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  1. Rome was everything. Even when he only got to earn a few coins a day, competing with all the other things to see and do and all the other people to talk to, or do business with, or have sex with, Iophon was deeply in love with the city. The beating heart of the whole place was the Forum Romanum (whatever senators and imperials wanted to claim otherwise), and it was full of interesting people, and goods from all corners of the Empire. And stories. Stories to hear, and stories to learn. The lanky young Greek was watching the milling crowds, casually leaning against the foundation of the sta
  2. The honey cake was honestly the best. Theo loved the taste, and he firmly believed that no one else in the city could make them quite this perfect. He offered Didia a seat as he cheerfully munched on the pastry. "You are very welcome. But don't scoff those honey cakes all at once, otherwise you'll need another medicus to sort you out." "I make no promises" Theo chuckled, taking a seat himself. He'd have to eat fast before one of the gladiators, or Astrius, caught wind of pastries hidden in the basket. "I'm feeling fine, the wound is closed and Alexius is on the case. Although I
  3. Didia made a show of uncovering the basket she was carrying; the sweet scent of all the goods in it made Theo's mouth water. She had completely spoiled him with honey cakes so far, and he was not complaining. Even though he felt a little sheepish, because she was still trying to thank him for helping her. "I wanted to see you and...For my very kind and talented medicus. Practical things, and things that you wouldn't buy yourself." Theo stared at the contents of the basket. There were pastries, sure, but also something else that smelled sweet, and a box, and some nice fabric. He look
  4. Theo was suddenly glad he was not in the middle of some bloody procedure. He knew Didia didn't handle blood well, and he sure did not expect her to show up at the Ludus like this. "I'm alright, I'm alright. Aren't you going to invite me in? What a rude host." "I'm sorry... please come in?" Theo stepped aside as she walked in, wondering what she was doing here. She didn't seem scared or hurt. Was this just... a visit? He was surprised that she would come to the Ludus herself, knowing that she did not handle the sight of blood very well. "I'm sorry, I was only joking, you're not
  5. It had been a long time since Felix kissed anyone. He'd never been the romantic type. He fancied people sometimes, sure, but he did not have the freedom and free time required to explore things like that to his heart's content. The entire fact that he'd met Alexius at all, twice now by accident, meant that he had more of a chance than he'd had before, and maybe today, in honor of Fortuna, he was supposed to seize the opportunity. Alexius was certainly giving him a look that suggested he wouldn't pull back. Felix kissed him. There was some hesitation, but once Alexius responded, Felix allo
  6. Today was promising to be a long day. The Ludus was still not fully rebuilt yet, but training was back to the normal schedule. Games were bound to happen sooner than later, to lift the spirits of the people of Rome. Therefore Theo was back to work too, in another room assigned to him as his original quarters had collapsed. He'd treated a few training injuries, checked on the people still suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake, and he was currently organizing his supplies, trying to see what he would need to get more of before the games. He jumped a little when someone banged on the doo
  7. Theo knew his face was red, and he felt stupid because of it. He'd treated women before many times, and it was not professional of a medicus to behave like an unmarried maiden. And yet, Didia was a friend, and she did not ask for any of this; not to be hurt, and definitely not to be exposed in front of him. "No...no bandages, my parents would see. I can hide a little cut and some stitches under my tunica, not bandages." Theo sighed, but accepted her decision with a not. "At least let me give you a salve to put on it. To help the healing and keep the infection away." he dug into one
  8. End of August, 75CE The reading lessons had taken on a very different mood since Tranquillus' return. Sure, being a tutor, he did his best to actually teach Samorix his letters, but spending time alone with his lover was stimulating on more ways than just intellectually. Even the quiet times when they just sat together were lovely, and if the young gardener's scholarly progress might have slowed, he did not seem to mind at all. Right now, he was stretched out on Tranquillus' bed. It was the afternoon time, with the whole household taking a rest. Samorix had shown up at Tranquillus' door w
  9. Didia did some very inspired swearing while Theo did the two stitches as fast as he could, and tied the knots. It was impressive, for a young woman like her to swear like that. It was still better than her fainting of throwing up, for sure. "Finished?" "Well, sort of. I still have to bandage you and clean the other wounds..." he noted, but she was already digging into her purse, even thought he'd told her not to. "What's your going rate?" "I told you I don't..." Theo insisted, but before he could finish the sentence, the strap of her dress slid all the way down, revealing
  10. Theo was used to some of his patients not taking the stitiching well. Or other, even less pleasant procedures. He did not want to restrain Didia unless he really had to (and she agreed, obviously), but the wound did need to be closed before she would lose even more blood, or get infected. He shifted, giving her time to calm down and drink more wine. "Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry... Do you usually get assaulted at the ludus when you're trying to help? No...I suppose they're much more sensible and brave than me." Theo snorted at the assumption. "I have been punched more times than I can
  11. Iophon


    IOPHON 22 | 10th December 52 CE | Peregrini | Periegetes (Tour Guide)and Fabulator (Storyteller) | Bisexual | Original | Robert Sheehan <> Personality. Iophon is friendly, easygoing, and talkative. He is eager to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone, and charming enough that it doesn't feel pushy. He is honestly curious about people, and stories, and the world around him. In fact, he loves stories wholeheartedly, and sees them as a tradition and art form, rather than an easy way to make some coin. With that said, however, Iophon loves an easy way t
  12. Metella did not like her life questioned. She was already owned by someone, and not likely that she would ever be free, even if she knew what to do with the freedom. She was going to keep whatever was left of her options. She liked Attis, maybe loved him even, but she was not so keen on the concept of being anyone's wife. Even if it made her a slut in some men's eyes. "You don't even know my grandfather. Hades, I don't know him. And Chlorus is Florus now, and I hope he's finally had the guts to stop mooning over Sulpicius Rufus' body slave and actually do something about it - the pair of
  13. “See, Fortuna likes me.” No surprise. Everyone liked Alexius. He was just that kind of a person, even as a former warrior. He was easy to be around, and easy to talk to. Not to mention him saving Felix when he needed help, even though he was just a slave in most Romans' eyes. Felix chuckled, handing Alexius the coin. He could toss it next. This time, he'd won, and Felix was curious to see how the game would be played. What would Alexius tell him to do? “So, since I won… I get to decide on something you should do. And I want you to… kiss me.” Felix blinked. Sure, he'd expec
  14. It was so satisfying to hear the man grunt and yell, and feel his bone crunch as she hit him. Thessala rarely ever got to fight men, not in a real fight anyway, and she was going to make the most of this. She was drunk, and there was anger burning in her chest. Rana was dead, and shit like this idiot was still roaming the street like the gods liked them more than her. He lunged for Thessala and she staggered out of the way, punching him in the nose again. “Maybe… that’s enough. I think we should go. I don’t want you to get in trouble.” The other guy reached for his shoulder, but she
  15. Decimus, bless him, was great at following orders. Aia watched, catching her breath, as he took off his tunic. She grinned, propping herself up onto her elbows as she looked him over. This time, she had time to look, and she was not ashamed of looking at all. It was quite the sight. Especially the way he looked at her. She hummed, still covered in goosebumps, as he ran his hands up her legs. "You too." "Sure." Aia pushed herself up, kneeling in front of Decimus, and pulled off her dress. She felt more shy than she'd expected. Decimus had seen a lot of her before, but not... quite in
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