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Tacita woke to both Corva and Linus telling her that she would be going with Claudus to the office today. She got up from her bed and put on a simple but clean tunic. Tacita took her bag, had a quick breakfast, then headed out with Claudus. They headed through the Roman streets, weaving through various side streets until they hit the market warehouse. When they entered, Tacita hung her satchel, with her wax tablet, up on a wall hook- she wasn’t allowed to use it at work unless Claudus gave her permission. Tacita gave a quick look to Claudus with a ‘do you need anything’ look and he shook his head then waved her away. He headed off towards his office and she grabbed a nearby broom and began to sweep the room.  

@Sharpie (for Aulus)

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Aulus did not particularly need to be anywhere near the Emporium Magnum but he had no real reason not to be, and no pressing need to be anywhere else. As Consul, he was preceded by a small army of lictors - personally, he though that enough prestige and entourage to go any man's head but it was only for the year and who knew what might happen after that.

"You can stay outside; there's not going to be room for everyone inside," he said, privately thinking that he'd rather not have to pay if any of them broke anything. He relented at the expression on the chief lictor's face. "Just you, I don't need everyone."

He wanted to buy something for Horatia. He didn't need to, but he enjoyed buying gifts for his wife - and he had just foisted a bodyguard on her, he really ought to make up for that with some pretty trinket or scroll (though her library possibly rivalled the new library being built by Octavius Flavius, and he didn't have a clue what she already owned).

A new slave might be just the thing - maybe a girl she could train up for Calpurnia, or a new hairdresser or something? He turned towards the area occupied by the slave dealers.



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On this day, the main slave market itself was fairly quiet. Many of the vendors had warehouses surrounding the main market area where they would do business privately. Tacita had come with him on this day to the warehouse to do some general busy work- tidying the warehouse. Claudus had recently gained a new shipment of slaves which meant there was more dirt, dust and mess to take care of. She had spent the morning sweeping the dust & dirt into one larger pile and was in the process of depositing it outside when she noticed a heading in their direction. Tacita gave a quick bow and darted back inside the warehouse to inform the foreman that there was possible business. He went off to inform Claudus who went out to meet him. (Claudus) “Welcome Dominus.” He bowed then stepped back to let the man inside if he wished to enter.



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