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Hello AeRos!

I hope everyone is staying safe with the virus, and is doing well. 

I never thought that AeRo would reach or touch as many people's lives as it has. I'm grateful to everyone who has been part of the site, and the long history that it has had. AeRo is going to be twelve years old soon. I was 19/20 or so when it opened, and it has been through a lot of my life. Both the good and the bad. Many of the the friendships I have made on here are some of the best I have. The staff have a lot of things that are planned for us for the birthday. If you have any suggestions, please let us know and feel free to create something for the occasion! 

My work has increased and while I love it. It often leaves me drained and "wut r werds" at the end of it. I'm not dropping any characters or quitting. I am still invested in the site, and I am not going anywhere. I need to schedule time in, and get used to the changes. If I am ever slow to respond to your posts or have to close them. Please don't be offended, and I will be happy to start something fresh with you. 

Getting back in the saddle of posting again will be tricky. But I should be getting caught up soon. ❤️ 

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