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  1. She blinked as he planted his hands either side of her hips and reeled off his instructions. She mumbled. "I'm a thirty-four year old patrician, matron and mother, I'm not going to go stomping grapes." But she was, and she knew she was. It was why her fingers were itching to unlace the high straps of her sandals and why she had already unconsciously started shrugging off the palla from one of her shoulders. "I suppose you have thought of a plan for how I'm going explain my state when I get back to your sisters villa?" She scoffed and braced her palms against his shoulders to push him up and away as she stood. She leant down to begin unknotting her sandals (and wish she'd had the sense to bring a slave with her to do it for her). She grumbled as she managed to get one off and fingers aching, decided to tackle her palla next, unwinding the length of the gauzy, intricately decorated fabric from around her waist and shoulders, folding it neatly and placing it on the barrel. "I'm not doing this for you," She mumbled as she lifted her stola and tunica through her belt as she'd seen slaves do until they sat just above her knees, before she leant down again to attempt the second sandal, "I'm doing this for me." TAG: @Chevi
  2. She glanced down at the moment he looked up and she felt her heart stutter before it juddered back into a normal rhythm. She sighed and shook her head. She thought that she didn't know, but she did. She wouldn't admit that part to him; the part that had wanted to be seduced against her better judgement, had wanted to know what it felt like to be wanted and desired and all of the things she suspected Lucius could have given her in another life. He didn't need to know that. Instead she rolled her shoulders back with a sigh and dropped a hand to lightly play at the neck of his tunic, just for a moment, just for the briefest of seconds before she pulled it back to her lap. "I...think you're interesting." She looked almost shy for a moment, "Always have and...my life isn't very interesting anymore Lucius. The most exciting thing I get to do now is invite a new matron to lunch or meet another family if my husband takes on a new client. That's it." It was one endless day on a loop that never ended, her life. "You always had a way of making things exciting, and...I suppose I've missed that." TAG: @Chevi
  3. She sank further into his touch and hated herself for it. I'm sorry for us. She sighed. Me too. She managed a shadow of a smile though as he brought up Neptunalia and she nodded, her smile becoming more genuine as she raked back through the years to those memories. "I do. I remember you were terrible at building your hut, and that you almost gave me pneumonia from soaking me." She also remembered thinking he was going to kiss her under the aqueduct, but she dared not bring that up right now. "I take Tadia every year you know." She chuckled, "Thought I'd induct her into the little known Roman traditions." It should have felt wrong to mention her daughter in his company, but it oddly didn't. It felt normal. TAG: @Chevi
  4. It was different for women. She couldn't get away with half the things Spurius did. He didn't like her anymore so he took his pleasure elsewhere with the women of the Venus or his slaves. He found his work dull so he took up gambling and frequented the theatre. She had no such opportunities for vice or an outlet. She sighed. Her breath hitched in her throat and she shuddered unconsciously at his touch. She should bat him away but she made no move to, and leaned her ankle into him instead. She could pretend this was chaste whilst it still remained at this sort of level. "I don't need your pity," She glanced down at him and fought the temptation to brush his hair from his forehead, "I'm not going to cry myself to sleep because I can't stomp some grapes in a vat." TAG: @Chevi
  5. Ovinia sighed. She knew it was something like that. At least he was honest...that...meant something to her; she was half expecting a silly quip or some banter, but the softness in his voice and the way he glanced at her was much more real. And much more painful. She bubbled a laugh and shook her head. "That wouldn't help the dress problem, and no, I'm not taking it off." She shook her head, predicting the quip before he could say it. "I don't know...I used to think how I acted around you wasn't me at all," She shook her head again and wished she had a glass of wine to sip, "But now I am a matron with all that, that entails...I suppose I regret not doing more fun things when I was younger. I was in such a hurry to be serious and grown up. I guess you never felt like that?" TAG: @Chevi
  6. She almost felt bad as he heaved himself out of the vat. She wondered what it felt like, she genuinely did, but how could she? She'd have to trek back to the villa with a dress drenched in grape juice with an equally drenched man that was not her husband. She swallowed and willed the thought from her head. She shot him a little glare as he moved to sit, almost dripping said grape juice on her dress. She snatched up the material to her knees to prevent it. "I remember your savillum wasn't much good," She gave him a sly smile, "I don't think I could have made it through a full meal of yours." She could have, and would have loved to. But such things were well in the past unless he fancied hosting a dinner for both herself and her husband at Saturnalia. Dress still bunched up in her fingers she shifted her position on her barrel, looking down at him. "Why did you invite me out here Lucius?" She sighed, her voice softer. TAG: @Chevi
  7. She chuckled but made absolutely no move to join him. Instead she took a purposeful step back away from the vat. "I can see it perfectly well from here. Do you have any idea how expensive this stola was?" And the palla, and the jewellery and even her sandals. She shook her head and laughed, "No. I'm fine here and you can make me a nice cold cup of wine from your work. That suits our positions, doesn't it?" She moved over to take a seat on upturned barrel (after carefully inspecting it for detritus and flicking it off so as not to stain her dress). It was risk enough to come here alone with him, but it could be explained away (she hoped) if she got caught. Coming back sweaty and covered in grapes was not so easily explained. "And what were your other plans?" She called out. TAG: @Chevi
  8. She scoffed, rolling her eyes. "You shouldn't have any authority to do that." But she didn't mean it in any sort of disparaging way, more in exasperation that he had the charisma to dictate to people he really had no business dictating to. It was exasperation against herself as well, given she was just as easily influenced by him as the slaves and she dutifully followed him through into the vineyards. Her eyes widened as they came to a stop. She should have guessed it. She tried to keep the smirk from her face and effect an air of indifference, or haughtiness. She cast him a glance. "Is this how you planned it?" She arched a brow and then moved away from him to lean up on her toes to peer into the vat. "The seduction, I mean." She kept her voice light and jovial, but she was genuinely intrigued. Had he imagined this, when they were younger? TAG: @Chevi
  9. "Most of the guests had the sense to head to rest after our long journeys." She scoffed and cast an eye sideways at him. He'd cleaned himself up. She didn't know why but she was half expecting him to still be dressed as a slave, ferrying baskets of apples around, rather than as a genteel Roman man. Then again, she supposed he wasn't really that either and this estate was technically no longer his. "Are they finishing for the day?" She flicked her wrist at the slaves who milled around, "I thought the harvest happened through the night?" She took an unconscious step away from him to inspect an apple tree and the haul in a basket at its foot, feeling awkwardness creep back in. She really shouldn't have come. TAG: @Chevi
  10. "Nothing but your praises." She grinned with a chuckle as he pulled out of her grasp. She'd wanted to chide him for being so familiar a moment before, and she saw the way her slave's eyes twitched and that he'd taken a few paces forward, but she dared not. She seemed already on loose footing with Marcus and didn't want to give him anymore fodder to be used in gossip about her. Influential men often had loose tongues, she'd learned, and she was absolutely not going to test that theory with somebody like Marcus. "But I'm sure I'll be seeing you again," She glanced up to the domus they'd drawn to a stop outside - jerking her head at it, "This is me. But I presume you're going to Rufria Hilaria's party next week?" She was an odious little woman about their age who had married suspiciously well to a fabulously wealthy older Senator. Ovinia might not like her, but she wasn't going to spurn the attempts to buy friends from somebody like Rufria given who her husband was. Maybe he had single friends, after all. TAG: @Atrice
  11. Dinner passed Ovinia by at a glacial pace. She gossiped and giggled, sipping at her wine as any good matron did at these sorts of events but she was distracted, naturally. Every few minutes she cast a furtive glance to the fields beyond the gardens and the orchards that she knew lay out there. The sun wouldn't set for a little while and the late afternoon sun was casting the place in a beautiful orange glow. It was intoxicating and that, mixed with anticipation, made her feel tipsier than she ought to given her moderation on the wine. She shouldn't go. Of course she shouldn't go, and she repeated that to herself in her head as she left the women - claiming she wanted to get a walk in before sundown given she hadn't been able to exercise today. Most didn't question it - they were tired out from their journeys and retreating to their own rooms, but Vipsania cast her a knowing, peculiar sort of look that Ovinia couldn't read. She merely smiled in response and asked for directions to the orchard. A handful of slaves milled about in the groves, picking apples and chatting between themselves. Or they were chatting, before they saw her and immediately got back to work. She supposed she wasn't particularly conspicuous, dressed as she was and weaving her way through the neat lines of the trees. She glanced around to try and spot him and failed. He really should have been more specific when he said 'the orchard'. TAG: @Chevi
  12. Ovinia wasn't sure she heard him right. She blinked and glanced up at him, eyes wide and confused. "What?" She shook her head, needing him to repeat it. She heard the other guests chatting and the sound of female voices filtering through the late afternoon air. They'd be here in a minute or two and she took an unconscious step further away from Lucius. "If anybody were to see me..." She shook her head. Spurius hadn't divorced her due to her infertility but there was only so much a good, respectable Roman man could take. Being caught alone in an orchard with a man like Lucius...was not one. "I can't." She swallowed. But she knew she would. TAG: @Chevi
  13. "I'm not that interesting." She rolled her eyes before adding, "Not anymore." She raised her daughter, greeted her husband's clients, chastised the slaves and attended functions and parties and dinners and that was about it. Rolling her eyes again she give him a smug look and then smiled as he did set down the basket. Not that she thought he would throw his back out, she mused with a bit lip and a cough to clear her throat. "I'll have you know I saw one last year." She threw him another smug look and sipped her wine, "I went to the villa with Tadia and the slaves gave us a beautiful dinner from it." Granted...she'd only seen the outputs of the harvest and not the actual process. "I'm not as out of touch as you think." TAG: @Chevi
  14. Ovinia chuckled, still finding innuendo awkward. She hadn't flirted or bantered in years. Years and years and years. It felt odd, but felt...nice. "I don't know," She shook her head and wrinkled her own nose, "There are some very handsome Praetorian's these days." She glanced sideways at him as he admitted the deception, at least having the courtesy of looking a little sheepish about it. She should be annoyed - and she affected an air as if she was - he'd tricked her here and now she'd have to spend the week dodging him and his glances and his flirtation. But another side of her was silently thrilled. When was the last time anybody had done something as brash and bold for her? "And what did you say to your sister when she asked why you'd want a random matron invited to her week?" She arched a brow and scoffed, "If you ruin my reputation just to needle me for a week..." She shot him a glare. "And put that basket down before you throw your back out. You're not twenty anymore." TAG: @Chevi
  15. "Me too." Charis said with a deep sigh. "He trusts me more now, after what happened. For now at least." She felt like she'd been through a million rotations with Tertius. Her initial time in the house was spent sequestered in the kitchens and then the gardens. Then had come the time as his lover which had afforded her more freedoms than she'd dare to imagine and she'd used them, liberally. Then had come her confinement for weeks and weeks and weeks alone, locked up in her bedroom. Now, with Peregrinus alive and healthy and growing and free she had been afforded more liberties again. It was odd, but she wasn't going to take it for granted or think it would last forever. "And what of you?" She offered a half-smile, "Looking forward to the freedom that living alone has to offer?" TAG: @Sharpie
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