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  1. Chevi

    Joining forces

    A decision had been made, and they were ready to set out once again. They considered their options, and chose the best route to reach their destination, or so it seemed to Felix. He would follow his master no matter what, and do what he could to help, even if he felt more useless on the road than in the household. He stood too, watching Aulus erase the map. He knew he'd remember it. "How are you doing?... It's nice weather for a walk,at least," "I am doing alright, dominus." Felix nodded lightly, signaling that he was ready to go on. He expected to be more exhausted, never having been on a long walk like this before, but the excitement of the adventure, and the freedom of traveling made him forget about the hardships, at least for now. He stretched, taking a deep breath and adjusting his cloak. "It is a nice day indeed." @Liv @Sharpie
  2. "I will." Oh, she would. Rana had a long road ahead of her if she wanted to become a famous gladiatrix, but Thessala did not see her giving up anytime soon. And who knew? Maybe if they ended up in the arena together, she'd let the girl kiss her again. "We walk back now then? I need more focus on the way underground. I never been under ground before." Alright, so maybe she had more to learn first than others. Thessala chuckled as she walked ahead, leading the way through the winding corridors under the arena. "Try to pay attention. With some luck, you'll be walking this way a lot." @Atrice
  3. “Yeah… you're definitely a match for most men. Maybe that's why they won't let you?" "That is definitely why" Thessala grinned back "They don't want me to break their delicate little confidence." "I’d spar with a gladiatrix sometimes, back in the old days. But maybe they let us do it, because we were more than just friends?” Thessala arched an eyebrow. There was definitely a story there. She'd have to ask around with the longer-serving members of the Ludus, see if she could find out the details. Or she might have to get Alexius drunk enough to tell on his own. “I’ll come and spar with you again then. I’m sure it can be arranged. Now however… I think a bit of cleaning is in order, before we go out for a drink.” "Speak for yourself" Thessala grinned, setting her weapons down before she moved over where buckets and pitchers of water were kept for this specific reason. She dunked her head, getting some cool water everywhere, before she stood up "I'll meet you at the gates in a minute." she grinned before she walked away to change her tunic in her room. She'd emerge a few minutes later, simply dressed, but ready to go. @Atrice
  4. "I think you'd make a good father," Felix smiled a little. Aulus had seem him interact with children a few times. He liked them alright, although raising his own would have been a whole different kind of challenge. But it was kind of Aulus to say to. His masters seemed to care for him, at least enough to want him to be comfortable. "Thank you, dominus." "Think about it, at least. You'll always have a place with my familia, Felix," Felix smiled again and nodded, sipping some of his drink. "I am grateful for that, dominus. I will think about it. And... see if there is anyone who would be willing to marry me, for starters..." he added with a slight chuckle. @Sharpie
  5. Chevi

    Changed History

    Longinus was not taking the news particularly well, but at least he was not trying to punch her just yet. The fact that her domina knew the truth took the venom out of his threats for sure. "Of course Tuscus decided to promptly send you home without even a reprimand," "Oh, I was reprimanded." the Proconsul had been furious, in fact, just like Longinus. But also out of better options. "And you think the men that found out haven't spread it round the legions? Spreading dissent?" "I know for a fact they haven't. But that's the Proconsul's story to tell." "Why didn't you just cross ranks and join the bloody Britons as a warrior woman if you were so bloody keen to fight, Aius?" "I wasn't trying to fight, I was trying to survive. You think I should have done that and treason?" she tilted her head. Longinus was a threatening person when angered, but he wasn't her superior anymore. "Gods you...how can... And Flavia knows?" "She does." Aia sighed "She was not happy about it, but I'm doing a decent job of being a tutor so far. And a woman. I don't plan on being anything else anytime soon." she paused "Don't blame yourself too much. I was raised to pass as a boy from an early age." @Sara
  6. Borena bolted for a door that would have been too narrow for her to get through, and then danced back as she noticed a person in the doorway. Azarion let out a yell as he saw the blonde girl emerge right in the mare's path, but Borena, for all her fussiness, was a clever horse; she reared and retreated, snorting as she allowed the girl to catch the reins. Azarion ran over, walking around Borena to take the reins from the girl. She seemed shy, but thankfully not terrified. He gave her a look; for all her help with catching Borena, she should not have been down on the tracks. She did not work in the stables, and visitors were only allowed on special occasions. “Here... He is very beautiful. You are lucky, you work here with animals. Not people.” Azarion's eyes narrowed at Borena being called a 'he', but he could not really argue with the second part of her comment. Working with horses was much, much better than working with people. Although it was a tad surprising to hear someone like her say that out loud. “What is his name?” Azarion unceremoniously pointed at the hindquarters of the horse, signaling that she was not a he. Then he made some hand signs, using one hand to hold the reins; he did not expect her to understand him, but at least she'd see he was mute. What are you doing down here on the tracks, lady? @Beauty
  7. "Is there nothing you can think that you would like to do?... You may take the day after breakfast. Go to the baths, perhaps, or a temple." Felix was not a man of many words. He would have struggled to explain that the problem wasn't a lack of options as much as just... not finding his place in any of them. Too many temples, too many baths. Too many things for a person to get lost in. "Thank you, dominus." "Have you thought about having a family of your own? I understand my wife has caught her maid making eyes at you..." Felix' eyebrows ran up at the unexpected question. Did he? Had he?... He had had thoughts about having a family of his own. But it had never really been anywhere close to a reality... and the one thing even he was not willing to say to his master: he did not want a slave family. "I... did she?" he blinked. He had never really considered anyone in the household in that way... well, except for Aulus, but their rare moments of intimacy were of a whole different kind. "I mean... I am not sure how good a... family man I'd make." @Sharpie
  8. Chevi

    Changed History

    "You've still not explained how you are now in the employ of one of most important families in the Empire." Fortuna has the hots for me. Aia sighed. This conversation was not going well. Longinus might not have been the cleverest of people, but even he was not dumb enough to believe her pretense. The thing with passing for a man... once they saw the truth, it was hard to unsee. Longinus kept on pacing, obviously missing the nuance of what she was trying to say. "I will give you one more chance to explain before I write to the Governor, or better yet, wait until your domina returns and I'll ask her - lay out my suspicions. There'll be punishment plenty from one of them, if not both, I'm sure." Well then. Aia smirked. She was sure she'd be punished if Longinus went to the domina... just not for the thing he thought. She kept quiet for a while, weighing her options. "Some people knew, you know." she said finally with a sigh "One because he saved my life when I got stabbed in a raid. And four because they tired to beat me up. The case went all the way to the Proconsul, and he decided to take the lesser of two disasters, and sent me here. Because the other option would have been for everyone to find out a woman had been serving in the legions for years. Not that I had much of a choice." @Sara
  9. Chevi

    Changed History

    "Lice?... Don't tempt me." Was she getting away with this? Longinus was becoming more and more frustrated. He even started throwing things. Aia hoped Flavia Juliana was not going to arrive home early, because it would have been hard to explain how she managed to upset a guest so badly he was doing damage to the property. But at least he didn't actually ask her to show her tits like some Greek prostitute on trial. "I think your lying. And I think you know who I am and I think three years ago we were in Britannia and I sent you to Petuaria to go and get intelligence on their insurrections. And I want to know - if your Aius' twin sister, how on earth you ended up in the employ of one of the Imperials? His connections weren't that good." That... actually was a very good question. "Well... he sent me away from Britannia because he wanted me to be safe." she answered tactfully, still holding Longinus' gaze. This was not really about lying anymore as much as plausible deniability. "Since we look a lot alike, it would have been... a problem, if someone somehow got the idea that there was a woman in the legions. It would have been very embarrassing for the officers to... make that kinda mistake." @Sara
  10. October 74AD Azarion had been a stable boy for the Whites for a few months now, and he was working harder than he'd ever worked since he became a slave. But this time, he wanted to. The horses were nothing like the pack and saddle animals his previous masters owned; they were hand picked and carefully bred, and while they were very different from the sturdy horses of the steppes he grew up with, they were a different kind of amazing. Azarion cared for the White's horses, made friends with all of them, and gave them Sarmatian names that no one knew about. In his free time he practiced some letters, but his reading and writing was still very far from smooth. The teams were preparing for the races in a few days, but on this afternoon, the Circus was mostly empty. Some of the stable hands were walking and exercising the horses on the tracks, and some people were sitting on the spectator benches, watching. The Circus always seemed a lot larger when it was not full of people. Azarion walked around, leading a lean white mare by her bridles. The people above him on the benches did not bother him much; most of them were fans of the races, while others just came to the Circus for the view, admiring the sight of the Palatine above them. The mare, whom he'd secretly named Borena, was being a little skittish today. She snorted and danced, jerking her head back and pulling on the bridles. Azarion made some soothing sounds, but she reared up anyway, pulling herself free, and galloping a few paces to the wall that divided spectators from the race course. @Beauty
  11. Chevi

    Changed History

    "Twin brother?" For a moment, she though she was going to get away with it. Any Roman man with half a brain and half the balls would have more readily accepted that twins could look this much alike than accepting the possibility that a woman fooled the legions for years. "And I suppose your hair. Is a new style I'm not au fait with? Or is it from where it's not grown back, from when you were lying to the legion, Aius?" Aia stared back, setting her jaw. Decimus would be shitting himself right about now. "Lice." Pause. "Dominus, I am confused. Are you trying to insinuate that I, a mere woman, served in the legions an no one noticed? Or that I am actually a man in disguise? Because I am willing to show you my breasts if it's the latter. No cock and balls attached." @Sara
  12. Chevi

    Changed History

    "Ai..a?" Well, admitting her name, in retrospect, was a bad idea, but it was not like he couldn't find out the truth from the slaves anyway. The slave girl scampered away with her basket; at least there were going to be no witnesses to this exchange. "I knew a man once, served in my legion as one of my interprexes. His name was Aius. It's a funny thing, you look almost identical to him. But the funnier thing is that I left him in Britannia, happily in service to Rome, and with his cock and balls still attached and definitely not wearing a dress." Despite the dire nature of the situation, Aia bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself from laughing. Cock and balls indeed. Did he have that on good authority? She fixed her gaze ahead as he inspected her closer. Legion officers liked to get into one's face. It's was all about intimidation. "Look at me. And explain how you came to be here, Aia." "I was hired to tutor Flavia Juliana's children in languages." she reiterated with a straight face, then decided to take a gamble. If the man was so sure about cock and balls, maybe he could be swayed now. "You are probably thinking of my twin brother, dominus. He is still in Britannia." @Sara
  13. Chevi

    Changed History

    Fuck. Fuck fuck fucking dammit to Tartarus. The man, instead of leaving the women to their apple picking, walked closer. It was definitely him. "You, stand up straight. And what's your name?" Aia stood. At this point it would have been more suspicious not to, and besides she still had the instincts drilled into her in the legions. Longinus had a voice used to giving out commands. And she was used to standing up straight when he was talking to her. "Aia, dominus." "And what are you doing in the villa?" She held his gaze, hoping to create reasonable doubt solely by confidence. "I'm the language tutor of Flavia Juliana's children, dominus." @Sara
  14. "... My father always wanted me to embark on the military path rather than the civilian route, citing the achievements of my ancestral blood with names such as Marcus Furius Camillus and Gaius Marius, 2nd and 3rd founders of Rome so to say. Don't misunderstand me, even if I dare say that my skill with the sword in close combat isn't something to underestimate, I've always favoured using quill and parchment, transmitting these words into oratory art, which made my mother secretly pleased since I would be honoring Quintus Tullius Cicero, the greatest orator known to man or so that's what the 'wise old men' say." Aia bit her lips, now genuinely amused. There was no air of superiority about Lucius, but he did name drop founders of Rome like they were coins for the plebes. Honestly, Aia only had a very vague grasp on Rome's early history and great politicians; learning a language was one thing, learning millions of boring Roman names and even more boring achievements was another. But apparently Lucius was someone's someone, or something like that. Like every other senator ever. That was basically the definition of nobility. Also, he could have just said "I like to talk more than I like to fight." A man could have worse qualities. They walked up a hill. It was a nice spot, different from the crowded bowels of Rome. A good place to talk. "I apologise if I talk too much sometimes, but it's who I truly am based on my upbringing, and my profession requires me to speak a lot, as you can surely understand. Well, there's also the likelihood that I happen to share the same blood with Cicero, so it's something to take into consideration...In any case I've talked awfully about myself, so I should return the favour to you more. Say...what's your overall impression on Roman society in general; positive? negative? Is there something that we Romans should improve ourselves upon? If there are genuine concerns, I can transmit them to the Curia and see where to go from there." "Well, that's an awful lot of responsibility to put in a Gaul's hands" Aia smirked "I thought we were here for language tutoring. But I'll make you a deal, once you can understand my answer in Brittonic, I'll tell you what I think." @The Young Pope
  15. Chevi

    Changed History

    The domina was not home, and neither was most of the family. Aia had a nice, lazy day where she did not have much to do, and could move around the house without having to worry about disturbing her employer's privacy. She spent some time lounging in the garden, reading various texts (her Greek reading skills needed some practice), and then promptly ran out of things to do, and started wandering around, being underfoot for the household slaves who actually did have things to do. She knew some guest came looking for Silanus, but she did not usually have business with the family's guests, unless Flavia Juliana asked her to accompany them (or, occasionally, to tutor them). The man came on the wrong day anyway. But then she caught a glimpse of him around the corner, and her stomach dropped through the floor. "Oh, for fucking Jupiter's sake..." she backed away as fast as she could... unfortunately running into a household slave who just had her last straw for the day, and did not see the tutor as someone intimidating enough to keep her mouth shut. She dropped a basket of apples that rolled everywhere. "Watch where you're going!" she snapped angrily at Aia. "I'm sorry, it's just..." Aia tried to apologize in some coherent sentences, while also trying to calm the girl enough to keep her quiet. Of course it didn't work. Lucius Cassius Longinus rounded the corner, and Aia was suddenly very interested in helping with picking up the apples, keeping her head down, hoping her short hair might conceal some of her face... @Sara
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