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  1. She shook her head, "Some temples but not many - not like in Rome. I lived near the woods, trees are important to us...so when I want to speak to them." She blushed a little, did this sound ridiculous to him? "I'd go out alone and pray and make an offering, but we had standing stones and our tribal leaders would visit druids if we needed something important." Did any of what she said make sense to him? She doubted it, and it baffled her. Her way of respecting her Gods seemed so...natural. Whereas in Rome everything was so closeted, so stuffy. How could you talk to your Gods if you were encased in a great stone building? Still, she said no more on it not wishing to raise his ire by pointing out their differences. Relieved that they were not heading to the slave market she only bobbed her head in silent acknowledgement that she was 'doing better'. By shutting up and staying out of the way largely. But she couldn't help the disappointment on her face at his assertion that they'd be staying in Rome. She suspected as much but she was itching to see what lay beyond. The journey here was a hazy memory to her - she had been ill after the miscarriage for some weeks and had wound up in the city so tired and confused she could remember almost nothing of the weeks spent travelling across Gaul. Quietly, she asked; "But we can leave Rome one day, domine?" There was a little hope in her voice. He really had no idea how important it was to her to get out of the business of the city, did he? But his mention of the gardens made her blush and she dropped her face, biting her lip. Shit Erea! Why did you have to remind him of that! He seemed to be enjoying toying with her, and she resolutely shook her head but her voice was quiet; "No. No...Not that one," She winced and glanced to the side as people made their way around the stopped slave and master. "But I heard from others that Gardens of Sallust is nice?" You liar, you were there two days ago..."Do you know it, domine?" She asked innocently enough, not realising that was where he had met his liaison all those months prior. TAG: @Atrice
  2. Charis watched the unfolding scene with an impending feeling of dread. Definitely not a slave then. She thought to herself at the woman's outburst - sometimes the plebeians of Rome, she'd noticed, could be the cruelest of all to those enslaved. She supposed it was something to do with the fine line between their classes. She winced at the poor mans expense as the woman chided him but knew it was useless trying to intervene. She'd already been scolded (and worse) in her only other visit to the gardens of Rome and she was determined not to make a nuisance of herself this time. However, her bystander position didn't last long as the imposing figure of the other slave strode by her. She caught his words with a frown and glanced between him and the children, calling out to him before he could get too far out of earshot; "I be alright, I don't make habit of running into free children." She offered as a joke with a sly smile. Wincing at her remark, realising he might not take it in the jesting way she intended she hurriedly stood and took a couple of paces towards him. "Sorry, she should not have scream at you." She said in her accented Latin, with an open face and apologetic eyes. It seemed in Rome a slave couldn't turn anywhere without either being ignored completely or scolded. She didn't know which was worse. Glancing up through the canopy of the tree to the white hot sun beating down she jerked her head to the bench, "It's hot, take some shade - show her you don't have to leave." There was a mischievous glint in her eye. It was surely not disrespectful to simply sit in a garden, and the girl was a little way off, back up and playing her game again - absolutely fine. TAG: @Atrice
  3. Charis listened to his list of activities with boredom although she didn't show it. Rome all looked the same to her; enormous great buildings, bright colours and a dizzying amount of people. She wasn't sure the Porticus Liviae or one of his temples was going to change it. But then he asked a question and she glanced up, a little surprised he was taking any interest in her. "Yes, but my Gods similar to yours I think." She replied with a little shrug. She'd taken the time to learn a little bit about them from the lararium in the domus, but didn't find them particularly interesting. "Mine just like nature more than yours." She smiled a little, soothed at the thought of praying in the open air, even if the garden at the domus was having to suffice for now. His joke - at least she hoped it was a joke - caught her off guard and she blinked for a moment before looking up at his face and seeing his smile, grinned herself. She'd rarely seen him in a mood as good as this and she wasn't going to sour it. Instead, she continued with playfulness of her own; "You might be buying me nice clothes to get good price, you're taking me to market to sell probably." She rolled her eyes, jesting. From what she gathered she should appreciate how lucky she was; a chalk-foot slave with no discernible skills and a poor grasp of Latin (initially) to wind up as a house slave. She understood most of her contemporaries in the cages at the slave market had been sent to the mines, ludus' and the pretty women to the brothels. The Gods must have been smiling on her the day they brought Tertius into her life, no matter her present feelings for him. It could be much, much worse after all. Still with a light smile on her face and feeling more relaxed, she drew to a stop in one of the quieter streets. He wanted her to enjoy the day and so she chanced; "Domine, can we...not go to temple?" She winced, hoping he wouldn't take offence. He had asked her to enjoy herself! "I...would like to see quieter areas, country, nature, green. If you will it, of course." She added the latter for good measure. TAG: @Atrice
  4. Charis glanced up at him at the hand on the small of her back but did as she was bidden and moved away from the trader into the throng of people in the market. As they reached the quiet she smiled mischievously as he spoke and let out a little laugh; “Mhmm. What most are like with slaves, until their dominus stands up for them.” She shrugged to herself and kept her eyes off him but there was unspoken thanks in her voice. She wasn’t sure if he had been so protective out of a genuine concern for her, or a maligned irritation that he should be the only man that spoke down to his slave. Either way, she was still grateful. Was she hungry? Not particularly. She’s never had much of an appetite, hence her very slim frame, and especially with the over-seasoned Roman food. “Not very hungry domine.” She admitted, but added, “But people talk of little shops that sells food which I never visited so...” She shrugged, “And I like honey cakes.” She had Cynane to thank for that, she remembered with a grin. She was about to offer to fetch him food but decided against it. He asked her to relax and if he wanted an attentive, diligent slave, he should have brought Hector with him. Instead, she grinned up at him; “But to take our minds of it...I have more question.” She hadn’t forgotten he’d given her license to interrogate him. “First,” She arched a brow to herself not looking at him, “What else do you want to do this afternoon domine?” TAG: @Atrice
  5. Charis glanced at him as he agreed, pleased. "Yes domine, I won't wear it until you say I can." She still didn't quite understand its point - if she couldn't wear it to work in, and it wasn't as if she attended social occasions that would call for such a fine dress. Still - it wasn't in her to argue with him over the practicalities of it; it was making him happy to gift it to her and she most definitely didn't want him in a sour mood. The man only nodded and clicked his fingers at the slaveboy who immediately grabbed a piece of string and pulled at her hand to guide her around so he could measure her. She laughed a little at the sensation as the boy wrapped it around her waist and knotted the string to know her measurement. She glanced to the tradesman and Tertius as the former asked; "And whose domus may I bring it to, sir? Your name?" The boy smiled mutely at her as he stretched another piece to measure from her shoulder to her feet and knotted it. The tradesman glanced over with a grin; "And it'll be a good price sir, for a slip of a girl like her." Charis only glowered back and once the slaveboy had finished and scurried back to begin to cut the fabric, she stepped back to rejoin Tertius. Glancing up at him again she offered a sweet, dimpled smile; "Thank you domine, I like it very much." Well, this had been not altogether unpleasant...And Gods, the afternoon had only just begun, what else did he have in store for her? TAG: @Atrice
  6. Charis visibly jumped as the man snapped at her and she blinked at him. She had come to be used to the brusque manner with which the free treated slaves in Rome, but she'd certainly never experienced it with her domine so close by. She was about to protest when said dominus did so on her behalf. She glanced at his hand on her shoulder and swallowed. It was odd - he was acting almost...protectively. Then again, she supposed she shouldn't read too much into it, he could well have been just protecting a financial asset. But there was something in the way he touched her and spoke than made her glance up at his face, a little perplexed by this sudden show of concern. She looked away from him quickly and saw the mans eyes widen and a flush colour his cheeks. "M-my sincere apologies sir," She saw the lump in his throat and couldn't help the little smirk on her lips. Good! Let him get his comeuppance! "I...just have to be careful, some slaves are not as...well trained as yours, I've had fabric taken from right under my nose!" He tried to laugh and pass off the exchange as a joke but the atmosphere was tense and Charis only rolled her eyes silently. "Of course, of course I'd be honoured by your custom sir - boy!" The man gestured to a slave stood a little way off who Charis imagined couldn't be older than twelve or so, "Fetch some more from the back - blues and pinks," He glanced at Charis dismissively before looking back at Tertius, "To suit her colouring." After some moments whilst the slaveboy struggled with a load of fabrics which he deposited in front of Charis and her dominus, the man stood back and allowed them to inspect them in silence. Charis glanced between them and looked up to Tertius as if asking for permission to touch them. Letting her fingers run over the material - far nicer than the wool she wore, she smiled to herself. She had never been one for fashions but the fabrics were beautiful. Her fingers hesitated over a pale blue piece in linen with white bands around the edges. She glanced up at Tertius again with a little grin, "It's pretty domine." She knew it wasn't really her decision though, of course, like everything else. "It's a good price as well," The man interrupted, "Or how about a yellow?" Without asking the man held up a strip of gaudy yellow fabric to Charis' face to show her dominus. TAG: @Atrice
  7. Lucius Cassius Longinus 29 | 21st February 45CE | Senatore | Military man/politician | Bisexual | Canon | Michiel Huisman Personality. Lucius is a man of many facets; demanding of his men and himself, yet amiable and good natured with his friends. He has almost none of the ruthless ambition of his contemporaries and is a poor political strategist, far preferring the cut and dry world of the military than the strategies of the senate. That's not to say he's not driven - he sees himself, in his future, as a consul but for now he prefers to enjoy his life and the challenges of his position rather than manipulate and scheme at every turn. He holds himself to high standards and requires the same of his family, slaves and men but he is not above boy-ish horseplay and can often be found, now he's returned to Rome, at the Venus or drinking with friends in taverns. Whilst generally he has an even temperament, he has been known to be reckless with money, investing in schemes which fail or gifting sums to those who in practice, are abusing his good will and his fortunes have suffered because of it. Lucius is an inherently active man and can't stand being idle. In practice this means he's up before dawn most days and either exercising or trying to find something to occupy his mind (much to his slave's irritation as he often gets in the way). He is easily bored and finds Rome dull. He has recently taken an interest in the games and races as a way to amuse himself and sate his need for violence now he has returned to civilian life. Appearance Lucius is tall and fit due to a life largely spent in the legions. He is tanned after years on the road and outside and has grown lax about his grooming - preferring to keep his dark hair longer than is usual for good Roman men. In truth, it's simply because he hasn't a care to spend time on things he deems unimportant. He is currently wearing a mourning beard after the loss of his wife, but even in happier times he could routinely be found with short stubble - again through a lack of desire to 'waste his time' on his own presentation. He is a handsome man but doesn't see it himself, and now he has finished his second stint as a tribune and is back to civilian life, dresses simply and plainly - rarely wearing the toga with that bright purple strip that he knows is his by right to don. Family Father: Lucius Cassius Longinus Major Mother: Livia Vicana (20 - 68CE, deceased) Siblings: N/A Spouse: Antonia Nennia (50 - 74CE, deceased) Children: Legitimate: Cassia Antonilla (born 71CE) Illegitimate: Pelias (born 61CE, by his mothers body slave Niobe) Extended family: Paternal Uncles: Gaius Cassius Longinus (deceased) Paternal cousins: Cassia Longina (born 44CE) Lepidus Cassius Longinus (born 55CE) Wife's family: Gaius Antonius Nennius (father in law, born 20CE) Livia Sabina (mother in law, born 24CE) Publius Antonius Nennius (brother in law, born 47CE) Tiberius Antonius Nennius (nephew, born 65CE) Antonia Livia (nice, born 70CE) Other: N/A History FULL HISTORY TBD Sara | GMT | Discord - Sara#2296
  8. Lucius Cassius Longinus please! Though it might take me a while to get my head around app-ing him!
  9. Surprised that he asked her approval, she nodded and offered a slight smile. "I'd like to see it, I never heard of it." Then again, she'd never heard of most places in Rome. She'd been in the city for six months or so now but in that time she'd seen the grand total of; two sets of public gardens, three different baths, the domus and the market. Everybody continued to tell her how beautiful and magnificent Rome was, and whilst she didn't disagree considering it was incomparable to almost everything in her homeland, she really had no sense of its grandeur at all. She couldn't help but laugh a little at his own question back at her though and shrugged lightly - feeling relaxed. "Doesn't every slave want to buy their freedom?" She challenged back, letting silence fall for a beat before shaking her head and continuing; "But no...I just...interested." It was true, although she imagined he wouldn't believe her. But she knew that given the peculium Tertius doled out, she'd never be able to afford to buy her freedom - at least not in his lifetime. No, she'd learned that the only way to gain freedom was buy his hand, although she hadn't quite figured out the all important bit of how she was going to coax him into giving it to her. "I never thought I would have price so was just interested as to what it was. But, I glad you don't regret it domine." She smiled. She genuinely was; it meant he was passed his anger over her interaction with Helios if nothing else. But their conversation came to a natural lull as they entered the market area. Looking up as they drew near to a stall, Charis' eyes widened. The man - presumably the trader - was busy helping other customers and it allowed the young Briton a chance to examine his wares alone for a few moments. She had never seen such colours! And fabrics! Without hesitation she moved to run her fingers over a beautiful blue fabric, the colour of the ocean and soft like she had never felt, with neat embroidered darker blue squares adorning the edges. Evidently the stall holder who had now finished his business failed to equate Tertius with Charis and presumed her there on her mistresses errand. He snapped at her, pulling the fabric back from her fingers, making her jump; "Don't touch what you can't afford girl! How much did your domina give you to spend?" TAG: @Atrice
  10. "Not skilled," She laughed, "I just like lots of things. I swear I'm paranoid I'm going to wake up one morning and I'll have accidentally ruined the gardens or poisoned the flowers." It had been a steep learning curve for her and thus far she'd managed an admirable job, but she knew there was little room for error. She smiled as Cynane touched her hair, and finished dressing herself. Charis did likewise and tied the thin leather belt around her waist, securing the little coin purse to it. She cracked it open and was relieved to see the same number in there. The capsarii really didn't care about them it seemed! Her hair was still dripping wet, however, and she wrung it out as Cynane spoke. "Hm?" She asked, before realising what her friend had said. "Rhoda's sending me on a mission to the markets unfortunately," She sighed, "And she told me to hurry." She grinned, mischievously. They'd been dawdling and revelling in the pleasure of the baths for a little while and she imagined the little Greek woman would be more than a little irritated at her absence. "But," She continued as she nimbly plaited her hair into a simple braid - a task she'd done a thousand times over and required no concentration, "Now I'm allowed out again I will see you again sooner than six weeks, I promise." Satisfied that she was ready she moved to leave the baths with a reluctant sigh. "We should come here again next time, it's nice being a lady of leisure with you." She grinned. TAG: @Atrice I think we're nearly done!
  11. She arched a brow. Didn't get along very well? Well that was something to hold for later. Maybe she'd ask Teutus - given he'd been in the household for as long as he lived, surely he'd have a good sense of exactly what had happened without needing to pry from Tertius. She didn't want to push him too far, after all. She only said; "I am sorry for your loss, domine. And...I know family often complicated." She added with a tentative smile, "I did not get along with my brother, older brother, very well." She shrugged lightly. Her and Calpornus had often butted heads being the most forthright members of their family. Of course, now he was long since buried and dead she would give anything for another argument but...hopefully her little snippet of information comforted him that he wasn't alone. Not that she quite understood why she wanted to comfort him. As they continued to walk she narrowed her eyes, trying to think of a good question. She had about a hundred she wanted to ask, but many crossed the line into impertinence and he was finally treating her with a modicum of respect and she didn't wish to lose that by overstepping the boundaries of their relationship. After a while she grinned, satisfied with her question, "Here is question...two questions actually, I cannot decide between." She glanced up at him with a mischievous look in her eye before averting her face quickly. They were in public, after all. "First...what is your favourite place in Rome? And second," She laughed a little before speaking, "How much to buy me? Was I cheap slave?" The streets were busier now and she craned her neck a little to talk to him amongst the loudness and bustle. "I don't know how expensive slave are and," She shrugged her shoulders, "I...intrigued how much I worth." The first question was designed to flatter him, to make it appear she was interested in his passions - the second was for herself. She had no idea what the going rate was for a chalk-foot Briton was and for some reason, she just needed to hear it. TAG: @Atrice
  12. Erea smiled weakly, "Of course I forgive you, you stupid oaf." She tried to sound amused but it came out somewhat muted. She blamed her brother less than she blamed her husband, but the hurt at the deception and that they had both crossed her express wishes still stung deeply. It would take more than a few moments for it to disappear completely, but Turi didn't need to know that - not now. As he stood, she arched a brow up at him and took his hand - pulling herself to her feet, dusting down her serviceable dress. "Mhmm." She arched a brow at the sounds of Calpornus berating Immin, even if the latter had a good few years on the former their brothers forceful personality was rarely tempered. "No." She shook her head, "Let me speak to him." She smiled softly and squeezed her brothers hand. She knew exactly what she'd say to her new husband and it would be better for everybody if Turi and...well, the whole family wasn't around for it. "Send him over to the building site." She rolled her eyes and gestured with her head to the almost-finished hut that would be Erea and Immin's home, a little way apart from the forge. Leaning up on her tip toes she sighed and left a kiss on her brothers cheek. "Let's draw a line under this, hm?" She arched a brow - hopefully appearing firm that she didn't wish to discuss this any further. Moving back off of her toes she smiled gently and with a sigh, turned on her heel and strode over to the half-finished dwelling - pushing open the door and blinking into the darkness. Without thinking she found herself upturning the small wooden table that housed a few building implements, kicking the items as they fell. She felt anger rush through her like a river in a storm as she waited for her husband to join her. Immin would not forget the opinions of his wife any time soon, she'd make sure of that. @Polarity
  13. Charis listened to his description with genuine interest. From her own travels on the slave trail she hadn't found Gaul too different from her own home; cold, damp but gorgeous - even if she had been in no mood to appreciate the beauty at the time. "Twenty years..." She breathed almost in surprise. She really had no concept of how old he was, besides that he was older than her. But she knew she was twenty, twenty-one this month she thought and it was almost...odd to consider he'd lived two of her lives over. But as he mentioned his brother she arched a brow at him, adding after he was finished; "I did not know you had sibling, domine. Just brother?" It was odd that nobody had mentioned it, not even the other slaves. When he asked why she was interested she grinned and shrugged her shoulders, glancing up but not at his face. "I...just think it nice to know who I work for. I just know you as domine, nothing but that." She smiled. Not that knowing he didn't like Gaul was much, but it was more than she knew ten minutes ago. They continued to walk and the streets were getting busier as they drew away from the residential streets around the domus and closer to the markets, and she took half a step closer to him to keep from being jostled by the crowds. She'd never been out with him before, and didn't know what to expect but she hoped being in the company of a senator would mean there was less likelihood of being abjectly ignored by stallholders like she usually was due to her sex and status. Still, hoping to keep the conversation alive she glanced up at him with a mischievous grin, "Can I keep ask questions please domine?" TAG: @Atrice
  14. Charis slapped her friends arm as she called her domina, grinning. Gods could only imagine! Still, as she sat down Charis ran her fingers through the other woman long blonde hair pulling it apart and untangling knots with nimble skill. It felt like she'd been doing this for years as she began to section off the other woman's hair into three distinct braids from her forehead to keep the hair from her face. At Cynane's words, she laughed; "I know...I've seen some of their hairstyles when I've been in the market, Gods it looks ridiculous. How they tempt their husbands with great enormous helmets of hair on their heads I don't know..." The practical braids and twists of their homeland was much simpler and more practical. Arching a brow at the back of Cynane's head, a thought occurred to her; "Have you ever had to fight somebody? As a bodyguard for her?" She continued on, intricately twisting and braiding until she had three braids from the top of her friends head. She then began to twist the bottom of her hair. At Cynane's question she smiled and sighed; "Gods what would I do..." It was a difficult question and one she hadn't considered before. She worked as she thought before saying, after some quiet; "I'm not sure. There's lots of things...I always liked children, so maybe looking after some rich woman's child who's he doesn't care for." She laughed, "Or a midwife. My friend, at home, had me with her for her birth of her baby and it was magical..." If a little terrifying that women had to go through that. "But I like the gardens, it makes me happy. I feel useful and I'm outside in the sun." She smiled, satisfied. "Essentially, I think I'd be happy with anything but the kitchens or prostituting myself." She laughed. She drew the linen strip she used on her own hair from her belongings and satisfied she'd finished, tied Cynane's hair back. "There." She grinned. "Finished." TAG: @Atrice
  15. Pleased that he agreed, Charis grinned and resumed walking behind him her eyes focusing on his back as she ran through a list of questions she had been eager to ask since her arrival, but had had no opportunity. Not that she could ask the majority of them now, there was a fine line to be walked with Tertius Quinctilius Varus and she wasn't about to push him over the edge with a question that he considered rude. As he gestured for her to walk with him she arched a brow and increased her pace until she was next to, but almost a foot below, him. "Hmm." She narrowed her eyes as if deep in thought as she considered what to say. Glancing up at him her face relaxed into a gentle but genuine smile but she arched a mischievous brow; "What did you think of Gaul, domine? And when did you go?" She looked away again after speaking. Hopefully he wouldn't be too put out by her irreverent choice of questioning. But she decided to start slow with topics that had already been mentioned in passing (although by whom - Teutus? Rhoda? She couldn't remember). She hoped this conversation, and potentially the whole afternoon would allow him to see her as more than just a figure for his pleasure and his service, and she equally hoped it would give her a better understanding of the motivations of the man she now called her master. She didn't anticipate liking him any more, but to see him as more human would be nice...and useful. If she knew who he was, staying out of his bad books (and his bed) might be easier. And who knew, maybe he'd be intrigued enough to actually engage her on on her own history too? Fat chance of that, she mused... TAG: @Atrice
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