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  1. If Sosia looked startled, that's because she was. Of course she'd been touched before, and this wasn't the first time from a woman - she had learned in her youth that relationships with women were easier, less complicated and fundamentally...carried less risk. But this was different - this wasn't kissing somebody in the storeroom of the villa when the dominus wasn't around, this was supposed to be her home, as a married woman. She felt her heart flutter in her chest. There were no slaves around, she'd sent them packing earlier when her and Cynane had first entered the pool. They were alone, and there was nothing stopping her but fear. But fear was a powerful thing, especially to somebody like Sosia who lived with its shadow every day. She let out a little breath and ducked her head. She wanted to say yes. Just say yes. "N-No..." She swallowed and pulled away from Cynane's touch, cheeks flushed and biting her lip nervously as she did. If any of the slaves were watching secretly, if anybody overheard. Her position with her husband was tenuous enough as it was and well-bred, Roman women didn't go around kissing slaves or more...much as they might like to. Under the water, out of the view of anybody watching from the shadows she gripped Cynane's hand and squeezed it softly. "Not here." She added with a whisper. But if not here...where? TAG: @Atrice
  2. She watched him with a hard stare as Gallus turned his back and went back to attending to business. She folded her arms across her chest and frowned at his gestures. Most of them made absolutely no sense; you'd have thought he would have come up with a better way of communicating by now if the tongue-loss was not a recent thing. "I get that you're a slave." She scoffed, unsure why she was so interested but persisting anyway, "But I had thought Sarmatia was faring better than my homeland." She didn't mind admitting she was from Dacia, there were thousands of her kin-people in the city and it wasn't as if anybody would be able to guess swho she was or who owned her just by her country of origin. She hoped. "Not all of your people are under Roman rule, no?" Unfortunate that this one was. Like her. Dacia was still free in parts, from what she understood, despite Titus Sulpicius' best efforts. TAG: @Chevi
  3. She narrowed her eyes on the tablet, trying to decipher it. It meant nothing to her but the motions he was making reminded her of those made by her dominus' children, horses - not surprising given his provenance, and she understood the Roman's thought it fun to strap men into a cart to be dragged around behind them. Lame. "A charioteer? How fancy." she chuckled and Gallus did too. She jerked her head for the Sarmatian to follow her back into the shadows, she didn't much like being out in the streets, or in plain view. That wasn't her role. She understood the inference of his gestures though and chuckled, "I'm a business woman." She commented as she retook her seat on an upturned crate, half hidden in the shadows. A business woman with a very well hidden slave collar. "How did you lose your tongue?" TAG: @Chevi
  4. She glanced down but the light was too dim. She signalled for Gallus who promptly unloaded a torch from the wall, shining it down so Zia could see better. She tilted her head to the side as she studied it. He was right, she did recognise it. She had been an important woman in two tribes of Dacia, and both had traded with Sarmatia frequently. She had never visited, but had hosted them in her court more than once. "Sarmatian," She chuckled and shook her head, gesturing for Gallus to re-hang the torch, "You're a long way from home. Slave?" she gestured to the collar around his neck. TAG: @Chevi
  5. She watched him with thinly veiled disinterest at the cutting motion. She'd seen it happen, both back in Dacia with slaves as mouth and less important than herself, and again at the slave market. She'd not been that unfortunate, but the fact this one had didn't garner any sympathy from her. To survive and flourish you needed to be smart, evidently this one wasn't otherwise he might still have his tongue. At his mimicry she nodded and arched a brow. "Yes, it's to smoke. Flowers, from Dacia." It wasn't a secret and wasn't illegal, if the gangs want dto find out what it was they need only have bought some from one of her little dealers. She watched him cautiously. The boy had only glanced at the bag from her vantage point and seemed to know what it was. Curious. "You know what it is already though, don't you?" TAG: @Chevi
  6. Zia arched a brow as he huffed and folded her arms across her chest. She could tell the little minion she had working for her was confused; she generally didn't get involved in the day to day and many didn't even know she existed. Gallus shot the boy a warning look and then one at their mute guest as well for good measure. She watched his hands as he gestured to the bag. He wanted to know what they were selling? It didn't matter, he didn't look like he had much to offer by way of coin and she wasn't in the habit of selling her expensive flower to paupers and slaves. She rolled her eyes. "Do you not speak Latin?" Even she did, if this one didn't then he really must be an idiot. TAG: @Chevi
  7. Zia rarely came out in the evenings to watch by her minions as they did their deals and made her gold, but needs must. The problem with having a lucrative business, she'd found, was that it meant everybody wanted a piece of it. Nothing had happened thus far, beyond a few gang low-lifes making offers to her own runners, but she wanted to keep an eye out and she wanted to see it for herself. Being here was a risk, she knew that, but the cloak she wore - even in the summer heat - hid the slave collar she was locked into and she kept her hood up. Gallus was - for all intents and purposes - the front man of the operation and only glanced in her direction where there was something she should see. In this case, it was a small man who seemed to be gesticulating to one of her young employees. Zia arched a brow and watched from the shadows as the conversation got more heated. She called over to Gallus; "Gang?" And the man shook his head, looking equally perplexed. If this young man was in a Collegia then he wasn't being particularly subtle about his intentions. She slipped from the shadows to get a closer look and frowned when she saw that the man wasn't talking. "What do you want?" She called out and gave him a once-over. "We don't do charity here, if you can't afford it then leave." TAG: @Chevi
  8. The pain was dissipating, or at least starting too. No longer a sharp discomfort - even as he began to move - but an ache, somewhere deep and untouched. She managed a more relaxed smile at his kisses and found her fingers moving to his hair. It was a sensation like no other, and she found herself relax at the thought. She understood enough to know that this first time would be the least pleasurable - or should be - of any future couplings and if this was as bad as it was to be, she would take it enthusiastically. She felt herself move instinctively, hips arching to meet his at his movements. She felt breathless and leant up to kiss him deeper this time, her arms still draped around his neck. Hopefully this didn't seem too...wanton, but in that moment she found she really didn't care if it did. TAG: @Sharpie
  9. Charis managed a chuckle at his rebuke, and sank into his arm as he steered her out of the alley and into the streets. It felt natural, and oddly comforting. Teutus had always been a relative stranger to her, even when they were supposedly friends and short of that day she had taken him to dance in the garden, they hadn't ever really been this close. She smiled to herself at the thought - perhaps adversity really did bring people together? Mind you, all things considered, she'd still rather do without the adversity at all. "He'll appreciate that, I'm sure. He's a good man." She sighed and glanced up at him as they walked, "It really was the first time," She said as if he still didn't quite believe her. She shook her head with a sigh, "But I've known him for almost all of the time I've been in Rome. He seems to have a habit of saving me or directing me right when I need it." Perhaps today was one of those days? She studied his face, "Maybe it's good you were there...maybe we needed to talk." TAG: @Sharpie
  10. She fell into his hug with more want than she thought she'd needed. When was the last time they had hugged like this? Or even been this close? Or even wanted to be? Months, at least. She offered a smile for him and nodded her head as they began the walk back to the domus. It wasn't far, but after her...exertions for most of the night and the emotion of this morning she felt wrung out. "Honey cakes," She chuckled, "I will allow that as the one thing that Rome has done right." Her smile didn't quite reach her eyes, but she was trying to find the humour anyway. "Will you go back to Alexius?" She queried up at him as they walked, "He's probably tearing his hair out in there...he needs to know it wasn't his fault." TAG: @Sharpie
  11. Just enjoy yourself - there was little chance of anything else and she gave him a breathless smile as the pleasure rolled on for a few more moments. When he stopped, as he moved her to lie on her back and he knelt over her she felt her breath catch in her throat. This was what she had been expecting. As he moved and entered her she let out a little gasp of pain and screwed her eyes tight shut, angling her face away from his. It hurt and the sensation was...odd, and not pleasurable - at least not compared to what she had just been feeling. She could feel all the muscles of her body, tensed and on guard but she tried to relax herself, moving a hand to softly push his hair out of his face as she broke the kiss. She focused on her breathing and felt herself relax slightly, until the pain became an echo rather than a forethought in her mind. She tried to give him a smile but was sure it look strained, as she moved her arms to loop round his neck. No going back now then. TAG: @Sharpie
  12. Vibia arched a brow and surveyed the pair of them. Her cheeks were a little flushed after the performance and her mood was buoyed by the claps and appreciative glances being thrown her way by the other guests. If Livia didn't like it well...two could play at that game. "I've been practicing for many years, but...I'm sorry, forgive me, are you inferring something domina?" She arched a brow, "If you have a fault with me by all means tell me so I know how to rectify it." She offered the woman a smug, self-satisfied smile and merely glanced at Secundus with amusement. As far as she was concerned Livia had two options; play along and allow Vibia to remain - all the while offering her dirty looks and snide comments, or make a scene and request that she leave. but the time for innuendos was done, and Vibia was bored with this surly little Matron. "Or we could ask your husband, whether I have offended him, perhaps?" She tilted her head to Secundus, smile poised and deadly on her lips. A few of the crowd were now looking their way. Good. Let them watch. TAG: @Járnviðr @Liv
  13. "Not stupid," She said with a wavering smile, shaking her head. She had things once, things like that that made her smile; the walk to her friends village, market day to tout their wares, dinner cooked by her sister, her brothers smile when he made a terrible joke; things she had mourned since the day she had been put into that cart and set out on the journey that had brought her here. "You need to find yourself," She agreed with a sigh and ran the back of her hand under her eye to wipe away her previous tears, trying to pull herself together. "We both need to find a little joy." She swallowed and looked up again to try and breathe some fresh air, to try and settle her nerves. The sun was already high and she should have been home at dawn. Swallowing she glanced back at him, "Walk me home?" Even if he chose to stay out, the walk would clear the air and their heads...and cynically provide her with an excuse to Tertius, should he notice her missing. TAG: @Sharpie
  14. Charis


    Charis sighed and pushed her hair back over her shoulder so it was out of Peregrinus' reach, "I don't know...they were coming north when they got me, and you as well I presume." And the Romans were quick, in the couple of years since she had been enslaved she had no doubt that they had made their presence known to the northern most tribes like theirs. She swallowed and shrugged, "Some, I think. I think we might have faired better than yours," Given the Brigantes were the instigators to a lot of the strife with Rome compared to her own tribe at least. Swallowing, and hating the difficulty of the conversation already she sighed. "Do you think we should look for our people? Your siblings, they might still be here, and my own..." She knew her sister was in Rome but Turi might still be hiding here, biding his time. The thought of seeing family again made her heart ache, but then she glanced up at Cynane and she felt it split further in two. How could they return to their lives as before? She swallowed, "And I don't know, maybe tribes are different now? Maybe they'd accept a Parisii and Brigantes travelling together? Living together?" Better out with it than in... TAG: @Atrice
  15. Horatia arched a brow at Aulus with thinly disguised amusement. Her library was fully organised as it was, and she already had a bodyslave and such. What on earth was she going to do with a mute girl? "Why can't she speak?" She queried with an arched brow, although not unkindly. She knew some slaves had their tongues removed but this girl - slip of a thing that she was - didn't look like she'd harm a fly, so perhaps there was another reason. As Aulus asked Felix to bring wine to the tablinum she followed her husband through to it, gesturing for Tacita to follow her. She was an observant woman, and it had not escaped her attention from sidelong glances that Felix seemed to be trying to reassure the girl, whilst Tacita herself seemed to be glancing curiously at Felix. She surveyed the pair of them and asked, "Do you know one another?" Rome really was a village in many respects, and it wouldn't have surprised her. She moved to lean on the front of Aulus' desk as she sighed and tried to wrack her brain for what would be useful for the girl to do. Coming up blank she looked to Felix again, "Do you know of any needs we have in the house, that she could help with just for now whilst I find something for her to do?" TAG: @Chevi @Sharpie @Jenn
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