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Oh, how have I missed you!


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Life in the last few years had been kind to Flavia, that was something she could say without a doubt in her heart. She had a home she thrived in, a love with a good man who seemed more happy to be a landowner than anything else, and four beautiful children that filled the halls with laughter and cheer. Sure there had been some rumblings of drama from beyond their orbit, her sister-in-law getting into trouble with her father-in-law. But it mostly left the family of six and their household alone, the waves of it barely rocking them. But perhaps what was because Flavia stayed out of the limelight and far way from the gossip mill that ran the social scene of the high class women of Rome.

The twins were growing big, walking and chattering away in their own little made up language that brought Flavia and Gnaeus to laughter most afternoons when the family dined together - and she insisted upon dining with the children. Which was another thing she insisted upon doing with the raising of their children. She had missed so much time with her own parents as a child due to her father's duties to Rome and her mother being the Augusta for most of her life. She didn't want her children to look back when she and Gnaeus was gone and wish they had had more time with them, to laugh and to learn. Lucilla and Minor was doing much the same as well, growing big and strong. Their futures were bright.

Mother and her children spent their days in the garden, listening to the twins playing as the elder two get their lessons of the day. And she sat weaving, the action soothing as she tuned her ears to the sound of her children's voices. To make sure she was to them if they were ever in distress. Well, as best as she could. Her womb was once more doing its business and she prayed to the gods that it would be the second son that her father-in-law wanted them to have. Especially after three girls, she knew her husband was anxious to have another male in the family. It was not her children, however, that pulled her attention way from the task she was doing. A slave had approached her, a gentle voice alerting to her their presence.

Someone had came to visit, and her face brightened to as who it was. "Please show them in and bring refreshments. And perhaps a guest room." She said as she waited for her old governess to be shown in. Nodding to the tutors to end the lessons for the day as the children realized there would be a visitor. "You'll have to forgive me," Flavia started, "but getting up off of this chair is rather difficult at the moment." She finished, laughter lighting up her words as she heard footsteps and turned to face the entrance.

@Jenn >>>>> mid june seventy five

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Widowhood with a grown up son had meant Julia had a lot of free time to herself-she divided her time between the small horse farm she had shared with Canus and her son’s Domus. It would be 2 years this coming Saturnalia, and she knew that society expected a woman to remarry after a suitable mourning period. She knew that her prospects had been limited with the first marriage- in fact, she thought she would never have been married in the first place. Julia figured at this point the prospects for a second marriage were going to be just as slim so she wasn’t holding her breath.

With the free time she had been enjoying tending a small garden and the abundance of produce was more than she could use. Julia looked at the gathered fruit & vegetables, and after setting some aside for her she wrapped up a care package to take to Flavia. She knew Flavia had her hands full with the little ones. As a treat for them she threw in some sweet honeyed fruit.

Julia wrapped a light palla around her shoulders for the travel, then took the wrapped bundle and tucked it into a basket. Stepping outside she noticed that all had been prepared for her. Julia settled herself and they were off. Although the journey wasn’t too long she did enjoy the rhythmic movement of the terrain underneath her.

When they reached Flavia’s, Julia emerged and took the basket. She was welcomed by of Flavia’s slaves who went off to tell their Mistress that she had a guest. He returned shortly. “This way Domina” Julia nodded her head and followed him through the house to the garden. As she emerged into the garden she saw Flavia sitting in a chair and heard the greeting she gave. “You’ll have to forgive me, but getting up off this chair is rather difficult at the moment.”  Julia cast her gaze over Flavia from top to bottom.

“Do not trouble yourself- there is nothing to forgive. I hope you are doing well.”


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