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Regio VIII - Forum Romanum

The most famous of regions within the city of Rome. At the very centre of the city, in the valley formed by all the seven hills is the Forum. Ever-bustling, and always a place to see. This is where the government works for the good of the empire.


The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus. The most important of all Roman temples, this one sat on the Capitoline Hill just adjacent to the Forum Romanum. It is here that Consuls were given their power on the 1st of Jan., here that triumphs ended, and here that the most important celebrations were held.

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The Senate House: This building was constructed under the supervision of Gaius Julius Caesar. Contrary to popular belief, he was not actually assassinated in the Senate House because it was under renovation at the time. This building became the meeting place of the Senate for centuries afterward.

Here the praeco, or newsreader, will announce any and all important news in regards to the empire at large!

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Courts: The courts that oversaw matters dealing with Citizens' rights, or non-citizens becoming citizens. This is the building where the Praetor Urbanis presides.

The Temple of Vesta: This is the home of the Vestal Virgins, where it is their job to keep the eternal flame always burning bright. Within are housed sacred and ancient objects of Rome's past.

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