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Marcus' associates


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Marcus' Associates

I'm looking for people to take on the following characters to play. If you have any interest or questions you would like to ask, feel free to message me.


Late 30s-early 40s
Playby open: Although has been described as being rogueishly handsome.
Nationality: Open, although likely would be Roman or Greek.
Status: Likely a pleb, like Marcus. He would likely be an associate or part of the Syndicate gang.
Personality: Marcus and Calvunus have a long history together. They frenemies and on/off again lovers. Calvunus is ambitious, charming, and cheeky. I'm fairly open when it comes to him.
History: Again, I'm fairly open with him. So long as what has been written about their past relationship is maintained. I'm all good.

Late 20s-30s.
Playby: Open, has his hair cropped short.
Nationality: Roman or Greek.
Personality: Does not speak much and uses gestures to express himself.
History: Again, I'm pretty open. Aquila is a friend/acquaintance of Marcus and Calvunus.

Vibia -- Freedwoman, occasional prostitute.
She is a beauty, works at the Domus Venus and is a lover/ex/whatever of Marcus'. Her other occupation is up to you. Although I can see her being a musician at the establishment.
Playby: Open
Nationality: Open
Personality: Up to you.
History: Up to you.


Leticia -- Freedwoman,  prostitute.
She is a beauty, works at the Domus Venus and is a lover/ex/whatever of Marcus'. Is in debt due to her family and is working to pay it off. 
Playby: Open
Nationality: Open
Personality: Open. 
History: Up to you.


Theodora Cassia -- Plebeian. 
Wife of Marcus.
Nationality: Roman or Greek. 

Personality: Business like, judgmental and has a troubled relationship with Marcus. 
Playby: Open.
Age range: 25-29
Mother of: Marcia Falco --- seven years old.
Marco Falco Minor --- four years old.

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