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Spurius Domitius S.L. Marcellus


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Spurius Domitius S.L. Marcellus

32 | 20 December 43 | Freedman | Charioteer | Heterosexual | Wanted | William Moseley





Marcellus is a playboy, through and through. People who know him would often describe him as a boy in man's clothing, having failed to really mature past silly pranks and immature jokes. He is also a proud, boastful kind of man, prone to bragging about his accomplishments, especially with his fans (of which he has quite a few) but despite his overinflated pride, his ego is not easily bruised, because he takes almost nothing seriously. Because of his popularity with his fans, he finds it easy to find sexual partners, and it doesn't hurt that he is good-looking (and knows it.) His vices include sex, drinking, and getting into brawls due to his easily inflamed temper, which is usually flared because of perceived slights on his skills (though he very rarely actually means to hurt someone and his fights are usually in good fun). 
One of the only things he takes seriously is his career as a charioteer. He is an up-and-coming racer in the Whites and he knows it - he never misses training if he can help it because it is what gives him his purpose and his drive (as well as his popularity and pride). And despite his blustering and loud personality with people, he has a surprisingly quiet way with horses. He started out as a stablehand in his former master's stables, where he was discovered to be good with horses. He is very serious about his racing and about the care of the animals he races with, and if one of his horses gets injured or killed, he mourns it like a person. 
Marcellus is not hard to get to know or to get along with, and is pretty much an open book. He likes having lots of friends and drinking buddies. He's a simple man, but lots of fun because of his lack of outward complexity. 



Marcellus is very handsome, and he knows it. His dark blue eyes are usually crinkled in a flirtatious smile, his mouth pulled into a smirk complemented by white teeth and a square jaw. His hair is a dirty blonde, more similar to his former master's than his mother's, which, coupled with the hue of his eyes, is what leads people to believe that the freedman was fathered by his master. He keeps it cropped short, preferring it that way to keep it out of his face while operating his chariot. Being out in the sun regularly for training means his skin is well-tanned, despite his mother's Germanic heritage.

Marcellus is an athlete as well, constantly concerned with preening and training his body to be the best it can be (not only does it help him be a better charioteer, it doesn't hurt with the ladies!) His fashion of dress is what you would expect from a freedman; when in a race, he simply wears a white tunic, and otherwise, the most comfortable clothes he can. 



Father: Unknown (suspected to be Spurius Domitius Novellus)

Mother: Novella (slave)

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Other: Spurius Domitius Novellus (Former owner)



Marcellus was born a particularly cold day in December. His mother a slave, his father not known, the boy was not expected to amount to much more than a stableboy. Novella, a lovely young woman, was originally from Germania, her coloration consisting of dark hair and nearly black eyes. Though she never confirmed or denied it, Marcellus suspects that his true father was Spurius, since the man had dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes, just like Marcellus turned out. Marcellus started out his work in the domus by following his mother around, helping her to clean. As he grew older, he was sent to work in the stables of the villa, which also operated as a horse farm, first fetching food and water for the enormous beasts, then responsible for grooming them, then for exercising them. 
Marcellus was popular among the young slaves his age, a sort of ringleader for mischief, particularly playing practical jokes on the kitchen staff and maids. His popularity prevented him from maturing much since he got a lot of encouragement from his playmates to keep playing his pranks. But under the tutelage of the stable staff, Marcellus managed to keep a level head around the horses and learned never to play tricks around them. He grew to have a lot of respect for the animals, who were simple and didn't require much from him, and who made for good companions on difficult days. 
As he became older, the stable staff noted that the boy had a natural talent with horses, a quiet spirit reserved for the stalls of his horsey companions. When responsible for exercising the horses on horseback or the slackline, Marcellus had a way of talking to them that made them want to obey him without question. This was what caught his master's eye. When the boy was fourteen years old, Spurius lent him to the White racing faction, with whom he had done business before as his horse farm often supplied the horses used in their races. Spurius hoped that his talent would be noticed and that Marcellus would gain his master notoriety as well. 
Marcellus started out training the horses, but like the stables at his master's horse farm, he distinguished himself for having a way with the creatures and was soon invited to race chariots. At this point, Spurius granted Marcellus his freedom, and the young man chose to stay with the whites. He began his racing career at the age of 22 in the junior league, so to speak, only racing two horses at a time. But even this came easy to him, so as he turned 28, he graduated to the four-horse league. As he gained position, he gained popularity, encouraging his immature pranks and boyish pride. He is quickly becoming one of the more famous racers in the whites and is growing in popularity. Who knows what the future will bring? 



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