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  1. "A holiday would be nice," Aulus allowed. "Though the position is only for a year, as I said. A short enough time, after all." That he might well be appointed governor of some far-flung province after his term was up was neither here nor there. "Unfortunately, Consular duties are very bad at allowing you abandon them - and I thought you would be conscientious enough not to encourage me to do so, even for a short break at the villa? Although I will allow that I wouldn't be the first consul to abscond from Rome for a month or so in the summer." Summer in Rome was an awful hot, swe
  2. Marcus had always found it best to regularly visit the various workshops and stalls of the stables. Although he trusted his charioteers, workers and slaves, it was and ever would be only to a point. Once he took his hands off the reins, so to speak, the place could easily run amok. To know that the faction leader could, and would, descend upon them without a moment's warning kept them on their toes and didn't allow any of them to get too slipshod. And so it was that Marcus, walking with his usual unhurried deliberate tread, came upon one of his best charioteers taking a breather in a quie
  3. At least it didn't seem as if Artemon would ever be embarrassed for long. Davus wondered if he ever suffered second-hand embarrassment or got embarrassed when remembering things - Davus knew plenty about that last one; he'd put his foot in it more than once in his life and got embarrassed all over again when remembering those situations. Several of them had happened years before and he was pretty sure that the other people involved didn't remember them at all. He laughed at his new friend's story; he'd be willing to bet that the man concerned merely nodded and went along with his wife's e
  4. "There's a new warehouse for rent down near the river,I thought we might take a look together and see if it would be suitable," Teutus said, a little nonplussed that Alexius obviously wanted to keep him out of the apartment on the landing. Still, it wasn't a big deal, and he stepped back a little, making it clear he wasn't about to push his way in where it was obvious he wasn't wanted. He probably had a girl in there or something, he'd struck Teutus as the sort who brought his favoured people home, and who found several people who took his favour. "Is it a bad time right now? I can
  5. Hi there! It's good to have you here! (And if you're trying to find something out, asking in the discord produces a flurry of helpful answers and links - and keywords you can go and look up on Wikipedia if nobody links the actual article.)
  6. Congrats on your graduation, and I'm so sorry about your cat.
  7. Aulus did not particularly need to be anywhere near the Emporium Magnum but he had no real reason not to be, and no pressing need to be anywhere else. As Consul, he was preceded by a small army of lictors - personally, he though that enough prestige and entourage to go any man's head but it was only for the year and who knew what might happen after that. "You can stay outside; there's not going to be room for everyone inside," he said, privately thinking that he'd rather not have to pay if any of them broke anything. He relented at the expression on the chief lictor's face. "Just you, I d
  8. "Cats are friendlier. And softer, at least bodily. And they worship them in Egypt, or they used to." Attis grew disparaging. "Mind you, they worship a lot of weird stuff in Egypt, or they used to. What do people in Britannia worship?" He obliged Metella and showed her his arm. There was a nice raw scrape along the outside of his forearm where the mosaic tiles had caught him - half-assed artisans couldn't be bothered laying everything flat when they'd done the work in the first place. "The master is a big kid, really, I think. He likes playing soldiers and doesn't like old people spen
  9. "Well, I won't stop you," Rufus said. "Though I'll confess to being a little jealous that's how you get to spend your Saturnalia - both of you," he added, as if he wasn't clear enough and saying as much wouldn't see him go flying out over the balcony to the ground below. Or wishing he could shrink small enough to disappear between the cracks in the floorboards. Bacchus, that wine couldn't have been as watered as he'd thought, if he'd actually come right out said it. Didia was probably going to hit him over the head with a saucepan or a rolling-pin. Theo, being a medicus, was likely to do
  10. "I don't think I'm very good at talking right now," Teutus admitted. He'd put his foot in it once too often in just this single conversation, after all. "Come home with you? I wouldn't mind that." He grinned, probably looking a bit stupid, but Hades, who cared? "I can think of better things than talking, too," he said. Alexius was pretty good-looking, after all, and if he was offering what Teutus thought he was offering, Teutus wasn't about to say no. It had been long enough since he'd slept with anyone, after all. He hadn't wanted to sleep with any of the girls his father owned, not real
  11. Teutus had wanted to discuss something with Alexius regarding their new business venture. Knowing where the other man lived, it made more sense to him to seek Alexius out than to hope that the man might come up to the house - and Teutus valued his own time and the freedom to decide to leave the house when he wanted to, rather than only leaving when ordered to run an errand or after asking permission (Tertius had never been one for sentimentality and had treated Teutus in the same way as he'd treated any other slave he owned, while Teutus was still his slave.) He climbed the stairs to Alex
  12. Attis for his part had just glanced down at his arm and sucked in a breath as he realised just how much it stung; it had been scraped raw by the mosaic tiles. He splashed it with water from the fountain, which didn't particularly lessen the stinging. "I can understand the desire for a cat, but why a snake?" He wasn't sure whether or not the master would let her have a cat, but if it was proposed in the right way, he probably would. Cassia, though, would likely scream the house down if they tried to introduce a snake. Which might be a good reason to try. The puppy finished nosing at t
  13. The person who would say they don't is either a fool or a liar. Make all your preparations, and leave the rest in the lap of the gods. What is your favourite season of the year?
  14. Teutus intercepted the look. Even drunk, he realised he'd managed to overstep, and it didn't take a genius to work out how - Alexius had been talking about knowing the people behind the armour. Obviously he had friends, and Teutus had just put his foot in his mouth. Just because he had no real friends to speak of, didn't mean that other people didn't. He patted the other man's arm. "I'm sorry. I must sound like a crass idiot - I didn't mean to upset you. And no, nobody at all." Not even next-door's pretty kitchen girl, that he'd spoken to several times in passing; he'd tried not to d
  15. "What the esteemed Horatia Justina was doing coming back in via the slaves' entrance, I cannot begin to think," her husband rejoined, with a smile "I shall make certain to kick them out a lot sooner in future. And I have never thought you a fool - far from it, indeed, my dear." She was definitely trying to put him off, yet her tone and was as it ever was - there was humour there, and the gentle sort of teasing that characterised a great deal of their private conversations. "I only have the position for a year, my dove, but I daresay we'll be able to take time together, just the two o
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