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  1. Sarah ~ staying ~ keeping: Aeneas, Tiberius Claudius Sabuchius, Spurius Antius Claudus, Alaricus Aetius Stilicho dropping: none
  2. "Ave Caesar." Tiberius greeted his uncle formally, showing respect for the position he held in the empire and bowing in acknowledgement before meeting Quintus' gaze squarely. He was a youth on the cusp of manhood, still showing the occasional flashed of youthful impetuousness or mischief, but already viewing the challenges and burdens of adulthood with a seriousness and intelligence that belied his bloodline. Even so, he still had much to learn, and Quintus, Caesar, Uncle and adoptive father, was one of his primary role models. The location that Quintus had chosen for their meeting could
  3. Sarah

    The gift horse

    Laurels on the charioteer's head, the winning team set off on a slow victory lap whilst the bay team finished exiting the arena. The next competitors would be waiting in the wings as soon as the chestnut team cleared the field, and the next heat would begin. In the meantime there was a lull. Tiberius took a sip of his watered wine against the heat of the day, idly scanning the crowds to see whether he recognised anyone amongst those who were enjoying a lazy afternoon watching the chariot heats. Rather than the familiar feeling of recognition, as he glanced around Tiberius felt the slight
  4. Sarah

    Lupercalia Begins!

    There were a few giggles; well, what should one expect? Like Greek athletes the two young man ran naked, and the audience contained many women, but theirs was a trust of the Gods. Tiberius tries to tell himself that they weren’t laughing at him. He’d been chosen for this sacred duty, that offered some small salve for uncertain adolescent pride. Hands were extended, and occasionally a back was bared. Each youth ran down one side of the route, and Tiberius flicked his bloodied last onto the proffered skin, not hard and not really paying any attention to who it belonged to, just desperate
  5. It was a rare moment of freedom; he'd been trusted to go to the Emporium Magnum, the grand markets, on an errand. It was only picking up a garment that had been ordered, for his mistress, and he knew that it was a test to see how he handled this extra level of freedom, but it was heady none the less, to walk across the flagged square and not be bothered by anyone. There was someone bothering other people, however. A big brute of a man, a boy cowering before him, a ring of cowards who wouldn't step forward, and then as he watched, one did and just about got laid flat. A lad with red hair,
  6. Sarah

    The Bodyguards

    Is that so? He nodded in a reserved fashion, offering nothing further for the moment. He wanted to see how Cynane responded. It was an odd feeling, considering his own standing and politics less than those of his mistress, to whom his own were of course inextricably tied. But he supposed it was no different to talking to members of neighbouring clans, and minding their chieftains' business. Claudia Caesaris; that was a name he knew, even if he hadn't been able to put a face to it until Cynane nodded towards the young lady with the dramatic combination of fair skin and dark hair, as e
  7. Lexus thought he knew the establishment, which was all to the good. The slave had heard of it only, and via the guards, so goodness knew what quality it was. And whether a lady like Gaia should be seen there, not that the two men, slave and freeman, would let anything happen to her. Of course, he was sweaty and half-dressed, and probably stank, so it was not that surprising that the others suggested he might like to clean up, even as Aeneas was keen to exit the ludus as rapidly as possible. He couldn't argue with their good sense. "I go wash, get tunica." He confirmed, bowed slightly to t
  8. Tiberius, dressed in a gleamingly white toga over a tunic edged in gold and purple, was sitting quietly as his twin sister chatted with her friend, watching the comings and goings around them. One could learn a lot by watching whom people did and didn't speak to. He was accompanied only by Tigris, an older man who was his body slave, and the usual Praetorian guards that surrounded the Imperial presences. Claudia asked about the upcoming bout, and from the nearest seats a Senator he recognised spoke up. Aulus had been a staunch supporter of their uncle, Caesar Quintus, for much of his life
  9. Sarah

    Fuck and be merry!

    The water boy brought him wine at the behest of his ever dignified mistress, and Spurius nodded politely in acknowledgement in Titinia's direction, before taking a sip. It was a good vintage, the madame was gracious to serve it, but that was something that he'd observed about her. Perhaps it was a front that went with the elite clientelle, but then he was no different with his own salesman's face. But she was pleased with Justinia, which was well. The girl seemed just as pleased, even as Titinia lamented the tendency of her best slaves to earn their way to freedom faster than she'd like.
  10. Sarah

    Young Bloods (Open)

    Tiberius laughed and held up his hands to ward off any further playful blows. "I never said more than you!" He protested, amused at what his sister read, or pretended to read, into his words. The idea of jewellery and other ornaments was to compliment the wearer. And if one saw a striking slave, the next question was, who owned them? And Cynane was striking; it wasn't like Tiberius hadn't noticed. He had a young man's sincere if undiscerning appreciation of good-looking women, though his nature meant that he generally kept his observations of the ladies at court to himself. Likely if Cyna
  11. I'd love to write this thread too!
  12. We have, I've just been super busy IRL, but getting back into posting now. Definitely up for that thread @Sara! I'd love to see the Claudias (Caesaris and Corinthia) together but that would be boring for @Gothy to write, since they're both hers. Certainly would love to see Corinthia interact with more of the Imperials.
  13. Sarah

    Looking for a husband

    Absolutely, I can imagine that having been a slave Julia might not be particularly fond of slavers, and I had considered the difference in social status. It would be interesting to have them interact and see how they react to each other. I haven't really thought about how Spurius feels about former slaves. It might provide a growth opportunity for both of them. @Jenn
  14. Sarah

    Looking for a husband

    So I know he's not the imperial ally that you asked for (at least, not yet) but I was wondering whether Spurius Antius Claudus might be of interest? If not as a potential husband then maybe as a friend or paramour? He's a plebian but quite well off, he's been a successful slave trader for some time now. There is the definite potential for him to become ambitious in politics, with the right motivation. He's close to Julia in age, never been married (prefers to pay the tax, the source of some speculation), used to be a soldier but came back injured and walks with a distinct limp. I just tho
  15. Sarah


    The torchlight outlined Aeneas's barbarian features, the high cheekbones and pale skin of his race. Perhaps the wine was making him a little reckless, he wasn't used to drinking heavily any more, and he rarely spoke of what he had left behind, after that admission on their first meeting. She knew, he knew she knew and did nothing about it, what point was there in saying more? But she had asked. He was at last accepting that he wasn't going home and, feeling cut off from the life he knew, was feeling a little fatalistic. The wine definitely wasn't helping that. But he'd never been a maudlin dru
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