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Marcus Junius Silanus


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19 | 25TH March, 58 AD | Senator | Noble | Heterosexual| Canon | Rudy Pankow





Marcus had a rough beginning to his life and the first few years, he was moved around a lot. Luckily he does not remember much of this; back then he just clung to his step-mother, Flavia Juliana, who took such good care of him. After the first years of his life, he was finally able to settle down together with his step-mother and adopted siblings. Marcus easily adapts, so he quickly became used to the life of a wealthy Senator's son, who was well-known at the palace of Caesar and friends with the boys and girls there. To this day, he still adores his step-mother and should anyone dare to threaten her reputation, they will have to answer to Marcus too. He is usually a fun-loving young man, but if he feels threatened or feels anyone he cares about are threatened, he can lose his temper.

Luckily, this has not happened a lot so far – but this young man does have two sides to him. Around Flavia Juliana, her husband and other adults, he will be a perfect and polite young man, although maybe a tad bit arrogant. When he’s not around adults however, but around friends and other young people around his own age, he is quite different. He can be quite spontaneous and acts on impulse and instinct rather than wait and consider what he's doing. Sometimes he forgets to think, if he feels something is important and must be done now. His life philosophy is so far to enjoy life while he has it, because you never know when it is going to end.

Marcus likes luxury and likes things getting done his way and he sometimes appears to think the world is there for his pleasure. At the same time, he hates it when people try to hold him back and can sometimes be quite the trouble-maker, because he wants things that are sometimes denied him. Especially the last few years have changed him a bit with regards to that, after his brother Lucius managed to lose their wealth - Marcus is not aware of all the details of this story, which is why he at the moment puts some blame on his brother. He used to look up to his brother, because his older brother always seemed to know when and why and how to do certain things. But Lucius was sent to Britannia and when he returned to Rome, he was moved on towards Greece and then Syria, so Marcus has not seen him a lot lately and isn't quite sure what to think of his older brother now.

What Marcus does know is that he wants that wealth back somehow and hopes he will get it - no matter what it takes. Marcus plans to rise high in the hierachy of Rome, wants to become a Senator and eventually more, but he needs guidance... or else things may turn badly for this playful mischief-maker. 


Marcus looks like a good mix of his deceased mother and father; he has inherited his mothers blonde hair and fair skin, while his build and face resemble his father more than his mother. He is quite tall for a Roman, above the average height and does work to stay fit and in shape and likes to know that he's good looking. Marcus frequently visits the thermae both to bathe, swim and exercise in general. He has a friendly face and often a playful expression on his face and in his blue-grey eyes. His clothing is of course according to his rank - he wears a tunica with a toga virilis at most times, now that he has come of age and growing to become a man. On his feet are sandals or half-shoes secured with thongs up his lower leg. 



Father: Decimus Junius Silanus (deceased)

Mother: Lucretia Aemilia (deceased)

Step-mother: Flavia Juliana (considers her to be his mother)


Lucius Junius Silanus, 24 (adopted brother/cousin)
Junia Silana, 31 (adopted sister/cousin)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family:

Connected to following families: 

- The Flavii-Alexandrae family, through Flavia Julianas father
- The Furiae-Bibaculae family, through Flavia Juliana's first husband
- The Caecinae-Tusci family, through Flavia Juliana's latest husband
- The 
Lucretiae-Aemiliae, through his biological mother


 Friends with Imperial princes Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander and Tiberius Claudius Sabucius


58 AD – Marcus Junius Silanus is born to Lucretia Aemilia and Decimus Junius Silanus in Britannia, where he spent the first few years of his life.

59 AD – Marcus’ biological mother dies and his father marries Lucretia Flora

60 AD – Decimus Junius Silanus divorces Flora and marries Flavia Juliana, daughter of Jullus Flavius Alexander. Flavia becomes the woman Marcus considers his mother, since he does not recall his father’s former wives. They all return to Britannia to live.

61 AD – Decimus Junius Silnaus is murdered by a treacherous slave, only to be killed later by his brother, the only 11 year old Lucius Junius Silanus. At the same time, Flavia Juliana is pregnant and there are plans for Flavia, Lucius and Marcus to travel back to Rome from Britannia through Gaul. Lucius Cassius Longinus escorts them to Rome.  There is however unrest... little 3 year old Marcus does not understand much of anything though, but continues to cling to Flavia.

62AD – A lot of things happen on the way towards Africa, but Marcus just tags along and tries not to be in the way. Flavia Juliana gives birth to a stillborn male child on the boat towards Africa. Finally, they reach the safety of Pompeius Magnus and a proper funeral is held for Marcus’ father. Later the same year, Flavia Juliana returns to Rome alone.

63 AD – Marcus and Lucius travel to Rome to reunite with Flavia Juliana. Marcus, now 5 years old, could not have been happier to see his ‘mother’ again and wants to spend as much time as possible with her. He gets used to coming to the Imperial palace together with his mother and easily befriends other young boys of the palace.

66 AD – Flavia Juliana marries Quintus Caecina Tuscus, a respected general. He already has one daughter, Caecina Tusca and she is almost the same age as Marcus. She's a girl though and does not seem so fond of Flavia at first, which he naturally dislikes. With time though, he and Caecina become very good and close friends. Later the same year, Flavia Juliana gives birth to another stillborn child.

67-73 AD - Marcus stays friends with the Imperial sons and princes and begins proper education as a boy. Learning everything a proper Senator's son should know, including lessons in how to wield a sword. As a boy, this all seems to interest him. As a 13 year old, he is finally given the toga of manhood - the toga virilis, and is now supposed to act more mature. And he really did try to pay attention to his Greek tutor, but it wasn't easy. His older brother eventually finishes rebuilding their family home, the home of his father, and Marcus too wants to live with there with his brother, whom he admires, instead of with Flavia and her new family. He still visits Flavia often however, while also keeping his friendship with the Imperial heirs. Marcus is curious and hungry when it comes to life and he has the money to make it a fun life.

73 AD - Everything changed (again!) when Marcus' brother Lucius in legal troubles with distant relations lost their wealth and then burned down the original family home; the home that had just been rebuilt... and then lost to them. Marcus, slightly upset over all this and not quite understanding his brothers motives, moved in to live with Flavia Juliana and Quintus Caecina Tuscus again. It was also in 73 AD that Lucius Cassius Longinus gifted Marcus his body slave, Silvanus, who has been with him since.

75 AD - Marcus is now 17 and enjoys social events and parties, spending time at the baths and he enjoys looking at people, especially young ladies of his own age. Marcus' life philosophy at the moment is 'enjoy life while you can' and he hopes no one will try to ruin it for him. He knows he's going to grow up to become someone important and he can barely wait; once he turns 18, he will begin to follow the Honos Curum by starting with the Viginitiviri. Until then however, he also tries his hardest to enjoy life as it is right now, because he knows it can end when you least expect it.

76 AD - Marcus is now 18 and ready to join the Viginitiviri. His friendship with the Imperial prince, Tiberius, has grown and he works hard to keep that up, because he still has ambitions about going somewhere, in the Roman society. He wants to regain his wealth and he wants to climb the social ladder and the course of honor and reach high.

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