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Hey everyone! I'm Sydney, a 22-year-old broke college student with three jobs that include substitute teaching, touring around doing murder mystery dinner theatres, and being in student films. I've been on rp sites for about 10 years now, but I promise I've improved since I was 12 (or at least I hope). 

When I'm not being busy, I play video games on my Playstation 4 and watch commentary channels on Youtube. I am also a cat mom of 3 and love naps. I love musicals, video games, and writing!

One thing to know about me is that I'm always down for writing and plots. Right now I only have one character because she's the only one I can keep up with (check out Oriana), but when I get less busy I usually have a horde of characters in several different plots. I'll either respond in less than 24 hours or a month, but I promise I'll respond no matter what. You can easily contact me via discord @Sydney for plots or to chat. I look forward to writing with you all! ❤️ 


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