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  1. Horatia managed a coy smile and pulled her face back down from the ceiling as Aulus entwined his fingers in hers and made a very thinly veiled reference to other afternoon activities. "You think me a lady of leisure that has nothing better to do with her afternoon...?" She arched a brow, and let the silence settle for a few moments of challenge. Finally, she broke the silence with a sly laugh and pushed herself up from her seat, moving to bat his hand out of his lap. With an arched brow, she proceeded to sit gently on his knees with a sly smile. She didn't pander to him though and instea
  2. "You don't think I could beat a gladiator?" He arched a brow, amused and quizzical at the same time. He prided himself on his athleticism, but he supposed that he'd never really considered that when the chips were down, would he be any good squaring off against men who spent their lives in the arena. Well that was a depressing thought. "Or did you mean we should just host a tournament just for Cassia?" Maybe then his daughter might show him some other emotion than thinly veiled caution and resentment. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Gods your enthusiasm Attis..." He snorted,
  3. Horatia smiled wryly, "You're so used to batting away irritating questions from political foes, you've brought the habit into the home with you." She chuckled but listened intently. Imagining that Titus was grown up enough to be a man perturbed her, but she supposed it was the natural order of things. He was growing less inclined to his old hobbies by the day and more interested in the gentler sex, if the way he gawped at one of the slave girls was anything to go by. It was just difficult, more difficult that she'd anticipated - to lose her children to adulthood. "You should speak to your fath
  4. "Ah yes, the lovely Metella." He grinned. "Both of you are as bad as one another." He chuckled and arched his brows, "I hold her partly responsible for the outburst that got you shipped off to Titus' - you trying to impress her, act the big man." He was only joking really. Metella was a good woman, and the perfect encapsulation of a fiery Brit. He was surprised she'd suited slavery so well, really, all things considered. "And no need to be jealous," He shrugged, "Variety is the spice of life." And Attis knew full well that Longinus enjoyed him, "And she was nice enough in a...Greek sort o
  5. "Men are awful," Sosia said with a conspiratorial grin, forgetting herself and all the niceties she had strived so hard to learn as she blurted it out, before she corrected herself with a little chuckle, "N-not all of them, but that man, with you, he was. And I think you're right," She nodded, "If we stick together nobody should bother us." It never occurred to her that this might be odd and not the done thing with equite ladies. She'd grown up a slave, around slaves and freedmen. Why would she take offence to socialising with one? It demonstrated just how far she still had to go, to blend in.
  6. She met his eyes briefly, for a heartbeat of a moment, before she dropped them and gently withdrew her hand - looking back down at her son nestled on her lap. That things 'had changed' was an understatement and a half. In the year and a bit since she had been here she had gone from; ignored to reviled to bedded to ignored once again, and then to a favourite of the dominus, before going back to being hated and now...now she wasn't sure where she was. She was the mother of his son, but a slave nonetheless. They had started to rebuild their relationship after all that had happened but she was und
  7. Horatia smiled although a little sigh left her lips. How were they already thinking about marriages for their daughter? Life sped up as one aged, she thought. Her childhood - roaming between the villa, Rome, and Hispania following her father around seemed to drag on to eternity but the last fifteen years or so, since her wedding, had passed in a blink of the eye. She laughed at her husband's insistence that he didn't wish to know of his daughters silly teenage crushes; "Ah but what young woman hasn't fallen for the big, strong Gaul that works in next doors yard?" She grinned, teasing - al
  8. Longinus quirked a brow. “Was that a veiled suggestion that you’re annoyed about Lutatia in there taking your place?” He jerked his head in the direction of his bedroom where the young woman who he had left sleeping, had already left. “She’s sweet, I’m sure if you spoke to her you’d get over your petty jealously.” He grinned, jesting. He’d met the twenty-something in one of the many bars in Athens, and spirited her away for an evening. They’d made tentative plans to see one another again, but he was utterly unawares that she’d already left without a goodbye. He gestured that Attis could t
  9. Horatia’s eyebrows rose and she studied her husband. “Do you think she’d even be considered?” Aulus was held in high regard as was her own family, but the imperials? Really? “I love her, of course, and think she’d make an excellent wife but I’m sure they have others they’re considering.” She sighed and tucked a loose strand of auburn hair behind her ear. She narrowed her eyes and leant back in her own chair. “I know my friend Atia has a son, I think eighteen or twenty or so. Secundus Lutatius Caletus‘ boy? But Calpurnia,” She sighed a little, “Is a gentle soul. Quiet, like me, she might e
  10. "Oh and I'm quite sure you were." She retorted back with an arched eyebrow and then, without warning, launched the coins back at him and into his lap. "And if you don't take some I'm not taking some! We're both the owners of this gold, so we should divide it equally when the time comes." She narrowed her eyes on him and crossed her arms across her chest, signalling that she wouldn't be moved. She blinked, however, at his odd little comment and frowned with a quizzical look at him. "Why...why do you say that?" She arched a brow, "I'm happy now." She nudged him again, "What more could I gi
  11. Longinus chortled. "Not unless you want to make a name for yourself as a creep that peeps at people sleeping, no, I don't want you to spy." He moved his legs to rest on a table (that was probably too expensive to be used as a footstool) and stifled a yawn. He was a naturally very early riser, requiring little to no sleep before he was ready for his day. His mother had always chided him that one day he'd crash and burn, but he'd gone thirty-six years like this thus far with limited ill effects. "Am I not allowed to ask for conversation?" He quirked his eyebrow with a smug grin, "Have you
  12. "Then you should suggest, I'd be happy to organise." She said with an affirmative nod, already half thinking of entertainment and menus. She sometimes grew a little morose that her intellect and passions were wasted on planning dinners and parties, but she didn't say anything on it. It was her lot in life, as Aulus' was in politics. "I'm not sure how it works, the process of it, I mean." She smiled back, "I was so young when Publius and Lucius got theirs, I barely remember it." She chuckled, "I've also not been thinking about it because I refuse to dwell on the fact I'm so old I have a ne
  13. "Good!" She said with a grin, "After we're finished here I'll take you home, nobody'll be in at this time and you can see where the other half of Rome's population live, and that way, when you have good news, you'll know where I live and can come and visit." She wondered if he'd be horrified. Even as a slave, he lived in a fancy house. She lived in a squat, upper story apartment with her whole family. She could just imagine the nobles wrinkling their noses at the thought of the 'squalor'. She tried to keep it as neat and tidy as she could, but it was bound not to live up to the standards of th
  14. She arched a brow; "Do you think he'd want to come here for a dinner?" She'd happily throw a private dinner, it would certainly be easier to organise than some of the parties they no doubt would have to throw in Aulus' campaign for Consulship, but she queried whether a man such as Quintus would enjoy the comparably simple home of his friend and his wife, when compared to the palace. "I suppose I haven't spoken to him in some years, although I do recall from back in Greece he was a man of refinement. I don't wish to offend him if our house isn't up to par." She chuckled. It was a beautiful home
  15. "Ever the smart one, Rufus." She chuckled and took the pallium as he unwrapped himself from it, decanting handfuls and handfuls of the coins into it. There were too many for her to even consider counting. But she shook her head at his suggestion. "Nope. No, if you won't, then I won't. Besides," She sat back on her heels, "If there's ever an emergency I know where to come for some gold. I mean it looks like it's been buried for at least a decade, and nobody comes in here and thinks to link under the floor. I'm sure it'll still be here in another decade." She offered a slight smile and gla
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