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Character Clothing: Flavia Juliana



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While this isn't something that is really seen. I like to show Juliana's growth and personality change through the change in her clothing. Previously, she was insecure and would make it up with jewelry or excessive accessories in order to try to stand out. I first started playing her when she was around 15? I think, I dunno. (And I am terrible when it comes to aging up my playbys, they usually stay the same and I just imagine them looking a bit older or younger depending.)

There were many events that led to her ultimate growth, and I wanted to be able to explain more about her. 


Transition to Matron


A Survivor

(TW: Miscarriage reference.)

The death of her husband in Britannia and pregnancy was important. Juliana has always felt a need for protection and safety. Previously, she had a lover (she later had killed, well, twice because he survived the first time >.>) and ended up loving the idea of her husband, than the man himself. 

The purge caused her to flee (while heavily pregnant) with Lucius Junius Silanus and Marcus Junius Silanus on the boat to Egypt/North Africa. There she miscarried on the boat but kept the baby with her to be buried by the Proconsul at the time, and subtly using it to try to bring him to her family's cause. Those months were a blur. Instead of being protected, she had become the protector. It is something I would love to write about more and explore. Essentially, she had to sell or pawn her jewels, her finery, and survive without it. It is also partially why Lucius, Marcus and Juliana have a close bond. 

However, the purge has left her with a quiet hatred of the city of Rome and the inhabitants. When she is in the city it is not uncommon for her to get ptsd flashbacks of what happened. 


Matron of Rome. 

Her marriage to Quintus Caecina Tuscus originally angered her, and she did not like being passed off like war booty to a man who had supported her uncle. However, the marriage was a happy one, and a lot of her "ideals" of the perfect husband changed, too. He respects her desire to stay away from Britannia due to her past. (Although I will someday send her there because I can! Muahahaha!). 

Part of this is becoming a step-mother to Caecina Tusca, and part of why she is so protective of her is because she sees a lot of the younger version of herself in her. So, she wants to save and protect her from that. She is also a mother to her sons and daughters. 

Juliana has become more resilient in her personality, stronger and wiser. She prefers being in a garden and has become more "earthy". Her jewelry is often minimal, and her clothing has become more conservative as well. The colours are more subdued than when she was younger. 


This is more something she would wear around the villa or the farm. Depending on the weather and the company. 


She doesn't tend to wear all white, her colours tend to be more pastel in colour and her jewelry is minimal. 


This is now more something she would wear if she is in the city. Likely for a festival or to visit a member of her family. 



(Please feel free to make your own version of this and post it on your blogs, etc.)

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