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Gaius Licinius Habitus


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33 | 12 June, 41 CE | Plebeian | Praetorian | Hetero | Original | Jack Donnelly





Gaius was raised in a military family, and it shows. His life is filled with rigid structure and he approaches every problem with a soldier's mind. Whenever in a military situation, he finds comfort in the answers found in tradition and rule-following, but whenever he is on leave, he finds it difficult to regulate his behavior. He is fond of drinking and whoring as many soldiers, but manages to also maintain respectability expected by both his family and his position as a praetorian. 

Gaius gives off an air of uncaring and occasionally of sarcastic amusement, but a caring, helpful man can be found just below the surface. Despite his uncaring, he likes to be taken seriously and has a large ego that is easily bruised by snubs from women and his higher-ups. 



Gaius is a handsome man, and he often preens like a bantam rooster due to his occasionally overlarge ego. He is most comfortable in military garb, but can also fill out a tunic well. He doesn't keep his dark brown hair as short as other legionnaires, preferring a longer cut, though not ridiculously long. His skin is perpetually tanned after spending long days in the hot sun and he wears the tan like a badge of honor, hating the idea of long days doing office work inside. Gaius is not the tallest of men but he acts like he is, relying on his talent in combat to let him feel tall. 

Gaius has a well-structured face with a straight nose and a hard-set mouth. His brown eyes are intense but can have a good sense of humor. He likes to keep well-shaven when he's on duty, but when off duty he lets a little stubble crop up on his well-defined jaw. 



Father: Gnaeus Licinius Drusus

Mother: Camilla Drusa 

Siblings: Secundus Licinius Drusus

Spouse: None

Children: None




[Childhood: 41-59CE] 

Gaius was born into a middle-class, military, Equite family. His father was strict but caring, having served for a good part of his life in the legion only to retire due to an injury sustained that prevented him from serving any longer. His mother was loving but allowed their father to train Gaius and his younger brother in the ways of being men, despite her own reservations about the life she feared the man's lessons would bring about. Gaius's childhood was structured much in the same way as living in a military camp, though tinged with the gentle guidings of his mother, who made the family's small house in the city feel like a home. 


Gaius's days were filled with responsibilities, from tending the garden to helping his mother in the household. When he finished all his chores and his lessons, he and his brother would play soldiers, filled with a fascination for the seemingly invincible Roman legionnaires. It was Gaius's only hope to become a soldier, just like his father one day. As the boy grew, his father would allow him to accompany him on trips out of the city for his trading business, as well as to the marketplace. Gaius found these times with his father incredibly special, as he felt his mother wasn't there to discourage his questions about life in the military. Camilla was always afraid that her sons would be encouraged to join the military instead of finding safe jobs in the city. Through these trips, Gaius gained intense respect and a close bond with his father. 


[Young Adulthood: 59-66]

As soon as Gaius turned eighteen, his father brought him to volunteer for the legion. After a life of being raised by the man, Gaius felt he was ready to serve in the military, but while his childhood served as some frame of reference, it wasn't nearly as close as Gaius had thought it would be. All the same, it was a rewarding lifestyle from the beginning. He felt that he had a chance to gain the respect of his superiors and close camaraderie with other young men his age while testing his strength against theirs in a friendly but engaged competition for higher ranks.


As soon as his initial training was done, he had his first posting: Britannia, to help cull the various rebellions that popped up from time to time. Despite the relative anonymity of his rank as a milites, Gaius managed to train hard enough and stand out enough in combat to gain the attention of his superiors. After three years in the rank of milites, he received his first promotion to the rank of Immunes. Now, he worked as a weapons instructor to less experienced soldiers, and along with the new responsibilities, he gained a pay raise, as well. He enjoyed teaching the younger soldiers helpful tips to stay alive. Four years of serving as an instructor greatly improved the young man's leadership skills, and he gradually gained his superiors' attention again by turning out some of the most skilled soldiers among the instructors. 


[Adulthood: 67-Current]

Gaius saw some intense fighting as an optio, the rank he gained next after his service as an instructor. At two different points, he was nearly put out of commission due to injuries, but he managed to fight through and return to his duties. He was never one to back down from a fight, even with men larger than he was, as many of the Britons were. He relied on his experience and his quickness to get him through each battle. He made great friends during this time and still keeps in contact with some of them. 


After three years as an optio, the centurion under which he served left the legion, leaving Gaius to take his place. He was proud to have gained this rank and served dutifully for three years. Soon enough, though, he was ready to leave Britannia and return home. He used all the connections he had gained over the years to get letters of recommendation and finally became a candidate for the Praetorian guard. It was good to return home for the proper training, though his family hardly recognized the man he had become as being the same boy they had waved goodbye as he left Rome. Now, Gaius has been serving as a praetorian for two years. He finds the work rewarding enough, and it is good to be back in the city of his childhood, even though it was almost foreign to him when he first returned. He hopes now to be the best guard he can and keep the city itself safe. 



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