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Old Friends

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Mid-April, 75CE

It had been some time since Caecina had seen the princess, Rutiliana. Caecina had grown up accompanying her parents, as well as Juliana, to the palace to visit with the imperial family, and while Caecina had always preferred rough-housing with the boys and climbing trees, she had a respect and kinship with the young princesses. Yesterday, Caecina had sent a letter to Rutiliana, asking her to meet up to catch up with her. Caecina needed to start fostering her friendships more, even if she would much rather be doing other things like riding her horse at the villa, or teasing Marcus. The princess had replied soon after and agreed to meet her in the Forum area, so that was where the young woman found herself, standing near a lovely fountain. She wore a fine, white chiton, embroidered along the edge with intricate stitching, as well as a light blue palla, one of her favorite combinations. She wore gold earbobs and her usual golden snake bracelet, twining around her wrist. It was almost time for the princess to arrive. 


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