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  1. Charis


    Peregrinus was against her chest, tied to her with a piece of fabric wound over him and around her back, finishing with a knot at her waist. The six month old boy seemed unperturbed by it, and it had the benefit of keeping her hands free - something she sorely needed. In one hand she carried a rough woven sack filled with blankets and cloth for Peregrinus, and in another bag slung over her shoulder she carried a spare tunica for herself, what little food she'd been able to swipe and a wineskin filled with water. She was shrouded in a cloak, but besides that and the bags she carried and her son
  2. Zia was dumbstruck. Was this man an idiot? Or just a very good actor? "My employee." She confirmed in clipped, accented Latin. In other circumstances this would be laughable, but Zia found absolutely no humour in her business, business that would one day afford her and her son (and perhaps her husband if he made amends) their freedom. She arched a brow and folded slender arms across her chest, taking the time to look him up and down with the same fiendish look of a cat trying to take the measure of some potential prey. "It's a flower." She said, and offered no further explanation - her s
  3. Didia reached across to her husband - blinking after an awkward Io Saturnalia and left a soft kiss on his lips and then on his forehead as Rufus spoke to diffuse the minimal tension in the room. That Theo was a good man, an honourable one had made him a perfect choice for a husband. The fact that he was so easy going only made it better. She glanced across to Rufus as he offered Theo a kiss, and she couldn't help herself and let out a peal of laughter - raising her hand to cover her face as it settled into giggles that shook her shoulder. The fact that she was just as easy going as Theo
  4. Sosia - blinded by panic and feeling an utter fool - didn't catch on to the mention of a Princess. She was merely focused on Cynane, her face, her refusal of help. She felt like she could cry but managed to hold it together - just. But then the tension broke and Cynane offered another solution. Sosia nodded frantically, "Yes, yes of course. You can have anything - we have my clothes or the slaves have some - and my husbands breeches for when he goes to colder climates." She nodded, as if trying to convince herself that everything was fine. She reached out instinctively to take the other
  5. Charis, forgetting herself, did as she was bidden and wrapped her legs around his hips. The sensation was unlike anything she'd experienced before. Her husband had never given her pleasure - a fact Tertius seemed to revel in when he had those few times he'd made an effort, but even then the sense of guilt and shame that she'd enjoyed it had overridden any sense of ecstasy. With Alexius, it was uncomplicated and it took her breath away. When he entered her she couldn't help herself and arched up against him, a moan breaking from her lips as she buried her face in the curve of his neck. Sh
  6. "You don't let your slaves celebrate or you don't celebrate with them?" He could understand the latter - he had no desire to see his slaves drunk on his own wine and giddy with the prospect of a few nights off, but he didn't prevent them from actually partaking in the festival. That would be cruel, and ill-advised. Atratinus was about to remark that there were more interesting things for entertainment than a bored Senator playing dice, but stayed his tongue. You never knew with plebeians and he supposed it would be unkind to suggest he find more interesting hobbies; girls, the races or s
  7. Zia had established fairly early on in Titus' captivity that Romans were inane conversationalists and why her husband was determined to root through the mans private life was beyond her comprehension. She had to physically cover her mouth with her palm, resting her elbow on the table, to prevent herself from yawning in boredom. Her apathy was only compounded by the increasingly slurred speech of the man sat across from her. Her Latin was excellent - and she was glad of it - but even with that, she was finding it increasingly difficult to decipher his strong accent, hiccups and mumbled words. W
  8. Vibia arched a brow. She lived and worked in a brothel, she was not so easily baited by a few vicious - ill-disguised words. "I have come to realise, mistress, that men can often be different with friends than they are with their wives." She shrugged limply, "I don't abide cruel men, or selfish ones," Of course she did - that summed up half the poor-performers she serviced at the Venus. A means to an end? She could have laughed. Of course she was! She was skilled in her chosen profession, but that didn't mean she had any illusions that she was essentially a glorified statuette to be gawked at,
  9. There was something clipped, irritated, short in the way that Tertius spoke and she merely nodded. She wasn't afraid of him - she'd seen enough of his soft side with their son, and with her in months past, to know he didn't have the tendency to lash out or anything so dramatic. But she did know he was possessive, and about as open as a firmly sealed drawer and one could never be too careful. It wasn't fear that kept her eyes down or words muted, it was wariness. One could never read Tertius! "Yes domine." She said with a simple nod of her head and a light smile on her face, before turnin
  10. Charis frowned, trying to follow his words. Peregrinus was special? Of course he was, to Charis at least, but to this man? The silence seemed to swell forever between his words. He is actually my br-. His what? His br-? Charis heard the footsteps and knew from the weight and pace of them (how attuned she'd become!) that it was Tertius. She took a step back and to the side - breaking little Peregrinus' grip on the strangers hand as her dominus spoke. She replayed his words. His br...his br...his brother? What other word could he possibly say?! Charis managed to keep in the gasp she wanted
  11. Charis' heart swelled as he reached out a hand to hold Peregrinus' tiny little fingers. He'd grown so much since he was a newborn, so much so that she could scarcely believe it, but compared to this man here he was as small as a gnat. She smiled a little and said it slower; "It is like Kah-ris, I think. My domine told me it was Greek," She shrugged a little. She had been aghast at first that she was to have a new name after living so many years as Erea, but how laughable that was now, to be offended by such a small thing! If only the Charis of then knew what else was in store for her, she
  12. She chuckled and adjusted his weight at her side, "He has taken to not sleeping as much as I expected he would...but besides that? Perfection." She smiled to herself, and up to him very briefly before lowering her eyes again. This man was a Prince, and a guest in her masters house. She would be especially respectful. She didn't reply to his assertion that he'd grow up to be a good man. She didn't like to dwell on the future, as much as she didn't enjoy dwelling on the past. Worries over what might be were oftentimes as painful as memories from her old life, and so she stayed quiet and gently r
  13. His accent was unlike any she'd heard before, it wasn't British but it was familiar. It reminded her a little of Alexius - some of the edges of his words always sounded different, and she tried to ignore the blush that crept onto her cheeks when she thought of him. Focus, Erea! She merely nodded politely. Presumably one of the other slaves had gone to fetch Tertius, but he was likely busy doing...whatever it was that occupied his days, she'd never really figured it out - even when working with him in his study. Charis glanced between her son, wriggling on her hip and the stranger - carefu
  14. Charis felt exhausted. The problem with children, she now realised, was that they looked ever so sweet and fun from the outside when one didn't have them - but when one did have them, it was something much more complex. She never realised how much she could love before Peregrinus has been born; it was as if her heart had to be painfully broken and then re-mended twice the size to accommodate just how much she loved him. Yet, that love came with the constant feelings of pressure, of tiredness, and frustration. It hadn't been so difficult in the beginning - he had slept most of the days away - b
  15. Longinus narrowed his eyes and glanced between the men. What he had done to offend Secundus was beyond his skills of deduction, but judging by his clipped words and sparse sentences, he'd done something. You see? This is precisely why he needed a wife, so she could get him out of traps he accidentally barrelled straight into. It was odd, but he let it rest. No point devolving the conversation into an argument when he had no desire for one, nor any particular gripe against Secundus other than considering him a bit boorish. He offered a dimpled smile at Tertius, grateful that one of them s
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