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  1. Caecina listened, interested slightly in this strange woman who would be teaching. How had she become an interprex, and how had her father noticed her enough to entrust the education of her children with her? She would have to get to know her enough to question her about it. She wondered, too, if she would also get a chance to learn some of the barbarian languages, or at least hear her brother's lessons in addition to her Greek lessons. "Well, I'm sure that will be an interesting lesson. Greek is a lovely language." Caecina shifted in her seat. "So, how are my siblings? I have not seen them while I have been here." @Gothic
  2. Gaius hated the idea of treating this girl unkindly; something about her begged kindness. He briefly wondered her past but then realized he probably wouldn't know and it would eat him up to imagine too long. The act of kindness he had performed wasn't only for her, of course. It had given him an opportunity to run a little and stretch the muscles that so often idled while he stood in one place for hours, guarding the palace. The slave introduced herself and he gave a brief smile. "Nice to meet you, Justinia. You may call me Gaius." He didn't know why he was offering his name but here he was. She then asked for his recommendation on wine and he looked around at the stalls, approaching a stand he had frequented, gesturing her to follow. "What's the occasion? Just stocking up? I'm a fan of this mulsum, the Spanish stuff is good too." @Sydney
  3. Caecina gave a small smile as he asserted that lessons could be interesting. She supposed they would be if she were allowed to learn the same things he was. Politics was a world not allowed to her but she learned what she could from talking to men and acting like a foolish girl who didn't know anything, even though she had found she had a mind for the practice. Tiberius spoke of his hope of seeing the empire while deploying with the military and she smiled. "I hope you are able to! I have heard that there are beautiful sights to see around the empire, though I haven't had the honor of seeing much more than Rome and various cities around Italia. You'll have to keep me posted while you travel," she smiled a little flirtatiously. The subject of the party continued and Tiberius said he would keep her to her promise. "I assure you, you shall receive an invitation, you and your sister and brother. We will have a grand time." She adjusted herself into a more comfortable sitting position, stifling a grin at his embarrassed flush at her question. "Ah, popularity isn't everything." Titus was always a popular one but Caecina was more at ease talking to Tiberius. The young man turned her question back on her and she laughed. "Juliana and my father don't tend to give me all the information about who has asked for my hand, so I haven't the slightest idea. They will certainly choose well for me, just as Caesar will for you." @Sarah
  4. Gaius fully expected to be sore in the morning; Tertius had held his own in their fight and Gaius had had to fight hard to win the bouts he did. He remembered his father sparring with some of the other men at the bathhouse when he was younger, maintaining his physical wellbeing. He briefly wondered if the man still did, though he doubted it; he was getting older, though he was still in relatively good health. Tertius complimented him again and he smiled. "I appreciate it. I was a centurion for a few months before I returned to Rome." He took another sip of water and dropped the dipper back in the water, cupping his hand and wiping the moisture on the back of his neck for a cooling effect. "Britannia? Oh, not terrible, but I got in a few good scrapes. Nearly died a couple times, but they couldn't keep me down. We mostly just kept the peace, quelled uprisings." @Atrice
  5. Caecina noticed the look but didn't comment on it. Caecina would respect her father to his face but she rarely saw him, what with him being away so often. But Caecina was interested to see what Juliana was talking about. And soon she revealed that her father had sent a woman dressed as a man to tutor her and her little half brother. She raised an eyebrow and sipped her wine again. "Will she be tutoring us in languages?" The teenager was not delighted to have a tutor. The only lessons she enjoyed were the ones where she learned to play musical instruments or weave; languages held no interest for her. It wasn't like she was ever going to have to talk to barbarians who didn't speak Latin. It seemed to the teenager to be time wasted that could be put better to other things. @Gothic
  6. Echo

    Lupercalia Begins!

    This was the kind of event that failed to catch Caecina's attention. It was more solemn than anything and most of the men here were not bachelors but men accompanying their wives, hoping to be blessed with children. Caecina was also far from pious; though she believed in the gods, she wondered what smacking women with goat hides had to do with getting pregnant. But she managed a neutral expression, standing next to her step-mother in a clean, white linen chiton and a white palla draped over her head. She turned her ear to Juliana as she whispered and just managed to stop herself before she could snort. She would be so unlucky! It didn't look painful to be whipped with the goat hides, more uncomfortable, especially the blood. She tried to think of something to distract herself before she saw Tiberius, the young prince. It would seem that not everyone was married here. She grinned as she watched the spectacle, somehow more entertained now than she had been a few minutes before. @Gothic @Sarah @Gil
  7. Tertius wasn't attracted to the same sex but he could definitely appreciate a competent sparring partner. His bouts with Tertius lasted much longer than his bouts with his last partner and Gaius wasn't the clear winner each time. Tertius held his own and this made Gaius give the man his respect. Finally, though, their sparring came to an end with Gaius landing his sword on Tertius's throat. He let up when Tertius relented and smiled at his partner. "Thank you. You're not half bad yourself." Gaius wiped his brow of sweat and tossed the wooden sword aside in favor of a sip of water. "I hope they appreciate me. I was in Britannia for several years but I'm a praetorian now." @Atrice
  8. Caecina grinned at Claudia's compliment. "Thank you, and you look lovely as well!" Caecina loved to use her clothing to express herself, especially her jewelry, but she tended to stay within the trends. Claudia was always immaculately dressed; Caecina always made an effort to notice what other women were wearing and Claudia set herself apart with her clothing. The conversation began in earnest, with the young imperial asking a series of questions, each more excited than the last. "The usual, as always; lessons, parties, visiting family. Juliana tends to stay at our villa in Italy; she loves the peace and quiet, though I will confess that it gets quite dull there for my liking. The city excites me so." A slave poured watered and honeyed wine for the pair and Caecina accepted a cup. "My siblings are quite well. Tell me about you, though! Your siblings?" @Gothic
  9. Caecina nodded as her stepmother advised her to find friends. It was hard sometimes; she was simply better at relating to young men. Of course, there were the shallow pursuits of women that she could relate to other girls with: clothes, cosmetics, jewelry. But men had such interesting thoughts about politics and if she couldn't step into politics in the way of a man, listening to them speak about it was the next best thing. A girl Caecina was friends with would have to entertain her in ways other than the base pursuits of her contemporaries. Sometimes, Caecina felt lonely. She had no one to connect with as a friend, and while Juliana and Astraea as a team served in motherly roles, Caecina still felt the hole her mother might have filled in her heart. But Caecina firmly put the thought away in the interest of her good mood. Juliana mentioned Caecina's father and it took all her willpower not to make a derisive sound. She merely looked interested in passing and said, "He's so good at that sort of thing," taking a sip of her wine. Secretly, she wondered what Juliana was going to disclose to her. @Gothic
  10. Echo


    Name: Astraea Occupation: "Management" for Caecina Age: I imagine in her late forties to early sixties Play-By: Gothic had an idea but I need to check back in with her Otherwise, player's choice! Nationality: I imagine her as Greek, though any national origin will do! Astraea is Caecina's main slave, given to her by her father as an early child to curb her immaturity and brattiness. Since she was a small child, Astraea has been almost like a mother figure, though more of a disciplinarian who ensures that Caecina is on her best behavior, especially in public. I imagine Astraea has been in Caecina Tuscus's household since she was young and has grown into a trusted slave, which was why she was trusted with Caecina's raising. She is a wise and clever woman and not much gets by her. Caecina loves her but is wary of her, and Astraea loves her charge like a daughter but is not fooled by any of her posturing and trickery. I would love to have Astraea to accompany Caecina places and act like a mother figure. She is allied with Juliana to ensure Caecina is well behaved and eventually married to a proper young man. Let me know if you're interested in playing Astraea
  11. Echo

    First impressions

    Caecina was certainly not here of her own volition, but she did not want to make the other woman feel bad. Perhaps it was not entirely her choice to be here either. Briefly, the noblewoman wondered what brought a woman like her here, but she felt it would be rude to ask such a question. The lesson began with Aia asking what she would talk about. "Oh, I don't know. Perhaps I would speak about the weather or the family of the person I was speaking with. Clothing or fashion perhaps." @Chevi
  12. Gaius had wondered if he would suffer any verbal abuse due to his new position, but as he had been on the front lines for some time, his reputation among the legion was good enough, and of course, people respected the title of Praetorian. Gaius nodded as the other man suggested a small tavern. He always appreciated the suggestions of other soldiers, as they always seemed to know the best spots. "I shall have to go try it, thank you, friend."He grinned at the other man's description of her hair. "Hard to miss, I expect, then?" @Sains
  13. Again, Caecina had not thought so deeply about a potential partner as Oriana had. Of course, she knew all the things to avoid; her family would never allow her to marry down, and her suitor must be a man from a family equally wealthy and influential as hers, but as for power, she expected that she would be subservient as she could be expected to be. Her husband would wield the power in the family and Caecina would be responsible for managing the household and the children she would inevitably bear. Oriana commented that she hoped Caecina wouldn't have to wait too long and she laughed in response. "I hope so too! Though I expect within a year..." She trailed off tantalizingly. Oriana then continued, saying that it had been too long since her husband had died, then suggested she was waiting for the right man. "Certainly, you are worth the best husband, my friend. I expect my father and stepmother will let me have some kind of choice once they have a few candidates, though of course the final decision will be my fathers. I expect he will choose someone suitable." @Sydney
  14. Caecina inclined her head as Juliana laughed and commented that she was becoming more of a Roman lady. Recently, she had wanted to start emulating some of the better qualities of the Roman lady, though she had no interest in being the most pious or chaste. It was a bit suffocating to be entirely modest, though Juliana didn't need to know all of that. "I am sure he would be delighted to hear from you. And, yes, I have been trying." Caecina wondered what Juliana thought of her visiting Tiberius, though her face was inscrutable at the news, other than her comment that she was glad. Juliana asked if she had made any female friends and Caecina shrugged slightly. Juliana was aware of her feelings toward other women, though of course matrons didn't count, or older women. Simply other girls her age. "Not so many, though I did attend a party hosted by Oriana Laecania. I liked her well enough." Sometimes Caecina wished that other women were not seen as competition as much. It would be nice to have a close friend or two. Perhaps that was something that she could start looking for. @Gothic
  15. Gaius could not bring himself to be cruel to any person, even slaves. He could be coarse sometimes, but his heart often tugged at him to do the right time, reminding him of the women and children he had helped during his time in Britannia. Something about this girl begged the passerby to help her, perhaps her innocence and helplessness. Which, of course, were qualities which had attracted her thief to her. The girl was receptive to his advice and thankful for his help. He inclined his head. "What else is a guard good for than helping?" She invited him to the Domus Venus and he cleared his throat, an almost embarrassed smile on his face. "I... shall have to keep that in mind." Like any soldier, Gaius was no stranger to whoring but it had been a while since he had last visited a brothel. Now he had thoughts of finding a wife, though where to start looking, he was unsure. "What is your name?" @Sydney
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