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  1. Aglaea realized that she had accidentally made it sound like she wanted to get rid of the child before it was born. That was not her intention at all - she loved the little life growing within her already, with all her heart, and that made it all the more poignant that its father was Secundus. If she let him have it, or let Livia have it, it would grow up living a lie, not to mention what effects growing up in such a household would have on the child. "I don't want to- to harm it," she said, the tears becoming more prominent now. "I want him to have a good life, safe, far away from here. A lif
  2. Perhaps it was because Wulfric was a stranger that Aglaea found it easier to talk to him about this situation. She had been closed off about it with the other slaves in the household, knowing they had their own problems to sort through and didn't need hers. But Wulfric could do nothing about this situation, and therefore she didn't feel like she was burdening him overmuch. If anything, she hoped that this information was the reason he returned to Germania to forget about his father and his family, though that didn't seem likely. Wulfric understood without her saying outright that Secundu
  3. Deia listened to his requests, curious about what exactly this man wanted. He didn't want to be called dominus - he must be a freedman, then, or a lower citizen, to not want to be called that. Deia had been taught years ago that it was proper to call every man dominus, no matter what social class he was in, but some men preferred to be called by their names - like Lucius here, it seemed. "Very well, Lucius," she said with a grin. He went on to explain that he wasn't looking for what she thought he was, that he was looking for someone to talk to. Ah, so he was one of those. Men occasional
  4. Aglaea was comforted by his presence, somehow. How could that be, though? He was an almost perfect stranger, and, apparently, related to her master's brother. How could she be comforted by a member of that family? And yet, she was. He had a different energy about him, calming and assured. She smiled briefly at him when he touched her arm and then launched into her story. His question was right on the money. He had struck into the heart of the issue: Secundus. "Secundus is not kind to anyone," she said flatly, her mouth twisted into a bitter, wry smile. "But, no, he wasn't kind to her. Sh
  5. The poor boy, she thought. So sweet and kind, so hungry for knowledge of his family... how lucky he had thought it was that she had found him, but she knew how truly unlucky it was for both of them. She should have made sure it was Tertius before coming over to speak to him, but instead, she had barreled into the situation without thought of the consequences. And now she was in the awkward position of having to tell an almost perfect stranger what his uncle had done to her, to somehow convince him to stay away from them. She couldn't bear to see another person corrupted by the Varus family.
  6. Deia found it easy to become enthralled with the man's words already. She had really only seen Greece and the road between it and Rome, and though she had no hopes of leaving Rome any time soon, she dreamed sometimes of exploring the world on her own. Egypt had been one of the places on that list of places she wanted to see, so his story was fascinating already. Iophon finished the first few lines of his story with a compliment to Deia and she grinned a little. "Be careful flattering me, Titus might think you are here for other reasons," she said. "What happened to Rhodopis?" @Chevi
  7. Aglaea gave him a miserable glance as he said that he would visit since they were family. If only she could make him leave Rome, go home to Germania, never look back. If he was determined to stay on this path, Aglaea was terrified that the Varus family would chew him up and spit him back out. He was so innocent and kind and unmarred by the world those men lived in. If only she could stop him from taking another step down this path. But he seemed to give her an opportunity to do just that, asking what made her think that they were not to be trusted. But what an intimate secret to let out
  8. Aglaea was pleased to see that her compliment made Charis happy. Aglaea had tried to cultivate a personality of kindness and generosity, even in such a brutal time and place as she lived in. She loved seeing the looks on the faces of the people that she complimented. And Charis had such a pleasant personality as well - she would have to come and visit her more often. And she certainly wanted to see her baby when it was born - if Charis would let her, of course. Charis called her kind and Aglaea gave a humble smile. "I do try. Thank you." The other woman then explained that she had been t
  9. Aglaea had been listening to the whole conversation in a daze of hurt and fear. Aglaea needed time away from the household sometimes, at least once a month. How could she be expected to stay inside, cooped up, and stuck with the woman she betrayed, knowing that she can't stop the baby coming. And knowing that when it came, she would have to pretend that it wasn't hers, that her baby had died, that the new baby in the house was Livia's, and she was just the slave... Would they let her act as a wet nurse? Perhaps she could have some time with the child before it didn't need her milk anymore and
  10. The name rang a familiar bell in her mind but she couldn't place it. Surely she must have met someone who knew someone in his household. "I may have heard the name," she said with a shrug, chuckling. "But as I said, my mistress does not socialize much, so I don't get to know them much." There were too many senators in Rome to know for sure, of course. Davus went on to explain that he had been in Corinth for a while before proceeding to Rome and Aglaea nodded. "I've never been there either. Is it nice?" She played with a loose end of her head covering as they walked, an unconscious motion
  11. Aglaea only smiled at Charis's admission that she hadn't spent much time with ladies of the senatorial class. Aglaea certainly had opinions about them, excluding her mistress, but Charis didn't need to hear about all of them. Perhaps she would give her some tips if her master ever got married, but that was a conversation for another time. Aglaea had taken the other woman's hand in hers and squeezed, but she didn't want to make her uncomfortable, so after a moment, she let go and laced her fingers together in her lap. "I'm sure you aren't, but one can be happy and still have a difficult t
  12. "Forgive me," she said with a little laugh. "It's Aglaea. I'm pleased to meet you, Davus." She was, too. He seemed like a pleasant young man and she was interested to learn more about him. He asked about Judea and said that it must be a long way away, further than Alexandria. "It was quite a journey, but I didn't go straight from Judea to Rome. It was a bit more roundabout than that." He mentioned that he had been with his current master for six years and she glanced at him. "Might I ask who your master is? Mine is Livia Justina - but she doesn't get out so much, you might not know her."
  13. If she were another person observing the conversation, she might have had more pity for herself. An unkind master was not deserved by anyone, and what Aglaea was going through was not deserved by anyone either. But of course, Wulfric didn't know what she was going through, and Aglaea had been through two years with Secundus, and had become accustomed to the treatment. Even her odd arrangement with the man was old news to her - it'd been going on nearly the whole marriage. But that was not the main concern at the moment. Wulfric confirmed that Tertius Varus was who he was told to look for
  14. Nine summers was quite a long time, almost as long as Aglaea. She'd been with Roman mistresses since she was seven, but with Livia since she was fourteen. She was caught for a moment by surprise at that thought - she'd spent most of her life with Livia at this point. "That is quite a while... what did you say your name was?" She smiled briefly before attending to his question. "Judea," she explained. "Though I don't remember it all too well. I've been with my current mistress for fourteen years, and my mistress before, I was with for seven." The young man she was walking with seemed kind
  15. Aglaea sensed the other woman's disappointment and gave her a pitying look. "Birth is such a difficult thing to go through. It is a pity you haven't had more help, and I wish I could be helpful." If she had known the whole story, she would have gathered Charis in her arms and held her like a child. No one deserved to go through the things that she had. But of course, she had no idea and could only guess at the origin of the baby on its father's side. Charis explained that the midwife who came to check up on her had been hired by her master, and evidently worked with upper class women. Ag
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