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MATCH THREE: Rana vs Cira Exocia


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Rana vs Cira Exocia


Another set of amazons! Two more inexperienced ones! Who will be blessed by the Gods and who will be forsaken?


OOC: Post your intros. Then wait for a staff member to post the dice roll result for the first poster. Good luck and have fun! 

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The day had finally come. Thessala had tried to prepare Rana for this, but at the same time, she constantly reminded Rana that she had to stay alert and that she could not imagine how it was like, until she stood there. Rana luckily took each day as it came, as if it was a new beginning, and she was ready for this. More than ready, she felt!

She had been taught to fight mainly in the style of a hoplomachus and had been told she would face a dimachaerus today - but also a gladiatrix, like herself. The games in this round were different than the usual ones though, she had been told. There was actually the chance that you would die. She had prayed to her gods that they would let her live past this day, but at the same time, life so far had taught her that the gods rarely did much for her. It was in her own hands to fight... and fight well and win the crowd... and live!

Rana was more dressed up than usual on this day and since Thessala was her main inspiration, she too had painted her face to look more impressive and hopefully scary. It was as if she wore a mask across her eyes, but down the cheeks the black color continued as if it was not really a mask, but a pair of wings across her face. Her hair had been pulled high on her head and away from her face and she wore mostly different shades of brown and the usual gear for a hoplomachus - she wore a shining bronze helmet, a manica on her right arm and there was heavy padding and high greaves on her legs. In her one hand she held a spear and in the other a short sword. 

The doors opened and allowed her to enter the arena. She inhaled a deep breath and then ran for it - for the middle of the arena, and only there did she stop and look up and around her. It was impressive! She almost lost her breath when she saw the audience. And then reminded herself to focus on the arena and not the seats. Her opponent was, after all, also entering the arena. Gods it was a pity she had to try and kill such a good looking young woman! 

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