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Claudia Caesaris


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Claudia Caesaris

17 | 28th November 56CE | Imperial | Princess | Bisexual | Canon | Hannah Megan Lawrence





Claudia as she is known and called, was raised at a time of peril from her family.

The memory of her mother was kept alive through listening to her deeds through her sisters, Antonia, Drusilla, and other women she had been close to in life, although they did not spend a lot of time with her. Claudia remembers her sister, Livia, and remembers the vipers as they circled around her before she fled with her. She views herself as the blood connection from the different families, the old Claudii and the new Flavii-Alexandrii, and wants to ensure peace between her family. She works on maintaining good relationships with them, and cares for them deeply. Her views are often concealed, even from those closest to her and she is skilled at a courtier's smile. Much of the trauma experienced by witnessing or hearing about the rest of her family has been mostly forgotten. She does not speak nor think much on it. Instead, Claudia has worked on strengthening herself for whatever life throws at her.

She has an educated mind. Eager to learn, observant, yet also willing to argue if she deems it necessary, and has a touch of a rebellious streak. Claudia has a firm belief and completely unwavering sense in her own worth. She is unwilling to compromise it for anyone. She also has this high standard for those associated with her -- and frowns on it if she deems they have compromised it for someone. She is resilient, adaptive in order to achieve her goals, and unfortunately, she lacks an understanding of those less fortunate than her. Claudia has a devious streak, she remembers those who have wronged her and will try to bring them down. Like her mother before her, she has an interest in horses, a keen mind for education and a desire to learn. 

When it comes to friendships it takes considerable time for her to build trust, it also takes moments for her to lose it completely. Having been used as an asset in the past, it has caused animosity for her that she has taken to her uncle, Quintus Caesar. It is beneficial to have the man in power on her side. Claudia is a mix of a desire for tradition, and new ways.

Claudia has become close with Drusilla. Other women associated with her family she has developed relationships with. With men, for the most part, she is guarded towards them and despises lechery or otherwise crude behaviour.



She stands at 5'3ft tall. Claudia's build is slender with developed curves, her body does not show signs of pregnancy or heavy work. Rarely she will use a cosmetic slave in order to highlight her features.

Her hair is dark and thick, often coiled or curled to frame her face. Claudia's eyes are blue, similar in shade and hue to her father, Claudius. Her skin is a pale ivory, she takes time to avoid excessive sunlight and is active when it comes to maintaining her physical health.

Her clothing is always clean and made of expensive quality. Favouring paler blues, purples, and using striking pieces of jewelry to highlight her family wealth.



Father: Drusus Claudius Sabucius (deceased)

Mother: Flavia Lucilla Augusta (deceased)

Siblings: (as below).   

Paternal Half-siblings.

  • Gaius Claudius Caesar (deceased)
  • Claudia Livia (deceased)

Maternal Half-siblings.

  • Marcus Claudius Caesar Darius (Later became, Darius Claudius Caesar Augustus) (deceased)
  • Decimus Claudius Caesar Junus (Later became, Junus Claudius Caesar Honorianus) (deceased)
  • Rufia Flavia

Full siblings.

  • Tiberius Claudius Sabucius (twin)

Spouse: None.

Children: None.

Extended family.

Paternal family.

Manius Claudius Caesar (deceased)

Claudia Gaia (Manius' wife, adopted by his family.)

  • Claudia Corinthia


Claudia Archaita (Claudius' sister, deceased)

  • Acilia Aedia (deceased)


Maternal family.

Rufia Flavia's children

  • Sestia Lucilla (b. 69)
  • Gneaus Sestius Vaticanus Minor (b. 71)
  • Sestia Honoria (b.73CE)
  • Sestia Saturnia (b. 73CE)

Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus

  • Unnamed Daughter (stillborn)
  • Publius Flavius Alexander Belanus (deceased)
  • Cnaeus Flavius Caesar Alexander Gemellus (deceased)
  • Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander [Geminus] (b. 57)
  • Flavia [Rutiliana] Caesaris (b. 61)
  • Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander (b. 67)
  • Tiberius Claudius Sabucius (nephew & ward; son of Lucilla)

Rufus Flavius Alexander (deceased)

Jullus Flavius Alexander

  • Flavia Juliana
  • Flavia Alexandra Major (deceased)
  • Flavia Alexandra Minor (deceased)
  • Lucius Flavius Alexander
  • Publius Flavius Alexander
  • Cneaus Flavius Alexander 

Octavius Flavius Alexander

  • Octavius Flavius Alexander Minor
  • Flavia Valeriana

Laelius, Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander.

  • Aemilia Scaura 
  • Aemilia Laeliana
  • Publius Aemilius Scaurus 

Further extended family.

Honorius - At one time, foster father. 





Claudia was born in late 56CE alongside her twin brother, Tiberius. She was raised within the Imperial household, the youngest daughter of Claudius and sister to the current Caesar, Darius. Later, she became the foster daughter to Honorius while he waited for his biological (adopted by Claudius) son, Junus came of age. Her memories of her mother during this time are favourable, she was cherished and loved by the people around her and knew nothing but the support they had given her. In 60CE she remembers how her mother passed away, unable to see her and repeatedly asked where she had gone. A lasting memory that stood out for her was feeling her mother's bones when she hugged her, hidden under layers of padding and loose fitting clothing to conceal a majority of her illness. Fortunately, there were many statues to keep her memory alive. She remembers that her governess, Julia Valeria, was a frequent sight and presence in her life, too. 

The rest of her childhood was a pleasant time, despite the loss. She spent her time in the company of Antonia, her mother's best friend and unknown to her, lover. Along with the female members of her family who swore to protect both of the twins. With the death of Honorius and Junus, it left her with an uncertain fate, and there were many with grasping hands and ambition who would have tried to use her bloodline as a method to solidify their own claims. 

Flee to her grandmother. In 62CE, Livia knew the danger they were in and using Antonia's connections through the Lovers of Eris, she was able to be smuggled out of the city and traveled towards Antioch (?) where her uncle Quintus was with her grandmother. Along the way, Livia told her tales of the adventures they had and promised that she would protect her along the way. She kept asking what had happened to Tiberius. All Livia said was that she would meet up with him again soon. The following years meant she spent a lot of time with her grandmother, Annthea, and learned about the ways a politician behaved in Rome. Annthea ensured she had a proper education in Latin and Greek, she understood how to manage a large household, knew how to conduct household rituals and understood her place within society. She met her cousin, Flavia Caesaris Rutiliana and the pair of them became close. It was like having a little sister of her own to protect and look after. Soon after they arrived, Livia became ill and later died. She was given an impressive funeral where the oratory was conducted by Quintus Caesar, an omen on the position he would take in Rome.

In 63CE, with her Uncle as the undisputed Caesar, she made her return to him and found herself returning to Rome once more. She was angry at the return to her home. They had changed it and soon, they were able to return it back to the state it had been before. Claudia was reunited with Rufia Flavia, her half-sister who stood firm against Clemens and ended the tyrants life. Claudia was impressed with her strength and determination. The next series of years was about her getting used to the changes they had made. 

In 66CE she met the woman who would become the Augusta. From the older dynasty, a princess in her own right and Claudia had been concerned about Julia Drusilla, would she be mad like the rumours said her father was? Yet, when she met her. Drusilla was kind, polite, considerate and above all, welcoming. When she told Drusilla she was a princess, Drusilla agreed and they soon became close friends. She did not initially know how to respond to her. Soon, she found herself happily residing with Drusilla's retinue and looking to her as a second mother. In 67CE Quintus Caesar and Drusilla married. Soon her cousin, Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander,  was born in 67CE and she was happy with the news. She held him in her arms and was pleased. Later, she heard whispers about the tale of strife between family members and wondered. What would happen to Drusus? What would ultimately happen to her? She did not speak of these fears or these concerns to anybody. Later that year, tragedy struck when Annthea passed into the next life. Another of her many motherly figures faded into memory. In later years, Claudia grew to become the refined and polished woman, taking in life lessons and teachings from the women who had been important parts of her earlier life. 

As the years go by, she becomes increasingly aware that her marriage would be gradually approaching soon, and her uncle would be finding the correct match. Would he be of use to Rome? Or to her? 

Current time. 


OOC: Has two personal horses; Soluto (Warlord) bay Spanish type horse & Aureus (golden) palomino mare.

Gothy | GMT+11 | PM or Discord



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