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  1. “You’re not allowed out? You should make some deals… I went out quite often for a night on the town. Had my drinks, a bit of fun and maybe a brawl and usually a satisfying finish to the night.” Thessala smirked as he refilled his cup. It was nice to talk to someone honestly, especially at this part of the evening, when she usually had to put up with patrons gawking at her, or trying to grope her. She scooted over on the bench she was sitting on, allowing him space to sit as well. "Oh, I am allowed out. Not as often as the men, but... well, I'm popular." she grinned "And it's easier to make those deals with the female patrons. Everyone's got their nerves all up a bunch about a gladiatrix getting pregnant, you see..." “It’s nice, to not be a slave. To not be owned… that part, I don’t miss. No one owns my body and no one has the control over whether I live or die. No one but me anyway.” That must have been a nice feeling. "That's what it feels like in the arena, isn't it?" she nodded "In that moment, it's all up to me whether I survive or not. If I'm good enough, I do. If not..." she shrugged "I guess that's what soldiers feel like too." @Atrice
  2. Another slave appeared with an apple, and Azarion took it. He knew this was all a test, to see if he would actually be useful in the stables; Alucio must have said some good things about him, but Azarion was aware what he looked like with the brand and the scars and the tattoos. He didn't care anyway. Celeritas was a magnificent horse. He hummed again, offering the apple, which the stallion sniffed for a moment before accepting it. "How would you begin grooming him? Theseus here will show you where the tack and grooming equipment is, and I want you to select everything you need and come back here." Azarion nodded, following Theseus to where all the equipment was kept. Celeritas seemed like a horse that liked to be groomed, and groomed well. He carefully selected some brushes and hoof picks, and returned to the stall where Marcus was waiting. None of the equipment he picked was new - new tools always ran the risk of the horse not liking their feel - but he made sure to choose the ones that would fit Celeritas' hair and mane, and also the ones he could work best with. Arriving back to the stall, he offered his hand for Celeritas to sniff again, then held up one of the brushes too. The stallion sniffed and whinnied. Azarion glanced at Marcus before reaching for the door that was already unlatched. @Sharpie
  3. “Do I miss the arena? Why do you think I come here… to watch the fights and to meet you?... Do you know what it’s like to long for something most of your life… but then once you gain what you wanted, it wasn’t what you hoped it would be.” "Can't say I do" Thessala smirked. She had been sold and then sold again; the ludus was the best place she'd ever been in, but it wasn't a dream she worked to achieve... it was just something that happened to her, by the grace of the gods. And now her new goal was to be famous for what she was good at. Apparently Alexius had other dreams, but he was not completely satisfied with them. “At the moment I’m more satisfied with my life than I’ve been in a long time, but there has been times when I considered going back to the arena.And who knows, if life turns upside down again someday, maybe I will. Do you desire freedom?” Thessala tilted her head, sipping her wine as she thought about the question in earnest. "Yes. Kind of. On the one hand, I wouldn't have to do this anymore" she motioned at the small room "Not you, obviously. You are alright." she added with a chuckle "But to be honest, if someone gave me my freedom tomorrow, I would probably stay in the Ludus. I enjoy fighting. And I'm good at it. I could do with more freedom to... wander the city, though, if you know what I mean." @Atrice
  4. If there was one thing Rana was still struggling with, it was not the fighting part. Rather, the part about turning a fight into a show. It was not enough for her to be good, if she was not also memorable. “What you do mean? I no witch, like you…” "No, you are not. I am the witch. You need to be something else, or you will end up being 'that other woman the witch was fighting.'" Hopefully, she would get the point. “What do you want show me?” "Come on." Thessala led Rana underground, to the vast expanse of corridors and tunnels that led from the Ludus to the Amphitheater. It was a maze down there, and many doors were normally kept locked, except these days people were already preparing for the games. Slaves hurried un and down the corridors, carrying things and messages from the organizers working around the arena. Thessala walked among them like she owned the place. "I am not saying this to make fun of you" she clarified "I'm trying to help, you know. Fighting in the games will be different from what you have done so far." @Atrice
  5. “Thank you, Thessala. You don’t look too bad yourself.” Thessala smirked and tipped her glass to him. At least he knew how to be entertaining. Which probably went well with his current line of work. “It pays well enough. And my current mistress gave me my own chamber and bed in her house. So I have a home and I get paid; it’s a good deal.” "I bet it is" Thessala grinned. Mistress indeed. Some rich Roman matron got herself a sweet deal, hiring a handsome veteran gladiator to be at her beck and call. Many of these women never went anywhere near places where they would have needed actual protection, but who was she to deny them life's small luxuries? “I haven’t had to really defend her before. Or, well, she wanted to test my skills in the beginning, so she paid some thugs to attack us. They fought well… but I didn’t know that it was all a plan, so I ended up killing the attackers. I like a good fight. She often moves in parts of Rome that are less safe though, so I’m there just in case something happens. You never know in this city.” "Or women" Thessala added with a sage nod, only part sarcasm. "Sounds like you cost her quite the pretty sum. Smart woman, though, testing the bodyguard she hired." she crossed her legs, shaking her hair out from the ties that held it up "So how is freedom treating you? Ever miss the arena?" @Atrice
  6. Watching Rana take down the young man was definitely entertaining. Sometimes the doctore did that, pairing women with the fresh men, to teach them the valuable lesson of never underestimating their enemies. Then again, the lesson only worked if the woman won, which Rana did, and with confidence. “Alright. But you know I no like, that you name me little frog. If it get out, that my name, crowd will think me little frog. And they no like me.” "Well then, you are going to need a new name." Thessala smirked as they walked away from the training field "That was actually one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. You are about to have a chance to be famous. You better figure out who you want to be before that happens..." @Atrice
  7. "Ah, an honor i'd do the fallen, to take their wives before the ashes have settled." "It would be a shame to let a perfectly good widow go to waste." Aia chuckled. Decimus was not going to hunt for recently bereaved women and she new it, but in theory, by Roman standards, it wasn't the worst possible idea. Decimus rested an arm around her shoulders. If Aia had been a more decently educated Roman maiden, she would have tensed up at such familiarity... but since he had basically seen her half naked before (not to mention sleeping in the same bed), it was nothing out of the ordinary between the two of them. She chuckled, and leaned against his side. "The search will go on, but I dont think wandering about in the street and talking to strangers is anything that i'm good at... As you'll recall the courtship rituals in Britannia were somewhat different." "A lot of things were different in Britannia" she agreed, glancing up at him "Wait... did you leave someone back there?" @Sains
  8. Chevi

    Outside, inside

    It took quite a long time for Felix to catch his breath. Everything was a blur of sensations, mixed with emotions and thoughts he could not even begin to disentangle. Aulus didn't need to take his time the way he did, and Felix knew that. He had seen another side of the man he had been following since they left Rome behind. He would not fall for the illusion that his master cared for him more than he cared for any slave... but that did not make what they just did together any less pleasurable. Felix allowed himself a drowsy half-smile as Aulus turned to look at him. "Very pleased with you. You may spend the night here, if you wish." Very pleased with you too "Thank you, dominus." Felix got up from the bed, stretching his muscles gingerly and picking his tunic up from the floor. There were some extra blankets in the tent; he could make a comfortable cot for himself on the floor by the bed. He would not presume that Aulus would let him share the bed with him. It would have been far from appropriate to fall asleep like that, after all. @Sharpie
  9. “Well at least those you won’t have to fear so much.” "I don't fear any of them" Thessala shrugged, raising her chin, and moving to refill her cup "But some of them are definitely disgusting." He had to know, having once been where she was now. She wondered if it was better or worse, for men to be sold out like this after a fight. Sometimes she had female patrons visit her as well, usually for advice on the secrets of magic. Or men. Or both. “They did. Some things haven’t changed at all. I’m Lucius Antonius Alexius now. Before I was freed, I was known as Lexus. It’s over a decade ago though.” "I might have heard that named mentioned before. You look good for a gladiator your age. Very... alive." Thessala grinned at him. She was taking her time with the second cup of wine. “Well-spent four years then – you’re still alive. I was a gladiator for about ten years. And I fought hard, to survive … to live long enough to find freedom. Now I work as a bodyguard.” There were various career options for the lucky few that made it out of the arena alive. Probably more for men than women, Thessala mused. She arched an eyebrow when the confessed he was working as a bodyguard now. "Bodyguard? Quaint." she chuckled, finally taking a seat "Does it pay well? Are you guarding someone who actually gets attacked from time to time, or are you mostly for decoration?" @Atrice
  10. Before the games, Fall 74CE For all her greenness when she arrived to the Ludus, the Little Frog lived up to her name, and she was improving her fighting skills by leaps and bounds. Thessala was not her only tutor, but she took interest in watching Rana train and fight. There was spirit in the young woman, something that could grow into talent if she was trained well and lived long enough. She did well in the smaller fights she participated in so far - but entering the real, big games was still ahead of her. The Ludus, and the entire city, were abuzz with the news of the upcoming games. Messages came and went, matches were negotiated, organizers worked overtime, and everyone with half an ear was listening intently for scraps of information of what was going to happen. Training intensified for the days leading up to the games; even experienced gladiators like Thessala put in the extra effort to show their best form in the arena. This was the top of a gladiatrix's career. This was the entire point of her existence. It was after a long day of hard work that she set her weapons aside, and went looking for Rana. There was a stark difference between their very first training, and the way the girl moved now. Thessala smirked as she watched her from the sidelines, and waited until she was finished before she waved a hand to her. "Walk with me, little frog. I have something to show you." @Atrice
  11. Even dropping the act was kind of a part of the show, if the look on his face was any indication. Thessala chuckled. It was much better to spend time with someone who knew the Ludus than with some dumb rich man who wanted to grope a witch. "Apparently I should... gods, you're good, I would not have guessed that was an act. Quite the temptress you are! I guess the patrons drop on their knees to worship you within a matter of moments?" Thessala chuckled, moving over to a small table to pour some wine. "Depends on the patron. Believe it or not, some actually come here to ask me to curse someone. Or give them back their... vigor." she rolled her eyes, filling two cups with wine that was only barely watered down. Fight like a barbarian, drink like a barbarian. "I'd be stupid to say no to that. It's kind of strange to be back here." "I bet" she grinned, handing him one of the cups "Did they sell you to rich patrons too, back in your day? I bet you were popular. What's your name again?" "How long have you been fighting... how many years?" "Four, give or take." Thessala splashed some wine on the ground. Successful fights did not happen without being respectful to the gods. She drank the rest with efficient speed. "You?" @Atrice
  12. Azarion followed his new master into the stables. So far so good; it was the first place he would have gone on his own anyway. The smell was familiar, and something he felt comfortable in (more so than the people tended to be around him). Slaves and grooms hurried after their work all around, but the master led him to a particular stall with a particular horse. Azarion did not need to be a genius to know this was going to be a test. Celeritas. Speed. Romans were not the most creative people in the world when it came to names. Azarion tilted his head, looking at the horse as he poked his head over the door. Swift horses were often also skittish. This one was pretty, and lighter than the horses Azarion was used to from Alucio's household. He had to be treated with careful respect, the way a fussy lady would be (or so Azarion assumed, since he had more experience with horses than women). Azarion held out a hand for Celeritas to sniff at, a little apologetic since he did not have an apple to offer. He made a humming, soothing sound; the horse huffed and poked the hand with his nose. @Sharpie
  13. He used to be a gladiator. The mask of the Thessaly witch dropped with an almost audible sound. Thessala slouched forward, letting out a loud sigh, and resting her hands on her knees. "You used to be a gladiator?! Jupiter's ass, you should have led with that!" she look up at him with a mix of amusement and accusation. There was no need to keep up the charades in front of someone who knew the drill inside and out. Thessala straightened up, stretching her arms and popping her shoulders. The fight had ended in a bit of a brawl, which was good for the spectacle, but did a number on her muscles. "That last throw hurt like a bitch. Do you want some wine?" @Atrice
  14. Character name: Thessala Associated Ludus: Ludus Magnus Experience: 3 Type of gladiator: Dimachaera Death: N
  15. Chevi

    Outside, inside

    "You haven't so far." Despite his nervousness, Felix couldn't help but chuckle a little. In light of where the conversation stared, back when they talked about Felix needing to learn new things, he would have never thought he would be learning these things tonight. With both of their tunics gone, Felix could feel the heat of Aulus' body as he pulled him down for another kiss. He responded more readily this time, cautiously allowing himself to enjoy the contact and the sensation that came with it. Felix was not a terribly experienced kisser, especially when it came to men, but he was, as he had stated before, a quick learner. Especially in things that interested him. @Sharpie
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