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  1. They made it out just in time. The building rumbled and creaked, and went up in smoke and flame, inside structures caving in. They barely made it to a safe distance, before Titus fell to his knees. People shuffled the women and the old men away, and someone broguth water. Lucius plopped down where he stood, coughing and gasping for air as he unwound the blackened cloak from around his shoulders. "You did well. Thank you." Lucius took the skin and drank; water had never felt so good. "It was all you" he rasped, looking at the other man. Titus was covered in soot and ash, and he himself probably did not look much better either. "Those people would have died. You saved them." @Sara
  2. This was a party, one that included all young people, men and women, patricians and imperials. As much as Lucius was at ease in the company of Silanus, it was time to mingle. Especially since Tiberius said so. Lucius followed along, flashing a smile at the women while everyone introduced themselves. Ovinia was looking her very best, and sizing everyone up with a quick glance. She was not here to play any games, it seemed. "Ladies. Lovely to meet you." he nodded in greeting. The girl named Horatia Sosia seemed to be a little out of her element. The imperial sister looked young nad curious about the company. The more at easy of all was probably Silanus, being at home in both worlds. "Lucius, I've heard that you've taken an interest in the affairs of the plebs. I'm intrigued." Lucius' smile wavered as he blinked in surprised. How did the... he shot a glance at Silanus. Right. They were friends. Good enough friends that Silanus had told the imperial about him, and his... affairs. He could tell Ovinia was probably keeping an eye on him, but he didn't dare look. "Some of them" he answered lightly. "It feels only fair to explore the city outside of our own domus. And I like talking to people. Or occasionally singing with them." he added with a small smile. @Sarah @Sara @Atrice @Eris
  3. "Well if it's part of the festival, I better do the right thing. Especially if I'm going with you. What flowers do you think would look good on me?" Septima was not sure what to do now. She was not one to usually act on impulse; that had always been more of her sister's thing. But now, the third time she was meeting Lexus, she was once again proposing something she would not have done otherwise. At least they were not swapping clothes this time?... "Let's... let's go find the lavender. And the roses." she suggested, starting to walk again. "And... maybe some forget-me-nots, if we have them? And maybe lilies. Some rosemary or thyme? For the scent?" @Atrice
  4. "Yes, I think there are more too. Hmm..." Well, look at the pair of them. Fucking clueless. Azarion was feeling frustrated, but at least it was not with Alexius anymore. They were both looking for the same phantom, the mysterious person, or persons, that went around hurting women. Without any clues, that was looking for a needle in... the largest city in the world. "You say you knew this girl and you worked with her? If she worked where you do, you could introduce me to your master. Maybe he has something clever to say on the topic?" Azarion nodded, a little hesitantly. He was not sure what Marcus would have to say to a stranger about all this. But his master was a clever man, who had done what he could for finding out what happened to Safinia, and paid for her funeral as well. After some hesitation, Azarion headed for the door to the Circus. Maybe Marcus would want to talk to someone who would... actually talk. @Atrice (( @Sharpie wanna join in?))
  5. Theo did what he could for the ankle, but there was not much he could do for the rest of the man. The redhead seemed pretty upset about being run over by a litter, which was completely understandable. "Litter-bearers - overbearing pushy sorts at the best of times I suppose because their passengers are too important to deign to walk anywhere like the rest of us mere mortals. and yet simply must get to the market to buy a length of fabric for a new dress, or whatever." The medicus chuckled. Rufus definitely had opinions, although that might just have been the pain talking. He moved to the table, pouring some spiced, unwatered wine that he usually used for occasions like this. "I'm a slave, there's not much chance of being able to rest it. Not for very long, anyway." "Well, if your master wants you to do your job well, they will have to cut you some slack" he observed. He handed the cup to Rufus, giving him a questioning look. "If you overexert your foot, you'd hurt it more. Do you think... they would accept that?" @Sharpie
  6. "By all means." Theo was glad that he found a seat, just as the race was starting. He would have hated to wander around in the increasingly excited crowd. The man he sat next to looked friendly, and there was a sense of common ground between them, although he could not quite tell why. "Marvelous, aren't they? Fig?" "The horses, or the chariots?" Theo smirked, picking a fig. Or it might have been the charioteers. People went to the races for many different reasons. He had not brought snacks, so he was grateful for a bite, and maybe some conversation. "Thank you. Do you have a favorite team?" @Sarah
  7. "I'm a thirty-four year old patrician, matron and mother, I'm not going to go stomping grapes." "You go in, or I put you in" Lucius reiterated, completely unnecessarily as she was already shrugging of her palla. His heart jumped again. He really had not thought it would work. "I suppose you have thought of a plan for how I'm going explain my state when I get back to your sisters villa?" "You won't." Lucius shrugged as he stepped away and watched her undress. It was a tantalizing sight. Of course he had thought about it. "You will go to the bathhouse, I'llget you a change of clothes, Vipsania will take care of the rest, and the others will be asleep anyway." "I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for me." "That was the plan" he nodded. He waited for her to undo the other sandal before he leaned down and unceremoniously scooped her up in his arms, crossing the few steps to the vat. He placed her on the edge, making sure she found her footing before he let go.
  8. "I think you are interesting. " Lucius chuckled at that, then shivered as her hand brushed his neck. They had never touched much before, except for Neptunalia, and that had been brief too. It was surreal, how such small touches could have such a strong reaction, covering his skin in goosebumps. "You always had a way of making things exciting, and...I suppose I've missed that." They were both quiet for a moment. Lucius thought it over, the years, the questions, the possibilities. Her answer. Then he sighed, and stood up, turning to face her with his hands braced on the sides of the barrel she was sitting on. "Alright then. I'm going to tell you what is going to happen. You are going to take your sandals off, take your palla off, you are going to tie up your stola, and you are going to get in that vat of grapes. Now."
  9. "You looked very good soaked" he grinned. She still did not pull away from his touch, and he chuckled gently as she mentioned taking her daughter to Neptunalia. Their lives had taken different turns... but at least he could give her that much. "So... why did you come, then?" He asked, looking up. If she knew she was not going to be seduced... into anything that was not proper to do, then why was she here, risking it?
  10. She shivered, and he half expected to get kicked in the nose. But she let him touch her, and his heart skipped at the feeling of her skin under his finger. He traced the arch of her ankle and calf. "I don't need your pity. I'm not going to cry myself to sleep because I can't stomp some grapes in a vat." "I don't pity you, Ovinia." Lucius sighed "I'm sorry for us. It's not about the grapes, either. Although it is fun." He smiled a little "Remember Neptunalia?"
  11. "That wouldn't help the dress problem, and no, I'm not taking it off." Lucius closed his mouth and wrinkled his nose as she killed his banter before he could say it. Not that he was serious about it. Kind of. "I don't know...I used to think how I acted around you wasn't me at all.But now I am a matron with all that, that entails...I suppose I regret not doing more fun things when I was younger. I was in such a hurry to be serious and grown up. I guess you never felt like that?" "It's different for women, you told me that" he pointed out with a sigh. "I fought convention too, but I had a better chance. And... I think you can be both, in a way." He reached out, gently running a finger along her ankle; it felt like a bold thing to do, while also laughably tame comapred to all his wildest dreams. "It just feels like a pity, that you can't do something so simple without being judged."
  12. "I remember your savillum wasn't much good. I don't think I could have made it through a full meal of yours." Lucius rolled his eyes. "I would have made an effort." His cooking skills left much to be desired, but the slaves never complained, not during Saturnalia. Anyway that had been one of his tamer plans... "Why did you invite me out here Lucius?" He looked up at her then away, shaking his head. "I'm not sure. I just... like seeing you, when no one else is watching how you behave." He admitted, glancing up again. He had pulled her skirt away and he could see the line of her legs, her knees level with his head as he sat. "... you could take your sandals off."
  13. Lucius squished around cheerfully in the vat of grapes, but despite his calling Ovinia declined to join him, citing her expensive outfit as an excuse. She was dressed nicely, but way too nicely for the gardens, for sure. "No. I'm fine here and you can make me a nice cold cup of wine from your work. That suits our positions, doesn't it?" "This is not going to be wine for a while yet." He smiled, stomping a little "But you can try a taste." She backed away and sat down carefully. "And what were your other plans?" "Oh I had many. I'm afraid most were well outside the realm of possibility." He admitted. Realizing she was not going to change her mind, he climbed put of the vat to walk over to her, and plopped down to sit by the barrel. "Let's see... I was going to invite you over doinh Saturnalia and cook you a meal?"
  14. "You shouldn't have any authority to do that." "I don't." Lucius grinned as they walked "But they all know Vipsania is not going to contradict me." His sister had been all too happy to let him help with the logistics of the harvest. He could see the recognition in Ovinia's face as she fought back a smirk. "Is this how you planned it? The seduction, I mean." "Not really..." he admitted, leaning against the side of the vat as he kicked off his sandals "I had other plans for that. But since you are here, and have been questioning my adventurous nature, I thought you should see this at least once." He pulled himself up, swinging his legs over until he landed inside with a loud squishing sound. Some grape juice trickled into the barrel nearby. "Or try this, rather. Come on."
  15. "Most of the guests had the sense to head to rest after our long journeys." Lucius smiled. He really would not have wagered on her showing up - except, she did. And in broad daylight, too... or rather, twilight, but still. At least one of the women wanted to join her on her walk. "Are they finishing for the day? I thought the harvest happened through the night?" "I gave them some time off" he shrugged, nodding to her "Come on." He led the way through the orchard, trusting her to follow, until the trees gave way to the vineyards. There, between the two, the people of the villa had set up for pressing grapes into wine. Large vats, surrounded by baskets and barrels, were set up full of sweet-smelling grapes, and all the instruments of work, but the slaves had already gone for the day.
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