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  1. Sara

    Now What?

    Didia chuckled and nodded; "A man of simple pleasures, I admire that." She supposed it must have been bloody odd though; to go from slave to staying in one of the big houses to living somewhere like here. She was very much content with her little corner of the world in the insulae, never holding dreams for much more. A big house was surely just a pain to keep clean? But his intrigue didn't go unnoticed and she retorted, amused; "Not much of a marriage it'd be if I still live with my parents and siblings, hm?" She laughed and shook her head as she swept, "No. I'm not, I was but sadly it didn't last." It wasn't that sad - her ex-husband was fine but no great love. Not that she necessarily thought such things existed. The upper classes didn't marry for love because they needed alliances, and the lower classes didn't because it didn't make good business sense. Everybody lost! "And why do you ask?" She grinned and leant her chin on her broom, peering up at him. "Are you offering?" Her wry little smirk widened into a grin and she called out - loud enough for some of her neighbours to hear; "I can't believe I'm going to marry again! You charmer you! Of course I accept your proposal!" She heard a door open so somebody could listen in. She couldn't contain herself though and let out a loud laugh, nudging him with the broom; "A word of advice - never say such a thing to a woman, you might meet one stupider than me who actually thinks you're proposing." TAG: @Atrice
  2. Didia nodded and moved to fetch a cheaply woven basket in which to place the produce. Plebs were expected to carry their own but for the more discerning customer her Pater had insisted they carry bags and baskets of their own. She loaded up the limes and lemons as she listened to the woman and nodded her head with a soft smile. At least, the smile was on her face until she mentioned the word Venus and it fell into a frown. "Venus?" She inquired gently before it dawned on her. You absolute bloody idiot, Didia. "Oh! The Domus Venus, mistress?" What other Venus could it be? Not that she knew much about the place at all, besides the fact that it was full of the most beautiful whores money could buy - which, if you asked Didia - was a sincere waste of coin. A hole was a hole, no matter what kind of pretty face and body it came attached to. But then, perhaps she was more of a pessimist than she realised. Finished putting the lemons and limes into the basket, she started to arrange the peaches atop of them - counting as she did and trying to keep her head down so the woman couldn't see the flush on her cheeks at the discussion of a brothel. She wasn't a prude, nor was she naive, but she certainly hadn't ever imagined meeting the owner of the most well-renowned brothel today. "It depends whereabouts she lives, mistress, for the right price we can make the trip." She neglected to say it would cost an arm and a leg, but then again - it was likely small change to somebody like her. Having stacked up the items she scribbled down onto a wax tablet her own rudimentary markings to remind her father and herself later, of the arrangement for the peach delivery at the Venus. Appius would be delighted to visit on their rounds, she was sure of it. Her blush deepened. "For the weekly delivery I'm afraid you'll have to remind me where your place of business is, mistress, I can't say I've visited before." She grinned impishly and arched a brow. TAG: @Anna
  3. "Bretta." She repeated the name with a soft smile on her lips but understood the intention behind his words and felt a pit of guilt in her stomach. She knew why siblings, when slaves, couldn't see one another. She just hoped that sweet Rufus' sister was somewhere good; the alternative wasn't worth thinking about. Didia also resolved to keep an ear to the ground about a Bretta with red hair and green eyes. She saw all sorts in her line of works and delivered to the houses of the high and noble as well as an assortment of popina's and not to mention where she lived. She really did see every side to Rome. She laughed a genuine laugh, but shook her head at the offer of more wine. "Oh no, I don't want to be stumbling drunk when we try and get the cart home before the daily restriction." She chuckled and shook her head, "And it's just Lucius that's the idiot really. I never understood the phrase waste of good air until I grew older and realised that's exactly what my lovely eldest brother is." She rolled her eyes, and only hoped that the man wasn't planning on coming home any time soon to rifle through their belongings in search of money to pay this debt or that, or to dump another child on them. She heard a whistle through the bustle of the kitchen and glanced around to see her youngest brother blinking at the two of them, sleep still in his eyes. Poor sod. "I should go." She said with a faux pout but reached out to squeeze Rufus' hand in a good natured way. "But next ides? For the abandoned house tour?" She asked excited as she stood and dusted down her tunica. "Don't forget to ask your dominus, you know I'll be back in three days for the next delivery and'll demand an answer." She chuckled and ignored Appius' sullen and pointed coughing to try and get her to leave. TAG: @Sharpie Nearly wrapped?
  4. Charis grinned, "An Aunt indeed. Which means you have to teach the little one all about fighting and how to be a good person." And be there for them, if I am not. She added mentally in her head but brushed the thought aside. She was trying not to think of the birth; that was an obstacle she'd face when the time came. "I promise, I promise I won't." She shook her head and then wrapped her arms around her friend in a spontaneous hug, speaking into the blonde woman's neck. "I love you too, you are my sister." If she'd had a sister like Cynane growing up then she doubted she would have ended up in the mess she now found herself in. She swallowed and reached dow to squeeze her hand as she withdrew from the hug; "I...I want you there at the birth as well, if you want to be - of course. I...I asked my domine." TAG: @Atrice
  5. Charis chuckled and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, "No...No I don't suppose they would have." she winced a little. Those girls that did fall into bed with a Roman or two were roundly ostracised, at least in her corner of the province. Ostracised if not killed. She remembered vividly the burial of a woman who had fallen with child of some legionary or other; she had been one of three attendees. She swallowed, trying to blink away the memory. She inclined her head at his compliment and shrugged thin shoulders, "It is nothing really. There is somebody for everybody, you can trust me on that." Of course in her case that somebody had been and gone from her life. She tried not to think of him. Immin was in the past, and her future was now and flourishing within her. Thinking of which, the sun was just about to dip below the horizon and great shadows loomed in the gardens. She glanced between the man and the entrance a little past her left shoulder. "I...should leave sir," She offered an apologetic smile, "My dominus does not allo-" She stopped herself, "Like me out after dark." TAG: @Echo Wrap?
  6. Charis nodded. She wouldn't have to worry about the name, that was evidently not her domain. It made sense, even if it stung a bit. She couldn't even choose her own name of course, so no wonder she couldn't choose her childs. It didn't stop her from imagining what she'd call the little child in private though. If it were a boy Andagin for her grandfather, and if it were a girl (not that she thought it was) Letinie. They would be her private names, just for her and the child. But she was lost in her thoughts and merely nodded, trying to look as if she were paying attention when he suggested she spoke to Rhoda (presumably about the midwife?). "Yes domine, I will speak with her." "I..." She swallowed, "I was hoping my friend Cynane could be there, domine." She said after some hesitation. It had been months since she had thought of her, seen her. She had tried to shut it out of her mind, but their friendship had been a rock keeping her grounded her and if she was to go into the childbed with all of its associated peril, she wanted her friend there when she did. "She is a slave at the Imperial Palace, to a Princess." She fidgeted nervously with the nuts in her hand and nibbled one before she realised she was too nervous to have any more. "I have not seen her for..." Since before you locked me up, "For many months of course but she was, is, a good woman." He liked her to be honest, she reminded herself and she sighed. "I...I just don't wish to do it alone domine and if I..." She swallowed the lump stuck in her throat, "If I am to get ill or...or worse, then I should like somebody of my heritage there with me for comfort. I...don't wish to be alone." TAG: @Atrice
  7. Relieved that the conversation had detoured, Charis breathed a sigh of relief (that looked to be shared by Aia now she was aware the child wasn't about to be born here in the marketplace). "Pretty good?" She queried with an impish smile and an arched brow. Something in the woman's manner was intriguing, but she'd figure it out eventually. "No...not yet. But my sister," She smiled broadly and truthfully, "She's a slave in another Senators house in Rome and my dominus is going to allow me to see her tomorrow." She couldn't wait, and yet every time she thought of it she had that same uncomfortable sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. What if Nymphias was different? Hurt? Maimed? She swallowed and shook her head, trying not to dwell on it. "A-and what have you been doing? To get used to living as a Roman woman?" She gently pried, a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. TAG: @Chevi
  8. Zia watched him, eyes narrowed like a hawk and surveying the way his hands trembled lightly and his eyes flitted across the words. She was literate, as much as she could be anyway, but the letter made little sense to her or her father-in-law. Judging by his reaction, it made little sense to her husband too. She snatched back the letter and tucked it in the small pouch at her hip. "I..." She snapped her jaw shut and frowned. No. She didn't know what a publicanus was. Or, she thought she did but judging by his reaction perhaps she was mistaken. "Is it not the Governor?" She frowned at him and kept her hands softly stroking Luto's mop of curls. No, Zia, it wasn't. The poor woman had confused Publicanus with Propraetor (it was not her fault Latin is a foolish language where everything sounds the same). Cotelas hadn't been much better than her, flapping about the place swearing blind and informing them all it was too soon for a visit from the Governor - that she should have been with child, a half-Roman child, before such a thing happened. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from snapping at Titus - panic slowly receding in her blood but being quickly replaced by humiliation. "I assume it is not." She muttered tersely and then removed her hands from her son to fold her arms across her chest. "It matters not," She said dismissively and shrugged, "The chief is nonetheless displeased with you." TAG: @Liv
  9. Vibia grinned against Aurelia's kiss and moved to tangle a hand through her hair, hoping that this would be the last of the game. She only had so many false secrets, after all. Unfortunately for both of them (given what Aurelia was paying for an afternoon of her company, Vibia estimated she really wasn't getting her money's worth), the older woman pulled back. Vibia arched a brow, moving her fingers to stroke softly over her cheek - feigning interest; "Oh? New rules?" She grinned and offered a girlish giggle, as if this was the most entertaining thing she'd heard all day. It was an interesting proposition, she'd give Aurelia that. She sold secrets on her clientele to no fewer than three people; her handler at the Collegium, Titus Aspanius Lupus and Titus Cornasidius Sabinus - although mercifully the latter hadn't been around in a while. But Aurelia was different; better in character than the others but ultimately - she suspected - far less discrete. Even with the Titi she felt they understand what could and could not be said, and wouldn't repeat it. Aurelia's loose lips held no such caution. Impishly, she wriggled under the woman and allowed her fingers to be kissed. "Oh you must try much harder sweet Aurelia." She chided lightly, "If you think my secrets so easily bought - I'd have no clients at all." Half of the depraved things she'd done in her time in the Venus were to married men whose careers were most definitely going to be ruined if said secrets ever got out. She continued to stroke at Aurelia's cheeks, every now and again brushing strands of hair behind the other woman's ear. "You wouldn't want me to risk losing my job, would you? I'd end up on the streets if I told and somebody found out, and what sort of place is the streets for somebody like me, hmm?" TAG: @Beauty
  10. SARA Charis - HERE Didia Nonia - HERE Horatia Justina - HERE Lucius Cassius Longinus - HERE Vibia - HERE Zia - HERE
  11. Sara

    Now What?

    Didia looked embarrassed for a brief moment (she hadn't expected him to be quite so blunt about it!) but then shrugged; "Either that or I would be killed in the first fight I had. Look at me," She scoffed with a goodnatured grin, "I'm hardly going to me much cop compared with the Amazons they have in the arena." An equite household? Her interest was piqued but she supposed it made sense, if he was a bodyguard or trainer or whatever he suggested he was. Still - to live somewhere so fancy was intriguing. "Was it very fabulous there?" She asked, amused. She considered that something must have gone wrong for him to now be slumming it somewhere like here, but chose not to pry. She was friendly and neighbourly and enjoyed the gossip of the insulae but knew where boundaries should lay. "Don't let my pater or any of the others hear you say that!" She said with amusement and resumed her sweeping, "He'll never find me another husband if everybody thinks I'm a strong willed woman." She tutted but meant it in jest. In truth, she could take or leave getting married again anytime soon. She supposed her father must have felt the same as he hadn't made any enquiries as far as she was aware. Then again, the situation had changed somewhat since the last time she got married; he now needed more help with the business and with Lucius off...doing what he did, Publius slacking and Suetonia in her contented little bubble with her husband it fell to herself and Appius to pick up the slack. Which, of course, meant that to marry her off meant losing support he desperately needed. She was about to re-cover the topic and enquire as to whether that was a mistress of his household, a wife, but decided against it. Judging from his fairly indiscrete looks at her (she was not that oblivious) there either was a woman which he didn't care to mention, or there wasn't and it was none of her business. TAG: @Atrice
  12. Charis smiled, relieved he hadn't taken her details as too much. "Thank you, think of me in September - that's when the scary part will be!" She was trying very, very, very hard not to think of what could go wrong at the birth. She was focusing on the little niggles of pain and the discomfort she was experiencing now, not the world-tearing pain that the birth apparently was, and all the associated risks to herself as well... But her answer surprised him and she arched a brow. He was polite, well-mannered - even to a slave whom he had no need to be, and handsome. But his explanation made sense and she nodded; "Of course, that makes sense...I suppose there's not many women of marriageable virtue in Britannia...unless, of course, you chose a local girl." And she knew exactly how that would go down within various tribes...aka, not well. She also didn't know, of course, that soldiers couldn't marry even should they wish to without dispensation (a practice which seemed odd and barbaric to her). She smiled up at him, the pain and stiffness in her back easing; "Well then just as you hope the Gods bless me, I hope they bless you too and the perfect woman stumbles into your life sir." TAG: @Echo
  13. Charis returned Cynane's squeeze of her hand and nodded as she affirmed she wasn't angry at her. It didn't help assuage her guilt much though. "No, no I won't get in trouble for it," She tried to explain although she must have sounded as unconvinced as she felt, "I...I'll tell him that I came across you here - he'll be pleased that I admitted it honestly, I'm sure, a-and I'll ask him if I can visit the markets with you - or the baths. You're a Princesses bodyguard, I-I'm sure he'll understand and be pleased that I'm asking permission." she swallowed the lump in her throat. She really had no idea what Tertius would say to the suggestion. She sighed and wiped her eyes again with the back of her hand, pulling her gaze away from Cynane to stare out into the distance. "It won't always be like this, I promise and when the baby comes, when the baby is freed I will do what I want and I won't care, he can't take it back and just think - we can go for honey cakes and wine in the gardens all afternoon long and I can say that the baby needed fresh air. You will be the best aunt to the baby, Cynane." She said and nudged the woman lightly - trying to feign a smile. She didn't even know if her friend liked children, let alone wished to be considered an aunt but the terminology was used much more loosely in Britannia than here and when she was growing up she had six or seven aunts and uncles who were mere friends of her parents, rather than kin by blood. TAG: @Atrice
  14. Didia shrugged and offered a light smile; "It's nothing - I just need to show a provincial boy some proper Roman culture, that's all." Her grin widened. Rufus was neither provincial, nor uncultured she imagined (what did rich men do all day besides indulge in culture with their body slaves in tow?) but it amused her to tease him. "What about the next ides? I can ask my pater to get Appius to do deliveries solo and for Publius to cover the stall. Layabout has been too happy in his content little bubble with his wife, it'd do him some good to work hard for a change." She loved her middle brother as much as Appius, but the man didn't have any sense of urgency or really cared about much at present besides his happy little family. "Though to give him his credit, he's better than bloody Lucius." She added the latter as a mutter and deeply wished she'd brought her own wine. Her eldest sibling was a constant source of anxiety and irritation to her, and his mere name meant she wished to settle her nerves. She glanced at him with a frown, a thought occurring to her; "I don't remember if you said whether you had any siblings yourself?" TAG: @Sharpie
  15. Sara

    Coming home

    Longinus grumbled and narrowed his eyes in thought. He would usually have laughed about his mothers tendencies to overbear but he didn't feel a whit of humour now. "I'm not convinced she has any sense at all. My father balanced her out, now he's long gone all she has to focus her energies on is me." He shrugged. It would be different if he had any siblings; she could concentrate her attentions on a brother or a sister and leave him well enough alone to get on with being pater familias but as it was, she liked to interject at every corner of his live. At Attis' interruption he dragged his eyes to his body slave and murmured a sarcastic; "What a diligent slave you are." But made no move to leave the pool. Neither titus nor Attis deserved to be on the receiving end of his foul mood, but he couldn't help himself. Relucntantly though he dragged himself out and moved to sit on the bench next to Titus - waving a flippant hand at his body slave to get on with whatever he was planning to do. He had to admit his muscles ached, but he'd admit it only to himself. His jaw set in irritation and he was silent for another few long minutes, seething and contemplating; although he was largely seething at himself. When he did speak, it was directed at neither of them in particular. "I don't know how I'm going to show my face in Rome. Either I'm going to be the subject of much amusement or derision, or I'll get a dozen or so pity invites to dinner with smug married couples all petting my shoulder and murmuring there's somebody out there for everyone whilst trying to set me up with their hideous, irritating niece or daughter." He clicked his fingers for wine, which was almost instantly in his hand and he sipped it deeply. Gods above he needed to get out of this mood. TAG: @Liv @Sharpie
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