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Ovinia Camilla


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Ovinia Camilla

19 | 7 May 57AD | Senatore | Patrician’s daughter | Heterosexual | Original | Bruna Marquezine





Quick to wit and quicker to offer a smile, Ovinia hasn’t quite shaken the immaturity of youth. Whilst many of her friends are married mothers, owing to circumstance she has remained with her father and family which means she has never quite had to face the ‘real world’. This is largely why she has fallen prey to nefarious influences; she is simply too naive for Rome and womanhood. 

She would consider herself good natured but not a serious sort of girl. She is routinely reminded by her eldest brother that one day she will have to mature, if only for her future husbands sake, but Ovinia is quite content to wait. She enjoys playing practical jokes with her youngest brother and eavesdropping on family conversations and her fathers business which she is not supposed to be party to, as well as finding amusement in her various projects (currently making a particular slave blush every time he sees her). 

She generally remains untroubled on the surface by the traumas inflicted on her family, preferring to bury her upset and anger deep down inside her but she is fearful. She’s afraid of her father finding out what she’s done, and of ruining his hard work and relationships with his clients. She’s anxious of marriage, having no experience of what it entails and being unable to marry the man who has ‘cared’ for her. She’s scared of ill health, like her mother, and fearful of the future. Yet should you ever ask, she’d simply reply that she has no worries at all, that nothing phases Ovinia Camilla and you should mind your own business.



Tall and willowy, Ovinia has a natural grace and a body unmarked by the trials of pregnancy or motherhood. She has inherited her mothers complexion of olive skin which she is told hails from relations in Hispania. She finds no need to lighten it unlike some of her contemporaries, and instead accents her skin with blush and kohl around her dark eyes. Her hair is long and thick and being unmarried, she largely wears it down, or half-up and half-down - eking out the final few years of her adolescence whilst she can, before the thick dark waves have to be pinned up atop her head.

She dresses in tunicas and chitons, not having to yet don the heavy stola of married women and she prefers vibrant hues of blue, pink and green to compliment her complexion. She is a fan of jewellery and routinely borrows the gold of her sister-in-law and mother, stacking her arms with bangles and trinkets.



Father: Gaius Ovinius Camillus (a Praetor, born 12AD)

Mother: Matia Tetulliana (Gaius is her second husband, born 22AD)


Tullus Bantius Humilus (half-brother on her mothers side, born 40AD)

Gaius Ovinius Camillus Minor (born 46AD)

Viria Saena (sister-in-law, married to Gaius, born 52AD)

Lucius Ovinius Camillus (nephew, son of Gaius, born 75AD)

Lucius Ovinius Camillus (born 48AD)

Tertius Ovinius Camillus (born 52AD)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family: N/A

Other: Decimus Statius (Equite, confidant and manipulator. Ovinia intends to find a way to marry him, despite her fathers refusal).



57AD (May): Ovinia is born, to be her fathers only living daughter after three sons.

62AD (December): The purges begin and Ovinia’s paternal grandfather Lucius is killed, alongside her maternal grandparents. Her father shepherds his family to Greece whilst he goes to Antioch with the Senate in exile. 

64AD (December): Ovinia and her family all return to Rome. 

70AD: Ovinia’s eldest brother Gaius marries Viria Saena and the latter moves into the family domus. The same year, Ovinia’s favourite brother - Lucius - is shipped off to serve in the legions and she misses him dearly

71AD (July): Ovinia’s mother suffers her first bout of illness, suffering terribly with a fatigue that won’t lift and terrible aches and pains in her body after a normal fever - it would now be diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. Ovinia dutifully organises her care, and over the next several years her mother will go on to relapse - her father withdrawing the family to their villa when it happens.

74AD (January): Ovinia, bored and lonely and having to stay isolated in the villa as her mother suffers another relapse, befriends one of her fathers clients who had come to visit and pay his respects - Decimus Statius. Twenty years older than her but with a roguish charm, Ovinia was besotted in the way many young girls are with powerful men. The way he brushed her hand and gave her lingering looks in the two weeks he stayed with the family made her melt. He knew what he was doing as well, for when he asked her a simple favour; just pass along anything you hear about your fathers client Caius Varius Sylvian she did as she was told. She didn’t much like Caius finding him pompous for a pleb and so happily listened out for titbits which she dutifully passed on to Decius when she got the chance. 

75AD (June): Her mother has another bout of depression, this time combined with a malaise that won’t shift. The family medicus is stumped, and over the next year her condition will worsen. Gaius, without his long suffering wife, turns to Ovinia once again to provide order in his house. 

75AD (December): Convinced by Decimus, Ovinia broaches the idea of a marriage with her father who roundly refuses the equestrian’s offer. Furious at the insult - that a client of his should presume to wed his only daughter -, he forbids Ovinia from seeing him again (a diktat she promptly ignores).

76AD (May): Now nineteen , and with her mothers ill health rapidly worsening, Gaius is coming round to the idea of letting Ovinia go, but first he’ll have to find a match. Ovinia herself is still drawn to Decimus, not quite realising the gravity of what she’s been doing and determined to find a way to be with him, completely oblivious to how he is using her. 


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