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Marcus Falco


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Thirty-nine | 31st February  34CE | PLEBEIAN | CRIMINAL | Bisexual | Original | JEFFERY DEAN MORGAN





Marcus is a man with little morality, or compassion for other human beings. At least, that is how he sees himself.

As for vices, he indulges in dice games ( the reason why he descended into debt), prostitutes, and petty crime in order to get by. He is possessive, unwilling to share what he believes to be his, and often finds himself having difficulty to control his anger. He likes to rant and preach about the worth of "true" Romans, unlike these fake Romans who are not true Romans. Marcus will do this to anyone who would listen to his ravings. It mainly occurs when he has been drinking.

He tries to distance himself from his wife and children in a twisted effort to protect them from him. And the shady businesses he has managed to get himself involved in. Due to this, he favours the company of his Mistresses and his frenemy over those of his family.

His loyalty is able to be bought and he believes other people operate like he does.



Marcus stands at 5'7ft tall and has a stocky build. His limbs are covered with dark body hair with an occasional scar here and there from his line of work.

His eyes are a grey-blue, framed by dark lashes and thick dark eyebrows. Despite frequent trips to the barber he usually ends up with 5 o'clock shadow on his top lip, chin and cheeks. His hair has salt and pepper but remains thick, the length depends on whether he has coin to improve his appearance.

His skin is olive in tone and darkens rather than goes red in sunlight.

Marcus' clothing is workmanlike. He doesn't mind if he happens to have blood or dirt on his clothing either.



Father: Gaius Falco

Mother: Lydia Varca


Brother: Titus Falco
Brother: Publius Falco

Spouse: Theodora Cassia -- practical, plain, no time for Marcus' shit.



Marcia Falco --- seven years old.
Marco Falco Minor --- four years old.


Oriana Laecania (b. 51CE)
Many, some he knows and many others he does not.

Extended family.

None close or relevant to matter.


Lover: Calvunus -- His best friend, lover, frenemy, business partner, all rolled into one.
Lover: Vibia -- Freedwoman, occasional prostitute.
Lover: Leticia -- Freedwoman, prostitute.




  • Marcus grew up in the rough Aventine with his hard-working parents striving to make a living in Rome. He was born in the Subura, close to the heavens and yet in a position where if there was a fire --- death through smoke, inhalation, or a fall if one wished to take the risk. His two younger brothers were soon added into the mix with hard-working Titus and Publius both soon taking his father's eye. At seven, he began to help his father with labouring in order to try to help the family meet their high rental costs.

    He grew up largely illiterate although his able to recognise his own name. He would see the men in the gangs, the collegia and the respect they gained from their peers. His father always warned him to stay away from these men, show respect, and never get in their way. Marcus wanted to be like them. He wanted the respect that they carried, and the fear.


  • In 45CE, he met his best friend (and frenemy) Calvunus, and together they began to have their dysfunctional relationship. The following years were spent getting involved in petty crime and aiming to rise through the ranks. Unfortunately, the pair of them were caught now giving the gang's cut and were lucky they were not killed or maimed. Instead they both became indebted to the Scars of Concord. However, in 52CE, the smaller gang was overtaken by the larger ones and either assimilated into the gang or the survivors fled. Despite the politics slowly trickling in, for the most part, they had no true impact on his life and instead he focused on trying to advance through the ranks with little success.

    Between 57 - 59CE, he was taking contract jobs from anyone who would hire him. These were mostly petty extortion, violence, and thieving. Nothing particularly of note, and no did he attack anyone of any particular importance during this time. During this time, he fathered Oriana Laecania in 51CE, although he was not aware of this at the time. 


  • During the Civil war he kept a low profile. Taking low end jobs that did not place him in the view of any of the factions vying for power.

    In 61CE he married his wife and later, she gave birth to a daughter and in 63CE, gave birth to his son. While the pair of them remain married. He often spent his spare time in the company of his friends and prostitutes. The chaos gave an opportunity and sadly, his talents were not recognised during this time with the various gangs of Rome. However, he made several friends who he aims to develop further and has continued to take a variety of jobs over the years.

    In 71-72CE, recent times he has been rising through the ranks and has become an enforcer for the The Syndicate, and tries to take as many 'perks' of the job as he possibly can.

    73CE --- Current time.





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