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  1. "Not personally," He shook his head, "I served in Britannia and he came across the sea after I'd already left, sadly." It was probably for the best, all things considered. His somewhat...maverick approach to strategies and organisation in his legion had always delivered exceptional results but were hardly by the book. The previous Proconsul, useless as he was, seemed to at least understand that and largely left Longinus to it. He wasn't so sure Tuscus would have done the same. Realising he'd missed out answering the first question she'd posed, he chuckled and flashed a warm smile, "And of cou
  2. Longinus spied the popina at about the same time Attis did and looked miserably at the stone bench. He liked rules, but conformity was only worth something when it was for a good reason. Making his slave sit and bake in the sun would serve neither of them any good, and Attis was dressed finer than several plebs he reckoned, given his station as a patrician's body slave. With a jerk of his head, he signalled that Attis should follow him in. It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the dimness of the pace and he squinted. A rotund man beamed at the pair of them as they entered and h
  3. Horatia was relieved, and presumed the mention of Juliana would be the end of this particular track of conversation. She had no desire to educate Caecina on the intricacies of sex and marriage f it wasn't needed, but then she posed a question and Horatia stalled herself. She saw the way the girls face changed and the slight wobble in her voice, and she gently reached out a hand to softly squeeze the younger woman's forearm. "I'm so sorry Caecina." She knew what had happened, of course, it seemed too often that news travelled to the wives of Rome's greatest - another woman or her child de
  4. It had been a week since the odd encounter. She had been purposefully avoiding her spouse, seeing him only when strictly necessary (usually to extract Luto from his silly little figurine games). She felt odd and utterly unnerved by the loss of control and what had happened. That afternoon she had snuck away hurriedly as he had dozed, and mentioned it to nobody. Nobody could know she had actually slept with him, never mind that she had been supposedly sleeping with him for weeks now. And she certainly didn't want to see his smugly satisfied face. She only hoped in his haze, he didn't remember w
  5. Vibia chuckled and tossed that long blonde hair back over her shoulder. "Of course I have." She grinned that devilishly seductive smile and arched a well-shaped brow, "I had a man that took me home to meet his mother, claiming I was some senatorial girl he was planning on wedding." She chuckled. The poor fool. She hadn't the heart to tell him that his mother could see straight through the ruse, and his brother had propositioned her in the atrium. Bless him, the fool. "And I've been invited to plenty of parties purely for my musical talents too, although I must admit that's a rarer occurre
  6. "Mhmm." She nodded sagely, "I don't want to be messing about with that." She chuckled and moved out through the tablinum, pausing to look at the great stone desk that sat undisturbed. Despite a layer of grime and dust that covered the surface, everything was still in its place. Neat stacks of papers were to the right, a cup of what was probably long dried wine to the left and a slew of wax tablets. She glanced over her shoulder at Rufus, "Can you read?" She couldn't - not really. She knew a few letters, and how to make a mark (important for taking deliveries) but that was about it. What
  7. She smiled sadly as he placed a had on hers. "You're sweet," She managed a dry chuckle, "I know, I know, I've just never been such a bloody idiot before and now I..." Now she was thoroughly shaken but didn't quite know how to fix it. But that's why she was here, and Alexius was already proving his worth as he posed his questions. "He..." She frowned and leant back in her chair, causing it to creak. She winced and made sure the two other inhabitants were still sleeping before she carried on, "He wasn't dressed very finely, but he had a bag with him...it's how it all happened. He dropped a
  8. Longinus chuckled as he swung his leg over and dismounted from the horse, tossing a bag of coins (half on starting the journey, half at the end) at some dimwitted Greek stable hand who glanced between Attis and Longinus with confusion. "I suppose, I don't want you fainting like a lady, I'll get more gossip attached to my name; Longinus the abandoned bridegroom and abuser of slaves." He smirked. He knew he was far from the usual sort of master, at least for slaves he liked. Sure they worked hard as they would in any household, but for slaves like Attis, Metella, Vitus, even the new Dacia
  9. Charis smiled up at Cynane, dragging her eyes away from the boy...her boy, her son for a moment and nodding. She repeated the words hoarsely, "My son." It sounded so odd to her. She didn't feel...grown-up enough to have a son, but here he was, blinking up at her and her friend. At the question she winced and managed a low chuckle, "I'm...I'm not sure." She was sure if she tried there was a significant chance she'd fall down but she didn't wish to stay on the birthing chair all evening, she was exhausted enough as it was. At the midwife's dismissive flick of her hand, which suggested she w
  10. The Horatii-Justini The Horatii-Justini family are a Patrician family, with a long lineage of Consuls and important Senatorial links. They were first brought onto the game from a want ad for the wife of another character (thank you Sharpie!) but we decided to flesh them out a little. The immediate family comprises the below, with some extended family members (cousins and such) thrown in for good measure. If you have any questions on the family or want to know more about their histories, just message Liv (Liv#5452) or Sara (Sara#2296) on Discord, or drop us a PM! Most of the wan
  11. He was good. Gods above, he was good. It was infuriating and blissful at the same time, and as his hips rocked she couldn't help the low moans escaping her lips or the same unconscious rhythms being produced in her own movements. They were done with teasing, and that suited her just fine as the heat across her body increased and the frenetic movements of their bodies continued. She felt her toes curl and breathlessly returned his kiss before he finished with a rasped moan. That was satisfying on two counts, but before she could protest that he didn't get to be finished quite that easily, he ha
  12. Longinus nodded as he steered the horse through the back streets of Athens, calling over his shoulder to Attis. "When I was a boy, with my father." About thirty years ago, and the memories from those days were hazy at best. He'd been given a list of places to go though, by his relatives who had spent more time here, and his friends. That list was somewhere buried in the bottom of one of the two bags they carried though - so Attis' second question was difficult to answer. "Somewhere." He answered noncommittally with a slight smile, "We'll definitely be staying somewhere." He was in two mi
  13. Didia arched a brow up at him, "There's always treasure, Rufus." She tutted but the smile on her lips spoke of her joking. "Rich people don't know what's treasure and what isn't. They'll see a perfectly decent, fancy, usable couch and throw it away because the colour is slightly too dark for this season," She rolled her eyes. She really didn't know if that was accurate - but she supposed it was, seeing how much free furniture the family had gotten from the dumped belongings of the rich on the pavements at night, "They have more money than sense, I'd wager." She glanced through the dusty
  14. Didia wrinkled her nose, "Pull them out? Gods..." That sounded more unpleasant than putting them in had been, which was...saying something. She merely eyed him suspiciously, the image of him plucking them out fresh in her mind, before she relaxed her face and shrugged. "I...don't know. It aches sometimes, but it doesn't hurt as much as when it happened, obviously. Unless my nephew accidentally hits me in the chest, as he has done." Her lips twitched in a small smile. She loved children but...not at the moment, when she was wounded. She swung her legs from the seat she was on and then reac
  15. Didia nodded mutely at his question, before remembering herself and mumbling; "Yep...he...seemed to enjoy it, the freak." She folded her arms defensively across her chest as if to protect herself from the memory. What sort of sick fuck took pleasure from that? She nodded and again and unfolded one hand, gesturing loosely to the healing cut on her neck and then her chest; "He did, only a little at my throat...there's a deeper one on my chest but Theo stitched it for me, good egg that he is." She chuckled. She sighed and then moved to lay her head on the table, letting out a groan at her ow
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