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La Dolce 'Vita' (or not....)


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Docia, now known as Vita

Kitchen slave

Age: 26

Just a little over a decade ago, a political marriage was arranged between Zia, daughter of the chieftain of the Appuli, and Diegis, youngest son of the chieftain of the Ratacensi. As a secondary measure to further cement the alliance between these two prominent tribes of central Dacia, Zia’s cousin, Tarbus, who had been sent along as a sort of permanent guard to his cousin, was married to Docia, niece to the chieftain of the Ratacensi. If the former union might be fairly said not to have been all milk and honey, Tarbus and Docia made an excellent match. For nine or so years, they knew mostly harmony and happiness with each other. Docia bore Tarbus two sons, and was pregnant with a third child when calamity befell them all.

The Ratacensi grew too bold in their skirmishing with the Romans, who pressed tentatively against that north-eastern border. The golden eagle of Rome caught Tarbus, Zia and Diegis, along with most of the Ratacensi warriors, in its cruel talons, during what was to have been a victory feast, some distance away from Surcea, their “capital.” But it wasn’t long before the eagle flew on to snatch at those who had escaped, or those who were back in the village. Docia was there, with her two sons and the yet unborn child within her womb. They were among the eagle’s hapless prey, and she was captured, and sent on to Rome.

What is Docia’s tale? All we know for sure is that eventually a new slave, a Dacian woman, was brought into the household of Lucius Cassius Longinus. He christened her “Vita” – merely because he found it humorous to match her dour mood to that of his similarly dour slave/secretary Vitus. They seemed a matched set, in terms of temperament. It’s hardly a surprise that “Vita,” known to all those who loved her once as Docia, once a respected member of the aristocracy of her tribe, a devoted and cherished wife, and doting mother, might have a bit of a sour attitude now finding herself a slave in a Roman legate’s kitchen. Her life was of such little accord, it was something to be merely traded away during an afternoon of drinking between her first master, the Legate Titus Supulcius Rufus – the selfsame eagle who had led the Romans in the conquest of her tribe – and his friend Longinus. Truly, the sweet wine of life has turned to vinegar for poor Docia. What chapters lie ahead, waiting yet to be written?

-What happened to her sons?

-Did she deliver her child? Did it survive? What was its fate?

-Does she know her husband is in Rome? Or her cousin Diegis, or his wife Zia, and their young son?

-Is there any chance she will reunite with any of them?

-Will Tarbus find a way for them to escape, and if so, will they make it out of Rome alive?


Her age is set at 26, for reasons, and she has birthed 2 sons. She had a good marriage with Tarbus and was fond of him and faithful, and pregnant when she was captured.


What happened when she was taken captive, the fate of the two boys, and the child she was carrying, are up to you. Her history before marriage and her personality are fairly open, but she must have been a loving wife, and a good mother. No warrior princesses please – she was a homebody and not interested in political scheming like Zia was. I see them as being foils to one another. Whether or not she found out that Tarbus survived the Roman attack back in Dacia, or if she has somehow discovered he is in Rome, is up to you.

PB is open – the above face (Imogen Poots/Centurion) is just a suggestion.

Potential threads with:

Lucius Cassius Longinus – her current owner

Attis – Longinus’ body slave

Metella – Brithonic slave and nurse to the boss’ daughter

Titus Sulpicius Rufus   - her former owner, and legate of the Roman legion that basically destroyed her life (possible back in past threads)

Zia – her cousin’s wife (if they manage to get into contact with one another, or back in past threads)

Tarbus  – Certainly back in the past threads are a must! Current time, I’m hoping they will be able to start communicating with each other, maybe even somehow get to meet up in person – imagine the feels!! Then I would love to eventually have them plan an escape, but whether it is successful or not…who knows? I’m the type of writer that is totally willing to see my character go down in flames, if the plot is right and it makes sense. But you do not have to sign up for that! Great drama though!


If you are interested, please let me know here or through PM or on Discord!




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