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  1. "I can understand the desire for a cat, but why a snake?" "They are pretty? I hear they worship them in the East." she shrugged. A snake at least would have been more interesting than a dog. Even though the puppy was kind of cute, and smart enough to follow basic instructions. Such as 'pee on that nymph'. "Good boy. Don't think the master likes this thing particularly - don't you think she looks constipated or something?" "I am starting to lose track of what the master does or does not like. I never thought he'd keep a pup either" Metella noted, giggling as the dog waddled over
  2. Theo had unwatered wine put aside for times like this. Only barbarians drank unwatered wine... barbarians and injured people, and Marcus right now was both. He pilled a cup and handed it over, making sure Marcus could hold it well enough to drain its contents. "I've had it done a few times. Quick and sudden, that's the trick. Just don't tell me when you do it." "Wisdom comes with experience" Theo smirked, examining the shoulder to make sure he was going to apply leverage in the right place. "I'm going to have to take a look first..." he added, before he made a sudden movement, joltin
  3. Of course he won. He seemed proud of it, too. Theo was new to the world of gladiators, but he recognized a proud warrior when he saw one. He assessed the injuries; it was a good sign that he had not been clonked on the head, and he could feel all his limbs just fine. He was not going to be grateful for the latter in a few moments, however. "Very well then" he nodded, running his hands lightly over the injured arm. It was not a healthy color, even under the bruises around the shoulder. "I will need to pop your arm back into place first. This will probably not be pleasant. Do you want to dr
  4. "You're sweet. I never knew you could be like this. I kind of wish..." "That I hadn't been an arrogant idiot when you were alive?" Thessala smirked, wrapping her arms around her. In her everyday life, romance and affection had not played a very big part. Pleasure, sure. But this was something that made her feel a lot more vulnerable. "It doesn't matter. Wishes don't matter. I won't forget you either. I don't know what's going to happen now, but... it's all so strange. What do you want to do now?" "Use the time we have left?" she turned her head to kiss Rana again. The urge to k
  5. It was the calm before the storm. Figuratively speaking. In reality, everyone was rushing, preparing, doing last minute things before the day of the race. The morning was for getting ready for the snow. The day before was for getting ready for everything to run smoothly behind the scenes. Azarion walked up to Borena's stall, and found Tarbus there. He liked the man, because he sensed the same kind of affection for horses in him that he had. He always treated Borena and Tabitha well. Now that Azarion was not a simple stable hand, he found he was very picky about who got to care for his hor
  6. "Marius. Right. Looks like it was quite the fight. Did you win?" Theo asked lightly as he lit another lantern for better light. Sunlight was still streaming in through the windows, but seeing better didn't hurt. Theo looked over the injuries he mentioned: the shoulder was definitely at an odd angle, so were the fingers, with dark bruises blooming over them. The cut on the leg was still oozing blood through the cloth they covered it with. "Alright. Anything else? You're not leaking blood somewhere, are you? Feel all your limbs just fine? Did you get hit on the head?" @Knight
  7. “Guilty as charged… it’s not the best, but it’s also not the worst place to live. Actually it’s a very fine insula, I think. Good neighbors too.” Well, that was good to hear. A nice insula was a relative term, as Flavia Juliana would no doubt say, but Aia had lived in worse places. And it did seem nice enough. “I’m Lucius Antonius Alexius, you can just call me Alexius though. I live on the third floor with my son… which floor are you moving into?” "Nice to meet you, Alexius. I'm Aia. And this is Decimus Rutilius Atellus." she smiled, looking up at the building "We are moving
  8. The first day at the ludus was wild. Theo had been a medicus for twenty-five years on the front lines, and had seen many injuries and treated many people, but gladiators... that was a whole different breed. A whole different thing. Less rush, for sure, and fewer patients to deal with on a give day. But also, gladiators had their pride and their expectations, and... they were commodities. Expensive people. Theo did not only have to make sure they survived. He also had to make sure they could fight again, and they that they were satisifed with the results. It was a job that paid a decent salary
  9. "Right, that's a good idea. We should only take as much as can be blamed on rats." If there was anything to take at all, Iophon thought. Maybe they already moved the goods. Or sold them. Or maybe it was just some spice they couldn't really do anything with anyway. Still, curiosity carried him forward as they made their way to the storehouse. "You think?! That he would let us in on it?" Probably not. No reason to think about that just yet. "We'll see when it gets to that. Maybe it's a business we don't even want to be in." "That's the one. So what's the plan now? There's us
  10. Rana was not going to stay. Not forever, clearly, but maybe not even for long. She touched Thessala's cheek and the gladiatrix sighed. “I thought I’d come here tonight for something else, but I just want to be near you. As much as I can.” "I'd like that" she nodded. Holding Rana's hand gently, she pulled her down to sit on the bed next to her. Tangible and yet not all there. Thessala wrapped her arms around her. If she had been still alive, maybe she would have never been this openly affectionate. Too late. "I will remember you, Rana. Even when you are gone. I can promise you that mu
  11. "And I was angling for the master to get me an elephant or something. Not a gods-damn battle dog. Are you filling Cassia's head with stories of your barbarian queens, then? They're not Roman, I don't think it's an employment option for a well brought-up Roman girl. Especially a patrician girl." "Any woman can be anything if they put their mind to it." Metella grinned, waving a hand. If the girl wanted to be a barbarian queen, all she had to do was... um, run away from home, cross the Alps, get across the limes, find a suitable barbarian king to marry, marry him, kill him, inherit his kin
  12. "Or Licky." "Never name a pet, Attis." "Yeah. I've seen fully grown dogs smaller than he is now. I hope the master doesn't mind having the entire house rearranged every time he wags his tail. The dog, I mean. And blergh." "I think he likes the idea. Not the rearranging. The size. Of the dog. Don't quote me on that." Metella grinned as Attis dunked his head in the fountain, and the dog went sniffling around the flower pots. "What on earth possessed him to decide a dog that size would be a good addition to his domus, rather than sending him out to the villa, anyway? Though he
  13. Free and willing. Theo was somewhat surprised to not get smacked upside the head. The wine must have been working. Then again, it was Saturnalia. Romans did go more than a little crazy for this holiday. "Willing to ruin things, huh Rufus? You are my husband and I love you. You are my friend and I love you. And let's not ruin anything hmm?" "I'll drink to that" Theo noted, and he did. Hence, it was his turn to snort spiced whine up his nose at Didia's next comment. "We were going to fuck. That the sort of thing you were looking for?... We were actually probably going to get an e
  14. "Oh, I can hardly wait. Do you think they'll bring us our songbirds and pork before or after the silk and jewels?" "If you wanted treatment like that, you should have defected to Parthia" Aia grinned. Their new life together was not going to be very luxurious, not at first anyway. Decimus was doing well for himself, especially since he'd saved the princess' life. Who new, maybe he was going to grow rich one day. And if he didn't, Aia still loved him. A man came up behind them and stopped, no doubt noticing they were new to the building. “Greetings… are you two on your way in? Do
  15. "I caught him, you can show him the best flowerbeds to dig up and which statues he can piss against. That grumpy-looking nymph would be a good start." "She would make an excellent dog toilet" Metella agreed. She didn't like the nymph much. Hopefully dominus didn't either. "I think he should've been named Fugitivus," "Or Saliva" she grinned as she opened the garden door, and let Attis in with the dog. Both of them were going to get a lot happier once they were among the greenery. "He is going to grow up big, isn't he..." @Sharpie
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