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  1. Ovinia wasn't sure if she'd let him hear her sing. So she was a bit shy about it. She said it was only for family and friends, but who knew if they would be fiends. He enjoyed the way she chuckled and smiled, Ovinia wasn't boring, that was for sure. And she was a challenge too, which he didn't mind. Not that he didn't care for Caecina, he cared a lot for her, more than he ought to, but she was out of reach for him. Despite their social class and everything. Ovinia, well that was different. Not that he thought he was falling in love or anything. But she was entertaining and that was a positive trait too! "I hope we shall be friends." Marcus said, actually in all honesty, because he wouldn't mind. The conversation turned back to her assumptions about young men, but she was placing them all in a box without knowing them at all. And of course now she'd know about what dreams he had, since he brought it up. "I don't know if you ever heard about my father... Decimus Junius Silanus. I never really knew him, because he died when I was very young. But he was highly appreciated in Rome. I wish to become the same, somehow. I hope to rise high too, as he. Honor his memory, as they say." He explained, and then he looked at her with a grin then, "So there you have it, my very humble dream. What's yours? You must have dreams too." @Sara
  2. She drew blood, it hurt, but it was fine and it wasn’t anything he hadn’t tried before. It would just be a new scar to add to the collection. They were fighting now and there was no time to consider wounds, that would be something they’d do later. Now it was all about entertainment and who lost and who won. She shrieked and he chuckled, he knew her, but he could tell it might be terrifying to someone who didn’t know her so well. She teased him and he made a bold move, coming at her and managing to lift his shield up above his head to slash at her. He managed to make quite the tear at her leather belt and she grinned and joked. Alexius put the shield back down again, grinning back at her. “Maybe I should.” He winked and looked up at the crowd, “What say you? Undress her?” He yelled up at them and they all cheered and whistled and Alexius nodded, looking at her again, “So that’s what we’ll do…” He said to her and danced a bit around her. She knew it was all for show, right? Not that he didn’t find her appealing, Alexius had always admired strong women like her… but this was for entertainment only and it was the Domus Venus who paid them tonight. So why not? How to do it though… if he could get towards her from behind, he might have an easier attempt slashing at the right piece of cloth or leather and something would fall… Alexius decided to let her have the next attack and he was ready for her coming at him. @Sara@Chevi @Liv @Sharpie
  3. Cynane


    The wound was healing nicely on the way back to Britannia. Finally they had reached the sea and managed to get on a ship going to the other side. To Britannia. Finally it was there, the beautiful, green country that she'd missed so much. Of course it looked grey and somewhat misty, as it appeared from the horizon. The sun would shine too, but this looked normal to her. They set foot on land and Cynane looked around, unsure if she was pleased with what she saw. The buildings didn't look very British to her. They looked Roman. She heard Latin more than once. But she stuck close with Charis and they moved through the streets, away from the busy harbour and somehow they'd find a way to the countryside. And the countryside was stunning! Just look at all the green and the forests and the rocks. They passed by more than one of the ancient stone circles or temples, the ones even more ancient than their own peoples, and she felt at home. And the further they got away from any cities, the better she felt. As they had found yet another Roman city on the way North, they managed to find a room for the night to rest and recover. They were coming closer and closer to their own lands and had to find out if they were to part ways, or stay together. Cynane knew what she preferred. Charis was the first to say it out loud though. "I guess we do. Do you think it will be less Roman further to the North?" Cynane mused, "I hope it will be. Do you think there's anything left of our tribes?" @Sara
  4. The gods sometimes had very mysterious ways! Like making Lexus encounter the same, pretty and sweet girl several times, although she was entirely out of reach for a plebian whose parents were formerly slaves. He couldn’t give her anything. Sure, his father spoke of things and knew exactly what Lexus could give to her, but she was above him in rank and he didn’t want to hurt her. Or her reputation. She was kind and sweet. And her smile so cute. She said she was certain he’d do great with the garden and then he wondered if she ever helped out in the garden. She giggled, blushed, explained that she spent time here although she didn’t work here. And now she was out picking flowers. “That sounds nice.” Lexus said and then a cat appeared out of nowhere. Lexus looked at it, they didn’t have any pets where he worked before. It looked very soft. He smiled and looked at Septima again, “Do you want me to help you pick flowers? You can tell me more about the garden too. Is there something you think should be done with it?” @Chevi
  5. Tertius was left a bit stunned by the way Wulfric suddenly left. Surely things were not going according to his head and the arrival of Peregrinus was a bit unfortunate, but that he should just leave like that… he had not expected that. Apparently Charis was surprised too, before she stated the obvious and since Tertius had already told her she could go, she excused herself too. Leaving Tertius alone with Teutus. Almost as soon as she was gone, Teutus sat up and began talking, blaming Tertius for this and that, mostly things he couldn’t control, but Teutus was apparently quite angry about a lot of things. Why didn’t he ever say this before? Did he expect Tertius could read his mind? Gods, why did Teutus keep all this from him for so long? Tertius asked for honesty and loyalty in his household. That’s all he ever asked for. Why was it so hard to give? If Teutus thought Tertius kept secrets, well Teutus did so too. Everyone did. Even Charis didn’t tell him everything, although at least she got better at it. She understood that to earn Tertius’ trust, you had to be trustworthy too. When Teutus was done, Tertius downed the cup of water he’d sat with in his hand… for a long time now it seemed. But he set it down and looked at his son. The son who did grow up with him, under his roof, the son he would have given everything, if he could. Yet Teutus didn't seem to understand that. All he felt was... anger. “Did it feel good, getting all that off your chest? I’m surprised you didn’t speak to me sooner. You know, I can’t read your mind either.” Tertius replied, feeling both surprised and upset at all that Teutus had to say. “Do you want to know when I learned about Wulfric? Yesterday. Before yesterday, I didn’t know I had another son. And I don’t trust him. He claims all he wants here is his family, but… I don’t trust that.” Tertius explained then, “Now then, it’s hard to tell you things when you’re not always around, son. I didn’t keep you in the dark about Wulfric because I didn’t want you to know. But you weren’t here. I don’t know when you are and when you’re out and about. So how could I tell you?” He paused, hoping that would sink in. Since Teutus was freed, he’d seemed very keen on being anywhere but in the house… and even more so after Peregrinus was born. “I don’t know what you want and expect from me. You don’t tell me either. Maybe it’s a family trait, hm? But be certain about this, I don’t owe Wulfric anything. He’s not my heir and he never will be. I had hoped you’d be, but the law is the law and though I judge people by it, I do not have the powers to change it. I’m sorry about that. What else do you want?” He inhaled a breath, finally done talking and curious to hear what Teutus expected to happen now. @Sharpie ( @Sara )
  6. It warmed her heart that he was a good father to his son with her, and in return, of course he was pleased to see her skills as a mother. She’d tried to kill herself and Peregrinus and he was glad it didn’t happen! Peregrinus brought some life into the household and some joy into his own heart, seeing his son grow and thrive like he did. It wasn’t like it had been with Teutus, not at all. When he was born, his father thought it better that Tertius didn’t know his son at all, and he was soon sent away to Germania. And he was too young to take interest in a toddler. Now everything was different. And Peregrinus was free from the start and able to be his legal son and heir, because he was never a slave first. Yet his mother was a slave. But still lovely to look at and comforting to talk to. When he thought about it, who did he really have to confide in, besides her? It wasn’t the same with Hector anymore. Not since Peregrinus came. Meanwhile, Charis smiled and sipped her wine and silence fell, while they both watched the fighters on the sands. After some time, Charis wondered whom he wanted to win. “It’s a good question. I remember seeing Alexius when he was still a slave and he was good then. Still is, it seems.” He said and chuckled, “The woman… I don’t know. But she saved you once and for free too. So I suppose that earns her some favor. He did too though. It’s hard to pick!” He added and looked at her, “What do you think? We could bet on who will win. And the winner between the two of us, would get some sort of prize.” @Sara
  7. Marcus decided that he liked the Consul Aulus. He seemed really nice, and intelligent too. He knew just what to say and he saved Marcus after his stupid comment about Lexus being old, which kind of made all the men that sat around him old too. But Aulus commented that they must all seem ancient and then spoke more about Lexus, who had retired many years ago. Sixteen years? Well Marcus had been 2, back then. No wonder he’d not remember Lexus! The banter continued between the men and Longinus suggested Aulus slept with the witch down on the sands. Marcus’ eyes widened, he wasn’t sure if he’d want to sleep with that kind of woman. He preferred them a bit more normal, to be honest! Moments later, something happened in the arena and the gladiatrix managed to draw blood. Marcus gasped and then cheered, despite not wanting to bed her, he was definitely rooting for her in this match! Moments later, Rufus, the one who came in here last, suggested they should all congratulate the entertainers. Aulus would not sleep with the gladiatrix, but it would seem he thought it would be too much of a crowd. Marcus liked the idea though. “Couldn’t you just invite them up here to congratulate them? If both are still standing!” He added, seeing Lexus come at the woman, showing off quite a lot of strength and Marcus chuckled when she joked out loud, they were close enough to the sands to hear it. Marcus cheered again. This was fun! @Liv @Sharpie @Sara @Chevi
  8. Marcus loved hearing her laugh, making a woman laugh was always a good thing. If you could amuse her and entertain her, there was a good chance she’d remember you later on and with positive thoughts too. It was all good. He couldn’t help but grin back at her as she replied, trying to explain why she didn’t look so worn yet, “Or maybe that’s just how you’re like. Fit and beautiful.” He replied, the grin never leaving his face. But the conversation went on, to what ‘men like him’ were into and to what she enjoyed. She wondered if she was wrong with what she’d experienced and explained her hobbies were ‘the usual’. He tilted his head when she mentioned all she could do was sing, “I hope you’re good at it then. Maybe you’ll let me listen sometime, if you dare.” He winked, knowing that some people, who had such skills, were still quite shy about it because they were unsure of how good they were. He didn’t know how confident Ovinia was with her singing voice. “And… I don’t think you’re entirely wrong, concerning young men. Just consider there’s more to us than what you experience. We have dreams too, you know.” And he did and he’d do whatever he could to reach them. He had to live up to his name somehow and he had to do it better than his brother. @Sara
  9. Marcus chuckled when Lucius finished his sentence, "I meant to say balls, but yes." He said, "And you're not missing out on anything, trust me." He replied and then went on wondering why Lucius wasn't like the rest of the guys. He mentioned why he wasn't there with them, because he simply knew he'd get somewhere and he didn't need all of them. Lucius explained that he was the brother with the shenanigans and his father was dead. Apparently he'd been given a deadline on when to find out what to do. "My father died when I was very young too. I don't remember much of it." Marcus said and drank a swig of wine to honor his father, "What do you want to do then? Legions or lawyer? I'm not sure what I prefer. Everyone says I should go into the military too, but I'm just not so sure it's for me. On the other hand, if that's the way to go in order to get somewhere... I guess that is where I'm going, eventually." It was nice chatting with someone kind of in the same situation as him. Even if Lucius seemed to be a few years older, they were at the same point in their lives, because Lucius never started his course of honor. And apparently they both lost their fathers and now had irritating big brothers. To think, that Marcus used to look up to Lucius. But lately, his admiration had faded quite a bit. He didn't know if it would come back. @Chevi
  10. Cynane didn’t actually know how large an area Britannia was. But she knew there was a long way from the sea to one side and the sea to the other. She knew it was an island. Or maybe a it was more a continent, like what the Roman Empire seemed to be. It was very large, that’s all she knew. She watched Sosia’s eyes widen though and thought to herself, that she was glad they were talking, because that made it all seem more relaxed. The bath was relaxing, of course, but at the same time… she didn’t know why… but it wasn’t like when she went to the baths with Charis. She made a mistake though, mentioning what Romans seemed to think about Britannia, and sosia said she didn’t always consider herself Roman. She’d grown up elsewhere too and it had been different. Sosia laughed and then she moved closer to Cynane, musing about how Rome was like a melting pot with people from so many places. “It is a melting pot, yes. I don’t know if that’s always a good thing. But yes, I do have British friends here. None that I knew at home…” Except Eppitacos, but she’d barely seen him, “But down here, tribes don’t matter so much. Down here, what we have in common… that’s what matters.” She said, looking at Sosia so close to her. A part of her kind of wanted to move away, another wanted to be closer. They certainly were not alike, Cynane was tall and blonde and with blue eyes, Sosia had dark skin and hair and eyes... but she was pretty, and sweet... “Do you think we have anything in common? Besides growing up elsewhere but here?” @Sara
  11. Her smile was so pretty, he thought, when she noticed him and she smiled at him. Could he dare to hope she'd only smile like that towards him? She seemed happy to see him, very much actually! He hadn't known where she lived or what she'd done since they met in the Gardens of Sullust last year. Her sister had been there too and she was such a different type of girl than the one he knew. Not that she wasn't pretty too, they were twins, but this Septima... he liked her. It was nice talking to her and spending time with her. He stumbled over a few words as he spoke to her and she confirmed this was her house. So he was now working at her house, at her garden. Damn! "I am, unless he hired more than one. I know I'm not so experienced yet, but I will be. I already have a few ideas for this garden. Not that it isn't nicely kept already, but... I think it could be even better." He said with a smile, clearly interested in this subject. And it was safe to talk about, with her. "Do you ever help keeping it? I don't think I'd mind if you did. I don't know if women... do that?" If women like her did that, he meant. He knew slaves of both genders could be put to work in gardens, but he wasn't so sure about higher ranked people like Septima. @Chevi
  12. Alexius definitely would not make any trouble for his new neighbors. He was just curious, but he imagined he’d hear the whole story eventually. They didn’t know him yet, after all. But they would. Aia placed her basket on the table in the half-empty flat and then continued to ask what he did for a living. Decimus seemed to be a man of few words, but he too seemed interested. “I work as a guard, mostly… wherever I can. Often as a bodyguard, or whenever someone needs something kept safe. It’s what I do and it’s what I like… keeping people safe.” He explained with a smile. He could of course go on and tell the whole story about his past and why he worked with what he did, but that wasn’t what she asked about. If they did, he’d be happy to share, but for now, he chose not to. Again, he imagined it might be nice getting to know them over a jar of wine instead. For now, it seemed they focused on the more basic introductions, so he did that too, “What about you two? What do you work with?” @Sains @Chevi
  13. If he could take Charis away from it all, he would. She didn't deserve the life she'd been given here, not at all. She wasn't happy. And she was sweet and friendly and funny and beautiful... she deserved a happy life. But this was Rome and Rome was not always kind to people like her, especially not when they were slaves. She was about to leave again, but then came back, kissed both Alexius and Teutus on their cheeks and left. Alexius sighed and Teutus promised he'd come back the next day, because he had to talk to Charis now. "It isn't your fault either, Teutus." Alexius said, "Be kind to her." He added, before Teutus too left and Alexius stood for a moment, before he closed the door. Well... that was that. Charis was never going to come back now, was she? And it had been so good. He turned around to begin cleaning up around the table and not long after, the curtains around Lexus' bed moved and his son appeared, scratching his cheek in a tired manner. "Well that was interesting. I don't think I've heard all that before." Lexus said, rolling his eyes at his father, before picking up a clean drinking cup and pouring some wine into it, "Did you ever consider thinking, before you just... do what you do. No, forget I said it. It's too late for that." Lexus walked back towards his own bed and before Alexius could answer, his son pulled the curtains, clearly not ready for any talk about anything. Moments later, Alexius did exactly what his son had done, retreated to his bed with a cup of wine. It really all was fucked. And what could he do to make it better? Nothing. He was useless in this matter. Utterly useless. And that was fucked too. @Sara @Sharpie THE END
  14. Antheia seemed happy enough to follow Cynane, although when the other mentioned she was going for food, she wondered if she should be going that way too. Cynane thought the medicus ought to check out Antheia’s shoulder, after all. Just in case. It would look bad if Antheia was hurt before even meeting Claudia, and by Cynane! She couldn’t have that on her hands. So they’d have to get it looked at. “Oh, yes, it’s that time of the day. There’ll be enough for later though. This is the palace, there’s always food.” She explained in a friendly tone and Antheia asked how it was like working for Claudia. Whether she was nice or what. “She is… very nice.” Cynane said with a smile, “I don’t have a lot of previous owners to compare her with, of course… I came from a ludus and then here. But, I think we’re lucky to be with her. She’s young, but intelligent and open-minded. And she treats us well.” Was she praising Claudia a little too much? She couldn’t help it. Her emotions concerning the young princess were special, as Claudia was both her mistress but also a young woman she needed to protect. And wanted to. “Where were you before coming here?” She then asked the new slave, wanting to know what her background was, to know her better too. @locutus-sum
  15. He was pleased that the client did not ask more into why he left Gaul. He didn't need anyone asking about that. Not that he didn't have a reply ready, a reply that had nothing to do with his deceased family - deceased by his hands and blades, that is. He did have a reply ready for that, but he just really preferred they didn't go there at all. Maybe he had a tiny fear that he'd slip up. Say something that was just off. And then he'd get in trouble for giving people what they deserved. He didn't want that. Instead he carefully focused on cutting the hair and the client spoke of a Thessalian in his camp that did it well... if you sat still. Marcus smiled again and the other went on about Marcus being the first to properly cut it like this. "It is my honor, Domine, make no mistake. I am happy with what I do and a job well done gives me more to do. So I am honored." He added, snipping away some more hair and then walking around to inspect the client from the front. The hair looked nice. Both sides were even and the top too. He was satisfied with it. "The hair is done... now for the rest." He put away the pair of scissors and picked a razor, "Now, I too will require that you sit still. We can talk of course. If you'd like. It is your choice." He said and picked a proper oil for the face too, while waiting for the client to get ready too. @Sains
  16. For reasons known mostly to the household he came from, Lexus lost his job. It had something to do with money, or that's what he understood at least. They didn't feel they needed to pay a gardener from the outside, when they could just have a slave do the work. So that's what they chose to do. Luckily enough, it didn't take Lexus long to find something new. There were plenty of gardens in Rome and since he'd worked in the previous one almost two years, he had some experience. He was almost 17 years old and already a somewhat experienced gardener! He did think it interesting. And he had so many ideas, especially for planning how it should all look like. Sometimes he'd find a stick and draw outlines in the sand. He didn't have much education yet. His mother had made sure he knew how to read and write, and he knew a bit about numbers, but he needed to learn more if he was going to continue with this. And it was nice having a job. That made him able to escape home and his father's escapades and the gods did really know how he needed that sometimes. Not that he didn't like his father! They were just so... different. But now he was here. It was his first day. He'd made sure that his tunica was clean and nice and the slaves had let him into the domus and showed him the garden, telling him all about the old gardener, who had been favored in the household. He had to leave though and they really wondered if Lexus could live up to the expectations. He promised he'd do his best. There was a slave to help him, but he looked around in the cityhouse garden. It did all look very nice, but honestly, there was room for an orange or lemon tree too or maybe both. It was situated well. There was plenty of sunlight and shielding from the wind. It would be a good place for such trees. He'd have to talk with his employer about that idea. For now, he picked up a wooden rake to go through the dirt and the sand in the garden, giving it more air. He had barely considered the name of his employer, he just knew he had a job and it was nice. He had barely considered he might meet someone he knew here, it had been so long since he last saw her. But he heard footsteps approaching the garden and he saw her enter. First he continued with the rake but then he looked up again. What? "Septima?!" He exclaimed, surprised and excited at the same time. She seemed so much at home that this could not be a coincidence! "Is this... I mean..." He trailed off, blushing, she was so sweet and he wasn't sure how to pick the right words, "This is your home?" @Chevi
  17. There was a certain tension in the room that he couldn’t ignore. But he tried his best, because he thought Teutus seemed nice and it was nice of his father to invite him. Even if his father didn’t seem very happy right now. Charis didn’t either. His father had just said everything was fine and Wulfric was about to make a comment again, when wails echoed through the house and all the way into where they sat. Not long after, another female slave entered with Peregrinus in her arms. Poor thing must be missing his mother! And indeed, as soon as Peregrinus was in Charis’ lap, he relaxed at least a little bit. Wulfric wanted to offer to help, but wasn’t sure how any of the others would feel. Tertius watched the whole scene with Jocasta and Charis and then suddenly, Jocasta was gone and Peregrinus was here. His son. All three of his sons in one room! It should be an event to remember, in a positive way, but he didn’t think it would be, for any involved. Charis wondered what she should do. “You should go and take care of him… he clearly needs your attention.” Tertius said, his attention fixed on Charis and Peregrinus now, “So… you can go. I’ll check in later, see if everything is fine?” Tertius then suggested to Charis, for now choosing to ignore the two grown sons, who did not need as much attention as a baby. Meanwhile Wulfric watched everyone’s reactions. Tertius’ surprise and the care he showed for his son and for Charis. The way Teutus gripped the winecup he had. Charis unsure about what to do. Teutus looked at him then and began speaking of how none of this was his fault and he apologized for the family Wulfric had come to find. Wulfric placed a hand on Teutus’ free hand, looking at him, “It is not your fault either… this family.” Wulfric said, “I will find you, soon. And we will talk. But now, not the time.” He promised Teutus, taking his hand back as he said it. And then he decided to actually do something, because for some reason, the others did not. He hadn’t heard Charis had been excused, but Wulfric stood and looked at them all, “It is time for me going.” He looked at Tertius, “Thank you for inviting me, father. And thank you for letting me meet brother. Brothers.” He added, looking at Charis with Peregrinus, “I am sure I will meet all you again.” Wulfric didn’t care if it was not the proper etiquette, but he knew when he’d overstayed his welcome and he wasn’t stupid enough to stick around where he wasn’t wanted, “Good night to you all.” He dipped his head briefly and then left. Just like that. He didn’t wait for Tertius to respond. On the way out, he found a slave and asked where he could find Teutus’ business for when he’d meet him again. And then he was gone. @Sara @Sharpie
  18. He could of course just cut off this little dinner right now. Claim he had something else to attend to, but he hadn’t. and besides, it would be the shortest family dinner and he feared the slaves might gossip about the disaster if he ended it now. No, he had to sit it through, even if he didn’t like it now. He’d just wanted them to meet! And to figure out what Wulfric wanted, although he knew more about that now than before, at least. Wulfric did want a part in some kind of fortune. Only now he was going for Teutus rather than Tertius. Wulfric was watching his brother with interest. His father seemed annoyed when Wulfric failed finding the right word for glass, but how did he expect a man born and raised in Germania to speak perfect Latin? He was told that here in Rome, he was actually good at it for a foreigner. Why was his father annoyed then? Teutus seemed much more approachable, even if he too seemed a little tense after their father spoke up. Teutus easily relaxed though and agreed with Wulfric, that they should discuss it properly. He thought that the trade might be good for everyone involved and Wulfric nodded and offered him a genuine, friendly smile, “You are very kind, Teutus. I am glad that we meet.” He said to his brother and then glanced at his father and at Charis. They’d both fallen silent. Charis looked like she’d rather leave. Tertius he couldn’t figure out. Other than that he was annoyed. “I hope it is not wrong, that we will meet?” Wulfric then said to Tertius, “I think Teutus is right. That it will be profitable for all concerned. Maybe you also.” He said, hoping he’d not irritated his father too much. He didn’t understand why he had, though. “Of course it is not wrong. I’m glad you get along.” Tertius merely said, although honestly, he wasn’t sure he meant that. Of course they should get along. They were both his sons. He just didn’t trust Wulfric and his intentions. And for some reason, he wasn’t sure he could trust Teutus either. Would they go against him? Like Brutus on Julius Caesar? Gods forbid! Maybe it was best that Charis was not here after all, but how could he send her away when he'd already offered her a place next to him? @Sharpie @Sara
  19. Cynane


    Cynane carried out the tough job of cutting through her old brand on her own. She didn’t sob, but she felt the pain, also deep within, like the day the brand was made. Now it was removed. After the deed was done, she looked at her friend, suggesting they cleaned the wound. Charis found the waterskin and a piece of cloth and while it didn’t stop the blood, at least it removed some of it. Then Charis continued her task, stitching the wound. She said she was sorry and that she’d be quick. Cynane nodded, “Of course.” She simply said, and then she didn’t say more while the needle punctured her skin again and again. She’d had wounds stitched before. But it was years ago and it did hurt. But just like with how she cut the scar in the first round, she said nothing as it happened, merely held down the cloth and kept the pressure while looking towards the little campfire they’d made. It was easier when you didn’t look at the needle. She also fixed her eyes on Peregrinus a bit, but he seemed to be fine, rolling around on the forest floor near them on his own. He even chuckled. It made her smile through the pain. Then Charis was suddenly finished and sat back. Cynane looked at her and nodded, “I was free before, but now even more. Thanks.” She said, squeezing Charis’ hand back and then she looked at the stitches, “I think it’ll heal nicely. We should find some yarrow to cover it with. I remember we used that for wounds back home.” And home, that’s where they were going now. Cynane stood then, “And we should pack up and get going, I guess. Towards Britannia.” @Sara
  20. No, if they actually held family dinners for their entire family, they would not lack guests at all. and since Longinus had invited several of the Quinctilii Varii clan, well, he had plenty of guests now too. Livia was kind, offering Tertius some friendliness and support he seemed unable to find anywhere else. His brother he did not count on, not at all. They could be polite and civilized and pretend things for Sergia’s sake, but they both knew the truth. Teutus he wasn’t sure would support him at all these days. Things were… strange between them. He was surprised when Livia mentioned that she and Secundus were working on having children. Really? Livia would willingly bed his brother? Or maybe he forced her, the brute? They didn’t look like a happy couple to him though and it was honestly rare they were seen together. Last time Livia came to Tertius house, she did not bring Secundus with her. He knew she was friendlier with their nephew than with her husband. How much, he didn’t know. But he had his suspicions. Longinus asked Sergia about their living situation and Sergia replied, speaking about how she lived with both her mother, her uncle and Livia and all the slaves of course. She was kind enough to not mention that Tertius moved out long ago, because that’s something everyone knew anyway. Meanwhile Secundus drank some embarrassingly greedy gulps of his wine, before he commented on Sergia’s words. He barely sounded interested. Why was he even here? “Enough about living conditions elsewhere though.” Tertius commented, once Secundus had finished, “You have a fine home, Senator. And I am sure that with time, this place will be crowded too, in a good way of course. Is this where you stay all the time, or do you too have a villa elsewhere?” @Liv @Sara @Sharpie @Járnviðr
  21. She grinned and he loved it. With her appearance, the crowd would see a mad grin, but all he saw was joy as the fight began. She bounced back after he pushed her away from him and then she brought up her swords to meet his. Steel collided with steel and the sound of it filled the arena. Alexius smirked as she hissed and stuck out her tongue at him. A moment later, she came at him again and while he jumped towards the side the moment he knew what she’d do, she managed to slash his arm. Alexius growled, looking at her, “I’ll make you regret that.” He said, coming towards her now, hiding behind the shield until the last moment, where he lifted it up above him, pointing his gladius towards her with a forceful strike. He wasn’t sure how she was positioned, as he’d been hiding behind the shield, so he didn’t know where he was aiming. He just knew he had to get back at her and show the crowd that Lexus still had it in him. He didn’t care so much about their bets… this fight wasn’t about life or death, it was about entertainment. And he attempted to give it. @Chevi@Sara @Liv @Sharpie
  22. Marcus was really curious about why a good-looking guy like Lucius would refuse to follow the course of honor. He was of the same class as Marcus, was he not? Then why choose less than luxury, when you could have it? Better ranks in the course of honor usually meant wealth and Marcus was determined to have that again. Of course, Lucius had probably not lost his, so he didn't need it so badly. Still though... and then he said he did not really refuse, he just never got around to start. That was even more strange! Marcus looked at him, as the other casually sipped his wine and explained the situation. "The family's ambition or the family ambition?" Marcus asked curiously, "I'm sorry, I'm just not sure I understand... everyone else here are so eager to please each other and lick each other's..." Balls, but he stopped himself before it could pass between his lips, "I'm just curious about why you're not like that. I'm sure I'll get somewhere, no matter what. My father was famous. I will be too someday. No matter what shenanigans my brother is up to." And with that, he had some more of his own wine, while wondering what Lucius was all about. What drove him to be like he was? Why? Did he yearn to be different for some reason? @Chevi
  23. He was curious about hearing her opinion about how men his age were like. Because there were many kinds and Marcus knew, that not all of them were like him. Not all of them had once had a fortune and then had it lost, because their brother burned down their property, was jailed and afterwards more or less just left their little brother behind. Marcus was on his own. Old Tusca of course tried his best to guide Marcus, but he didn’t make it easy. Where was the fun in that? Ovinia chuckled as she began speaking, explaining what men at his age did. Drinking, exercising, gambling and then women. She blushed and claimed she wasn’t into any of those hobbies. Marcus looked her over and chuckled, “One would think you’re into exercising though, you don’t at all look like some of the old and worn matrons.” He said with a wink, “But it’s interesting to know, what you think. Is that really what you think we’re all about?” Honestly he did like drinking and exercising. And women. Gambling, not so much. He had little to gamble with. “What hobbies are you into, then? What do you do for fun?” Marcus continued, while they walked together at a fairly slow pace. He wasn’t busy and it didn’t seem she was either. @Sara
  24. While Wulfric was enjoying meeting his half-brother, Tertius was less and less pleased with how this dinner was going. He merely wanted to meet Wulfric again, size him up, figure out what he wanted… and introduce him to Teutus, because he thought they ought to meet. They were siblings, after all. But besides that, he had not expected much. He had certainly not expected this! Suddenly Wulfric and Teutus were discussing the import business that Teutus was starting up and Wulfric seemed genuinely interested in it. Tertius continued to eat and down some more wine while the younger men talked. Wulfric paid attention to Teutus, speaking of how amber was popular and wondered what sort of goods they needed in Germania. To Wulfric, it sounded like Teutus might actually wish to work with Wulfric about all this. It was very interesting. His mother and his grandfather would surely be proud of him, once he returned to Germania with these news. “Luxury from Rome is popular.” Wulfric explained, “Things like… pottery. Metal. Oh, and… what is called…” Wulfric trailed off, searching for the word, but it was lost to him, “It like pottery, but it is clear. Like water, or air. But you use it.” He knew the word, this was irritating! He picked up the nice looking terracotta drinking cup that he had and tapped it, “It like this? But clear. It is not something we make.” “Glass.” Tertius intervened with an annoyed sigh, tired of listening to Wulfric trying to explain what glass was, “You don’t have glass? Or make your own metal?” Tertius honestly didn’t know that and it surprised him. Especially about the metal. He glanced at Charis, who just sat there now. It almost felt like they were both being left out now. It was not at all going according to his head. “We make metal. Iron. But yours, better.” Wulfric tried with a smile towards his father and then looked at Teutus, “Maybe I visit your business one day soon?” @Sara @Sharpie
  25. The older woman laughed, in a nervous way, or so Cynane thought… and then she said it was just a bruise on her shoulder, but it didn’t look like it. The woman continued saying Cynane should not worry about it and then continued rambling about Cynane’s presence and her own. “I’m Cynane… her bodyguard.” Cynane said simply, because there was nothing more to add. So far, no one but she and Claudia knew that she’d been secretly teaching the princess how to fight, but no one could know either. At least she did not think anyone knew. But this was her new tutor? Was she worthy of Claudia’s presence? Time would tell. She seemed nice enough, even if she also seemed a bit… bewildered, for some reason? “I wasn’t really practicing, I was just standing here. In the way, it would seem. Where were you heading, Antheia?” She asked, maybe she could direct the new slave in some direction. She looked at Antheia’s shoulder again. It really didn’t look good. Maybe she should direct her towards the medicus. @locutus-sum
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