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Domi Aventini Minoris

The region of the Piscina Publica was also nicknamed "the small Aventine" (Aventinus Minor). The region was known mostly as a residential area, but also for it's large public bath.


Domus belonged to Camillus Julius Fidelis but fell into disuse following his treason/execution. It was then gifted to his biological son Sextus Julius Valens who willed it to his paternal Aunt, Julia Valeria who in turn gave it to her legitimized son, Sextus Julius Fidelis. The Domus was styled to suit her nephews taste and that is fine as all traces of her brother Camillus have been purged.

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The home of the equite businessman, Gaius and his extended family. 

Home of Senator Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus and his family. 

Home of Lucius Cassius Longinus and his family. 

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