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  1. Aeneas - 23 - Sarah Tiberius Claudius Sabuchius - 17 - Sarah Spurius Antius Claudus - 41 - Sarah
  2. For the moment Lexus had Aeneas's undivided attention, and he soaked up the man's words, his confirmation that he fought, and survived, to win his freedom. If Lexus was looking to inspire hope in the gladiator, he succeeded. The pale-skinned man nodded slowly, thoughtfully. "You must fight well." He said with a sudden smirk. Good for him. Perhaps one day Aeneas might do the same. The training was hard, but not impossible. No doubt the determination that Lexus spoke of helped. Was he a warrior before he was captured? Obviously not enough of one. "All men warriors," and some of the women, "but I not war-band." He tried to explain. He wasn't one of the chieftain's close fighters; in many ways he had been more crucial to their battles. "I smith." He said. "I made sword for warrior." And without good weapons they wouldn't stand much of a chance. "Also pot, knife, saw. All things iron." Then on impulse he pointed to the burn scar on his right forearm. "I marked by fire." And he'd made the blood-and-iron pact, that gave him master over metal and even the ability to ward off the baen sidhe. Gaia had turned to watch the other gladiators as they talked, an odd expression crossing her features for a moment before she turned back. He was the slave here, yet he didn't want her to feel left out of the conversation. "You not from Rome either, Domina?" He asked, pretty sure that he knew the answer, given her exotic, dark looks and what the other household slaves had told him. @Atrice@Gothic
  3. He didn't usually allow the slaves he sold much freedom of speech, but Justinia had proven largely obedient and he saw no harm in humouring her; she might even see it as reward. Had they not been alone he most likely would have refused, but there was no one present to get wrong ideas. Still, he reserved judgement on his own decision until he heard what she had to say. Her words, when they came, were unexpected, though he didn't let surprise show on his horsey features. Instead he responded with a slight nod, inclining his head in acknowledgement. Her words only confirmed what he himself had determined over time. Slaves, like horses, dogs and children, benefited from routine and from knowing what was expected of them. Many of their behavioural problems were brought on by their own masters. It was hardly surprising that they responded poorly to a cruel master, when nothing they might do brought reprieve, or a mercurial master, one who might lavish praise one moment and beat them the next, for there was no obvious cause and effect. In a way Justinia had suffered the latter, beloved by her Domina but used and despised by her Dominus, and no doubt for the same behaviours. Who could blame her for being confused and anxious? Spurius himself had no time for those who could not control their passions and tempers. He maintained a stable environment in what was already a stressful and uncertain process for the slaves involved, and very clear rules. Good behaviour was rewarded with peace, warmth, food and a very limited freedom. Bad behaviour was punished, but even the latter had no malice. Punishment was delivered with the intention that it be learned from, and not require repetition. And it was amazing how many 'bad slaves' responded well to the firm but fair approach. And indeed appreciated it. That hazel gaze held Justinia's dark one for a long moment, before the corner of his mouth quirked in the suggestion of a smile. "Your best thanks to me will be to serve your new mistress well." He said simply. Titinia also understood the importance of handling one's slaves properly; Justinia would likely flower under her guidance. "If you do, you will probably never see me again." Meaning she would not need to be re-sold. He wasn't accustomed to slaves declaring that they would miss him, but he suspected it was simply that she would miss her first stable home. "Go now, you may continue with your chores. Indoors only, I want no blemishes on your skin before I take you to the Domus Venus." It was clear that he considered the interview to be over. @Sydney
  4. He wanted to travel and see the Empire, but like his sister he also wanted to be where he could best serve Rome. If the two combined then that would be very well, if not, he would be where he was needed. "Maybe one day." He said simply. She already knew he had itchy feet, no need to bore her with the same. "Well, I guess that makes sense." The gladiatrix could go where women went and men were forbidden. He wasn't entirely sure about it himself, and she still seemed an odd purchase for their straight-laced uncle, but when put in those terms he could see why. "And do you trust her?" He asked quietly, more from curiosity than from any real suspicion. The majority of the Imperial household was served by slaves who were either Roman or Romanised, so the exotic woman was intriguing. "You have to admit, she turns more heads than a piece of jewellery." He whispered. But she wasn't a piece of jewellery. She was a barbarian, who had once lived a very different life, before being brought to the comforts of Rome. A life that had taken place in some of the distant lands he longed to visit. "Have you ever asked her about where she came from?" No doubt her point of view would be very different to uncle Octavius'. @Gothic
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    A momentary expression of mild annoyance crossed Tiberius's usually calm features as Claudia pushed past him, but disappeared just as quickly as he followed her in. Claudia always was the bolder of the two. "I'm glad to hear you're well." He told their older sister as the pair settled themselves on the edges of the bed, which was already quite crowded. He chuckled at her jest, imagining that two helpless babies probably weren't what she'd been hoping for as a girl expecting siblings. He studied each baby as they were named, unable to tell them apart but not doubting that their mother could. Honoria, for the man who had been father to Flavia and step-father to the twins, the only father they'd known. And Saturnina; portentious? Hopefully fortunate. Saturn was, amongst other things, a god of bounty and creation, which were desirable traits in a woman. "It's a good name for a girl." He approved. Hopefully her future life would be blessed by her namesake. "We've been well." He glanced at Claudia for confirmation. As Caesar's kin and wards they were well treated and enjoyed the protection expected for imperials. "We brought some things for you and the girls." He added, and offered over the small, carefully carved box. Inside were amber and lapis lazuli beads, both substances beloved of the gods, and the sort of thing that could be made into a part of the necklaces on which their lunulae - protective amulets - would be hung, when gifted by their father. @Dev@Gothic
  7. "We'll see." He said, always one to be a little reserved on such commitments. "I often used to quiz Uncle Octavius about his travels in the service of the Empire," alright, he still did, "so I hope I'll get to see some of it myself." And do something that would better the Empire. Like Caecina, he hadn't yet travelled much beyond Rome and the surrounding countryside yet. "I'll bring you back something, if I manage to go somewhere exotic." He promised with a wink. Popularity wasn't everything, but for a young man who was still growing into adulthood, sometimes it's lack was felt. No doubt his cousin understood. Tiberius didn't have Titus's bold and sometimes brash confidence, but his thoughtful self-assurance was perhaps more likely to grow into the kind of gravitas that demanded respect. His father had had it, in his youth, but Tiberius had never known Emperor Claudius, having been born after his death. "Have you asked them?" He asked, perhaps a little cheekily. He intended to ask Quintus what his thoughts were, when he got the opportunity. He didn't actually expect to get any say in the matter of course, but he trusted his uncle to do what would be best for their family and the Empire. No doubt Juliana would see that the same held true for Caecina's match. Not that she should want for suitors, in the way of young women she already seemed mature, and she was very attractive. Being family they wouldn't be a match for each other, unless Quintus saw something he didn't, but likely used to make other political links. He was glad that he didn't have to worry about that political minefield himself. That didn't mean that he couldn't enjoy her company. And it didn't mean that their family couldn't be more strongly bound together. "Have you spoken with Claudia recently?" He asked, meaning his twin, Claudia Caesaris. She was a politically savvy young woman who might appreciate having their cousin around to chat with, and plot with. Tiberius was firmly of the opinion that the family, however extended, should present a united front. They would be safest that way. @Echo
  8. The tips of her manicured nails brushed his palm as she took the dried peaches from him, her expression softening slightly from her previous irritation. Why she'd been irritated with him he wasn't quite sure, but that was nothing unusual. She was often cross with him for no apparent reason, or cross with the world and he just happened to be there, so he'd stopped placing any importance on it. Usually if he failed to react her mercurial nature meant that her mood would change in the next moment, as indeed it did. His question was a gamble, and initially earned him a narrow-eyed look. He drank his wine and waited, helping himself to a few nuts whilst she decided whether to answer him or throw something at him. He figured the odds were pretty even, and was ready to catch her cup, but it never came. Instead, after a thoughtful pause, she did answer him, and not with some idle dismissal. Safe. Prominence. Interesting. Why did she not feel safe? And what did she think she was owed? She was already rich and beautiful. He was about to ask her, but unexpectedly, she turned the question on him. Corinthia had never seemed to care much for his preferences, and in that unguarded moment her words caught him off guard, hitting right at the wound to his heart that he was trying to let heal. He glanced away - he would not weep in front of her - and took a deep breath. Then he reached for the jug of wine and refilled her cup, which she'd emptied, whilst he sorted through his limited selection of words. "I not know, now.". He admitted quietly, as he set the jug aside. "Before I want freedom, go home." And he too was being honest. "Be with my wife, my son again." It had been all that he wanted. "But... is too late now. I... gone too long, dead to them. They make the... death fire." And would no doubt sing the songs and tell the tales, assuming that he had died in battle with the Romans. "Eithne is good woman, daughter of chief, she have find new husband. Not wait for dead man." She might mourn him, but she would move on. And knowing that, he felt lost. Yes, perhaps he might make it back some day, find another wife, have another child, set up his smithy somewhere, but the place he had occupied would have been filled. And where did that leave him? He looked away again, staring off into the distance and absently rubbing the scar on his arm, before abruptly tossing back the rest of the expensive wine in his cup. There was nothing to be gained on pining for the impossible. He shrugged. "So I not know." He said again, in more fatalistic tones. @Gothic
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    Ah, the meaning of the expression was fairly obvious once one knew. She wanted him not to talk too much, especially about her and her doings. Including to her mother, which was an interesting caveat. Aeneas deliberately kept his amusement from his face. What did his young mistress intend that her mother would disapprove of? "I understand." He said gravely. "No say what you say, what you do." He paraphrased. Yes, he understood. Whether or not he would obey might depend on how self-destructive he thought his mistress was being. "Where I from, man who say false word is no man." He added. It was an easy way to lose trust. Including hers. But then Aeneas was not the kind to act rashly, or without reason. Those barbarian blue eyes searched his mistress's face, wondering whether the same rules would apply for her. Somehow he doubted it, yet if they were to have that kind of relationship where they relied on each other, then there needed to be a certain level of surety. "You, I, need trust." He said, holding her dark gaze. They needed to be able to trust each other. @Gothic
  10. There was both a thrill and a trepidation in entering the rectangular building that hosted the Senate audience. It had been a place of great tragedy for his family, but also triumph. In his first year of the Cursus Honorum, it was now his right to take a seat amongst the assemblage, and further his learning. Attired in a manner that was not ostentious but never the less appropriate for a son of Caesar. Some of these men he knew, by reputation if not personally, and some he knew not at all. His uncle Octavius was visible down the front, the seat he was entitled to being a previous Consul. For a moment the size of the building seemed to echo around him, and Tiberius felt oddly naked without the presence of the Praetorian guard. He knew the Senate chamber had not proven so safe as it should have been. But he could make no contribution to the Empire if he lived in constant fear. The past was behind them, and if he would not see it repeated, he would have to arrange the situation politically so that it would not happen again. To do that, he had to be here. But he was not alone. With a final glance towards his uncle, Tiberius turned towards the upper tier of seats, head held high and expression schooled as though he were far more confident than he felt; the demeanor of an Imperial. Nodding politely to those who greeted him, and greeting those few he knew and passed in turn, he made his way to the upper tiers, determined to learn from today. It was, after all, why he was here.
  11. Usually Spurius would admonish a slave who spoke out of turn – for the first infraction. If they proved hard-of-learning then other methods of aiding the memory occasionally had to be employed, though he far preferred to achieve what he could without any risk of damaging the merchandise. In this case Rufus received only a warning glance; the customer had asked the question and if there was some connection there then fostering it might well lead to a sale, especially if the customer did not learn all he wished to know without buying. There were different schools of thoughts on slaves; some people became close to them, some too close, and others preferred to be distant. The other potential customer seemed more the latter, as he whispered something to his friend, perhaps warning him against hasty purchases, and redirected the conversation. As Octavius addressed him Spurius returned the smile warmly. “Of course. Aside from this young man, I have this woman, quite the accomplished seamstress, if you wish to ensure the latest fashion for yourself and your lady, and good clothing for the entire household.” He gestured to a middle-aged woman standing nearby, neatly turned out and obviously Roman-born. She might serve a business better, but one never knew. “Then I have some more exotic specimens.” He gestured to the cage behind him, which held a varied selection of chalk-foots. “If you’re interested in taking a punt in the arena I have three that show potential as gladiators. That pair from Aegyptus are quiet,” the two men indicated had coal black skin and enticingly exotic features, “and would make a striking pair of personal guards, or perhaps litter bearers, with a little training.” He suggested. Most of the rest were untrained and Spurius recommended them as farm labour, or general house slaves. There were a few women amongst them, and all were a mix of ages. “I do have a few select individual set aside for private viewing this afternoon, but depending on what you’re looking for, they might interest you.” He suggested, inviting Octavius and Titus to express their needs. @Gil@Gothic@Sharpie
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    AD74 Aeneas * January: This used to be my playground - Gaia, Alexius * February: Bodyguards at Lupercalia - Cynane * April: It's all fun and games until someone calls the medicus - Theodorus Tiberius Claudius Sabuchius * January: Flames of Rome - Pontia Comina * February: Lupercalia Begins * July: Senate Meeting 1 Spurius Antius Claudus * January: The Meat Market - Tertius * March: A diamond in the rough - Tacita * March: Free Smells - Caia * April: Sold to? - Rufus, Octavius Alaricus Aetius Stilicho * Back in Time (67AD): Meet your new Stepmother * February: Meet my Crazy Family
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    AD 73 Aeneas January -Git chor gladiators 'ere! - Claudia Gaia, Claudia Corinthia New Kid in Town - Branwen, Eppitacus * April - Brought in - Corinthia * July - Saturnalia: Time of the Grinch - Corinthia Tiberius Claudius Sabucius Two Halves, One Whole Uncle and Nephew January - Imperial Feast: Before it begins. * Eat, Drink and be Merry. * December: The Good Stepmother - Drusilla * New Arrivals - Claudia, Flavia * Young Bloods - Spurius Antius Claudus * February: Forgetting Home - Justinia * December: Saturnalia
  14. Pursing his lips thoughtfully for a moment, Spurius nodded, underlined literate and added speaks Greek dialect. That would do for the moment. Whilst he sold some of his choicer slaves out here in the markets, he usually found more interest for slaves like Rufus in private showings, or when someone came to him looking for something specific. Satisfied, he placed the board around Rufus's neck. There was no roughness in the act, the slaver was simply businesslike. If he didn't sell this morning, there might be time to find out more about him later. Right now however he had customers, and important ones. Turning, Spurius took in the good clothing and fine manners; likely Senatores, possibly Imperials. "Ave, my lords." He smiled warmly and bowed, suddenly very different from the distant manner he'd used with Rufus. "Of course, I-" But his usual spiel was interrupted by the younger of the two, who clearly recognised the new, read-headed slave. "Ah, you know this one? His previous Dominos passed, and his Domina wished him sold." Spurius supplied, regarding the interaction between the two with a mild and practiced expression. Why she'd wanted him sold in Rome, he neither knew nor cared. Some people developed attachment to slaves - sometimes a strong attachment - and that could usually be leveraged to guarantee a good sale. And some people came to loathe certain slaves, and wished them gone. Perhaps Rufus had reminded his old master's wife of his master overmuch. Perhaps this well dressed fellow might want to buy him? @Gil@Sharpie@Gothic
  15. The assertion from Theo that he was very Greek, rather than Roman, drew a wry smile and a faint chuckle from the slave. Though Aeneas knew nothing about the Greeks, it seemed that this man didn't have the same outlook on many things as the Romans, nor the same downlook on slaves. "Aye, Domina want guard." He confirmed. "I think guard from far land... look good?" He didn't quite have the vocabulary to express his observation that an exotic bodyguard could be as much a fashion statement as practical. Then he shrugged, clearly not particularly worried about that aspect. "Is better than die in arena." He added, rather more quietly. He saw it as an opportunity. The man's assurances were gladly received, and the slave nodded, listening. "Thank you, Medicus. I be careful." He assured the man. A lame gladiator was of use to no one, and he knew that his survival depended on his usefulness and interest to his mistress. So the Medicus watched to see who was injured, and how, and how they progressed. Perhaps, being a man of healing, he wasn't so keen on fighting and killing. Or perhaps he'd simply seen enough of it in the Legions. His last statement caught Aeneas's interest, and the barbarian gladiator cocked his head and regarded Theo with curious blue eyes, emboldened by their conversation. "Please, what is 'theatre'? I not know word." What other entertainments did the Romans enjoy? @Chevi
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