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Body slave/accomplice wanted!


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NAME: Open


GENDER: Female

AGE: Around Mania Victoria's (currently 20 years old)

RANK/OCCUPATION: Body slave of Mania Victoria

HISTORY: Purchased by Mania Victoria on a recent trip to Noricum. Grew up in Noricum, born into slavery. Nowadays, helps Mania sniff out gossip and juicy details all over Rome, mostly from the slaves of other high society women. All else is open to be determined by you.

PERSONALITY: Rather shy and naíve. Fearful and respectful of Mania, yet silently resents her somewhat - however, not enough to deny her commands.

OTHER: Fluent in both Latin and Noric due to her heritage & upbringing. Communicates exclusively in Noric with Mania, for secrecy's sake. Not allowed entry into the family's jewellery shop, for fear of theft.

CONTACT: Discord (BurningBridges#7040)

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