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CHARACTER NAME Vipsania Roscia

Suggested Face claim: Rachel Weisz (from Agora)
Age & Birth Position. 31 (born 46AD), second child of three and only daughter
Position: Patrician and wife
Parents: Father: Marcus Vipsanius Roscius  Mother: Claudia Lemonia
Other family: Brothers: Gaius Vipsanius Roscius, Lucius Vipsanius Roscius (birth name)
Personality: Up to you - Gaius is a senator and Lucius completely lacks any political ambition whatsoever
History: Established facts: Born in 46, she's seven when Lucius is born. Her childhood was a relatively happy one until her brother Gaius takes up a position as military tribune in Britannia and her father is killed in 62AD. She is married sometime between then and Gaius' return to Italia in 64. Anything more is up to you.
Other information: Vipsania has connections via both her brothers to a wide spectrum of Roman society, including senators, their wives and (thanks to Lucius) both members of the Imperial family and those of plebeian and equite backgrounds, although she might not appreciate the latter. Her husband and his family and their connections are also entirely open to you to invent and request as you choose. Her relationship with her brothers is likely to be close if somewhat strained by Gaius' being away for several years and Lucius' wish to join the vigiles and the need to leave his patrician family to do so.
Who to contact: Chevi and/or Sharpie

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