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  1. Early March, 76AD Returning to the stables after a grueling day often helped Menelaus return to a state of comfortable relaxation. The rush of having survived another day as a charioteer still filled him with pride. He’d proven himself, time and again, but each day he lived felt like a victory. Today, he would join a few of the other charioteers at the poppina; the older ones, who had lasted almost as long as he had. He didn’t have anything to speak with the younger ones about. It felt disorienting, talking to them and seeing their hope that would soon be dashed underfoot by hooves or whe
  2. Secundus made a conciliatory “hmm” but could offer no more. He stood, looking at the exit rather than the man in front of him. He sensed potential enemies everywhere, and Wulfric had, for the moment at least, joined that number. Further conversation only heightened his sense that the man must want something he would not admit to. There were no more questions, a fact for which Secundus was marginally grateful. Apparently, it had been good to meet him. How nice for Wulfric. Secundus "Thank you for paying us a visit,” Secundus said, somewhat smoothly, in spite of his frustration. “Tell you
  3. At the smile, Secundus rolled his eyes, impatiently tapping his foot. Everyone always aimed to appease him, as though his mood mattered more than their trespasses against him. He would not be angry if there was nothing that provoked his anger. The man deflected from the question, saying something about how he was not the type of customer his employer sold to. He would need to have his slaves check the food for him, instead. Just as well. It had been a mistake to publicly air his paranoia in the first place. He would keep further such questions to himself. “Of course. My apologies for cast
  4. Before Secundus could say anything they would all regret, Tertius swooped in to speak instead. He complimented Sergia and Livia, which calmed Secundus down somewhat- even if his brother’s audacity provoked in him the urge to respond. He could resist picking a fight in another man’s domus. It was in his own where his loss of control over his own emotions truly showed. Tertius suggested that Sergia might prefer the city- perhaps, but Secundus had reasons for wanting to retreat to the countryside. Speaking of which, it might be better for Longinus to meet Secundus without Livia or Aglaea there. H
  5. Secundus exhaled in lieu of further commentary. Something in him demanded a discussion of meat, in absence of the thing itself. Thoughts of Germania always made him crave meat, for reasons he did not wish to interrogate too deeply. The man spoke of his employer quite calmly and reasonably, stoking the fires of Secundus’ temper. As though he were the one being unreasonable! He had allowed this man into his home, and in return, he had been insulted! Additionally, the man knew where little about how his employer acquired the food. Once again, someone who should have served him, failing in their d
  6. Secundus’ lip twitched at Wulfric’s rebuttal. It almost amused him, at the same time as it stoked his anger at this interloper. Yes, he supposed it had been he who initially broached the subject- and who had provoked that poisonous thought process? Regardless, it was high past time to move on. With that, he settled in to listen to mindless prattle about food preferences and such matters. He could calm down here, in his own domus. His slaves stood, prepared to meet his every need; if he demanded they throw this man out, they would. His posture relaxed, some tension leaving his shoulders and han
  7. Secundus listened intently to Wulfric’s description of his time in Germania, but the man claimed to have seen few Roman prisoners. The Chatti were friends with Rome, now. Of course. And he and Tertius had mended the rift between them! Very likely. The man soon changed the topic, however, suggesting that he needed to return to work. Secundus exhaled sharply, turning his head away. “Yes, of course. Work. You mentioned to my slave that you wished to speak to me- I assume it was about the food, and not your home. Please, speak freely about whatever it is you came here to ask me. Go on,” Secun
  8. Secundus waved off the man’s false humility. Wherever they were, Secundus knew what privilege looked like. This man was comfortable with his station. Had they recently been to war, they might have captured Wulfric as a slave- or their enemies might have captured Secundus, something which did not bear thinking about. The idea of recapture- he might as well kill himself now. No, if Rome went to war with Germania, Secundus would be staying far from the battlefield, and men like Wulfric would walk through Rome as though they owned the place, rather than she owned them. “No need for gratitude.
  9. Secundus bit his lip to hide his discomfort and distaste. Although this accent was not exactly the same as the one he remembered, the similarity made his blood boil. The idea that he could have liked Germania! This man did not know the sleeping wolf he had stepped on. He continued to make innocuous statements that brought to mind the haze of those days during his confinement. As if in response to the memory of hunger, his stomach grumbled. Secundus nodded sharply, attempting to clear his head of ghosts. “You,” he said, pointing at one of the slaves. “Bring my guest some food from what he
  10. Menelaus


    MENELAUS 30 | 09 January 54 CE| Slave | Charioteer | Bisexual | Wanted (https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/6131-white-faction-membersroles/ | Jack Huston Personality. Spontaneous, creative, and introspective, Menelaus concerns himself with the stories people tell about each other. He loves to connect with new people and charm them. He easily moves past old hurts, and often turns bad stories into better ones in his memory. He is not very capable of feeling guilt, nor resentment. He has accepted his lot in life, and has very little interest in freedom for hi
  11. Secundus gritted his teeth. The impertinence! Of course he had known that catching this thief would be difficult, but the idea that there was no trail, no clues that could lead him to the person who had just- taken from him like this- Secundus reminded himself that this was not his slave. It was not his business how this ‘Rufus’ behaved. He would behave appropriately, as befitted a senator. Any anger he felt was not a matter of public debate. He would return home and punish his own slaves, instead, for whatever it was that they had done wrong today. He could control his own anger better than t
  12. Secundus narrowed his eyes as he watched the man take his place. He looked too comfortable to be an ordinary plebian. He wondered what the man’s life had been like before he came to Rome. He did not comport himself the way someone more accustomed to honoring his betters would behave. He moved with a princely bearing that betrayed some life of comfort and power. Secundus knew nothing of the Germanic people that had captured him, besides their cruelest behavior. He wondered if this man’s politeness hid an unrefined, baser appetite for violence underneath. He wondered what it might take to draw i
  13. Secundus frowned as the man spoke. His guest’s accented speech sounded familiar. Quite unlike the Romans that Secundus surrounded himself with every day, it reminded Secundus of times gone by. A foreigner, and not just any foreigner.. Secundus took in the man’s lighter skin and eyes, as well as his beard- he had clearly not lived among Romans for long. This man had come from Germania. “Welcome, Wulfric. Please, take a seat so that we may speak more comfortably.” Secundus called for the servants, who led the foreigner further into his domus. He remained in the atrium for a moment, recoveri
  14. Secundus had been dreaming of a happier future. Ever since Aglaea’s revelations about her pregnancy, he had felt a glimmer of hope towards his legacy, and the legacy of the Varus family. Although Tertius had openly paraded the shameful product of his liaison with his slave, Secundus would legitimize the child as his heir secretly, without the world learning just who the mother had been. Certainly, it would take logistical wrangling, but the three of them could retire to his villa and manage things from there. He had longed for a child with Livia, and finally, her body slave had given them a so
  15. Despite his distance from the two women, Secundus could not help but keep an eye on them. Watching Livia and Vibia lob insults back and forth provided much-needed entertainment during a party that did not have enough of it. If only he had hired a musician! Secundus pretended to listen to the man in front of him, nodding and speaking only when it was required. None of these men had ever suffered violence at the hands of captors; they would be much more adept at detecting the shifting moods and interests of the person across from them. The same skills that Secundus had learned in order to surviv
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