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Ovinia's Senatorial Family!


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The Ovinii-Camili

The Ovinii-Camili are an important patrician family in Rome. Currently I play Ovinia Camilla, the youngest child and only daughter in the family but I'd love her family to be in play! Most of them are open books, waiting for you to shape them so if you have any questions on the family or want to know more about their histories, just message me (Sara#2296) on Discord, or drop me a PM!


Gaius Ovinius Camillus 


Paterfamilias and Praetor – 64 years old (born 12AD) - Straight - PB: Charles Dance (suggested)
Gaius is the paterfamilias of the household and boy don't you know it. He runs his household and his family within a cm of the rules of their society. He is a stickler for duty and appearances and doesn't suffer fools gladly. He can be cold and discerning, but that is what makes him an excellent politician. He has risen to the ranks of Praetor where he now sits. He removed his family to Greece during the Civil War whilst he went to the senate in exile in Antioch. 


Matia Tetulliana


Materfamilias  – 54 years old (born 22AD) - Straight - PB: Open (Latinx/Hispanic would be ideal, Lana Parilla suggested)
Matia is a traditional Roman matron. She runs her slaves and her family, much like her husband, with strict adherence to their society's norms. However, age has caught up with her and she has been plagued with a mystery illness (which would now be diagnosed as fibromyalgia) which causes her great pains. She's been educating and allowing her daughter to run the household with her husband, in her absence when she is unwell. She has an olive complexion with some Hispanian blood from her relatives.


Gaius Ovinius Camillus Minor

Eldest son  – 30 years old (born 46AD) - Orientation: Open - PB: Open (he has some 'Hispanian blood', so a Latinx PB is an option)!
Gaius is the heir to the Ovinii-Camili and he acts like it. Confident to the point of arrogance, he revels in his position. He has a wife (Viria) and young son (Lucius Minor). He does not get along with Ovinia. Beyond this, his dreams and passions are open! 


Viria Saena


Gaius' wife  – 24 years old (born 52AD) - Orientation: Open - PB: Open (Tamsin Egerton is a suggestion)!
Gaius' wife is a sweet young woman. She has a young son (Lucius), who was born in 75AD. She married Gaius in 70AD so the reason for the late conception is up to you. She broadly gets along with Ovinia and her new family, but her aspirations and motivations are up to you!


Lucius Ovinius Camillus - Taken by Sarah

Second son  – 28 years old (born 48AD) - Orientation: Open - PB: Open (he has some 'Hispanian blood', so a Latinx PB is an option)!
Ovinia's favourite brother, Lucius is easy going and affable. He has served in the legions as a Tribute but the rest of his career path and what he's up to now, are up to you! 


Tertius Ovinius Camillus

Second son  – 24 years old (born 52 AD) - Orientation: Open - PB: Open (he has some 'Hispanian blood', so a Latinx PB is an option)!
The youngest son, and third child of the Ovinii-Camili, Tertius is a bit of an enigma to his sister. He's a very open character and his personality, desires, ambitions etc are completely unfleshed out and yours for the making! 



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