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  1. Echo

    By the Rules

    Caecina knew she and Marcus couldn't marry, but the childish part of her wanted to ignore that and just have fun with him like always. Her feelings for him seemed to have changed very suddenly, but she knew that all the time they had spent together was bound to make them closer. Marcus asked who she thought Aia could be meeting and she shrugged casually. "Who knows? It seems odd that she would want to not be seen, seeing as the Poppina is a place to be seen, like you said." Caecina knew this was harmless gossip and she didn't want to take it much further than that. She liked Aia and enjoyed learning from her sometimes - even if what she liked learning from her was not languages but about her experiences. "Anyway, who else have you seen here?" Caecina looked up as the barmaid arrived and gave them their drinks and food. Caecina was rather hungry, so the platter of food was welcome. "Do you want any?" @Atrice
  2. Echo

    Secrets Exposed

    Aglaea doubted that Livia was truly interested in learning about Judaism, but she had called her bluff and was not unwilling to teach her, if she was somehow being sincere. "If you would like me to teach you, then I will," she said casually. Horatia probably wasn't interested in learning, either, but whatever Aglaea could do to make Livia happy, she was duty-bound to do it. Besides, maybe it would help her understand Aglaea's place in the world and how she understood it. Aglaea immediately realized what Livia was implying and her cheeks reddened again. "Of course not. You know that's not what I meant." Aglaea knew how much her mistress loved Marcus and she had never voiced any opinions that suggested that she didn't support it entirely. She was incredibly loyal to Livia and wanted her to be happy, and her stomach turned in guilt when she realized she might have hurt her. But what Livia said next was like a slap in the face. Aglaea's mouth hung open and she felt tears spring up in her eyes. Livia had to know how much that would devastate her, right? To not be able to express her religion... it would be the ultimate punishment, for something she didn't even do. She lowered her head to hide the tears. "I swore on my honor, domina. I would not keep something like that from you." She was hurt that her mistress didn't believe her - but then, she reasoned, she was keeping a secret from her, just not one about her love life. "Please, don't do that. Please." The tears in her throat were clear to anyone. @Liv
  3. Echo

    Patch Me Up

    Annis winced as she was set on the table. The adrenaline was wearing off, which took the edge off the injury, and it was starting to make itself felt. But the medic for the ludus was excellent at his job, and one of the few people whom Annis felt she could trust. A healer in any country was usually kind. Theo gently pulled her fingers away and she hesitated, but let him, since he was the doctor here. His tone was light and the talk helped her stay distracted from the pain. "The bitch got me good this time. I was off my game and she was a lot bigger than me." As the man applied pressure again she winced but didn't cry out. "Some German bitch, probably." Theo continued by asking a series of questions about her health otherwise. The German woman had got her a couple of times elsewhere, but the arm was the main concern. "Yes, on my leg, just there." It was a shallow wound on her thigh, but bleeding ever so slightly. Annis put a hand to her head and felt around. "I don't think so - ah, wait, yes she did get me." She remembered it now - the woman had hit her with the hilt of her blade. It was probably just a bruise, though. "But other than that, healthy as a horse," she joked, her voice tight. @Chevi
  4. The name meant nothing to her, other than a piece of information about this man. She doubted it would matter much - she didn't have any power anyway - but she liked to know the name of someone she was talking to. "A pleasure to meet you," she said. Titus continued to talk, saying that a gladiator was only as good as their last match. That much was true, but sometimes a crowd could be inspired by a story of a gladiatrix getting hurt and then miraculously healing and regaining glory. It all depended on the crowd and the acting ability of the gladiatrix. "I've been with the Ludus Magnus for five years now. I've been fighting just as long - I don't even know how many I've fought in. But it's enjoyable work, I'll admit." @Lauren
  5. Echo

    By the Rules

    Marcus said she didn't mean anything to him and Caecina glanced over at the girl, who was shooting glances at them from another table. "Seems like she thinks differently," she said casually. But it wouldn't matter. Caecina had enjoyed her kiss but now she found herself confused about her feelings. The one thing that was clear was that she liked him, but she wasn't sure whether they could be together at all. The family came first, and plus, she was likely to marry soon anyway, to someone older and more established. Even if she didn't like him, whoever it was. It was bound to happen. Marcus then said that he thought she knew him well and she gave him a knowing smile before he continued. Aia came here! And by herself, no less! Now, that was interesting to be sure. "No secret lover? Now, that's a disappointment." Caecina enjoyed hearing about interesting interactions with people she knew, especially ones that hinted at more tantalizing secrets. "Maybe she just didn't want you to know. Maybe she was meeting someone more interesting than a lover!" @Atrice
  6. Late June, 75CE Annis fell on the sand with a dull thud, barely bringing up her right sword in time to block her opponent's swing. While Annis was no small woman, she wasn't larger than this opponent and she was struggling to adjust to the other person's style appropriately. Annis was one of the more famous gladiatrices, for crying out loud! Why was she struggling so much today? But now was not the time to think about why she was struggling. It was the time to act, and win. Using her foot to trip the other opponent, she managed to regain her footing and continue fighting. After a few minutes with the upper hand, though, the other woman's swing changed directions. Because her parry had been intended for a swing in the other direction, Annis's arm was completely exposed. The sword arced down and sliced, deep. The Briton cried out in pain and tried to get away, but she was pushed down onto the sand again with the other woman's sword pointed at her throat. She had been beaten. After, Annis was led under the arena to have her wounds looked at. When the sword had cut her, she had barely registered the full extent of the damage, but now the pain was searing and she had to be supported by the guards. But at least the nerves weren't severed. That would mean the end of her career. With a wince of pain, she was hoisted onto a table in the medic's chamber. She held her arm with her other hand, keeping pressure on the wound, but blood was still oozing out little by little. She needed some patchwork. @Chevi
  7. Caecina Tusca - 14 - Cyan - Echo Aglaea - 3 - Orange - Echo Annis - 10 - Violet - Echo Gaius Licinius Habitus - 17 - Green - Echo @Anna
  8. Echo

    By the Rules

    Caecina quirked an eyebrow and chuckled. "She's pretty. But I'm sure that wouldn't catch your eye at all." She grinned. Just because she was a barmaid, didn't mean that Marcus couldn't be attracted to her. Caecina was always impressed by the gladiators, who were slaves and freedmen! But she understood his point; even if she was attractive, it would just be a fling, not a lasting relationship. Marcus's next statement made her grin. "And why would I know anything about what you're attracted to?" Caecina leaned back in her chair, adjusting her clothing casually. "So, do you know anybody else here? Any patrons, I mean. Any regulars?" She was interested to learn about his other times here, and what he knew about some of the other people. She was always a fan of gossip. @Atrice
  9. Echo

    The New Normal

    Annis shrugged slightly at her comment. "The Romans are strong. But so am I." She had had a lot of time to think on the journey here. She had been thinking about what her life was to be once she arrived in the city, and how she was going to survive. She had decided that no matter what, she would do whatever it took to keep her pride and return home. Saba then asked whether that was how she fought, with a sword. Annis glanced down at the wooden sword, smirking a little. "Not normally wooden. I usually have a shield, too." @Chevi
  10. @Sharpie can I reserve Flavius?
  11. Name: Echo Description: A place where I'll keep track of what my characters are up to @Anna
  12. Rufus said he had never been to sea. "I don't recommend it," she said, laughing. "Even when you get off the boat, the ground seems to pitch and heave under you for hours afterward." She shuddered dramatically. "I much prefer the solid ground, myself." The conversation turned toward the different varieties of people one could see at the forum, as well as skin types. Rufus talked about how he got sunburnt and freckled in the sun and Aglaea examined her own skin. She was lucky - her skin could get darker, due to her desert heritage, but she never really spent too much time in the sun. Rufus mentioned that he liked the countryside, too, and that he also felt that the city got to be too much. "Sometimes, it's like the buildings are pressing in on you, and there are just too many people. I hope you get to go to the countryside soon. It's especially better in the summertime, I think." @Sharpie
  13. "Oh - of course," she said, blushing a little at her own cluelessness. She had little reason to know what went on in the Curia, though - Livia never went there and she had barely anything to do with Secundus. Her experience of Rome had been through the eyes of a female. She couldn't honestly say that the Curia held any charm for her either. It was just where senatorial men went to do senate things. It didn't concern her. Rufus went on to explain what Campania was like. The way he told it was captivating - it was clear as could be how much he loved his former home. And it sounded beautiful. "I hope to see it one day myself," she said genuinely. He had mentioned the sea, too. "When I was traveling from Antioch, we took a sea route for part of the way. I think I liked seeing the sea from the land rather than a boat." Her voice was full of mirth - it was hard to forget the roiling water and the terrible nausea she had experienced. Aglaea was not meant to be on the sea. Then, Rufus continued by saying that Rome was busy. She laughed at his comment. "I believe you're right! So many different people come through here all the time. I like it here sometimes... but the city can get to be too much, sometimes." She thought of the villa. "My mistress's husband has a lovely villa outside of the city, in the countryside. It's so quiet and peaceful there. I wish we could stay there all the time." @Sharpie
  14. Aglaea chuckled at his surprise. "Yes, I was about fourteen when I came to her household. What is your job? Or, are you his body slave?" Aglaea hadn't considered the differences between what a female's body slave was responsible for and what a male's body slave would be, though it couldn't be very different. The young man explained where he was from and she nodded thoughtfully. "I don't think I've been there... is it the countryside?" She had been in Livia's husband's countryside villa several times, for extended stays, and she enjoyed the quiet aspect and the fresh air. Then, Rufus asked what Judea was like and she hummed thoughtfully. "Well, to tell you the truth, I was quite young when I left Judea. My first mistress was married to a man who worked in Antioch, and I was seven when I went to live with them." She brushed her hair back. "But I remember it being very hot and crowded, not unlike Roma. And sandy. It's a desert region, after all." She smiled at him. "What's Campania like?" @Sharpie
  15. The man seemed lost in his thought, and Annis didn't like the look in his eyes. It was like he was scheming, but about what she couldn't guess; all she knew is that the look in his eye was the look of a man thinking something bad, and that it gave her a sick sort of feeling. But then the moment was broken and he asked her name. What was the right course of action here, she wondered? It wouldn't matter if she didn't give him her real name, it wasn't a difficult thing to find out, particularly for a man of coin and influence. "Annis," she said. It wasn't a terribly foreign name, after all. "And what's your name, praetorian?" The conversation continued toward the subject of fighting, and the differences in how the Britons and the Romans went about it. She understood what he was saying; after all, she had witnessed for herself the neat, orderly lines of the legions, and how they worked together like one large animal. But the way he spoke about it gave her a funny taste in her mouth. Progress? If progress had to be made by wading through rivers of blood, she wasn't interested in progressing. "Different styles. I see." She studied his face for a moment. Something was off about him. "Personally, I'll stick to the style I have now. It seems to be working in my favor." At least, in the arena. @Lauren
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