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  1. Aulus was of the opinion that the Romans should rule by military might. If they fed the poor of Rome (never mind offering housing and education!), then eventually the poor in the rest of Italia, and the provinces beyond, would come to expect the same treatment. And that could not be sustainable by any means! He was not utterly against the proposal, despite his natural inclinations, however. "Most excellent Augustus, and my fellow Senators," he began, when it was his turn to speak. "This seems to be an admirable proposal, although I have two reservations: Where are the funds to come from - if the rest of the Empire is to pay for this and receive nothing themselves, that will foster unrest, especially in provinces such as Judea and Britannia. Secondly, are these benefits to be given out to our poorest citizens with no regard for a return? I would propose some method to ensure that those who could afford to pay even something would be expected to do so." He sat down again so that the discussion could be taken up by the next Senator. @Brian (for Lucius)
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    @Brian - sorry on the delayed reply! I'm definitely open to a thread with Aulus - now that you've got Gaius up and running, would that work? Perhaps Gaius wants to network with an older senator or something?
  3. I will confess to rereading my Asterix books recently... The most recent actual book I've (re)read is Eagle of the Ninth, which remains awesome.
  4. "The main thing is, if anyone tries to stop you carrying out an order, you're obeying me, and I'm one of the senior officers here," Aulus told him. "I won't give you orders that will conflict with the military side of things or that will be impossible for you to carry out because of that - or I will do my best not to. If for some reason you can't fulfil an order, I will want to know the reason - some excuse won't cut it." That went for the soldiers under his command, too, of course. He reached for the straps of his breastplate. Armour was familiar to him, and comforting, especially after weeks as a fugitive, but it would be nice just to relax in his tunic. @Chevi
  5. "No, that's fine," Aulus said, stripping off his neckcloth and dipping his hands in the basin to splash water over his face before reaching for a towel and dropping to sit on the edge of his camp cot. "I don't suppose anyone's explained anything about how it'll work for you in a military camp," he said, noticing the plate of food set nearby and reaching for some bread himself. He stretched his legs out in front of him. It was good to finally sit down and relax into a routine he was familiar with. The tension and possibility of being caught and killed had receded further and further into the background as their distance from Rome had increased, although being with Quintus now, and Aulus' position with the Legions, had by no means diminished his need to make decisions. But in this camp, with Quintus in command, even that had disappeared for a short while, leaving Aulus with a bone-deep tiredness and a nagging ache that stemmed from the sort of need he would ordinarily turn to his wife for. @Chevi
  6. "You can sleep inside; it's not always going to be this warm and dry," Aulus said, ducking into the tent and pulling his cloak off, flinging it aside. Naturally, he had left Rome without anything other than the clothes on his back, the knowledge in his head and the slave at his side. Somehow, Quintus' second in command had found him a uniform that fit, though he'd still have to see the cobbler about getting some decent footwear made - and for Felix, too. "Is there any warm water to be had?" he enquired, though he'd spotted the food laid out, which made him ask, "And have you eaten?" They had spent several weeks on the road and at sea in one another's company, and where Aulus ordinarily wouldn't trouble himself about his slaves, he'd dragged Felix all this way into a world that was totally foreign to him. Ensuring his slave had food to eat and somewhere to sleep was little enough. @Chevi
  7. Aulus had spent hours closeted with his former commander, discussing the situation he'd left in Rome and what Quintus' next move should be. He returned to the tent he'd been assigned and nearly fell over the slave sleeping across the entrance. "What in Hades.... Felix?" Who else would it be, of course? And where else would he sleep; he'd come here as Aulus' sole attendant and therefore it was Aulus' responsibility to make sure he had somewhere to sleep. Naturally, unless ordered otherwise, he would position himself across the entrance of Aulus' tent, to be near his master and stop any unwanted intruders from getting to him. @Chevi
  8. "They would like that, I think," Volusa replied, just as quietly, very aware that her opinion had not been asked for, and yet her mistress might want a response to her musings. "What sort of peaceful and quiet are you thinking of, Domina?" she asked, suddenly aware that she hadn't asked permission to ask the question, beguiled by her mistress' smile. @Atrice @Gothic
  9. The young philosopher was either self-deprecating, or lacked in confidence, and the latter would not help him. But he was young and this was a large city - he might have only recently arrived here and therefore could still be finding his feet. Aulus hoped, for his sake, that he would find them quickly. "We have recently returned home from Raetia," he said, taking his own goblet and sitting back in his seat. "While it is very different from Greece, it may give you some connection with Titus." @Jacob
  10. 'Just look at what everyone else does' was the only way Teutus had been able to even manage the rough doggy-paddle he could perform. If it embarrassed his master, he'd maybe never be allowed to come here with him again; Tertius didn't take well to being embarrassed - but it would be his own fault because he had asked! Not that that had ever stopped a citizen from blaming a slave for something. He slipped into the water and took a breath before swimming to where his master had paused to wait for him. @Atrice
  11. Rufus listened, filing the information away. It would be simple enough to manage to fulfil those requirements, and he was grateful that there did not seem to be any eccentricity required of the slaves in this household - he had heard of some odd things required by some masters' superstitions. Present but silent - that sounded very familiar to one who had been brought up to know that he was nothing more than a tool with a voice, and whose voice was not often required by the master. Present while the master and mistress were together hinted that he would end up being present while they were getting intimate, which would be in no way unusual in their world, whether Rufus wished to witness it or not. Such was the life of a slave, after all. Warm water and a towel would be easy enough, as would the something sweet. "Should I wake him from a nightmare, or let him sleep through it?" he asked, suspecting that he ought to let him sleep through it - if he was sensitive to his slaves knowing about his hands, wouldn't he be just as sensitive to a slave's knowing he had nightmares? "And what about honest mistakes - what are the consequences there?" he added. It would not be at all unusual to receive some sort of physical chastisement for an honest mistake - he wouldn't have been surprised had he been slapped earlier for asking about the master's injury despite not knowing it was a touchy subject. @Gothic
  12. He liked the joking, but it was unfamiliar enough that he was not quite sure how to respond. He did not sit down himself until the man's own slave did, a sign that it would be acceptable for Teutus to sit. This citizen was the complete opposite of Tertius in practically every way - the only slave in Tertius' house who was allowed to take his ease with the master present was Hector. "What did you want to talk about, sir?" he asked, thinking that there were a great many subjects where he would have no clue at all, and several more where he only had a hazy idea one way or the other - he had been trying his best to learn all the things that the freeborn citizens of his age knew, but invariably there were gaps in his knowledge - he hadn't had actual tutoring, for one thing, and had had to fit what schooling he had around his chores and duties, something the freeborn didn't have to think about. Well, the senatorial freeborn, anyway; Teutus could readily admit that the plebeian kids might struggle more to fit schooling and work into the same day. @Gothic
  13. May 74AD The Aventine Baths were some of the best in Rome, and right on Paulus' metaphorical doorstep. And, like the other baths, the patrons needed only to pay an as in order to have access to the full glory of the Roman bathing experience, from the tepidarium to the caldarium to the finely decorated frigidarium. And if that wasn't enough, there was a library and palaestra (exercise ground) too. Paulus, not being a scholar, ignored the library in favour of the baths. It was hot work, overseeing his staff and organising a decent auction (today marked the fifth copy of the Boy With a Thorn in his Foot that Paulus had seen this month, and today's offering had been a particularly bad copy of the original statue - the original was probably shoved in some back room in the Emperor's palace). Now, if some of the statues here came across his threshold, he might turn a decent profit. The one over there that pretended it was Plato (and was probably some totally unknown Greek instead) was a far better copy than the anaemic thing he'd seen this morning. "I don't suppose that really is Plato, though," he found himself remarking to the man on the bench next to him as the slave massaged his shoulders - true bliss, to be under the hands of a skilled masseur! @Jacob
  14. Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus - 41 - Sharpie Paulus Annius Faventinus - 45 - Sharpie Teutus - 23 - Sharpie Volusa - 18 - Sharpie Rufus - 20 - Sharpie
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