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Pinaria Lucretia

Pinaria Lucretia

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Pinaria Lucretia





Precocious from a young age, the stress of civil war and traveling has somewhat tempered and soften the stubborn, vibrant personality of the young woman in question. The more she exposed to politics, the less she likes it and the greater her desire to lead a life beyond hills of the city she was born in. There is a modest vanity about her, especially in the way she presents herself as a member of her class. She's not elitist, nor does she have a snobbish attitude with those ranked lower than her. However, she knows how to tread the class lines well and when not to cross those lines.

However, she does sometime slip from this betterment of herself, allowing her to fall into the social snobbery of her ilk when she finds herself displeased by a slave or a lower class citizen. Her temper however is slow to rise to a boil, she is her father in this sense. She prefers calm conversations to work drama out over yelling and screaming and making a scene. She can be a bit of a people pleaser, and does have a liking for attention when she knows she has deserved it.

She has some attachment issues when it comes to the people she loves. She lost her mother before she even knew her, and all she does know of her is the perfume she wore, and the mosaic likeness in what was once her mother's favorite room. The closest taste of having a mother came when her father was briefly remarried. The lack of her mother and the divorce of her second mother, along with all the deaths from the civil war that had recently raged, has placed a small fear inside of her. She's terrified of losing the people she cares about, thus making her very clingy to them.

She has a fondness for animals, and her father amused it often gifting her small animals ranging from birds, domesticated canines and felines. And her brother and husband continues the tradition now that Publius Major has passed on. It is her only demand and the only chances either truly gets to spoil her. Marriage has soften those demands, however, with the inclusion of children to her new little nest. Motherhood and being a wife has slowly began to refine the precocious and spoiled child she once was.



A proper daughter of Rome, she keeps her look simple and clean. Preferring the favored white, even when dressed down in tunicas while at home. She dresses as she portrays herself, modestly. Womanhood has not yet stolen her youthful figure from her. She is petite and slender. Waifish in appearance. She looks fragile of bone and holds an elegant stance. Her skin is clear and pale, however, this is not done without care. She has normal scars from a playful childhood, but nothing unsightly. Soft brown hair crowns her, styled in the latest fashions. She prefers very little makeup and keeps her jewelry simple and modest.



Father: Publius Pinarius Natta - Deceased 

Mother: Lartia Gaia


Pinaria Natta, Sister, Deceased
Publius Pinarius Natta [Minor], Brother, Alive
Pinaria Lucilla, Sister, Alive
Pinaria Livilla, Sister, Alive
Pinaria Gaia, Sister, Alive (played by Atrice)

Spouse: Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander, Alive 


Aemilia Scaura, stepdaughter, alive
Aemilia Laeliana, b. 70, daughter, alive 
Publius Aemilius Scaurus, b. 72, son, alive 
Gnaeus Aemilius Scaurus, b. 74, son, alive 
Aemilia Lucretia, b. 76, daughter, alive

Extended family:

- Siblings spouses and children.
- cousins
- in laws

Other: Body and cosmetic slaves 


--- Born in the summer of the year 50, her birth would coincide with two deaths in her family; her mother's and her grandmother's. The matriarch of her father's family passing an hour before her birth, and her own mother's an hour later. Watchful eyes and prayers to the gods rained from the lips of the family as they waited for the small girl child to either be taken to her afterlife, or to live. She lived. And was named after the grandmother and aunt she would never know.

--- Her father remarries and Lucretia is nothing but smitten with the older woman that is now her mother. Annthea, for their short time as mother and daughter, did exactly what the union had hoped for. It gave a motherless girl a mother figure to look up to. They promised to remain in contact after Publius and Annthea choose to divorce as the shadow of the forthcoming political storm hung heavy over there. Things however did not pan out as the young girl wished. For Annthea's quick remarriage to Marcus Scaurus felt like a betrayal to Lucretia.

--- Her family retreated from Rome during the civil war, her brother heading east to join Quintus Alexander at her father's bequest. In the year of the civil war, she would experience her eldest sister dying from childbirth ... along with the premature niece that she failed to deliver alive.

--- 63 saw Alexander returned to Rome in triumph and her family eventually did the same. A little more scared and bruised than before they left. The death of their eldest weighting heavily of the siblings. Lucretia did a lot of growing up in the years after. Losing her childlike ways to make way to the young woman was destined to be. Correspondence with Annthea would once more pick up between the two and she fell back under the aging woman's wings.

--- But death would come for the family once more, the winter of 65 was harsh, and sapped her father of his strength. After a bout of pneumonia that he could not overcome, the patriarch of the family passed away.

--- After her year long battle with illness, Annthea dies in the year 67, leaving Lucretia devastated at the lost of her mother-figure. As equally so as Annthea's blood relatives. She mourns the woman greatly but however is in the dark of Annthea's last demands upon her son, Laelius. 

--- In the fall of 69, she weds Laelius, or as he known by now Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander. It's a good match, despite their age difference and the couple settles happily into the quarters assigned to them in the ancestral home of Laelius' birth family. She takes to calling him Alexander because 'Marcus feel funny' on her lips when addressing him. 

-- Delivers their first child in the year 70, a daughter to join her stepdaughter. The couple is overjoyed at the birth of a healthy child, regardless of its gender. They name her Laeliana whenever its proven she is healthy and robust. And perhaps just a bit sooner than traditional called for. Neither parent cares. 

-- Allows her body to rest for most of 71 and finds herself in the inner circle of the Imperial women, especially the younger ones as she bridges the gap between the ages. 

-- Lucretia once again falls pregnant in the early spring of 72 and by the last month of the year, she bares a son. Whom is promptly named after her father, Publius. Whom she lost many years prior. 

-- Spends the early months of 73 recovering from the difficult pregnancy, Publius was a hefty baby after all.

-- The fall of 74 sees the birth of a second son, named Gnaeus after Alexander's birth father. 

-- 75, recovers and removes herself mostly from the limelight to focus on her children - however remains a constant companion to the Augusta and the imperial princesses. Falls pregnant again in latter part of the year. 

-- Is delivered of a daughter on her own birthday, whom is named for her mother promptly by Alexander in 76 AD. 


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