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Wanted: Personal Assistant/Secretary


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Personal Assistant and Secretary Wanted!

Let it be known, that Praetor and Senator Tertius Quinctilius Varus of Rome is searching for someone who can take over a vacant job as personal assistant and secretary as soon as possible. Unless the assistant is a slave, there will be an available private room for them to stay in, early in 76 AD. The assistant will also be offered meals in the house and free time as well as payment.

Age: 18-25 years of age
Gender: Male (preferred)
Social Rank: Freedman, Plebian or even Slave to be purchased

Skills: Speak, write and read fluid Latin. Other languages are welcome too. Knowledge of math. Knowledge of the law in Rome is useful too, but not required, as it can be learned.
Personal skills: Must be diplomatic, friendly, loyal and honest to their new employer. 

Start date: As soon as possible
Pay: Depends on skills and social rank

The assistant will be entering a household currently inhabited by the Praetor himself, his 11 year old daughter and newborn son, one freedman as well as a good number of slaves.

The new assistant can be an already made character fit for and interested in the job - or an entirely newly made character.


Please contact Atrice via PM or Discord #7964

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