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British Rebels


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Annis is a Briton gladiatrix. When she was a young teen, her father died in battle, and she struck out alone to bring the fight to the Romans. As she traveled around the island, she met several more young people like her, with similar backstories, who also wanted to fight the Romans. They teamed up and for about two or three years, they beat up on the Roman legionnaires. But in 70CE, an ill-fated battle ended in the deaths of several of the group, and the capture of several more. Annis became a gladiatrix - what became of the others? I would love for some old friends of Annis's to be played, and possibly meet up with her in Rome, giving her even more of a reason to earn her freedom. I also included her brother! Here are some suggested characters below: 

Name: Alden

Suggested FC: Alexander Ludwig (Vikings)

Vikings Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Holding Axe and Shield in Water ...

Backstory: Open! I imagine that he and Annis might have had romantic involvement, though! He was a leader in their rebel group, and was also possibly captured at the same battle as Annis - what happened to him after that is up to you! 

Suggested Age: Around Annis (within five years; she's 24). 


Name: Wulfrun

Suggested FC: Mostly open, but Ben Robson (Vikings) is a possibility (though he looks a little older than I imagine Wulfrun and his coloration doesn't match Annis so much). Anyone that fits the age range or Annis's coloration is great! 

Backstory: Annis's brother. Their father died in Eppitacos's battle with the Romans in 62, and Wulfrun was also in that battle, but he survived. This left Wulfrun the heir to the tribe's leadership. He and Annis might have a strange relationship, since he hasn't seen her since she struck out on her own (six or seven years ago). Was he eventually captured by the Romans? Did he sell out and help them instead? Up to you! There's plenty of drama to be had between him and Annis. 

Suggested Age: 32 (he's about eight years older than Annis). 


Possibly will update with more characters later! Also, if you're interested in making an original character that might have been connected with the group, let me know! We can plot! 

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