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  1. Charis heard Alexius talking to somebody but the bed was so warm and so comfortable she couldn't resist staying tangled in the sheets, curled like a cat lazing in the sun. She knew she had to leave soon but two more minutes couldn't hurt, could it? Even with their nighttime...activities, this was still some of the most sleep she'd had in months as Peregrinus was going through some sort of moody phase where he woke every hour on the hour, if not more frequently. Pulling her arm up to shield her eyes, she felt herself drift back to sleep. Not a deep, sound sleep, but a doze that lasted for
  2. Charis bit her lip, swallowing any unkind words about Teutus that she felt. Their relationship had been even more strained in recent months, ever since that morning at Alexius'. It wounded her deeply - whilst he had always been somewhat aloof and cold, she had nonetheless valued his friendship and now it had turned to ash and she couldn't see a way to mend it. She offered a slight, wavering smile as he made a comment on Peregrinus and then slowly shook her head; "Antonia, your sister, she is very sweet. Very young and..." Spoiled, "Confident, but very nice. Teutus..." She hesitated, tryi
  3. Charis blinked and shook her head, "I haven't tried. He has a...a basket," she tried to explain in Latin although she lacked the word for it at first, "Next to me so I can tend him if he needs it." She felt a ripple of pain shudder through her body at the thought this man knew more about rearing children than she did. Had she been at home, in Britannia with her family, her mother would have guided her through those first tentative, uneven steps as a new mother. As it was all she had was Rhoda and not having had any children of her own (or at least none that she discussed), Charis was loathed t
  4. Sosia nodded her head determinedly; "I insist." Besides, it made life much easier for them both - with the curtains now drawn around them nobody could peer in, nobody would know Cynane was with her or her accident. It was most certainly not something she should be doing; anybody genuine of her 'class' would find it peculiar and it would likely lead to further questions, and so by secluding her blonde guest within the litter she was not only being generous, she was protecting herself too. Although she'd have to explain it to her slaves, who would be more than a little curious. As she felt
  5. Zia felt a stab of pity in her heart. The poor idiot didn't even have a woman (or a man) to warm him. No brain, no partner and no money. If she were him she might've thrown herself into the Tibur weighed down by stones by now. "Well then," She said irritably with a sharp glance over her shoulder, "Think of what they'd do to your poor brother. All because of your idiocy." That there were two of them made her vaguely suppress a shudder. Perhaps their parents were siblings? To produce such air headed children? His reaction soothed her ego and made her smile that wicked, twisted smile that m
  6. Horatia nodded with a tight smile. She'd have hoped he would have enjoyed the offer, been flattered or wished to speak with his patrons familia, but judging by his words - aloof although carefully chosen - that might not be the case. "You would not deny it, but you would not enjoy it?" She summarised with a quirked brow and an intrigued look. He was a freeman, not somebody who had to fear her reproach, at least not in the way slaves did. That he was still reticent surprised her, and didn't quite equate to the man she had imagined when she had heard of his exploits and deeds in Britannia and in
  7. Charis didn't have time to reconsider her offer before Wulfric plucked up her squirming son and plopped him on his lap. Charis kept one hand hovering nervously just at the back of her son. The other slaves held him, as did Antonia and Tertius occasionally but she hadn't given him to a stranger before. Yet Peregrinus' giggles were a tonic for her and she gradually relaxed her stance, setting her hand back on her lap as Wulfric indulged him. "He likes mischief." Charis answered with a little smile of genuine pleasure. She laughed alongside her son at Wulfric's funny voice and smiled genuin
  8. Charis' giggles sounded throughout the garden, even as she attempted to smother her amusement. When was the last time she laughed like this? Not for a while, and it felt good, so good she couldn't quite settle herself until Wulfric began to speak again and she nodded vehemently. "I won't mention it, he wouldn't like it." She sobered at the thought, although her cheeks were still flushed from her laughter and her eyes still held a shine of amusement. "I..." She blinked at his question. Nobody had ever asked her that. She had grown up as the daughter of a blacksmith, unimportant and unrema
  9. A well shaped eyebrow quirked at his interjection but she said nothing. Her slaves were well behaved, obedient sorts by and large but that was not bred out of fear of punishment. For the most part she tried to be generous, kind. She had exacting standards but took no pleasure in corporal punishment, she could barely stomach the games let alone a whipping in her own home. She left that sort of thing to Aulus, when necessary. She sat still, watching him, listening as he answered her questions. The wind was blowing a gentle spring breeze through the Domus, catching the gauzy drapes of the w
  10. She was silently pleased at his respect. She'd learned you could never really be sure with British slaves; half were still wild, years after they came to Rome but others seemed to acclimatise well enough. What Aulus had seen in this one, enough to buy him off of his idiotic friend Longinus was - at that precise moment - beyond Horatia, but she'd ascertain it sooner rather than later. An as couldn't drop in this house without Horatia hearing about it. "It is Marius, isn't it?" She knew very well it was, but her voice was soft and pleasant. "And please tell me to speak slower, if you need.
  11. March, 76AD Horatia arched a brow at the slave stood before her. The girl was young, but sour-tempered and usually Horatia would have limited patience for such moods in her home, but for once she shared the girls surliness. "Did you see which one it was?" The domina asked the girl, who promptly replied with "The red-head one, domina. I don't know his name. The one who hangs around our quarters." Horatia rose her fingers to pinch the bridge of her nose in irritation and then promptly waved her hand, dismissing the girl who went back to her task. That her husband was Consul was a wonde
  12. Zia accepted a cup of...something pungent and alcoholic smelling from one of the slaves with a curt nod of thanks, and settled into a chair across from a fire. The winds were whipping up a storm and the draughts in this place were intolerable. She felt the chill in her bones and did her best not to let her teeth chatter as she listened to her cousins honeyed words. She tried to feign interest, she really did, but he lost her attention as he began speaking in allegories that were obvious enough that she suspected an infant would see through them. She was in no mood to be scolded or mocked in fa
  13. "Are all your Pro...Propraetors," she mangled the pronunciation, "Idiots enough to believe that and not investigate immediately?" She arched a brow at him with a tut and shook her head, flouncing out of the hall in a sweep of silk. But the sounds of his footsteps behind her stalled and she snapped her head around to glower at him. She wanted the flower, and she wanted sleep. She'd plot and scheme tomorrow, and right the idiotic wrongs Cothelas and this dolt in front of her had started. "Did this...Did this...what?" She stared, incredulous at his question and must have looked as slack-jaw
  14. "Maybe one day you will." She said with a tight, polite smile and added in her head; maybe one day you could take me. But she brushed the thought out of her mind as if she were brushing a crumb from her tunica. There was no need to think on it. The past few months, years now, had resolved her to the fact she might never see her homeland again. It stung her, wounded her deeply and she couldn't dwell on it. Why make herself more sad than she needed to be? Charis listened with patience, although occasionally shot a concerned glance down at her son who was wriggling about at their feet - now
  15. Charis


    Charis groaned and tossed her forearm over her eyes as Cynane spoke. She had never been a morning person, and being a mother and a slave - up throughout the night and at the crack of dawn to work, hadn't solved that. She heard Peregrinus grumble in the little cocoon she'd fashioned for him out of furs and the bag she'd brought with her in an attempt to stop him from rolling all over the place in the night. She cracked open one eye and squinted up at Cynane; "Good morning..." Her words drifted off with a yawn as she stretched out her arms and took up Peregrinus with a groan of effort, nestling
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