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Body slave to Marcus


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Suggested Face claim: Jeremy Irvine
23 years old – born in 54 AD. Enslaved in 72 AD.

Personality: Silvanus is usually friendly, although he struggles with being a slave and even more with keeping Marcus happy, because he seems to turn more difficult as he grows older. Silvanus tries to act well as a slave, but he finds it hard and has lost his balance before with Marcus and there is some tension between the two. At other times, they act almost like friends. Silvanus is older and a bit stronger than Marcus, but Marcus is also good at reminding him of his place and what he’ll do if Silvanus does not follow his orders. So far, Silvanus has not been punished badly though. Marcus is not really a mean master, but he is easily bored and very demanding.

Family: up to you! I imagine he has a few siblings… dead or enslaved? Up to you!

History: Silvanus was born in Britannia and grew up in a village on a farm and for most of his life, the Romans were a faraway presence where he lived. Somehow (maybe by mistake) Silvanus ended up as a slave to the Romans anyway, to a man called Lucius Cassius Longinus, and he was brought to Rome with his spoil from Britannia. Lucius gifted Silvanus to the last few of the Junii-Silanii family - and Silvanus became Marcus Junius Silanus’ first actual body slave when Marcus was 14 years old. He has been with Marcus since 73 AD and tries hard to keep the boy out of trouble and to live up to his rising demands. He follows Marcus almost everywhere, also when Marcus goes to parties and out and about in Rome, acting both as personal slave and bodyguard there and makes sure Marcus gets home safely.

Ultimate Goal: Freedom
Other informationMarcus Junius Silanus' app
Plot Ideas/other connections: Marcus often hangs out at the Imperial Palace, so Silvanus could interact with any other characters/slaves there. Marcus has recently moved into a large villa together with Tiberius Claudius Sabucius, so it is possible Silvanus may now also interact with him and his body slave Jason.
Who to contact: Atrice

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