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  1. Aglaea nodded as he asked her to tell him about Roman society, but before she could launch into her lesson, he offered to tell her about the Chatti, his people. She had wondered what sort of society would create a man like Wulfric, and she had decided that it must be a good one. "I'm not sure... do your people have a government like Rome does? What are your homes like? What sort of food do you eat?" She could hardly conceive of a world like Germania but found herself intensely curious, even if a small part of her knew it would just make her want to escape. Wulfric fixed her with his ligh
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  3. Deianira had been taken out of the Elysium for the night a few times - either she was rented by a wealthy senator to be entertainment for a sordid party or a man preferred to take her in some other location. It was understandable; some of the building that housed the whores was still collapsed, and though the rubble had been cleared away, it had only been covered up with large tarpaulins, which did not excite some men. She began to lead the way, feeling apprehension fluttering in her chest. She wasn't sure what to think; Lucius seemed a strong, capable man, but Marcus had so many knives
  4. Aglaea stopped as she was instructed and stood still, her eyes following Livia's movements carefully. She had been under the impression that Livia had told Horatia that she was with child, hence the sudden move out to the countryside, for fresh air. But then she remembered, part of the plan was that Horatia shouldn't know, due to the need for her not to ask questions. "Forgive me, domina. I have had trouble remembering things of late. I will do my best to be better." She stared at Livia fully now, as she called the baby "it" as though he or she was some inconvenient object. "It?" she whi
  5. Secretly, Aglaea did wish that he would take her in his arms again. It had been a tender, loving gesture, given out so freely and without thinking - for a person who lived in a house where affection only came with expectations, it had taken her by surprise but left her wanting more. But why should she expect such things from Wulfric? He was nearly a stranger, though now a friend. She shouldn't expect it from him. "I see," she said, thinking of how to support him in that. "I suppose I ought to tell you all I know about him, and about Roman society. It may help you, for you to follow the c
  6. Aglaea smiled softly, looking away from him into the distance. "Yes, I think everyone needs comfort sometimes." She felt the need strongly now that she felt all the more vulnerable. Carrying a life inside of her was shoring up new feelings, and Livia's reaction to the pregnancy (which was to all but ignore it, except that it took the burden off of her) was making everything worse. But Aglaea's loyalty to the woman didn't allow her to vocalize such thoughts, any more than she had. Livia was simply confused and sad about the whole ordeal, just as Aglaea was. They would surely come back together
  7. Aglaea inhaled slowly at the sound of her mistress's impatience. She knew that their dynamic had changed dramatically since that day and Aglaea was not willing to further anger her mistress by returning to those casual, sisterly connections. She feared that Livia might view it as impertinence now that Aglaea had gone behind her back. "Of course, domina. How silly of me." Never mind that it was silly to go out in public and risk the entire operation being exposed by the nosy Horatia and her eagle eye. Aglaea would hold her tongue on that topic. Livia was obviously distracted by her attemp
  8. Wulfric was wise, Aglaea could tell. His words were spoken with experience - of course there was no way for her to know whether her life would have been better or worse had she kept her freedom. She knew that she would have been able to see her siblings grow up. Perhaps she would have been married, at an appropriate age - had children, watched them grow. Well, had children that she had planned for, that was. She had a child now, deep within her and no more aware of the danger it was in than a tree could be aware of the axe. Was she being unreasonable? If she were unable to get her child away f
  9. At just over five months of pregnancy, Aglaea was beginning to feel a great deal of apprehension. Her baby - no, Livia's baby- would be born soon, taken from her arms, and she had no plans to prevent that. She felt nearly hopeless. No sooner than she had begun to grow stout, the family had all packed up and retired to the villa in the countryside, far away from prying eyes or blessed moments of freedom snatched away. Each day was much the same as the one that came before it, and the monotony was grinding on the slave and everyone else. She would awake early as always and prepare herself for th
  10. Aglaea gave a short laugh at Charis's comment about how men thought. She was right, though; Aglaea had much experience with Roman men, and though most of them had treated her with enough respect, her position afforded little else. She was simply a vessel, either to carry wine or hairbrushes, or, like now, a child for her mistress. And men never thought that women like Aglaea might not be happy with this lot in life. They thought only of their own momentary pleasure or how a slave could be used as a means to an end. Aglaea allowed a moment of relief as her friend confirmed that she wouldn
  11. Tertius had certainly left a trail of children throughout his travels, it seemed. Aglaea wouldn't have been surprised if it had turned out that he had children in every province in which he had served. But maybe Wulfric was the oldest and Aglaea's curious mind wondered how the legality would work, since Wulfric was not a Roman citizen. The man commented on her age when she had become a slave and she smiled, perhaps somewhat bitterly. "Yes, I was young. Though I have to wonder what my life would have been, had I not been sold into slavery. Perhaps better. Perhaps far worse." Aglaea's expre
  12. "Oh, no, do please forgive me," Caecina said with some passion. "I have put my foot in my mouth, as it were." She chuckled a little at herself. "Those all sound like wonderful things to trade. And you would get to see the empire as well - I believe that would be a fine occupation." @Atrice @Sharpie My apologies, folks!
  13. A naturally modest woman, Aglaea sometimes had trouble accepting compliments. She had known that that was what was intended, of course, but didn't believe that she deserved it. He was right, however, that Livia allowing her to attend her services was a rarity. "I am truly blessed that way. But our relationship has shifted in a way - we are almost like siblings, truth be told." With some major differences, of course. Aglaea chuckled. "I try," she said. "Thank you. Though I don't think Livia will ever replace me with her, unless she can help it." She looked at him. "I haven't done much tra
  14. Deia had felt flashes of an urge to kill Marcus, but they were mixed in with the wish to disappear into the ground, or perhaps pass away in order to escape her miserable existence. She couldn't remember being happy for longer than a few minutes over the course of her life. How was that living? Lucius said that he was sorry that she had been hurt and that it was obvious that she had been. Deia looked at him momentarily, her mistrusting nature quarreling with an urge to find help from anyone who seemed remotely nice - and Lucius seemed more than kind. He continued to explain that he wanted
  15. Aglaea nodded at his answer and smiled slightly. "I am as well as can be expected, I suppose." It was kind of Rufus to ask. It was lucky that she had come across him, actually, because she wanted to ask him about her master and what he had done to him. Secundus had been incensed about a pickpocket daring to take from someone in his household, though it was a fairly common occurrence. She hoped Rufus hadn't been hurt. "I heard that my master had found you after I was pickpocketed that day. I wanted to apologize - he forced me to tell him every detail about that day. He didn't hurt y
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