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And Our Gardens Grow


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Late March 76

Porticus Liviae was always beautiful in spring, and Aelia for one enjoyed a day strolling through it when she could. Marrying Tiberius had allowed that her household could function without her having to oversee it constantly. And now she was lounged on a blanket, slightly leaned towards her toddler daughter who babbled away at her while grabbing at her toys with clumsy and chubby hands. Her own hand would raise every so often, with her head perched on the other, to gently push away the golden-brown curls that Lucilla boasted. 

The toddler's happy exclamations might have drew some attention from those who were there that day as well, but Aelia didn't mind it. Her daughter was young, and for a child of not even two was not at all overly rambunctious as most others her age where. Her joy, on a sunny spring day was a welcome sound to Aelia. 

"Your aunt should be here soon with your cousin." She cooed at the girl as she sat up a little more, ringlets cascading down due to her movement. Then she pushed self sitting upwards, her hands going to the basket of food and jugs of wine she had brought with her. Everything was still wrapped and sealed nicely, the savory scent of the meat pies floating from the basket made her hungry.

"I hope..." She said as she glanced to her daughter who wasn't even listening.  A smile tugged at her lips as she shook her head and looked around before spotting a familiar face and waving at them "I think she's here!


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The spring was Marcia's favorite time of the year and on such a day like this, it was good for her and her beloved boy to come out of their home and see her sister and her daughter. Her husband would return within a couple of months upon his latest dealings with his job but he wrote almost every day and it brought her a comfort and it also gave her a moment to remember that he would return home safely to the both of them. But that was the lovely thing about being in a city so near her family, if she and her son felt lonesome, they were always there to perk them up and support them in their time of need. But Marcia was more thrilled at the time she got to spend with Aelia if nothing else. She also was very excited to see and meet her niece. 

Marcia made sure she and her son looked their best as they wondered through the streets of Rome, on their way to the meeting place for their picnic. But of course,her son was still young enough to be held and she would hold him to keep him safe from the ground. (He had a habit of walking but falling at the same time. ) Marcia would stop occasionally to fix his apperance and smiled. "You look so much like your father. But you'll have my heart. I can see it. Now come. Your aunt Aelia and your cousin wait for us.  Show them the little gentleman I know you are."  With a gentle kiss on her son's forehead, they continued their walks. Motherhood was the most natural thing to Marcia and she could not get enough of the joys of it. 

When they finally arrived, there Marcia saw Aelia and her daughter in the distance and she waved right back at them as she walked over to her. "Lucilla is growing more beautiful by the day, Aelia." She spoke to her as she sat down upon the ground. "I"m sorry if we were late. I had to make sure one of your favorite nephews looked his best and on the other side, you know how I love to walk on a spring day."


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