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Illegitimate Son!


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PB: I am completely open! Harry Lloyd, Aneurin Barnard or Reece Ritchie are suggestions. Ethnicity is completely open, although Longinus is caucasian the ethnicity of Niobe was never mentioned.

Age: 20

Occupation: Slave

Pelias was the illegitimate son of Lucius Cassius Longinus and a slave, Niobe - employed as a body-slave to his mother. Longinus was sixteen when he fathered him, although there are a few lingering doubts that Longinus was actually his father. He was never officially recognised as his son, and was born into slavery. Pelias' mother was sold shortly after his birth, although he remained in the household, aware of his father ignoring him and dealing with open hostility from Longinus' mother. 

Things came to a head in 72AD when Longinus was absent in Britannia, his mother Livia sold Pelias illegally. What happened to him after he was sold is completely up to you! Did he go to the mines? To another household? Ran away and lives like as a pleb? Why hasn't he gotten word to Longinus? All of this is to play for! 

Longinus has recently lost his fiancée and their unborn child, so should Pelias reconnect with his father it'd be at an interesting time. There's also plenty of plots for him should he wish to keep his distance and remain a pleb or a slave!


Feel free to DM or discord me (Sara#2296) if you want to chat! 




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