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May 75AD Circus Maximus

Aulus had changed seats after his conversation with Gaius Fabius Maximus had come to an end, and found himself sitting next to a woman he recognised as belonging to gens Cornelia - one of the Scipinones branch, he thought. More importantly, though, she was the wife of Quintus Sulpicius Rufus, whose brother had ended up joining him on his flight from Italy a decade earlier.

"Good morning," he said to her, being polite. He had moved to sit by her; it would be unforgivably rude to ignore her, especially as she was related to friends of his. "I see you seem to have been lucky in your betting so far - pity about the Reds' shipwreck earlier."

It had been rather a spectacular crash, with the Blues' driver pulling ahead and cutting in on him, forcing him into the spina which rand down the middle of the Circus, forming the centre of the oval race-track.

He had bet on the Whites, who had come in second after the triumphant Blues, a team he did not think anyone had really expected to win that race, the driver being a new man and therefore an unknown quantity.



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The Races were something Cornelia seldom came to, she much preferred the Gladiatorial games more, and to be honest if hadn't been for her eldest that, she wouldn't have. 
But Minor wanted to come, he had caught wind of the new driver for the Blues and wanted to see him. Betting what little allowance his mother had allowed him to use that day. Gambling was a habit she had not wanted her children to start  - yet. 
Cornelia could be called many things by those who knew her, and had experienced her more unpleasant traits first hand, but she could never be called a mother whose attention was absent from her children. 
She kept close eyes on her son, seated a few rows down from her, and she was thankful the stadium was sparsely packed that day. And thus, as a voice drew her attention away from her son, it came to no surprise to her that a friend of her husband would find her. 
"Aulus, it is good to see you" She replied, a charming smile coming to her face as she shifted to allow him more room to comfortably sit. 
"You should be congratulating my son on that, he's the one that was certain of our victor. Personally I was for the whites but he was the one that placed the bets." She said with a merry laugh. 
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