus - the slave who escorted a boy to school and helped with his homework @Sara
  13. "Oh, no, not here - that was back in Paestum," he said. "I'm probably not supposed to call a free woman an interfering bossy old bat, am I?" He laughed quietly. "But here, I'm above all that, officially. I'm the one you'll see trailing my master out in the forum, or carrying his strigil and oil bottle to the baths for him, or whatever. I get to leave shifting statues to everyone else these days." He patted her hand awkwardly. He thought she was more embarrassed by her earlier slip than he was. "It's not too bad here, at least for me. No shifting marble statues around, or rearranging drapes or anything. My job is my master, and he's not bad, for a senator - though I don't suppose you have much to do with senators, of course. I know I didn't, till I came here. Waiting for him can get boring at times, but tat just gives me time to look around and watch what's going on - Paestum's so much smaller than Rome is that I'm always amazed how many people just live in this one city." Though Didia was always busy, of course. "I don't suppose you get any time to just sit and think, though - you've always got something you need to do. At least you don't have to find your own entertainment by making people rearrange furniture for no real reason." @Sara
  14. "Oh, frequently - but I couldn't ever be accused of having no prick," Attis rejoined with a grin, following her into the tiny room, and nudging the door closed behind him. "I missed you, you know. Mean sods wouldn't even let me come over to try to see you when you went out." He'd left a message for her with one of the local stall-holder, though gods knew if she'd ever got it - or saw the plaintive graffito left on the wall near the house. Not that Rufus or Longinus could complain; he'd obeyed their orders. It wasn't his fault if he'd got talking to a shopkeeper, or found a bit of paint left by workman who'd been touching up some of the woodwork of a nearby house. "You look serious when you're beautiful, Metella," he said. "Or is that beautiful when you're serious? Either way." He put his arms around herand kissed her again. @Chevi
  15. "It's all right," Rufus said. She hadn't meant any harm, and he wasn't one to take umbrage at something a friend said. "I don't think you're a fool at all. You just - haven't seen what people can be like when nobody's looking, and I'm glad you haven't." He grinned and tipped his head back, thinking. "Oh, she'll probably have them made into something fancy for her high-class friends to eat when they come calling." What did rich women do all day? They didn't clean or cook - they left that to their slaves. "Oh, they go shopping and spend their husbands' money, and go to the baths. And visit each other. I suppose some of the really old-fashioned women might do a bit of weaving - most of them seem to have a loom set up, but it's only for show, really. Maybe some sewing. Looking round the gardens, or the house, and deciding that the slaves should move the statue of Venus three inches to the left because it doesn't look quite centred - oh, no, now it's crooked. On second thoughts it's too far left now, it should go back a bit. So of course it ends up precisely where it started out two hours earlier." @Sara
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