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  1. Marcus did not like any of this, but he listened. Azarion would have noted the implied trust any other day, but right now, he barely cared at all. A stablehand joined them as they walked out to the back, to the crates and amphorae. "All right, this had better be important," Oh, it was. As they neared a place Azarion motioned to the stable boy to stay back, and led Marcus around a pile of crates. Whoever had... killed Safinia, they were looking for a place away from prying eyes. Bastard. Azarion stood aside. Safinia was still there, pool of blood darkening. She had not moved. He
  2. "Hadn't thought about it, to be honest. I suppose, oddly, knowing it's not just a week for me any more. I haven't really got any plans for how to spend the time this year. What about you two? Have I interrupted anything in particular?" Saturnalia was traditionally a time when slaves got some time for themselves; time when they could celebrate, feast, and take advantage of a glimpse of freedom. No doubt Rufus was used to seeing that side of Saturnalia, more than the side he was on now, with the free but otherwise not distinguished citizens of Rome. Theo was glad he found his way to their
  3. "I bought us food, brother!" Iophon had been trying to use the last light of the day by the window to read a scroll he'd found about some interesting anecdotes. It was past time to light an oil lamp, but that light was not great for reading. Still, he was so immersed in the reading that he forgot it was time to eat until his brother barged in. "Good job" he said, stashing the scroll before he moved to make some space on the cluttered table. The upside of Artemon having a job was that it made him hungry enough by the end of the day that he remembered to get food. Usually. Iophon sat
  4. Theo gave Rufus a mock hurt look as his hand was smacked away. If he had not been successful at all in the kitchen (other than making wine), he surely had permission to steal from others' hard work, didn't he? "You may have some fig, I think I may have done too much. And I hope you put your tinctures and everything away safe this time. Drunk gladiators... I mean, they're crazy at the best of times, I can't imagine what they'd be like drunk." "Drunk is one thing" Theo nodded, taking a fig and tearing it open. He turned it inside out, biting into the sweet flesh of the fruit. "Hungover
  5. Samorix had been making progress with reading and writing, but he was not quite at the level yet where Tranquillus would have given him poetry to read. And certainly not the kind Titus was referring to. "Poetry, yes. He said something about you teaching me about Landicus? He said his poems about, erm, peaches and cherries would be of particular interest?' Tranquillus made a face that was no doubt amusing. He was aware of Landicus, and he was also aware of the kinds of topics those poems involved. It was not something Tranquillus would normally read, but... also, he lost his train of
  6. Marcus was going to watch the race. Great. No pressure. Marcellus was not the words of the worst, but he tended to be more cheerful than what Azarion had the stomach for on a good day. He seemed to regard the younger charioteer as some kind of a little sibling. "Cheer up, Azarion, it's not a funeral! It's a race, by the gods!" It might still be a funeral. Azarion rolled his eyes as he got into the chariot. He glanced over at Marcellus. In a real race, they would have the reins wrapped and tied around them in an elaborate way; he had not been doing that in training, because falli
  7. Of course Marcus was not alone. Under normal circumstances Azarion would have never barged in on him like this. But this was not normal. Nothing would ever be normal again. And he did not have the words to tell him - although he was not sure if he would, eve if he had his tongue. Marcus looked agitated, and with good reason. Azarion made more hurrying moriton at him and he followed, which was good, because the young charioteer was not sure what he would have done if he didn't. He hurried along, trusting Marcus to keep up, and trying to swallow the tears burning him up inside. As the
  8. "II hope I'm not disturbing you, or interrupting or anything? I don't mind taking my chances with the plaster if you'd rather spend time alone. Together. Um." "Don't be silly. It's one night of a long festival - by tomorrow we'll all be roaring drunk still and we'll forget you're even here Rufus." Theo nodded in agreement as he poured more wine. Having company over was what Saturnalia was all about. Granted, he had been hoping to get to do some things with his wife that did not require an audience, but they would have time for that later. Didia loved Saturnalia, and she was highly am
  9. "I have not... give that much thinking. I hope I will rule well, be fair, be just. I do not want rule with fear. I know some do. That is not good way." Wulfric seemed like a good person. Whether that was beneficial to being a king or not remained to be seen. Ruling over other people required skills that few people possessed, and it was even harder, in Iophon's opinion, to be a good ruler. Fear was easier, no doubt. It was up to the storytellers to decide whether someone would be seen as a good king or a tyrant... "My grandfather, now... he is good king. But firm. I do not know if I
  10. Footsteps echoed down the hallway; some guards were approaching to escort her back to the ludus. Thessala didn't know whether they could see Rana too. There were so many things she did not know about spirits. Rana melted into the shadows. "I don't want to go either. But... I haven't gone yet. Wait for me tonight." She did. She was taken to the medicos who checked on her injuries and let her go with some salve for her bruises and a few bandages. She had gotten off the fight easy, all things considered. She wondered where Rana had gone as she walked back to her small room in the back
  11. Late October, 75AD (Immediately after Sunset) Azarion ran across the stables towards the offices that belonged to the Whites. Some people saw him run, and a stable boy even said something, but he pushed past him. He was only vaguely aware that his hands and knees were stained with blood. The way he was running, doubtful that anyone could tell if it was his or someone else's. He did not wait at Marcus' door, although normally it was the rule to do so. Instead, he burst right in, and once again, he was painfully aware that he could not just yell, blurting out the things he wanted to co
  12. Rufus was here to stay. Theo didn't really mind... well, not much, apart from some definitely private plans he had been entertaining for his wife later. But Didia was a very social person, and Saturnalia was all about spending time with friends. "I can keep out of the way. You won't even know I'm here. And what's the matter with them?" "If I knew, I could fix it." Theo sighed, giving up the attempts at shaping honey cakes out of the dough. "They are not supposed to taste salty, are they?..." "You tried your best. But I have brought back-ups just in case." "Smart woman."
  13. The voice that answered his initial greeting was deeper than what he'd expected, and the first person through the door was most decidedly not Didia. Theo blinked at the red-haired guest. "Hello, Rufus!" they'd met before, on occasion. Didia knew the man from the days when he had been a slave, and it was her doing that he managed to get a room in the insula after he was freed. She knew him better than Theo did, but the medicus trusted his wife's judgment of people. Talking about Didia: she wept into the apartment after their guest and kissed his cheek. Theo smiled at her. "I...f
  14. "Io Saturnalia!" The cheers and laughter echoed in the hallways of the insula, and outside on the streets. It was the most joyous of Roman celebrations, one that Theo truly learned to enjoy since his move to the City. Even though they were a small household, a mere apartment in the insula, he and his wife were happily preparing for their first Saturnalia together. They did not own slaves who could have turned the day around on them, but there were still sweets to eat, spiced wine to drink, games to play, and gifts to give. In the spirit of the festivities, Theo was trying to do his very b
  15. "Praetorian?" "Royal guard" Iophon reiterated, looking at Wulfric in a whole new light. Roman emperors usually didn't have their own family members as praetorians, though. One, they were too noble and important for that, and two, no one wanted family with weapons that close, just in case. "I not king yet. Maybe I never be. You can not live life on maybe. I am here, now. This matters. Treat me like normal person." "I'll drink to that" Iophon raised his cup "To being normal people. May there be more of us in this fair city." he grinned, drinking. "So... if you do become kin
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