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    "It will be okay... Oh, fuck..." Aia almost laughed at the princess' comment. That about summed it up. They looked like they just came from battle, and the look on Flavia Juliana's face when she saw them spoke volumes about what was about to come. As much as Aia had racked her brains on the way here to come up with a reasonable explanation, there was none to be found that was not going to get at least some of them in a lot of trouble. Claudia, first and foremost. Slaves helped everyone inside, and a medicus made an appearance. Aia stayed at Decimus' side as they were all ushered in. "Who attacked you? Are they still alive? Come, we will get you washed. Everyone will be cleaned up. I want answers about what happened." "Bandits. We were ambushed. Some are still alive but they fled after Cynane killed their leader." Aia's old instincts of field reconnaissance kicked in as she gave a report as if Flavia Juliana had been a ranking officer. Which she was, right about now. But she was also Claudia's elder, so Aia gracefully sidestepped the fact that said leader had been on top of Claudia at the time. "This one has an arrow in his shoulder that needs to come out." she told the medicus, hauling Decimus along. @Sains @Gothic @Jenn @Atrice
  2. Breaking someone's face in was so satisfying. Blood sprayed on Thessala's face as Ino landed hard on her back. Thessala grinned, licked her lips in a theatrical fashion, and let out a high-pitched, eerie yell as she took a step back. She'd let Ino get up and continue the fight. They were just getting started. Credit where credit is due: Ino was back up right away, fired up by their first hits. With her bloody face she looked even more threatening. The crowd cheered and yelled, fired up by their first sight of red. Ino swung her sword, aiming to slash Thessala's arm, but she must have been disoriented from the fall, because the swing was a breath too slow. Thessala, instead of jumping back, bent deep to the side, one hand sword touching the sand, Ino's blade slashing the air above her head. It ws more fun this way. More theatrical. Grinning, she used the sword in her other hand to aim an upward cut at Ino's thigh as she came up from below. @Gothic @Sara
  3. It could be a bit belated Saturnalia thread? @Sara @Joaquin @Sharpie @Liv
  4. It required effort to talk to someone who could not talk back. Felix understood that she heard him and could make herself understood, and he wanted to make sure she was alright before he just walked off. It could not have been easy, not being able to make oneself heard in a place like Rome. She shook her head. She didn't need help. She pointed at her collar. She was a slave too. She pointed at the warehouse... did she belong there? Must have been some merchant's slave. Or... was she the merchandise? She did not look like someone who was being offered for sale. She had her basket of... things to do, but still, she was sitting out here alone. "Are they... selling you?" he ventured. @Jenn
  5. Clio blushed as the young men called out to them, and turned her attention to the garlands. She did not need to look to know that Thalia was probably looking right back at the half-naked men, enjoying the view and the attention. "Are we nymphs now? I wonder if we control the water then... or whatever is in the water..." "You can control whatever is in the water any time!" one of the young men yelled, and the others laughed and splashed. Clio huffed, busying herself with arranging the garland on the fountain among the other decorations. It did look very pretty, and the scent of so many garlands was almost overwhelming. "What do you think, sister? If I'm a nymph, I suppose I should get into the water too..." Clio blinked, looking up at her sister, then at the young men who seemed to be very much in approval of that suggestion. "You would not tell, would you? If I did go in...?" "Are you sure it's a good idea? Lots of people would see..." Clio whispered back, worried. She would not tell on Thalia, of course. She never did. They had a stronger bond than that, even if they were both going to get in trouble in the end. Still, she was not sure Thalia should do something so reckless... @Atrice
  6. Alexius poured the wine, and Thessala accepted the cup. It was not excellent wine, but good enough for a tavern. Besides, she was parched from the exercise, so she drank a few gulps before really tasting anything. "Rome is... Rome. I don't know if I'd call it amazing... but it definitely could be worse too." "It could always be worse. We could be slaves... oh wait" Thessala snorted with laughter. Even as a slave, she did like Rome. If she was ever going to be given her freedom, she was probably going to stay. "Do you hope for freedom someday? What would you do with it, if you were free?" It was not like Thessala had not contemplated that before. She shrugged anyway. "It would be good to have my freedom back, yes. But I would probably stay in Rome... even with the dark places, there is no other city like this one. It's just a question of what I'd have the skills for... maybe I'll be a fortune teller. Or I'll beat up bodyguards for money." she added with a grin. @Atrice
  7. The woman looked a little scared and a little confused. Felix took another step back, trying not to look like he was about to lunge at her. What was she doing walking the streets alone here? “I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Well... he was someone else. But definitely not anyone who knew her. Did someone harass her?... "I mean no harm." “Are you not from here, anywhere near then?” "No... not really. I was taking a stroll, and I guess I walked farther than I realized." Felix admitted a little sheepishly. He should have watched what part of the city he was wandering into. "I'm not even sure where I am. It has been a while since I walked around Rome." @Joaquin
  8. Borena danced and whinnied. Of course the prissy lady of a horse would choose this moment to act up. Nymphias backed away, visibly scared, which in turn spooked Borena more. Azarion would have sworn out loud if he could have, but Nymphias was doing an excellent job of that all by herself, sitting on the ground. “Shit, fuck, cunt!” That was impressive, for someone just learning Latin. Azarion huffed, trying to calm Borena without pulling too much on the reins, but she was not having any of it. Finally, for lack of a better option, Azarion pulled himself up in one swift motion, straddling the horse and pulling the reins to turn her away from where Nymphias was sitting on the ground. Riding a horse was second nature - firs, really - for the Sarmatian boy, even if he was used to smaller steeds. Borena, surprised by the weight of someone on her back, walked in a small circle, but finally seemed to get the idea that Azarion was in charge, steering her as much with his legs as with the reins. @Beauty
  9. The woman drove a hard bargain. What was the big deal with the apples anyway? It wasn't like the cook counted them. Or maybe he did? Food was not bad at the Whites', but t wasn't as lavish as Roman feasts usually were either. "One. I can explain away one missing apple, but not five." Azarion sighed, then deliberately reached over the table, and picked up two apples, one in each hand, holding her gaze. Was she really going to beat him with the rolling pin? Holding the two apples up, he nodded to her with his head, motioning her to follow. If she didn't believe him about the apple situation, he was going to have to show her. @Liv
  10. Azarion put down the apples, and the girl put town the pin. At least he was not about to get bludgeoned by the crazy woman. She followed his gestures and seemed to get the gist of what he was trying to say. Apparently it was not her he was supposed to convince, but he didn't really care. He was going to go and do the rounds in the stables, and the horses would not be pleased if he showed without the usual treat. "You may take one." Azarion arched an eyebrow. One apple? For all the horses? Was she for real? Oh well. At least they were haggling now. Azarion raised a hand, holding up his five fingers. @Liv
  11. "It's not up to me to decide. I'll get in trouble if I let you leave with those apples." Oh for all the gods' balls... She was really not going to let this one go. All other kitchen staff had looked the other way about him stealing a few apples for the horses so far. Why was she so strict about this one thing? And what was she going to do, beat him with the rolling pin?... She would, wouldn't she. Azarion walked around her, dumping the apples on the large table next to the onion basket. With both hands free now he turned, giving her a less than amused look, and a few gestures she might or might not understand. We are a racing stables, and we don't get to give apples to the horses?! @Liv
  12. Azarion was not sure she understood what he was trying to convey. She worked in the kitchen, so she had to have an understanding of how food worked around here, right? But how could someone work in the kitchen of the Whites and not know horses needed apples? "You can't. If you want to take some you have to ask cook first. Put them back." Azarion huffed, hauling the bundle of apples in one arm as he took a step closer. As annoyed as he was, he tried to convey a request with his look, underscored with a gesture with his free hand. What, she really wanted him to ask nicely or something? Here, I'm asking you. Happy? @Liv
  13. Alright, so she was not going to cry thief or robbery just yet. Good. Azarion did not like her glare, or the brandished rolling pin. "Put those back. You have to wait until lunch like everybody else." The boy rolled his eyes, shifting the cloak-wrapped bundle of apples until he managed to hold it with one arm, having the other one free. He shook his head slightly and made a gesture, as if holding an apple out to someone taller than him. It wasn't for him. It was for the horses. Which, frankly, should have been self-explanatory in the racing stables. @Liv
  14. “Oh... Of course not, my apologies. I can tell you it’s nothing you want to hear from an old woman you’ve just met.” She kind of did. Maybe just out of scientific curiosity, but since the death of her grandmother, who had been closer to Thalia than her, Clio did not really have a close older female companion to confide in. She was not about to ask intimate questions from a celebrated author she had just met, though. She knew better. “You’re very clearly clever. All your interests are very worldly, very present in physical reality... I don’t think I’ve asked after your name either. Here, why don’t you sit?” "Oh." Septima blushed a little and took a seat, touched by the compliment. "My name is Septima Minor. My... family and friends call me Clio. I have a twin sister, Septima Maior. Thalia, we call her." she added with a small smile. The sisters looked a lot alike, so she'd gotten into the habit of warning people in advance, to avoid awkward situations. @Joaquin
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