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  1. "Sometimes it's just the thing you feel most satisfied doing... I worked with horses before I became a gladiator. I guess that's why they picked me, because I was good with beasts? And I did always want to fight, since I was a kid. I just never imagined I'd fight for other people's pleasure, but that's how it went..." Felix wondered as they walked: what did he feel the most satisfied doing? A day's tasks done well were always a satisfaction; being useful for the household, and serving Aulus well. Beyond that... he did not have favorite pastimes that he could think of. Certainly none that could be an occupation for a free man. Alexius was good with horses and beast, and liked to fight, so he became a gladiator, and continued to be a guard for hire after he earned his freedom. "Maybe you're good at working with your hands?" Felix arched an eyebrow, considering the question that he found a little amusing. "You mean... like a craftsman? Or something else?" Slaves usually gave massages, at the baths and to their masters in the household. But that was hardly an occupation for a free man either... @Atrice
  2. Theo busied himself with clearing up some space on the table, and rustling up two chairs that were not covered in scrolls or bandages. Thanks to Astrius, and for medical purposes, there were always several pitchers of wine around, but Theo was having trouble locating two clean cups for drinking at the moment. He was trying his best, happy to spend time with Justinia. "I'm not really the celebrating type. I wouldn't even know where to start!... What do you think about all of this celebration? I don't think I could get used to all the freedom that everyone has," "It's... kind of like a Bacchanalia." Theo noted with a smirk "I think... slaves are supposed to take over their households for the day. So, as Astrius tells me... for tonight, I'd be the servant, and you'd be the domina." @Sydney
  3. "wool, for spinning, and any books I think she may enjoy" Felix nodded, acknowledging the shopping list. Wool he did not know much about, but he was intrigued that the domina trusted Callista enough to send her out for buying books. And not even specific ones. Felix did not shop for books often, but he was curious to participate in the search. "Do you know why you were asked to accompany me?... not that I mind you being here, I just am curious if there is a specific reason" Felix paused for a moment. He suspected what the real reason was, but it would have been a grave mistake to mention that to Callista. Especially without any proof of the dominus' reasons. So he tried to make his best alternative guess. Felix did not like to lie. "Well... he didn't really say. But the last time I accompanied the domina to the market, the crowd was fairly... hard to manage, occasionally. I guess dominus thought I could be of help. To get around easier." he shrugged "I don't know about wool, but I know there are good booksellers on the Forum. Do you have a plan for which way to go?" @Laria (don't forget to tag me like this so I can see when you post )
  4. If Callista had said no to his company, Felix would have let the whole idea go. His dominus told him to accompany her, but he could keep her safe just as well from a distance, without bothering her with conversation. She seemed like a woman who did not mind keeping her own company. Still, he hoped they could go together. It seemed unfair not to know much about Callista after spending so much time in the same household. "It's alright, your company is more than welcome. shall we?" Felix nodded with a smile and fell into step next to her as they left the house. "You are running errands for the domina, right? What are we looking to buy?" @Laria
  5. Lexus looked her over. Another woman would have made good use of that look, and another man might have been looking at different things - but Lexus seemed to be assessing her dress in earnest. Septima still felt a bit self-conscious until he spoke. "That makes sense. I've always thought it a bit unfair, that women work in all their skirts and the men don't have to." "It is unfair, isn't it?" she chuckled in agreement. Not that there was much she could do about it. Lexus, on his part, had a look in his eyes as if he was considering an idea. "What if... but I don't know if it would be right... could you like... disguise yourself, as a boy? When you go out to explore, I mean." Septima blinked in surprise, and let out a surprised little laugh. The idea sounded like a joke, but Lexus seemed like he at least halfway meant it. She bit back the laugh, and gave it some consideration. "I wish I could" she said honestly "It would make a lot of things easier... Although I am not a terribly good actress. That would be my sister... I don't think I could make anyone believe I'm a boy." she looked down at herself, lifting the edge of her stole to her knees for a moment, as if she was considering the pros and cons of the idea. @Atrice
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    @Laria here we go I suck at titles
  7. April 75CE Aulus was nothing if not pragmatic. He put his money where his mouth was, and never passed up an opportunity when it presented itself. He also never forgot a promise he'd made, even to a slave. In this case, it had been more of a good-natured suggestion, but still, it was more than a little conspicuous that he decided to send Felix on this errand in particular. The body slave waited in the vestibulum of the house for Callista to show up. She was going to the market to run errands for her domina, and Aulus, in a moment of matter-of-fact inspiration, had instructed Felix to accompany her. Claiming that he could keep Callista safe while also keeping her company (and carrying things she might buy), Aulus waved Felix off for the afternoon. Honestly, Felix did not know much about Callista. They lived and worked in the same household, her serving the domina, and him being Aulus' shadow. Neither of them was very chatty or open, so apart from the occasional short, polite conversation, they never really spent time together before today. Felix was curious about the secretive young woman, but he had no idea what to expect from being sent out together like this. He just hoped she didn't think it was too much of a bother. "Callista" he greeted her with a nod when she finally showed up, on her way out "Dominus told me to accompany you to the market. I hope that's alright." @Laria
  8. Just when Azarion was starting to think they had reached some kind of a truce, Safinia had to go and dig her heels in. "Absolutely not. Even one is more than enough. There is no way I'm letting you steal enough apples for four horses." Azarion sighed, bit the rolling pin was still ready to support her verbal argument, so he did not dare get more cheeky. He knew the beating he'd get would hurt, but not as much as the news getting out that the White's prospective new charioteer got his ass whopped by a kitchen girl. "One apple every other day for this bottomless pit of a horse here and that's that. Take it or leave it." Azarion rolled his eyes and nodded. Fine. One apple was easier to turn into two, or four, than none. It would just take some time... @Liv
  9. Chevi

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    @Laria great! Should I put a starter up for a thread?
  10. "I certainly didn't! But I may be a bad example, it seems I'm unable to settle down at all." Some people lucked into a happy, content marriage. Aulus certainly did, which is why he seemed to think marriage was the reason for happiness and not the other way around. Alexius seemed to have other opinions on the whole thing, but Felix decided not to ask. "If you're no fighter and also no scholar... what would you say you are, then?" Felix paused, thinking about the question. It did not sound hard to answer... and yet it was. What was he, if he was not Aulus' body slave? If he wasn't a fighter or a scholar or a businessman?... "I... am honestly not sure." he admitted with a half-hearted chuckle "I don't even know how to go about finding out. I'm just... me?" @Atrice
  11. Chevi

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    Kissing Decimus was... well, great didn't really cover it. There was a light, bubbly feeling in Aia's chest, something that would have made her laugh if she hadn't been occupied with making the most of the kissing. A soft moaning sound escaped anyway as his hand moved along her thigh. Decimus was kissing her like there was no tomorrow, which, for at least today, had been a feeling everybody shared. Finally, they parted, and Aia caught her breath. Decimus was looking at her intently, as if he was trying to ask a question without words. Still flushed, Aia smiled at him, hoping that was the answer he was looking for. "Well... Wow." "Yeah..." she agreed with the sentiment. Absent-mindedly she took the tray of food and pushed it onto the table, freeing herself up to turn back to him. It was still hard to believe than any of this was real, and really happening. She lifted her hand to his face again, like when he was still asleep. Touching was all new and exciting this time. "We should have done this a lot sooner..." @Sains
  12. "That's good, I hope you're not hurt. I didn't mean to startle you like that." "Oh no, it's fine." she was still embarrassed about the fall, but none of it was Lexus' fault. He had merely given her a warning. It was not on him that her dress was fully impractical for nature exploration. "I thought I heard someone, but maybe they turned around or maybe I misheard. I'm sorry. Let me help you up... I'm really sorry. It really wasn't on purpose." "I know. Thank you." she blushed a little as she accepted his hand, making sure to free her feet first before she attempted to stand up. Once she was back on her feet, she dusted her dress off; it had some grass stains and some dirt on it. She sighed. "I wish I could wear short tunics." she noted, then caught herself and blushed again "I mean... I wish... I had more practical clothing for... exploration." @Atrice
  13. Chevi

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    Hi @Laria! Welcome to the site! I play Felix, Aulus' body slave. (Please excuse the Magic Mike thing, it's an April 1st joke!) These two have probably been sharing a household for a while, but Felix is a pretty quiet guy, and Callista is secretive too, so I don't think they have interacted much yet apart from their daily work. In one of our threads Horatia hinted that Callista might be interested in Felix, but we never established whether that's actually true or not (I'm fine with either). Regardless of that, I would like to offer a thread if you'd like, to see how these two interact within the household
  14. For a moment, Theo thought something was wrong. It was unexpected for Justinia to show up on his doorstep at the Ludus; the owners of Venus would not let one of their prized girls to wander off, especially not to a lace full of gladiators. For a second he thought she was in trouble, or had run away. "Yeah, everything's fine. I just wanted to come and see you. I haven't seen you for a while so I thought that I might stop by." "Oh." Theo smiled, relieved, and moved aside. "Come on in, then." "Oh, I didn't mean to walk in on your work. I can always come back later! I'm so sorry." "Nonsense" Theo shook his head; he almost reached out to catch her hand to keep her from leaving "It's not work if I don't have a patient. And it's Saturnalia. What better way to spend it than with a friend?... A friend I don't get to see often." he added a little sheepishly "Maybe this strange Roman holiday is good for something after all. Are you out celebrating?" @Sydney
  15. “Oh she’s paying very well, my current employer.” Right. He was bodyguard for some kind of a wealthy mistress. He fought well, and looked good, and was known as an ex-gladiator (most of the good ones were). She made a good deal by hiring him. Judging by his laugh, maybe got a bit more for her money, too. Felix couldn't blame her. He would be a fool to leave a place like that, just like Felix would have felt like a fool if he left the service of Aulus. “Not really different… but I will have to find something else at some point. I can’t stay where I am now, forever. All I really know is how to fight though… so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing, no matter what I do. Have you ever considered what you’ll do, if you’re freed?” "Not really." Felix admitted simply. For someone who was free born, or someone in a less lucky place as a slave, his admission might have sounded offensive. But he was at peace with that. "I would probably stay in my dominus' service, unless he had no use for me anymore. I am not a fighter, and I'm... definitely not a scholar either." he admitted with a small smile "My dominus says getting married will help me settle down. But I don't know... many married people don't seem settled at all." @Atrice
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