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She knew that Corinthia would be utterly furious with her. A part of Gaia felt a childish defiance towards her daughter's agitation and gleefully traveled to the Domus Venus. Oh! How she missed the sheer pleasure associated with the place. Corinthia purposely chose to deny herself this incredible experience, and she had no desire to encourage her any longer. Perhaps it was folly? Either way, her eyes lit up as she entered the Domus Venus and looked around. The sights were incredible. All the workers were utterly beautiful, perfectly formed bodies that looked like marble statues made flesh and smiled. Soon a slave offered her both a compliment and a glance of wine, something she eagerly took.

There was one person she desired to see, someone she found herself thinking about when there was a moment of quiet. Titinia, the owner of the establishment and the Madam who had welcomed her so much during the Saturnalia. Her favourite time of year. 

Gaia did not wish to cause a fuss. She sipped the wine and walked around the establishment. Occasionally she took a peek at a few Senators with some rather interesting kinks. The sounds of the acts and coupled with the music filled her ears. At times, she wished her late husband Manius was by her side to enjoy all of these pleasures with her. The reminiscent thought soon passed when she saw Titinia speaking to one of the workers, she pondered approaching and wondered how best to do it. 

She polished off the contents of her goblet and handed it a random, confused Senator and walked towards Titinia. 

"Salve, I hope you remember me?" She asked, and gave a little hiccup to indicate she had drank a little too quickly.


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Titinia ran her brothel like she ran her domus - a tight first and the best the world could offer her for what her money could provide. She often had first pick, fresh off the boat or wagon, of new slaves that came in. Pretty things that could rival the gods in their beauty. Sweet, seductive voices that lured both men and women into her establishment. Servants that were kept under a firm thumb. 
Saturnalia had passed and the establishment had returned to the normal way of things. Her husband and his business partners often venturing in at random times during the day. But it was still early enough for his dealings not to bring him in, seeking his wife's attention. And the poor worker that currently held her attention was being scolded for clumsiness before she finally let them leave her sight. 
She felt someone near, another sweet voice filling her ears as she turned her attention to the noble woman who had entertained her just nights ago. Asking her if she remembered her. A bubble of laughter left Titinia, her expression turning from puzzlement to flirtatious as her eyes danced over the figure of the woman before her. 
"Salve," She purred out, her lips twitching in a smile, "How could one forget being visited by Venus herself?" She asked, indicating she did remember her before raising her hand in silent offer to lead the other woman to a more intimate place. 

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