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  2. "Deianira. It's nice to meet you." "Likewise" Thessala handed the wine back to her. It was always good to meet new people whom she did not have to be mysterious or polite around. She knew quite a few prostitutes, given how many parties she was invited to, and most of them were fun to be around in a whole different way than men thought. "So, what do you do with your time when you're not 'cursing' people?" "I fight people in the arena" Thessala grinned "The gladiatrix part is real. They don't let me take my swords out of the ludus, though. Something about being a risk." @Echo
  3. 'I am a gardener. That's why I was named thus.' Not a coincidence, then. Gardening was not a bad job, as far as Aia understood, and it could be rewarding if someone found enjoyment in it. The way Florus looked at the flower he'd just picked, he seemed to have an eye for it. Still, she wondered what his real name was. 'And what is it that you do?' "Oh. I teach languages to wealthy children." she grinned "Some of them might become officers in the legions one day, and they might want to know what the enemy is yelling at them." @Ejder
  4. "Thessala? Are you alright?" Was she? She could hear noises now, someone rolling bricks and debris aside. She coughed again, her throat dry and painful. She was still sitting curled up by the door. She was not sure if she was dying or not. She didn't feel bad pain other than her side. She'd been injured in the arena before, but this... was something totally different. Was she alright?... "Here" her voice came out more of a croak. "Rana..." @Atrice @Echo
  5. "How much do curses cost?" "A lot. I'd charge less if they were real." Thessala grinned, taking a swig of the wine. She played the role of a witch, but she never ventured into seriously dabbling it the things they did. It was just for show. She was not even Thessalian, after all. "I work at the Elysium. What's your name?" "Thessala." she grinned. She knew Elysium, from rumors anyway. It was one of the many brothels in the city of Rome. "And yours?" @Echo
  6. "I bet they'd look good on you too. Not that you need improvement." Felix chuckled as Alexius fell into his usual easygoing habits. It was hard not to like him, the way he talked to people, Felix among them. Even the girl selling the flowers was making eyes at him. Felix wondered if that was left over from his gladiator days. One needed a certain amount of charm to make his way out of the arena. And now he was standing here, and both of them were properly garlanded with fresh-smelling flowers. "There you go. Now you're officially a part of this festival. Should we find something to drink?" "Yes please" Felix nodded cheerfully "Drinks are always good. Let's find some good wine and... however else you usually celebrate this day?" @Atrice
  7. Chevi


    "No. You need to let go of that," Azarion recoiled at Safinia's even tone. She had never been really tactful or emotional, but then again, he had never really shown this side of him to her... or anyone, either. How the fuck exactly was he supposed to let go of that? "Home is where you belong now. And right now you belong in the Whites' stables. Yesterday's gone. Tomorrow's not come yet. It's the here and now that matters, and in the here and now you're a charioteer apprentice. Not a hunter or bowyer or whatever. So let go. It's not who you are anymore." For a moment, pain was evident in Azarion's face, as if he had been slapped. He had been defiant and cocky back at the ludus, having a moment where he could take up a bow and remind himself who he was. And now here he was, being reminded that was all in the past. Likely he wold never be that person again. Son of a chief, hunter, rider. Sarmatian. Free. All that was left was to do his best, learn the foreign skills of driving a chariot, and hope the Roman public took a liking to him, and the gods did not want to see him die trampled in the Circus. That was pretty much the extent of it. "Let's go. We still haven't done our shopping." Azarion hung his head. Wherever Safinia had come from, she did not understand. It was not her fault. It was not like he could explain. He fell into step next to her, making a calmer gesture. I'm sorry. About the money. @Liv
  8. Chevi

    Truth and dare

    "I'm looking forward to a good swim most of all. Fishing too, I guess. Actually, just getting a proper workout," Tranquillus nodded. He knew his dominus enough to know what his favorite pastimes were in the summer. He was not as keen on exercise as Rufus, but he could appreciate the cool waters of the sea in the summer, and definitely the fish fresh from the water to the table. On these trips he usually had time to read (he was carrying scrolls in his bag), and do some studying of his own. The tow of them, dominus and body slave, were different in a lot of ways, but they could manage well side by side. "You should try to have fun too, Tranquillus. Then you'll have all sorts of interesting things to tell Florus about when we go back." Tranquillus blushed again, which was getting a little bit annoying. He did not want to seem like some love-stricken old fool. "I will keep an eye out for things of interest" he noted with a nod. "He has been practicing his letters, to... learn more about gardening." @Liv
  9. "Pretty good?" Aia chuckled. She could tell that Erea did not miss the cheer in her voice, but she was not going to jump straight into bragging about how well she'd been doing. It was probably not nice, compared to anyone who was not free. Like Erea and her family. "No...not yet. But my sister. She's a slave in another Senators house in Rome and my dominus is going to allow me to see her tomorrow." "That's amazing!" Aia noted with an honest smile "Well... not the slave part. But you found her!" Silver linings. At least the girl was alive. She hoped the brother was, too. He had been overly protective, but not a bad person. "A-and what have you been doing? To get used to living as a Roman woman?" "I'm... starting to like it." Aia grinned "Still not as cool as being a Roman man, but oh well. It has its perks." @Sara
  10. Thessala might have fought for her right to drink like a barbarian, but she was not going to keep all the wine to herself, not when she had to share the back room with someone else who was also clearly not welcome in sober company. "Well, I guess that would be alright. Thanks." "Mhm." Thessala took a seat too, crossing her legs. "I guess you're here as entertainment, too?" "Yep" she nodded, the talismans braided in her hair jingling "Thessalian witch and gladiatrix. I do sword tricks, minor curses, and Amazon fantasies for select ladies. You?" @Echo
  11. 'I like irises. I hope he does too.' Oh. Aia was not new to the concept of men liking men, although in Rome it seemed less about romance and more about... well, other things. As far as she knew. But as someone who had lived as a man for years, she was not really in any position to judge. And looking at the blush, the young man seemed kind of cute, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ah, young love. "I'm sure he will." she reiterated with a cheerful smile "Is that what you do then? Gardening?... Or is your name just a coincidence?" @Ejder
  12. Chevi


    Punching a wall was never a great idea, but then again people who punched walls were generally not in their most logical mindset. Azarion grunted as he shook his hand, hoping he did not end up breaking any bones. The last thing he needed was to miss out on his training because he couldn't use his hand. The anger was beginning to clear, giving space to disappointment. "Stop doing that," Safinia placed a hand on his shoulder, and he turned to look at her, half expecting to get punched in the face. She probably did not expect to run for her life this morning when they left for the market. But as annoyed as she might have been, she did not look like she was about to beat him up. "What was all that about? The bow?" Azarion sighed and hung his head. Yeah, the bow. She'd seen him handle the weapon. Did she understand what all that meant? No one knew where Azarion had come from, not yet. No one had cared to ask. He made a few gestures. He'd handled bows before, just like he'd handled horses, in another life. He tapped his chest, wondering if she'd understand. Home. @Liv
  13. 'Aia. Where are you from, Aia?' "Gaul" she answered with a smile. He could tell she was not a Briton, since she had an accent, but she was not really from Italia either. A lot of people had trouble placing her in a neat bracket, even now that she was dressing as a woman. She was used to it. "But I spent some time in Britannia." On the wrong side of Briton swords and spears, but he did not need to know that just yet. Instead, she was curious how he ended up here, buying flowers. 'Erm...' "I see" Aia grinned "Well, it's a nice flower. I'm sure she'll appreciate it." @Ejder
  14. Chevi


    They ran until it felt like they were safe from any wrathful gladiators pursuing them, and until they ran out of breath. Finally they stopped in an alley and Safinia pulled herself free, leaning against a wall. Azarion stopped too, catching his breath as he leaned on his knees. It had been a close call, all of it, and he was not exactly innocent in inciting the gladiator's anger. Safinia looked equally furious now. And just as dangerous. "I'm definitely telling cook about this. And maybe the boss too. What the fuck were you thinking?!" What was he? Azarion huffed, straightening up. What could he possibly say? That seeing a bow made him homesick? That shooting arrows made him feel free for a fleeting moment? That the whole thing just made him aware of how utterly fucked he was, as a slave to Romans? He bit the inside of his cheek, looking away. His eyes stung. Oh, sure, go ahead, cry like a baby, that will help. Azarion shook his head, turning away from Safinia, and punched the wall, because he had nothing else to do. It was not a smart idea. He yelped as his fist connected with a brick. Fucking great. @Liv
  15. Chevi


    "Quitting now? Then it's my win," Fuck you Safinia ran for it. She had always been smarter than Azarion. Azarion knew this was where things were headed, and it still took him another moment to convince himself he would not survive picking a fight with the gladiator. He could have his precious win. It hurt Azarion's pride, after humiliating him in a fair contest of archery, but it did not hurt worse than getting his tongue cut out. Or being branded. He ran too, following her as she wove through the crowd. People shouted after them but if they pursued it did not last long. There was laughter too. And some jokes. And cursing. Azarion's cheeks burned by the time he left the ludus, catching up with Safinia as she stopped to breath at the entrance. Without slowing down, he grabbed her by the arm to pull her along. They wouldn't be quite safe until at least a couple of alleys down. @Liv
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