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Pompeii, Italy

So I was lucky enough to visit Pompeii when I was in Naples last summer on holiday. I thought I'd post up a few photos as none of my irl friends had that much interest...!  I don't think the photos really do justice to just how enormous the site is, nor how well excavated and preserved it is.  Enjoy!  


Sara in Travels

Villa Ventorum, Somerset

Hi all,  I was recently fortunate enough to visit Villa Ventorum at 'The Newt in Somerset', and thought I'd write a short blog post about the experience!  Background The Newt in Somerset is a country manor and grounds which have been turned into a boujie destination for city folk (like me!) just outside of Bruton, Somerset. It used to be called 'Hadspen House'. A real life Roman Villa was discovered on the site back in the early 20th century. Archeologists found that the site had


Sara in Travels

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