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Not all of these are Roman, but they're all history or fantasy and can be made to pass much easier than some modern shots... I will add to this list when I find anything suitable. (I, Claudius has no caps online anywhere that I can discover, woes.) There are POC in Tut and a couple in Troy: Fall of a City and Spartacus.

For your convenience, sites/links added in the latest edit are starred *

300 and 300: Rise of an Empire - Not accurate but they do have some usable shots, especially for people making gladiators

Agora - Roman Egypt in the 3rd or 4th century (I don't know how many caps there are, but some is better than none!)

Atlantis - Ancient Greek, accurate and usable!

Atlantis - More complete set of screencaps

Barbarians - Romans in Germania in the first century, pretty accurate from what I've seen

Ben Hur - the 2011 remake; 1st century Judea and Rome

Britannia - 1st Century Roman Britain

Camelot - Medieval(ish) but usable for Ancient Rome with cropping

Centurion - Roman soldiers against the barbarians, no idea of the accuracy/usability of the caps

Clash of the Titans - Mythology/fantasy with usable screenshots

Domina - Based on the life of Augustus' wife Livia, some very nice usable pics

The Dovekeepers - Masada (Judea in c. 70AD)

The Eagle - 2nd Century Roman Britain - seriously freakin' huge caps, pretty accurate in setting (Word of warning: There were no women in this film)

Game of Thrones - Medieval fantasy, with some usable pics depending on cropping (You may need to login to this site, but it's the only one on my list where that's necessary)

Game of Thrones - from a different site; screencaps of the first three seasons

Game of Thrones - From a different site; I believe there are caps of all eight seasons

Gladiator - 2nd century Rome

Gods of Egypt - Ancient Egyptian fantasy

Hammer of the Gods - Dark Ages fantasy, hopefully with some useful shots

Hispania, la leyenda - Romans in 1st century BC Spain; Spanish-language series, historically inaccurate, visually pretty good

The Hollow Crown - Medieval but usable pics

The Hollow Crown - Fuller set of caps than the above link

The Last Kingdom - Dark Ages, several usable pics

Legend of the Seeker - Medieval-esque fantasy, numerous usable pics

Pompeii - Pompeii before the eruption of 79AD, pretty damn accurate

Prince of Persia - Middle Eastern fantasy with some decently usable shots

Roar 1990s miniseries, no idea of accuracy or usability of shots! From IMDb: An Irish chieftain fights against Roman encroachment

Robin Hood - TV mini-series; Medieval fantsay. Several decent pics

Rome Season 1; Rome Season 2 - HBO's Rome (again), screencaps from a different site

Sinbad - dark ages/medieval Eastern fantasy. Several POC  playby possibilities

Spartacus - All four seasons of the HBO miniseries

Troy - 13th century BC Greece (2004 film)

Troy - Fall of a City - Ancient Greece; pretty accurate  (eight-episode miniseries)

Troy - Fall of a City - Same as above, from a different site, with some very nice screenshots

Tut -Ancient Egypt (three episode miniseries)

Vikings - the Vikings! Good for Germans and any barbarians/bearded types - five seasons' worth of caps

Vikings - again, same show, screencaps on a different site. All six seasons capped

Screencap Websites Used:

Cap That.com

Fancaps.net (not the most easily navigated site but does have good screencaps)

Far Far Away Site

Kiss Them Goodbye (now on Tumblr)

Movie Screencaps.com


If anyone finds screencaps at any other site, please let me have links so I can add them to this list!

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I have several sources I can cap myself, too, so if you want any pics from any of the following, let me know! My DVD library is growing, so I hope to be able to add to this list in future.


Alexander (2004)

Ancient Rome: Rise and Fall of An Empire

The Apocalypse of St John

Attila the Hun 

Britannia (first season, I don't have the second season yet!)

Ben Hur (both the 2011 miniseries and the 2016 film)

Cleopatra (1999)

Eagle of the Ninth (the 1977 BBC TV miniseries) 


Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare

I, Claudius

Imperium: Augustus

Imperium: Nero

Jesus of Nazareth

Julius Caesar (the 2002 miniseries)

Last Legion 


Paul, Apostle of Christ


HBO's Rome 

HBO's Spartacus 




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