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To Lucius Vipsanius Roscius


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To L Vipsanius Roscius, from M Eppius Parthenicus (Dominus Factionis Albus)


I understand that you are looking into the attack that killed Lucia Safinia, a member of the White faction. I pray that Ahura Mazda grant you more success than he did to the centurion of the cohort responsible for Regio XI.

The murder took place in October on a dark night outside the stable, in an alley that leads to the side door used by the faction's workers and slaves. The girl was discovered by Azarion, one of the charioteers, whose services you have requested. She had suffered three distinct injuries, one to her upper back by the shoulders, one to her side and a third (presumably the one that killed her) to her throat. I know this, for I saw it myself.

It being dark, and an ill-lit alley, and no witnesses being present, there were no clues left as to the perpetrator, so we can only presume that it was the same man who later injured Azarion in the same spot.

Despite appearances and a sarcastic tendency, Azarion is quite astute, but you should limit your questions to him to one at a time with answers that may be easily gleaned from his motions.

The gods be with you in your ventures and should you find the man who has done this, I will testify as to what I know

Eppius Parthenicus

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