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Just like Mother made

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Saturnalia 77AD


Jason wasnʻt quite sure how he first discovered the place, nor how heʻd missed it before - no, not quite true... He first found the place when returning to the Villa of Sallust after running an errand for Tiberius. Heʻd missed it despite walking the same route numerous times because he was usually one slave in a whole entourage, Tiberius didnʻt generally stop or divert down side-streets, and the thermopolium was in a less-travelled side street off the main Via Lata. 

What Jason was absolutely sure of, a hundred times over, was that he had to bring Azarion here, once heʻd scoped the place out and found that it was what heʻd thought, hoped, it might be: a hot food bar which offered actual Sarmatian food. And had proper sit-down seating inside for people to enjoy their food in a nice leisurely manner instead of having to lean against a counter or risk burnt fingers and dropped food.

He didnʻt tell Azarion where they were going, he wanted it to be a surprise. Last year, Azarion had given him a treat from home (and it had been rather fun to see Tiberius high on hemp, he hadnʻt thought the young Imperial had it in him to relax and unwind, but hemp had always had mystical powers!). This year, it was Jasonʻs turn to return the gift.

"You'll like it, I promise," he told his cousin, leading Azarion into the out-of-the-way side street. He'd made certain to check they would be serving today, and hadn't chosen the main day of the festival to bring his cousin anyway. Just in case.



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