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  1. --- When they were finished Longinus slumped back in the bed untangling his limbs from Attis' underneath him. He ran his hand through his hair, mussed from their act and couldn't keep the grin from his face. When finally he was in a position to talk he chuckled and ran a comforting hand through Attis' own hair, "As I said," He caught his breath, "You're full of surprises." He was well satisfied, and hoped Attis had been too. Whilst he approved of slavery and the use of slaves to slake certain...needs, he wasn't so cruel as to prevent (and even aid) Attis in his own pleasure. As long as he didn't expect it every time. Turning his face away and glancing around the tent, he smirked; "Looks like there's more to clear up." He winced and glanced at his own discarded clothes atop of the mess he'd already created. He missed the double entendre in his own words, given what they'd just been up to and Attis' own state. TAG: @Sharpie
  2. Longinus arched an eyebrow. Several of his peers who had (finally) made it home from Britannia had complained of much the same; the boredom which had been frequent on his third tour had only intensified after his departure apparently. It made a sly grin stretch on his face at the thought and laughed boyishly at Decimus' remark. "I was always an easy target with that helmet." He chuckled, but couldn't hide the bitterness in his voice. Gods he missed it. He was about to enquire what particular business warranted a Primus Pilus rather than Tribune to carry a message but was cut off in thought by the revelation his friend and soldier had elevated himself so highly. "A Praetorian?" He beamed. He always thought Decimus would do well and was genuinely delighted for him. "And who have you got under your guard," He leant back and chuckled, "Anybody interesting?" The imperials were always interesting by virtue of the fact that they were so elevated. It was not a life he'd want for himself (not that he really had an option to, given the rank of his birth) to stand and watch princes and princess and forgo battles in some far off land, but he did understand the need for permanency and to belong, to settle, even if only theoretically. TAG: @Sains
  3. Charis shot her peer a glare and moved from the work she was doing (if it could be called such) inspecting the roses. "Ele-phen-tine." She repeated with a frown but made no move to ask him what it meant. It was absolutely insulting, that she could gauge from his body language, and that was enough. Brushing down the still-pristine chiton that Tertius had spent far too much on for a slave, she beamed up at him and stepped around him. "I know, important company." Important to her, perhaps, more than Tertius. Rufus' tablet had arrived a week before - long after the household had been made aware that two senators - Rufus and Longinus - would be visiting. The name written in neat script had made her heart leap into her throat and it still hadn't settled. She'd spent most of the morning preparing herself (she wanted to make a good impression, it might come in useful later) and styling and primping herself and her hair in a manner she remembered Ardra doing. She wanted to make the already fairly explicit family resemblance even stronger. When they'd finally arrived she'd tried to catch glimpses of the two visitors but for the life of her she couldn't work out who was who, nor get a really good look at either. Fortuna was smiling on her then, and for once Tertius' request to see her was welcome. She half wondered if he already knew, but thought it was too improbable and so the meaning behind this summons was as opaque as the man himself. She dutifully padded behind Hector into the triclinium and after casting a cautious glance between the men, settled in a spot next to Tertius; "Domine." @Liv @Atrice @Joaquin
  4. She kept her back to him until he mentioned Rufus, at which point she spun around on her heel and took a step forward. "None of your business," She snapped and shook her head, "Just a friend." But she spied the wax tablet in his hand reached out to try and snatch it. "Give me that." She didn't ask, but stated. Gods she couldn't wait for this ridiculous ritual to be over in a few short weeks, and then Teutus would actually be her master. That would be better than this imperious, irritating little show he sometimes liked to put on when he was just a slave like her underneath it all. "That belongs to me." She said firmly and laid down the broom to rest against a marble bench. She had absolutely no idea what was inside, but whatever it was, it was worth Rufus sticking his neck out to write to her about. She just wished it had fallen into friendlier hands than Teutus'. TAG: @Sharpie
  5. Longinus huffed in irritation and ran a hand through his hair. Swiftly, and without even a second's hesitation to consider his decorum, he strode to the entrance of the tent and swiped open the flap to see the man stood there, blinking in shock and surprise that his legate was glaring him down rather than the mild-mannered slave he'd come to expect. "Are you asking me to find a place to store ten men for the night?" He asked in a clipped voice, "You think that's an appropriate question to ask your legate?" He glowered down at the man who swallowed. "I...just wanted to check sir, that you were happy with wh-" Longinus held up a hand and the man quickly silenced himself. It was not that he thought himself above menial tasks, there was always administration to do, but this particular issue was so far below his pay grade it was laughable. "I will be happy if you find a Tribune and ask him." The tone of his voice seemed to do the trick and the man nodded with a hurried; "Sorry Sir..." before scurrying off. With a deep sigh he ran his hand across his jaw and shook his head in disbelief. When he finally ducked back into the tent the moment was a little lost but not entirely. He was irritated and needed a distraction. With a tight smile he jerked his head for Attis to join him and arched a brow, content to let his slave take the lead...if only for a little while. "Where were we?" TAG: @Sharpie
  6. Sara

    Salting the earth

    The atmosphere had shifted and he watched Titus pinch the bridge of his nose with narrowed eyes. Whilst he far preferred levity to the stoic miserable nature of most Roman men, he knew when his subject of torments had been pushed far enough. His back straightened and his tone took on more gravitas as he jerked a thumb to the locked box to the side of his table. "They're in there. Safe and secure." He added a tight smile. He took a sip of the wine and frowned as Titus spoke. 120 slaves? Whilst his station meant he wasn't not always especially well versed in the minutiae of things (as it wasn't his problem, or at least...his job to know the minutiae) but 120 slaves? That he should have noticed and the muscles in his jaw tightened and worked. Gods, how had he fucked that up? His fingers unconsciously drummed a rhythm on the table before his energy was stifled and he stood and began a little pace around the cramped confines of the tent. "Somebody with the means to make 120 slaves disappear, presumably." He snapped back and then sighed, shaking his head. "Did they make it out of the camp and then were lost, or are you suggesting somebody squirrelled away 120 men and women from under my nose?" He scoffed, irritated at the challenge to his authority. Running a hand through his hair he glanced at Aulus, asking his opinion as he rattled off a couple of names before settling on; "Appius, that centurion from the fifth cohort. You know him?" Longinus certainly did, and had never particularly rated him or his conduct. TAG: @Sharpie @Liv
  7. Charis turned around and threw her waist length hair over one shoulder at the interruption, frowning up at the familiar voice and sight of Teutus. Or...familiar might be the wrong word, given she'd barely passed a handful of words to him in the last few months since their argument. Stubbornness was one of her many, but probably her worst trait and it was one of the few she'd not shaken in her time in Rome. She certainly wasn't going to be the first to apologise or admit defeat. "What man?" She scoffed and ducked her head to avoid the tell tale blush on her cheeks as she resumed her sweeping of the garden, the dead and dying leaves littering the paths. How on the Gods earth did he know about Alexius? She blinked up to look past him and was relieved to see that the great, looming man wasn't here. But the ex-Gladiator turned bodyguard was the only man she could think of that fitted his accusation, even if all that had happened was a chaste kiss several weeks ago. "You are imagining things, I might as well start calling you Hector. Don't make drama where there isn't any." She rolled her eyes and turned her back to him to resume her sweeping. TAG: @Sharpie Charis' Latin has improved in the 9 months she's been in Rome that I'm not going to write in broken sentences anymore.
  8. The tablet was returned, and its script bore the distinct marks and errors of somebody barely literate. Still, what parts were legible were as below: To dear frne friend Rufus from Charis, Rufus I can not tell you what this mean to me. I can not tan thank you enugh. [Illegible few words]. How she look? She un unharm? She happy? She alijy alrigt? I think I no name of owner, he come to domus in few day to meet domine. I speak to domine about meet her. I hope see you soon, I keep luk looking for Bretta for you. THANK YOU. Charis
  9. He kept his gaze even and steady on Attis but he felt the hum of excitement in his blood. It had been a while. He couldn't help but crack a grin though, "Yes I'm so cruel to you, aren't I?" Plenty of men he knew - men who he called his friends - would happily forbid their slaves from even glancing in the direction of another. But at the comment about the mirror, his grin cracked into a chuckle and his fingers moved to lightly stroke the skin behind Attis' ear. "Flattery is interesting on you," He murmured as his smile settled into a smirk, "Interesting but odd." But the anticipation was getting a little too much for him and without any further hesitation or talk he ducked down to pull Attis into a heated kiss. The hand that was resting on the younger mans shoulder quickly moved to the back of his head, becoming entwined in the dark hair and pulling his slave in. But almost as soon as he deepened the kiss and a hand dropped down to the other mans chest, a shout sounded out from behind the flaps of the tent; "Legatus? May I speak with you?" Oh that pissing Prefect was going to get it. Longinus broke the kiss with a choked breath. TAG: @Sharpie Feel free to npc the Prefect...
  10. "It didn't occur to me, I thought my family bought you just to stand around and offer derisive comments here and there, not for anything useful." He chuckled but watched as Attis dejectedly folded his own cloak and stowed in neatly. He felt a little pang of guilt. He'd meant this little game in good humour but Attis evidently didn't find it quite as funny as his dominus. With a little sigh, he finally tugged off his breastplate and with a (rare) display of organisation, stowed it on his desk. Moving to unclip and tug off his focale he eyed his slave and jerked his head, "Come here." It was an order but his voice was light and playful. Waiting until Attis was in touching distance he reached out to brush a few strands of hair behind the younger man's ear. He felt the familiar pull of attraction rear its head again. With a little smirk he added, "You'll have to tell me what men you've got your eye on. I don't want to get jealous." Because surely Attis wouldn't have enquired about it earlier if there wasn't somebody in mind. He kept his hand on the shorter man's shoulder as he pulled off the scarf and threw it onto the table. TAG: @Sharpie
  11. Longinus couldn't hide his surprise at the mention of Tertius' son. He glanced cautiously to Titus, who knew the full drama of his saga with Pelias* but Longinus decided not to say anything. The thought of freeing his own bastard born child had never remotely occurred to him and he had to bite his tongue lest he enquire why Tertius had decided against remarriage and instead was putting all his eggs in a slave boy...but he smiled politely and inclined his head. "That's good news, I'd be happy to meet him." The unspoken when he's freed was left lingering. He didn't make a habit of socialising with slaves, after all. He grinned at Titus' description of his family and rubbed the skin at the back of his neck. His comment might be seen as flippant but he genuinely was pleased for his friend, but Gods was he jealous. Which was odd, considering how swiftly he'd abandoned his daughter after her birth. But he'd grown and matured in those intervening years and now family life didn't seem quite so depressing or dull. And it seemed Tertius shared that sentiment given how swiftly he moved the conversation on. With a little smile he shrugged, "Indeed. My wife sadly passed a few months ago," He sighed and winced at Titus' cough. The sound made him twitch after what their family had experienced. "And she'd never been able to give me a son." Because you were swanning off in Britannia rather than in bed with your wife, you idiot, "Titus and I had been discussing potential brides and your lovely niece's name was mentioned." Flattery was never his strong suit, nor were these sort of conversations but he was trying his best. "I had written to your brother but sadly received no response, so I thought I'd come to you instead." He said plainly, before adding with a little grin, "I've been in the savage wilds of Britannia too long to know what's proper or how these things are done, you see." TAG: @Atrice @Liv *Longinus had a bastard son Pelias who was (illegally) sold by his mother when he was absent in Britannia. Longinus has yet to find him.
  12. Longinus arched a brow at the man and had to stop himself from shaking his head - he didn't want to end up bald if he accidentally nudged the scissors in the man's hand. "I'm fine, wine is plenty." He smiled, "But Senator Rufus has more refined taste than me, he's been in a lovely relaxing province," His tone was pleasant and jovial to an outside observer, but to Titus it could be construed as mocking, "Whereas I've been back and forth from Britannia. Titus...what do you want to eat?" He asked as the man snipped at his hair. As much as he enjoyed Britannia their 'food' was not one of the highlights. Knowing himself and how immature he could be perceived, he tried to steer the conversation away from ribbing Titus and instead flashed a winning smile at the barber. Odd fellow, but good (he hoped). "And how long have you been doing this Barbatius? You must have plenty of good stories to to tell two bored Senators..." Maybe he was reaching, but he hated silence and had always found thinned to fill it. TAG: @Liv @Atrice
  13. Vibia smirked. Oh she'd tell him plenty, of course, none of it would be true - but she rated his intelligence at about the same level as the baby suckling on Ria's breast back at the Venus, and he didn't need to know that. "Works for me." She said with a little shrug and a self-satisfied smile. She just needed to string him on long enough to figure out how to get rid of him without incriminating herself. "Oh?" She arched a brow and tossed the dark wig over her shoulder with an arched brow, "You want to get to know me?" Her lips twitched into a little smirk and she settled down to sit against the table. "My name's Vesuvia and I'm twenty-four," Well that bit was true, "And I am a married mother of eight with a sordid past whose fallen on hard times and has to spread her legs in order to feed her little brats." She sipped at the remainder of her wine, "And that's Vesuvia for you. Dim, ugly - " She tugged at the dark hair, "And a slut. Anything else you want to know?" Gods she could be such a brat when she wanted to be...but really, what had he expected with a question like that? TAG: @Beauty
  14. Sara

    Salting the earth

    He only offered a tight smirk at Titus' remark and said nothing. Gods the man was in a foul mood, but no matter, that had never stopped him from expending his boyish, childish energy at Titus' expense before. As if on cue, a drizzle of rain dripped from the ceiling of the tent and splattered an ugly splotch on the scroll on his desk. Attempting to dab it off he only arched a brow at Titus as he began to speak. He couldn't keep the slightly confused, and irritated expression from his face though which was slowly replaced by dread. Balls. He glanced at Aulus, pointedly ignoring Titus' little smile. Whilst Aulus obviously wasn't in his legion and his role as an envoy was outside the realms of Longinus' own for the most part, he still valued the mans support. "Of course I've been keeping records you dolt." He snapped but added a chuckle. Often his contemporaries couldn't see past the energetic, playful exterior he presented when he was comfortable. His friends, his close friends, couldn't fathom how he'd managed to climb the ladder quite as exceptionally quickly as he had. But then they didn't see how meticulous he was, or how he led his men. He hadn't been made a legate at twenty-one for no reason. But he wasn't going to give Titus the satisfaction of realising that right this second. Instead, he spread his hands across the mass of scrolls and tablets that littered the table and grinned; "Feel free to rummage errand boy, they're bound to be here somewhere." They were, of course, safely tucked away in neat rolls in a box to his left but his friend didn't need to know that. Glancing at Aulus, he arched a brow but smiled with good nature. "Maybe our good friend Aulus has been taking a liking to the British beauties and has been siphoning them off for himself...?" TAG: @Sharpie @Liv
  15. Longinus' lips twitched in a playful smile and he cast a discerning eye over his slave. His innocent expression was a ruse, his slave wasn't that simple. Whilst Attis had only been his body slave for a few short months, he'd come to know the man's temperament well enough to know that he often affected an expression that masked his true intentions. He rarely took notice of his domestic slaves, but being in close proximity to the man in front of him now for months meant that he'd come to know more about his personality and quirks, and knew when he was being played. But then again, two could play at that game. He shook his head at the wine and jerked his thumb to indicate he could set it down on the side. "No, no I have something more important to do." He couldn't keep the innuendo out of his voice but didn't want to rush this. Nor did he want to stop the playfulness. Longinus really was a giant, bounding, overexcited puppy. Instead of giving into the fizz of attraction tugging at his nethers, he instead set about kneeling on the floor and began to ruthlessly pull out all of his packed belongings, neatly stowed and organised by Attis. "I need to find something." He said dismissively as he occasionally stood to find somewhere else to root around. By the time he reached the scrolls at his desk, he'd left a whirlwind of chaos in his wake with spare tunica's and his equipment, and papers, strewn all over the floor of the tent. He'd be offer to help clean it up, but was satisfied as he glanced out over his chaos. If Attis wanted to play, two could play at that game. With a devilish grin, he shrugged and began tugging off the remaining straps of the breastplate, "Gods above I can't find what I was looking for," His smirk stretched into a deep grin, "I'm going to have to find something else to entertain myself with. Any ideas?" TAG: @Sharpie
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